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[6/15/2004] Eighteen protesters were arrested in Brunswick in three incidents. Nine remain jailed.
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One cannot underscore enough the anti-capitalist comedy upon which the entire Haggadah is based. On the topic of the Afikoman (a bit of ...
We are calling for a broad anti-capitalist environmental movement. Hopefully this Anti-Capitalist Green Front can be an alliance of groups

In fact, it makes total sense that creators on a platform where leftist and anti-capitalist discourse is increasingly common would decide to put ...
Democratic presidential hopefuls are seizing on anti-corporate rhetoric and policy proposals as they look to win the support of influential labor ...
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has signed legislation penalizing people who falsely claim that a pet is a service animal and a bill adding ...
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I support raising the gas tax, introducing a plastic tax, and challenging China's destruction of Earth's oceans. But I share in conservative ...
Even before Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes started filming the political video that would change their lives, they had bigger plans than just ...
Sting, the 17-time Grammy-winning rock star who jet-sets between his five residences around the globe, probably isn't the first person who ...
Nazis are anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian. The Newnan Times-Herald. On Saturday, April 21, the National Socialist Movement plans to build upon their Charlottesville operation by rallying in Newnan. Even though this group is against everything that America, capitalism and Christianity ...
Protesters in gas masks walking amid tear gas following clashes with police in western France's Notre-Dame-des-Landes. They were protesting against their eviction from an anti-capitalist camp set up 10 years ago at the site of an abandoned airport project. Clashes erupted at dawn when protesters threw ...
NOTRE-DAME-DES-LANDES, France - Activists reinforced by dozens of their supporters clashed with police for a third day in western France on Wednesday to oppose their eviction from an anti-capitalist camp set up 10 years ago to protest a new airport. The clashes erupted at dawn when protesters ...
Clashes broke out before dawn at an anti-capitalist camp in western France on Wednesday as police battled for a third day to clear activists who first set up the alternative commune a decade ago. Some 70 protesters were lobbing projectiles at police from behind barricades set up to defend the camp at ...
French police have used teargas in an attempt to clear anti-capitalist squatters from the site of an abandoned airport project. About 2,500 riot police made a pre-dawn raid in Notre-Dame-des-Landes to evict about 250 activists. The squatters have occupied the site for 10 years to prevent the airport from ...
A beetroot is attracting bids of more than £32,000 on eBay. It is not just any beetroot, however, but an “anti-capitalist” beetroot. It was alleged to have been held aloft by Jeremy Corbyn's hosts at the dinner he attended last week, with a left-wing Jewish group, to the disappointment of mainstream Jewish ...
April 4, 2018. By Abby Streu. The UW-Madison Havens Center for Social Justice proudly presented famous leftist Tariq Ali with a lifetime achievement award on Monday night. During his introduction of Ali, the Havens Center Director, Erik Olin Wright, gave a 15 minute introduction, including such tidbits as ...
Medical marijuana growers 'not presumed' subject to ND anti-corporate farming law, AG says ... BISMARCK — Entities applying to become medical marijuana growing facilities are "not presumed" to be subject to North Dakota's anti-corporate farming law, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said in an ...

As U.S. President Donald Trump launched his attacks on Amazon last Thursday, joining the leftist gang-up on the tech industry's miracle workers and driving down the stock price of another internet-based corporate giant, I was doing some online shopping. I ordered a book, humidifier filters and a new iPad.
USRTK operates under the tag line "Exposing what the food industry doesn't want you to know" and engages in anti-corporate attacks on agribusiness, the food industry and their supporters alleging unethical, lobbying and political influence on issues linked to GMOs, pesticides, sweeteners, and marketing ...
The side favoring tougher regulation has been well organized for years at playing the international circuit, a fact the Times gives away by quoting in its NAFTA story advocates from an international public health charity in Australia and an anti-corporate campaign in Brussels. The U.N.'s World Health ...
However, in the 21st century, anti-capitalist symbols are often commercialized, a process that goes against the very principles underlying the ideology. This effectively dilutes the power and significance of these symbols, regardless of intention. The issue is when the purchasing of these goods is borne out of ...
I believe it is driven more by anti-corporate and anti-capitalist sentiments than anything to do with safety and the environment. It seems that if we listened to the anti-GMO arguments, we would freeze plant breeding and innovation in time and stifle advancements in productivity and other positive traits.
The International Women's Strike — unlike things you've seen a lot around the United States right now like the Women's March that are associated with the Democratic Party — is an anti-capitalist protest. It's something that you see happening in 54 countries around the world this year. You see people in Spain, people in ...
State Health Officer Mylynn Tufte requested an opinion from Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem in August about whether marijuana production would fall under the definition of "farming" in the state's anti-corporate farming law. That may affect who could apply as marijuana growers, Wahl said.
One year after most protesters left the Morton County area, the office has said it will continue to review whether the company's ranch ownership complies with North Dakota's anti-corporate farming law. Corporations and limited liability companies are banned from owning or leasing farmland and ranchland, ...
Common themes: “aliens, anti-big pharma, chemtrails, anti-corporate media, geo-engineering, George Soros, anti-globalist, anti-GMO, Flat Earth, Illuminati, Koch Brothers, anti-media, 9-11 truth, New World Order Cabal, nutritional supplements, pedophile rings, Rothschilds, anti-vaccine, anti-Zionist.
... in the case of the Social Democrats, its support is eroding. At best, as in the case of the Greens and the Left Party, it is stagnating. Germany has no figures to excite left-wing voters as Bernie Sanders has done in the United States and Jeremy Corbyn has done in Britain. There is no growing anti-capitalist, ...
Imagine being part of a new colony, on a planet previously thought to be uninhabitable. This is what Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works, wants the global population to think about: sending a million people to Mars. Brain spoke Wednesday night at Northeastern University as part of the school's ...
Imagine being part of a new colony, on a planet previously thought to be uninhabitable. This is what Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works, wants the global population to think about: sending a million people to Mars. Brain spoke Wednesday night at Northeastern University as part of the school's ...
There are hundreds of documents on 'equality' (code for anti-capitalist), climate change and 'women's empowerment' (though rarely in Muslim countries, of course). Treatises and projects tackling corruption, providing cheap energy, entrepreneurship and sound business administration are strangely much ...
Dodge Faces Backlash for Using Anti-Capitalist Martin Luther King Jr. Sermon in Super Bowl Ad. The truck commercial uses part of King's "The Drum Major Instinct" sermon—conveniently omitting the part where he denounces advertising as part of an oppressive economic system. Sameer Rao Feb 5, 2018 ...
While women from all ends of the political spectrum — some centrist, many progressive, and even some on the right — will fight back against misogyny on International Women's Day in countries all over the world, the day has its roots in anti-capitalist and socialist feminism. In fact, International Women's ...
Canadian artist Vikky Alexander is a master of reappropriation, coming up as she did alongside Richard Prince and Barbara Kruger, her contemporaries in the Pictures Generation, in 1980s New York. She forged a career for herself by manipulating, recycling and recontextualising snippets of imagery from ...
North Dakota's anti-corporate farming law prohibits corporations and limited liability companies from owning or leasing farmland and ranchland. ... and they need to divest,” said Braaten, who represents the Dakota Resource Council in a court case that challenges the state's anti-corporate farming law.



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