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High Power Electromagnetic Pulse generation techniques and High Power Microwave technology have matured to the point where practical E-bombs (Electromagnetic bombs) are becoming technically feasible, with new applications in both Strategic and Tactical Information Warfare. The development of conventional E-bomb devices allows their use in non-nuclear confrontations.

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updated Sat. June 15, 2024

How do “e-bombs” work? Devices, called jammers, send out can low level electromagnetic pulses would temporarily disable electronics systems. Weapons that can send out more intense pulses could corrupt computer data and even more powerful bursts would completely fry electric and electronic ...

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is an intense burst of electromagnetic (EM) energy that causes, or can be used to cause, damage. Though natural EMP is .... E-bombs could prove to be more effective than explosive bombs since they would not spare even the dugout or blast protected targets. A single wave EMP attack ...
South Korean banks are looking to shield themselves from the threat of a North Korean "e-bomb," or EMP attack (electromagnetic pulse attack). U.S. banks need to do so too – now. That's because once an EMP bomb is detonated high up in the earth's atmosphere, over its intended target, it would instantly ...
E-bombs use an intense electromagnetic field to create a pulse of energy that affects electronic circuitry without harming humans or buildings, temporarily disabling electronics systems or corrupting computer data. The last time I saw Bob was at his office: A wire-caged area in a massive garage, with a desk ...
During a drill on Wednesday, some 20 real cellphone-controlled explosive devices were planted along the route of a column of Yars mobile ballistic ... The unique radio-electronic weapons based on new physical principles, which were successfully tested in Russia last fall use mobile electromagnetic ...
HYDERABAD: The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is developing an E-bomb which will emit electromagnetic shock waves that destroy electronic circuits and communication networks of enemy forces, its chief and scientific advisor to the defence minister Avinash Chander said.
Did one of those scary electromagnetic pulse bombs really go off outside Shelbyville a couple of years ago? That's the question that's captivated all of us here at Pith in the Wind World Headquarters since state Rep. Rick Womick made that claim during a House subcommittee meeting this week. Womick ...
The most common reaction researchers encounter when discussing electromagnetic weapons, and E-Bombs in particular, is simple disbelief. The notion that devices exist which can produce mass destruction effects against the modern digital infrastructure is frequently rejected as impossible, often by ...
The U.S. already spent gobs to money on an arsenal of radio frequency and electromagnetic weapons — from pain rays to circuit-frying “e-bombs” to jammers that shut communications down. So maybe it's no surprise that Chinese have been looking into the idea of building some RF arms of their own.
A presentation given by a US Air Force official may have - temporarily, at least - laid to rest one of the wilder and wackier secret superweapon conspiracy theories of recent times. The superweapon in question is the dreaded "E-bomb", aka "Electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP)" "High Power Microwave ...



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