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Chennai-based environmentalist Nithyanand Jayaraman vehemently believes that the solution to climate change and reducing carbon footprint cannot come from the 'rich and elite', who are regulars at the summit. "The problem is with the consumption pattern where the elite - who are a very small portion ...
Delaware leaders and environmentalists are worried about what an oil spill could mean for wildlife and coastal tourism now that federal officials plan to open the East Coast to offshore drilling. "Certainly trying to prevent more Deepwater Horizons from happening anywhere along our coast is important," said ...

During his run for governor, Phil Murphy pledged to move the garden State toward a 100 percent clean energy future by 2050. During his inaugural address on Tuesday, Murphy promised New Jersey will invest aggressively in renewable energy in the weeks and months ahead. As you might imagine, New ...
Kundy's mother, Duong Saktheary, said her son had been unfairly detained. "They just took photos," she said. "If my son had done something illegal, I would not come and protest, but he has not done anything illegal." environmental activist Lim Kimsor agreed. "They took a photo in the middle of the ocean," ...
MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- A major setback Wednesday for environmental groups fighting a massive development on environmentally sensitive land near Zoo Miami in Southwest Miami-Dade. U.S. Magistrate Judge William Turnoff in Miami recommended that an emergency injunction issued against work on a ...
However, the government also wishes to clear the camp, as environmental activists, farmers and anti-capitalist militants have turned the rural 1,600-hectare site at Notre-Dame-des-Landes into a protest area with huts and small farms since 2008, where they promote sustainable farming and political debate.

The announcement drew swift criticism from former EPA officials and environmentalists who told HuffPost at the time that the partnership represented "a clear conflict of interest." The EPA directly regulates Toyota, and the automaker has lobbied aggressively to weaken Obama-era fuel economy standards.
WASHINGTON -- Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist and Democratic political donor, announced Monday that his advocacy group, NextGen America, will spend $30 million to help Democrats retake the House in 2018, with the aim of eventually impeaching President Trump. Mr. Steyer also ...
Recently three men hailing from local environmentalist groups gathered together to compare notes and craft an opinion piece, which was published in the Mail ... is the root of the evolution of catastrophic wildfire and is the result of flawed wildlife management policy by influence-peddling environmentalists.
The oil and gas industry remains a huge part of Louisiana's economic equation. But it has seen better days. "Oil and gas has been in a depression, not a slow-down, not a recession, a depression," said U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana. Last week President Donald Trump's administration announced a ...
A new musical about environmental activist Rachel Carson will be presented January 19 and 20 at Union Congregational Church in Montclair. The award-winning project with music by Jared Field and book/lyrics by Jessie Field will be directed by Montclair's Ari Laura Kreith and produced by Theatre 167 ...
It was an unusual scene: environmentalists of every stripe praised the city of Pittsburgh for creating a plan that finally laid out just how serious Pittsburgh needed to get about climate change. And yet many of them didn't seem convinced it would work. "We don't see this actually as a plan," said Jason Beery of the UrbanKind ...
China has made the sale of ivory in the country illegal. conservationists have welcomed the decision. They say any legal ivory trade in the world hurts efforts to stop the killing of elephants. Max Graham is the Chief Executive of the group Space For Giants which works to protect elephants. He said, "There's ...
If that's even close to accurate, that's 1% -- essentially a green light to allow people to kill environmentalists with impunity. What's the link between these killings and corruption? One reason why governments, especially at the local level, fail to take adequate steps to protect people is that government ...
On December 28, Rudomakha and three other environmental activists - Viktor Chirikov, Vera Kholodnaya, and Aleksandr Savelyev - were in a state forest in Krasnodar region, in southern Russia. They took pictures at a site where a private company, allegedly affiliated with high-ranking government ...
Indonesian prosecutors are seeking a seven-year prison sentence for an environmental activist for allegedly raising pro-communist banners while ... Budiawan's prosecution is an ominous signal that environmental activists are now vulnerable to prosecution as "communists" if they dare challenge ...
Listening to the CBC last night I heard Andrew Weaver being interviewed about Site C. He clearly and unequivocally stated that the Green Party was opposed to the project for financial reasons. It's a good thing because the Utilities Commission was only mandated to analyse the project on that basis.

The Trump Administration is reportedly set to rescind rules put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, meant to prevent a repetition of the largest oil spill in American waters. It will be only the latest in what may be one of United States President Donald Trump's most ...
A proposal to bring trash from Connecticut to Ravena for incineration is under fire from Albany County officials and a former top Environmental Protection Agency appointee. environmentalists say it's a worst-case scenario: An old incinerator in Hartford is being shut down, and 70 Connecticut Municipalities ...
(CN) - Federal agencies must rethink permitting a swordfish-catching operation to increase the use of a fishing method that can kill endangered sea turtles and seabirds, according to a decision by a federal appeals court on Tuesday. Two of the three judges on a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel agreed ...
Deceased environmental activist Gloria Capitan's grandson Jerson, 8, plays on a motorbike at the family's home. Jonathan Kaiman / Los ... In January, Mario Contaoi, a radio reporter, university lecturer, and outspoken environmentalist, was shot while riding his motorcycle. In February, Renato Anglao, ...
protesters gather outside the White House in Washington, Thursday, June 1, 2017, to protest President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the Unites States from the Paris climate change accord. The priorities set by a new presidential administration dominated energy news in 2017. President Donald ...
Judith Enck, former EPA regional administrator during the Obama administration, is one of a number of environmentalists who are against the plan. "When you burn garbage at either a cement kiln or a more conventional incinerator, you emit large amounts of air pollution. Whether it's heavy metals like ...
THERE IS an English language proverb which reads, 'if wishes were horses, beggars would ride'. Translated, it means that if wishing for things could make them true, even the poor would have all they need. This week, as 2017 nears a close, Earth Today spotlights the conservation wishes of three women ...
Aurangabad: Plans drawn by the civic body to reopen the Salim Ali Lake and the garden adjacent to it have drawn flak from the environmentalists. In fact, they ... On Monday, environmentalist Kishor Pathak said the civic body should not succumb to pressure to reopen the lake and the garden. "Those who ...
If your well or water source goes dry or is contaminated, you'll likely fall into the category of environmentalist very quickly -- regardless of how you vote. Some anglers came out as environmentalists 35 years ago in a showdown with logging and mining that had decimated more than 30 percent of the ...
Highway · Lawsuit · commerce · Law · Business · economics · Official · Permit · Interstate · Special Interest · Brad Dean · Southern Environmental Law Center · environmentalist · U.S. Army Corps ...
Somehow, though, we survived―and resisted. And we'll do the same next year, too. As challenging as 2018 promises to be for environmentalists, climate activists, and Sustainability advocates taking on the Trump Administration, the year ahead doesn't look all bad. In fact, if certain trends continue, this may ...
An anti-nuclear activist in the 1970s was afraid of tyranny. An anti-nuclear activist now is afraid of radiation. But tyranny didn't happen and the effects of radiation are misunderstood. The threat of climate change IS real and, to fight it, we need nuclear power, writes Scott L. Montgomery. I was in graduate ...
If that's even close to accurate, that's 1% -- essentially a green light to allow people to kill environmentalists with impunity. What's the link between these killings and corruption? One reason why governments, especially at the local level, fail to take adequate steps to protect people is that government ...
Unlike several of his recent cabinet picks, where you had to squint to match the resume to the job, Thursday's selection, like Wednesday's pick for the Department of Transportation, comes with a CV packed with environmental bonafides. "She has served, and this is a long list, as assistant New York attorney ...
I was born and raised in North Richmond and I have been involved with the community every day since. My life's work centers on improving the quality of life for the residents of North Richmond. The two biggest organizations I'm involved with are the North Richmond Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC) ...
The final version of the Republican tax bill, which passed in Congress midday Wednesday, included a major blow to environmentalists. In addition to slashing the corporate tax rate and nixing the mandate that Americans have health insurance, the tax legislation contained language requiring the federal ...
environmentalists Settle Complaint of LAX pollution Fighting. North Carolina's environmental agency is revising internal policies after complaints that it repeatedly failed to investigate when industrial-scale hog farms violated anti-pollution rules. Dec. 19, 2017, at 5:10 p.m.. environmentalists Settle Complaint of Lax Pollution ...
Campaign group Take Back Our Park is urging the Bermuda government to unveil its plans for Southlands. The environmental organisation praised Government for passing legislation designating the land on South Shore as a protected area earlier this month. But it said a great amount of work is now ...
A pacifist environmentalist and expert on Icelandic crime thrillers emerged on Thursday as Iceland's new prime minister, its fourth in two years, after three parties signed a coalition agreement. Katrin Jakobsdottir, 41, chairwoman of the Left-Green Movement, will lead the government of the north Atlantic ...
Boston -- The Trump administration's pick to lead Region I of the Environmental Protection Agency is drawing praise from environmental ...
China has been the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide for more than a decade. It is responsible for nearly 30 percent of the earth's ...
An energy giant wants to bring a massive sweep of renewable power to New Mexico. Hundreds of new wind turbines would deliver ...
Friday was a busy day for American environmental activists. The UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany came to a close. At the same time, ...
What's more, destroying Keurig machines also clearly aligns these people with a global environmentalist movement. In 2015, the "Kill the ...
For example, why are they so concerned about the Kinder Morgan pipeline? It is only common sense as to the advantages of pipelines over ...
environmentalists Act to Protect Endangered Asiatic Cheetah ... But we're sure they are still in the region," said environmentalist Rajab Ali ...
Lawmakers listen to Gov. Matt Mead's State of the State address during the joint session of the Wyoming Legislature in January at the Jonah ...
Several area environmentalists, though, object to the project because of ... Frances Dunham, a longtime environmental activist with Santa Rosa ...
Democrats and the media have been on a yearlong deep dig into Russian involvement into U.S. elections. But when you dig a hole you ...
HARTFORD -- consumer groups and environmental activists are asking Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to veto a bill that would allow the Millstone ...
environmental activists say they face bribes and threats from traffickers ... in traffickers' interest to shut down environmentalists in Madagascar," ...
For Jean-Michel Cousteau, environmentalist and son of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, the ocean is something that connects all ...
About a dozen advocates called on Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt to take a "Toxic Tour" of contaminated areas in Houston ...


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