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updated Wed. June 5, 2024

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“The U.S. Army has always sought to prevent strategic surprise by anticipating and adapting to future capabilities and vulnerabilities,” writes ... to take over the observation posts once monitored by its disabled drones – unaware that Russia is sending in more tanks, including autonomous killer robot armor.

The Army envisions the CRS-I vehicles as being applicable for dismounted forces and having payloads for functions such as explosive ordnance disposal, plus detection of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents. CRS-I robots should weigh no more than 25 pounds and also feature both a ...
You might remember that record-setting robot dance party in the summer of 2017, where about 1000 dancing bots got their robo-groove on. Guinness World Records is at it again, this time verifying a new record of 1,372 robots dancing simultaneously and in perfect unison. The event was set up by TIM ...
PRINGLE, Pa. -- Students at a technical school in Luzerne County got to see how their engineering skills line up with jobs in the Army. Students at West Side Career and Technology Center in Pringle crowded around a doorway to get a look inside after a robot was brought in by an Army recruiter.
The company is launching a small army of autonomous scanning robots. The robots ... Martin Hitch is the chief business officer at Bossanova, the San Francisco company that made the robot. ... Shopper Deborah Espinoza was at the Walmart store in Milpitas and spoke with an employee about the robot.

Then there's a guy in an army uniform doing the robot. Who gave this the go ahead? Ireland is a neutral country. Our country should not be used in a special green edition Uncle Sam recruitment video that tries to paint the U.S. Army as a really cool place to be, because one guy knows how to do that robot ...
North America and Regional Military Ground Robot Mobile Platform Systems of Engagement Market Report provides important information related to the overall market and price forecast over a five-year period, from 2018 to 2023. In this bit, the experts have offered essential figures which relates to the ...
Thinking of robotic systems coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as an existential threat to humanity as (for example) Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and other scientists have done recently is at best premature, and at worst that thought process threatens to cede U.S. military advantage to hostile ...
Shoigu's statement is significant, if only to clarify the Russian position with respect to its numerous unmanned combat systems – systems that have been undergoing testing and evaluation by state and military agencies over the past several years. There have been lots of announcements of late regarding ...
Shoigu's statement is significant, if only to clarify the Russian position with respect to its numerous unmanned combat systems – systems that have been undergoing testing and evaluation by state and military agencies over the past several years. There have been lots of announcements of late regarding ...
RUSSIA is poised to start mass production of combat robots for its Armed Forces as soon as this year, Defence Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said .... “Russia - The Country of Possibilities”, the Russian Ministry of Defence hinted at the possibility that robot soldiers will replace the traditional army very ...
MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. The serial production of combat robots for the Russian Armed Forces may start already this year, Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said on Thursday. The Russian defense minister made this statement at the forum titled: "Russia - the Country of Possibilities.".
The Army, for its part, is taking care to prototype the new technology before it commits to an acquisition program, unlike FCS. It has also abandoned the cumbersome mega-program approach of FCS, which was a single contract for eight manned vehicles, multiple ground robots and drones, and a mobile ...
The machines are the product of the U.S. Army's efforts to develop robotic weapons that will, as the service's Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategy states ... However, plans to expand the United States' commitment to robot soldiers as an economical way to maintain military superiority, coupled with the ...
Kalashnikov Concern has released a video of its new robot tank called the BAS-01G Sputnik or "Comrade-in-Arms." The unmanned combat vehicle packs ... unveiled the Uran-9 multipurpose unmanned ground combat vehicle, designed for fire support and recon operations, back in 2016; the U.S. Army was ...
Lyft will put robot cars through their paces at Concord's GoMentum Station, a 5,000-acre autonomous vehicle testing facility, the ride-hailing company said on Thursday. “By partnering with GoMentum Station, we're able to test our self-driving systems in a secure facility and advance our technology in an ...

"They can even win a game like Jeopardy, focusing on only one question at the time. A real, purposeful conversation, especially in complicated military environments, is different. It requires the AI system to understand a whole sequence of questions and answers and to handle every question or answer with ...
A top British intelligence expert had claimed that the US military will have more robot soldiers on the battlefield than real ones by 2025, suggesting that deadly combat robots are rapidly becoming a reality of modern day warfare. US is looking to have a military edge over other countries like China and ...
In a historic first, the Army conducted a live fire exercise with a remote-controlled ground combat vehicle armed with a .50-caliber machine gun. .... Although it's the first U.S. Army exercise to pair humans and shooting ground robots, it's not the first time an armed robot was sent out to work next to troops.
What mission does the Army really need armed robots for -- expendable scouts, perhaps, or supplementary fire support? And does buying robots for that role really offer more tactical value than spending the same money on mundane upgrades to, say, self-propelled artillery? By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on ...


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