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updated Thu. December 21, 2023

24 school districts allow school administrators to engage collection agencies or refer families to state agencies such as the Department of Children and Families for meal debt. Wendy Timmons, an AFSCME Council 93 union representative, worked for four years at Northbridge Middle School cafeteria, ...
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In a write-up on their official website, ACA International, a U.S. trade group representing collection agencies, creditors, collection attorneys, and other debt collection industry service providers, stated, “ACA maintains that this bill is important to ensure that federal regulators do not impermissibly use their ...
Theft >> Someone opened an AT&T account in the name of a resident of the 100 block of Sunset Road in East Nottingham Township on March 18 at 2:35 p.m. The victim realized it when he received letters from collection agencies, police said. Drugs >> An 18-year-old man from West Grove was discovered ...
Given that consumer attorneys have filed hundreds of cases in federal courts against collection agencies (mostly ACA members) asserting that it is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for a debt collector to fail to disclose in a collection letter that interest is not accruing, ACA awarded Industry ...
The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement on Monday, March 20, 2018 in regards to debt collection agencies 4 Star Resolution LLC, Profile Management Inc., International Recovery Service LLC, Check Solutions Services Inc., Check Fraud Service LLC and Fourstar Revenue Management ...

Durban - Eight debt collection agencies have been appointed to assist in recovering the R16.6 billion debt owed to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). CSS Credit Solution Services (Pty) Ltd, ITC Business Administrators (Pty) Ltd, Medaco Capital Services (Pty) Ltd, New Integrated Credit Solutions ...
Jones said she's not concerned people will check out a bunch of items and not return them because there are no plans to stop charging people for unreturned items or to stop forwarding delinquent accounts to collection agencies. The only thing being eliminated is the fines that accrue in between the initial ...
With complaints about debt collectors as Tennesseans' top complaint area, the Division of Consumer Affairs and the state Collections Board reminds Tennesseans to be wary of unscrupulous and illegal practices of debt collection agencies. Debt collectors may not harass, oppress, or abuse consumers or ...
The three debt collection agencies that had the most complaints, according to RewardExpert, were Encore Capital Group, Enhanced Recovery Company and Portfolio Recovery Associates. Encore in 2105 was ordered to pay $42 million to repay customers, plus a $10 million penalty, and to stop collections ...
It also means a lot of those debtors are going to miss some payments and let their debts lapse, leading to calls from collection agencies. Some of those calls during 2017 led to complaints to various public and private agencies in the U.S. and Canada, which in turn reported them to Consumer Sentinel, ...
Americollect is currently on a mission to change the way collection agencies are viewed. Gretz added, “By using our 'Ridiculously Nice' approach we are demonstrating to patients, clients and others that we are here to help. It brings us joy to see patients reach their goals of making that last payment.”.
In 2014, Antico switched sides and started RIP Medical Debt, a charity that uses donations to purchase medical debt portfolios, just like collection agencies, except RIP Medical Debt doesn't collect on it. They forgive the debt. “We actually put it in our debt cemetery and its history,” Antico said, “No one can ...
Many debt collection agencies encourage their collectors to bring up tax refunds during conversations with consumers, Collector magazine editor Anne Rosso May reports in the February issue. Remember, consumers may not even be thinking about their refund yet, or it may not occur to them to use it to ...
12. Another 70,809 “debtors” were submitted to the state offset program, which garners casino jackpots, lottery winnings, vendor payments and state income tax refunds to collect. The city will continue to pursue payment from the remainder through collection agencies, Finance Director Casey Drew said by ...
New Report Details How Americans Who Have Debt Held by Collection Agencies Can Get Thrown in Jail ... in states across the country, state courts and local prosecutors abet debt collectors in arresting and jailing some of the tens of millions of Americans who have debt held by private collection agencies.
U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Ben Cardin (D-Md.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) have introduced legislation that would repeal authority from the Internal Revenue Service to contract with private collection agencies to collect unpaid taxes. Now in its third iteration, “each time the program has ...

In December 2015, Congress enacted the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act). Contained within the FAST Act was the requirement that the Internal Revenue Service enter into qualified tax collection contracts with private collection agencies (PCAs) for the collection of outstanding ...
The alert warns consumers of “criminals” posing as debt collectors working for the IRS. Legitimate debt collectors will not make such calls and are committed to helping consumers pay their rightfully owed debts in a manageable way. ACA International also has tips for working with consumers during tax ...
1) Per Connecticut statute, consumer collection agencies exclued "a person who services loans or accounts for the owners thereof when the arrangement includes, in addition to requesting payment from delinquent consumer debtors, the providing of other services such as receipt of payment, accounting, ...
Many times, debt collection agencies are at the mercy of the information provided by the creditors. Using the above case as an example, EOS had no way of knowing that the account number was incorrect based on the information it received from AT&T. Nor did Walton's first two disputes put EOS on notice ...
There were seventeen collection agencies on the 2009 five-year unrestricted (large company) federal student loan contract (there were five firms on the small business contract). In 2014, eleven firms won new small business contract awards. The unrestricted awards were delayed until December 2016, ...
With the aid of private collection agencies, they file millions of lawsuits in state and local courts each year, winning 95 percent of the time. If a defendant fails to appear at post-judgement hearings known as “debtors' examinations,” collectors can seek a warrant for contempt of court — even if the debtor didn't ...


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