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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

The Facebook-fueled uprising is spearheaded by three local characters who look more like extras from a Duck Dynasty episode than firebrand political activists: There's Lann Murphy, the cherubic, outspoken, smiling owner of LannTex Electric; Russell Hess, the Second Amendment fanatic and ... citizens Politics
Americans today enjoy many of the fruits of a long struggle by political activists like labor movement crusaders who brought us the weekend, higher wages, better working conditions and an end to child labor. The Athens Human Rights Festival carries on the spirit of men and women who have struggled ... Rights

"Though both of them were immediately removed to the nearest hospital but they succumbed there during treatment." Police have registered a case and ordered an investigation into the incident. The killing came three weeks after two political activists from Shiv Sena were killed in the similar incident. workers
The CHRI reported that hackers have also targeted the accounts of the members of Imam Ali Charity as well as those of tens of civil and political activists in Iran. The Imam Ali Charity is an NGO in Iran that supports underprivileged women and children. The charity told Telecommunications and IT ...
That event, organized by survivors of the Florida shooting and backed by celebrities and political activists, had a more partisan tone and pushed gun control measures. The student-led event at Collinswood, a K-8 English-Spanish magnet school in south Charlotte, drew attention because a student video ...
Iranian security forces on April 6 arrested two Iranian political activists, Kamran Ayazi and Maryam Shariatmadari, near the site where a mummy believed to be Reza Shah Pahlavi's body was unearthed on April 23, say incoming reports from Tehran. Meanwhile, as the controversy about the whereabouts ... activists
So the eruption of these issues at the recent Colorado Democratic State Assembly was perhaps inevitable. At that convention, a group of Denver political activists introduced a platform plank proposal saying the following: "We oppose making Colorado's public schools private or run by private corporations ...
VATICAN CITY | April 24, 2018 (AP)(STL.News) The key whistleblower in Chile's clerical sex abuse scandal has arrived in Rome for his audience with Pope Francis and said Tuesday he will urge the pope to get rid of the “toxic” bishops and cardinals who have defamed and discredited abuse survivors around the world.
Despite the political hurdles looming, the afterglow from Armenia's peaceful revolution has not worn off just yet. On Tuesday, the morning after Serzh Sargsyan's resignation, Maral Aznauryan, 15, skipped toward the capital Yerevan's central square with the red, blue and orange Armenian flag draped over ...
Political activists are encouraged to identify the differing concerns, priorities and values of those they meet. Starting from the simple premise that voters are individuals, not “categories”, this kind of authentic engagement has started to change the way campaigning is done. Only the willingness of Labour's ...
However, these laws have come under severe attack for the last many years, with some disturbing developments in the recent days including disappearances of secular and liberal bloggers and peace activists from urban centres of Pakistan, targeted killings of political activists, extrajudicial killings, and ...
Naomi Oreskes, co-author of “Merchants of Doubt,” an influential study of foundation- and industry-backed attacks on science, said the reproducibility debate has already been exploited by political activists. “These guys are loving it,” Oreskes, a historian of science at Harvard, told me. “Any time scientists ...
The Tajik government has carried out a severe human rights crackdown over the past three years, with hundreds of political activists imprisoned, including several human rights lawyers, and opposition parties banned. Human Rights Watch and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee have documented a ...
Following news that Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has released at least 56 opposition activists after they spent up to 84 days in arbitrary detention for protesting against the escalating cost of food and healthcare, Amnesty International's Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes ...
The last time the radical leftwing Jewish group Jewdas was in the headlines a decade ago, four of its members were arrested for distributing flyers for a party in east London called the Protocols of the Elders of Hackney. The tongue-in-cheek title of the party, a play on the antisemitic hoax the Protocols of the ...
COUNTRY SINGER and political activist Thanat Thanawatcharanon, known by his stage name “Tom Dundee”, has been acquitted of a lese majeste charge for a public speech he made in Lamphun province in 2011. The Criminal Court's verdict yesterday dealt with only one of four charges he faced under ...

The Students Who Hosted the D.C. March for Our Lives—and Became Political Activists in the Process. How high schoolers in the Washington, D.C., area arranged housing, food, and programs for the weekend's marchers, and transformed themselves into political organizers. By Kristen Doerer / The ...
The Kids Who Played Host -- and Became Political Activists in the Process. How high schoolers in the Washington, D.C., area arranged housing, food, and programs for the weekend's marchers, and transformed themselves into political organizers. Kristen Doerer. March 26, 2018 ...
Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet loves people. That's unusual for a zombie narrative. Most zombie narratives present people as lurching, decaying, cannibalistic monsters. Misanthropy, paranoia, and loathing have been central to the modern zombie genre since George Romero first gleefully showed humans ...
Only recently has a third story surfaced—a darker story that has led a non-participating student to suspension and a questioning public school teacher to administrative probation. Overnight, radical political activists turned our public schools into the new political frontier, turning students into child soldiers.
The report documents cases of extrajudicial murders committed by police, illegal house raids and threats and harassment against journalists and social and political activists since the end of November 2017 within “the context of a political, economic and social crisis inherited since the 2009 military coup.”.
Hateful rhetoric and ignorance are responsible for history's greatest tragedies, from slavery to genocide. Anyone with a shred of common decency knows to speak out against it. Yet, there is a prejudice largely overlooked, even by people who claim to advocate for equality: Anti-Semitism.
Registration exercise for mass distribution of bed-nets in Eastern and Volta Regions are to start from March 22 to 28. Heads of households who would be registered would be provided with coded registration cards for the collection of their bed-nets from designated places in their district. The issuing of the ...
A police hunt-down of political activists is going on in downtown Murmansk. As the Russian Arctic city is preparing for elections, police cracks down on local supporters of Aleksey Navalny.
Russian authorities are systematically violating the rights of political activists through arbitrary arrests and detentions in a fierce crackdown ahead of the presidential elections on Sunday, Amnesty International said today. Using a law on public assemblies, authorities have deliberately targeted activists ...
Russian authorities are systematically violating the rights of political activists through arbitrary arrests and detentions in a fierce crackdown ahead of the presidential elections on 18 March, Amnesty International said today. Using a draconian law on public assemblies, authorities have deliberately targeted ...
The Russian authorities are systematically violating the rights of political activists through arbitrary arrests and detentions in a fierce crackdown ahead of the presidential elections on Sunday, Amnesty International said today. Publishing a new seven-page briefing on Russia's increasing restrictions on ...
"Cointelpro" was the name of a massive rogue spy operation conducted by the FBI targeting progressive political activists. Cointelpro comes from writing partners Leon Hendrix and Ajani Jackson, who met at Columbia University's MFA Film program. Long and Ayer are set to produce the feature via Cedar ...
Those who are raising eyebrows, however, are the new class of political activists preparing to face off with the political heavyweights. An array of activists has clubbed together to form a national coalition called Tahaluf Watani — which includes around 11 different movements, including Li Baladi, Baalbak ...
Russian authorities are systematically violating the rights of political activists through arbitrary arrests and detentions in a fierce crackdown ahead of the presidential elections on Sunday, Amnesty International said today. Using a law on public assemblies, authorities have deliberately targeted activists ...
The trial of eight political activists accused of accused of sabotaging high-speed trains ten years ago opened in Paris on Tuesday. Investigators initially pursued and then dropped controversial terrorism charges, and the trial maintains an air of political intrigue. In November 2008, somebody placed steel ...
Geneva [Switzerland], Mar 13 (ANI): Political activists from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) held a massive protest outside the United Nations office here on Tuesday against the gross human rights violations committed by Pakistani state in the region. The protest was organised by the United Kashmir ...
Beautycounter enlists its sales team to fight for better regulation in the beauty industry. It's part of a wave of activist brands taking on Washington. [Photo: Chelsea Prestin]. 1/9 [Photo: Chelsea Prestin]. By Elizabeth Segran 9 minute Read. It's 10 a.m. in Washington, D.C., and 100 saleswomen from skincare ...
Lagos based rights group, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) yesterday urged the African Union (AU) to suspend the rights of membership of Cameroon from the AU to put pressure on its government to end alleged torture and ill-treatment of 47 political activists. The group in an ...
According to SERAP, the suspension will put pressure on the Cameroonian government to end alleged torture and ill-treatment of political activists forcibly returned to Cameroon by the Nigerian authorities, enforced disappearances, politically motivated trials, and gross and systematic violations of citizens' ...
It is clear then, that the first challenge of accountability should be the accountability of the Civil Society and the political activists themselves to their own sense of patriotism and morality- an understanding that they are accountable to their own nation regarding how they represent the “people” and help and ...
“The AU should publicly condemn ongoing torture and ill-treatment of the 47 political activists facing persecution and abuses by authorities and call for their immediate and unconditional release.” “The situation in Cameroon is characterized by widespread and massive violations of human rights and ...
"Enforced disappearances, torture and extra-judicial murders of Baloch political activists, human rights defenders and students by state agencies continue unabated. 173 Baloch people have been abducted by the Pakistani authorities since the start of this year and 91 people have been extra-judicially ...
The group's members include lawyers, rights defenders, and political activists who often participate in open trials. The blacklist so far consists of 23 judges of different levels from across Kyrgyzstan, and it will grow, says activist and former lawmaker Asiya Sasykbaeva. "We must cleanse the court system of ...
And starting today through the rest of the month, some of New York City's most trailblazing female political activists will be honored at LinkNYC kiosks across the city. The initiative is a collaboration between LinkNYC, the city's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) and the ...
Political activists are increasingly willing to bully their way to power. MPs—particularly moderate ones—report an upsurge in threats and smears. Intimidation is becoming routine on university campuses. On March 5th a group of masked protesters invaded and disrupted a talk at King's College, London, put ...
Coimbatore : Nearly 75 activists of various political parties and organisations were arrested at Anaikatti, on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, when they attempted to cross over to Kerala to inspect the site where dams were reportedly being constructed dams across Siruvani-Bhavani rivers. Led by DMK ...
The musicians backed political activists and called out the NRA and Donald Trump in their Oscars performance. By P.R. Lockhart Mar 5, 2018, 12:10am EST. Share Tweet Share. Share Common and Andra Day's Oscars performance recapped all of this year's news. tweet share Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Common and ...
At its heart is a sometimes free-wheeling interaction between politicians and political activists, with open workshops designed to let local Republicans praise, vent and otherwise cajole the leaders in attendance. Since its inception, the Dorchester Conference has drawn national GOP leaders such as ...
SOCIAL MEDIA could be a double-edged sword for pro-democracy activists. On one hand, their messages can spread like wildfire and, on the other, people are less likely to attend their gatherings. Their clock is ticking on this year's election and also for the ruling junta's fourth anniversary in May, when they ...
An army of amateur political activists who say they're part of the Anti-Trump wave are expected to gather in Paramus this weekend to train on the basics of organizing a movement: how to spread a message, rally voters and expand. “Voting is the number one tool we have to change anything at all,” said ...
Sudanese authorities have released more than 80 political activists from prison under the instruction of President Omar Al-Bashir, Al-Khaleej Online reported yesterday. “After generous and honest direction of the President of the Republic, Omar Al-Bashir, all political prisoners, about 80, were immediately ...
LAHORE: Hundreds of local leaders of PML-N, PPP and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) from NA-122 have announced joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). According to a press release issued here on Sunday, around 500 local leaders in the presence of PTI Central Punjab President Abdul Aleem Khan announced ...
Letitia Wright in a scene from Black Panther. The film is already breaking box office records. Photograph: AP. When he was released from prison in 2014, Sekou Odinga felt like he was falling from the sky into a foreign land. After 33 years behind bars, the former Black Panther party leader was released into ...





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