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updated Sat. April 28, 2018

OFCOM is ready to crackdown on long-standing rip-offs affecting millions of phone and broadband customers, who are automatically charged with higher tariffs when their original contracts expire, with a simple text message. By Alice Scarsi. PUBLISHED: 16:46, Sat, Apr 28, 2018
Interestingly enough, it's not British-owned mining consortiums getting in on the new metals boom on UK soil. These firms prefer to work at a much larger scale to drive overall costs down and alleviate the risk that comes along with smaller projects. Among the six or so companies looking into the ...
Three major pharmaceutical companies are searching for new UK offices, quelling fears that the country's exit from the European Union will force businesses to relocate elsewhere, limiting future research and development in Britain. Swiss company Novartis is hunting for a new base for its British staff in ... Brexit
Exclusive: The CBI warns Liam Fox's Brexit trade plans could bankrupt British companies ... UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has promised to roll-over Britain's existing deals with non-EU countries, as part of its EU membership, the "second after" Brexit. ... Some export-reliant companies could literally go bankrupt.
The number of requests from U.K. businesses to guarantee the correct tariffs apply to their EU imports and exports hasn't risen since Britain's referendum in ... In a survey of 300 companies, published January 2018, the Confederation of British Industry said that just over half had examined different ... Brexit
Coca-Cola (KO) said that while the pact was unique to the United Kingdom, it has similar targets in other markets. The environmental group said it hopes that more companies and organizations will join the pact, and that their efforts will spark similar initiatives in other global markets. Plastic, with its low ... businesses
Amazon is sponsoring the hugely popular U.K. TV show "The Great British Bake Off" in a deal reportedly worth £5 million ($7.03 million), broadcaster Channel 4 announced. ... Online companies are valuable to British TV, spending £682 million on TV advertising 2017, the most of any type of business. businesses
It is a motto that could be pinned to the wall of many UK businesses in the countdown to Brexit. There is obviously still uncertainty, ... The company was bought by the Japanese corporation Nidec after the Brexit vote and manufactures variable speed drives, which are used on production lines. It exports 98% of its products, ... businesses
The British government said this week that it would review the cases of 700 Russians who were granted visas to live in Britain largely because they could invest ... Britain has some of Europe's loosest rules for allowing foreign money into its banking system and for putting assets into corporations without ... businesses
British businesses have been warned to brace for a severe workforce crisis triggered by Brexit, with the number of workers entering employment ... in the 10 years to 2015 to 2.4% six years after Britain leaves the EU at the end of March 2019, underscoring businesses' fears over a potential labour shortage. businesses
Too many of the UK's biggest companies are burying their heads in the sand when it comes to looming pension liabilities, retirement experts have warned. ... Retirement consultancy JLT Employment Benefits has said that although the pension deficits weighing down FTSE 100 businesses fell £15bn in the ... businesses
One of the key trends in advertising today is “marketing effectiveness” – how to maximise marketing ROI through planning, media strategy, creativity, technology and automation. The UK Department for International Trade has been working with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) to promote ... businesses
It had been used by over 40 construction companies to vet prospective staff. Many were logged for raising safety concerns and were subsequently denied future employment. The blacklist also included details of workers' political views, competence, and trade union activities. BSG secretary Dave Smith said ... businesses

In a paper published in the Economic Analysis and Policy journal, Labor's shadow assistant treasurer finds that companies paying an effective tax rate of less than 25% are shedding jobs while those paying 25% or ... “We must do everything we can to enable Australian businesses to compete,” he said. businesses
More than 4,000 UK firms have a presence in Dubai, which is home to more than 120,000 British expats. Although British companies are unlikely to move their complete operations to Dubai, many companies are taking advantage of the city's strategic location to trade with markets in Middle East, Asia and ... businesses
Around 3,700 companies have revealed their gender pay gap on the Government Equalities website, but with only 10 days before the cut-off around 5,300 are yet to do so. Hilsenrath said 25% of the 9,000 companies that by law must report their gender pay gap before the deadline had yet to register to do ... businesses
New research from Dell Technologies has found that businesses in the UK are trailing behind 12 other global countries currently investing in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and other high-performance technologies such as flash storage, required to support many other new ... businesses
There has been a significant rise in the number of banks and finance firms in the top 20 most sought after companies to work for in the UK, according to a new ranking out today from LinkedIn. The list is compiled through looking at the actions taken by LinkedIn's 25m UK members, considering data such as ... businesses
IBM has launched a voice-powered digital assistant along the lines of Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, but aimed at allowing businesses to provide such ... Instead, the company is offering it to third parties such as rental car companies and hotels, saying they can use it to provide smart services to their ... businesses
Social media giant Facebook faced new investigations Tuesday in both Britain and the United States about the vast troves of information compiled by the ... with Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix in which he claimed to have used "a web of shadowy front companies" to influence elections. businesses
After a year-long trial in the US, Instagram is spreading its 'shoppable' tags to eight other countries in advance of a potential global rollout. As of today, Instagram has opened up its in-app Shopping feature to businesses in Australia, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, making it easier ... businesses
Time's almost up for the UK's biggest companies to publish their gender pay gap, but so far only a third have done so. Two weeks before the deadline, more than 6,000 companies have not disclosed the average difference between what they pay male and female employees. Noncompliant companies face ... businesses
From large corporates to new start-ups, from food and drink to architecture, collaboration between UK and APAC businesses of every kind has never been stronger. The GREAT Innovation in Action Awards, a new initiative by the UK's Department for International Trade in 2018, are a celebration of these ... businesses
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a stalwart of British life and culture and one of the world's leading broadcasters that aims to "inform, educate and entertain" with its services across television, radio and online. Founded in 1922, the BBC is funded primarily through a license fee although it is ... businesses
Critical companies in the United Kingdom could face a hefty fine – up to £17 million ($24 million) – if they don't ensure that their cybersecurity systems are ... But a new report released in the U.K. said that companies are unprepared for the deadline, with only 38 percent of businesses even having heard of ... businesses
The U.K. government has announced punitive measures against essential-services companies that fail to secure their networks, including fines of up to £17 million ($24 million). The measures, announced as part of the U.K.'s implementation of the European Union network and information systems directive, ... businesses
A post-Brexit immigration policy should include a deep cut in the number of low-skilled European migrants coming to work in Britain, with the priority given ... showing the proportion of non-UK nationals working in each major sector of the economy as part of moves to persuade British companies to become ... businesses
A leaked document from the U.K. government suggests that Brexit could hurt the local economy no matter what, according to a BuzzFeed News report this week, but that's something many startups have long suspected. In fact, a growing number of companies across the nation are planning to launch ... businesses
Transport, water, energy and health businesses in Britain could be fined as much as £17 million ($23.9 million) if they don't have the "most robust" safeguards in place to guard against cyber-attacks.In an announcement Sunday, the U.K. government said that a "simple" and straightforward system would be ... businesses
Facebook has launched an integrated advertising campaign with Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam aimed at championing Britain's small businesses. ... This new ad campaign celebrates those businesses, showcasing the vibrancy of British entrepreneurs who are making a great impact in the UK and across ... businesses
(WUHAN) — Britain is seeking a free trade agreement with China, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday as she flew to the country for talks ... British businesses able to do good trade into China.” ... Britain has also pushed a strong message to Chinese companies that it is fully open for business. businesses
Plaid Cymru Brexit spokesman Steffan Lewis said a "Brexit preparedness fund has long been advocated" by the party. The Welsh Government fund will also be used to help companies continue to attract EU nationals to work in Wales, and there will be dedicated support for Wales' agricultural industry. businesses
Many firms have recently released their figures on pay for men and women in the UK. What is the gender pay gap and why are women paid less than men? Here's the lowdown. Large businesses will be required to publish figures on gender pay gaps. Getty - Contributor. 3. Large businesses will be required ... businesses
A breakthrough deal between Britain and the EU on Brexit was reached in December after months of stalled negotiations, paving the way for future trade talks. Peter Hemington, partner at BDO, said UK business leaders were now more confident about the year ahead and were bolstering their recruitment ... businesses
The UK is to create a new junior minister in charge of a no-deal Brexit, amid howls of concern by British businesses. ... to give updates on preparations to crash out of the EU "to show [May's] EU counterparts and Brexiteers that Britain is serious about leaving the EU without a trade deal", The Telegraph said. businesses
Most of the train companies, bar Merseyrail, say they do not plan to cut onboard staff overall. The disruption to Northern rail services resulted in many service cancellations and in increased road congestion as passengers turned to cars and replacement buses to get to work, frustrating commuters around ... businesses
A year-and-a-half since Britain voted to leave the European Union and Jeremy Sosabowski, co-founder of AlgoDynamix, says the technology scene remains solid: There's plenty of money out there for ... UK companies raised $7.7 billion last year, more than double that of 2016, according to Dealroom. businesses
In an effort to vault genetics into a new era of big data, six drug companies say they will decode the genes of half a million Brits and then make the data public—all by 2020. The plan will turn the UK Biobank, the source of the DNA samples, into the world's single biggest concentration of genetic and health ... businesses
British shoppers tightened their belts over Christmas, leading to the first year-on-year fall in spending since 2012, and leading businesses aim to do the same over 2018, two major surveys showed on Monday. Evidence of a consumer slowdown in Britain has mounted since official data showed the weakest ... businesses
Britain's manufacturers are more upbeat about the state of the global economy than at any time since 2014 and believe demand from overseas will sustain their businesses through another year of Brexit uncertainty, a survey has shown. The poll by the manufacturers' organisation EEF and the insurance ... businesses
The UK is due to leave the EU in March 2019, and the UK government is hoping to negotiate an additional transition period. The government had already allocated an additional £5m to prepare for Brexit as part of its two-year budget agreement with Plaid Cymru. Welsh Conservatives Brexit spokesman Mr ... businesses
More than 100,000 UK companies will be forced to pay VAT upfront after Brexit, under controversial government plans being debated by Parliament this ... the British Retail Consortium said: “If the bill becomes law without any commitment to inclusion within the EU VAT area, UK businesses will become ... businesses
Elsewhere, several organisations reported little to no gender pay gap, including the British Museum at 0% and the UK armed forces at 0.9%. ... Catherine Mayer, co-founder of the Women's Equality Party, reacted to the news on Twitter, saying: “Great galumphing gender pay gaps at key UK businesses . businesses
Companies have seen their share prices rocket after adding the cryptocurrency phrase to their name as people desperate for a piece of the Bitcoin boom invest. Ovum principal analyst, David Bannister, said: “If somebody puts blockchain in their name or their propaganda then people are going to jump on ... businesses
Concerned its industry is late to the trend toward electrification of aircraft, the UK government is supporting a £26 million ($35 million) research program to develop more-electric systems for a range of platform types. Moving from hydraulic and pneumatic systems to electric power enables more efficient use ... businesses
Company boards should focus on explaining how they foster innovation, improve productivity and develop a positive employment culture over huge pay packets for executives, said the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association. The national association for retirement plans in the U.K. made the warning in ... businesses


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