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updated Tue. March 29, 2022

The admin emphasized that she prioritizes the privacy of her users, and this partnership will not impact the function of the page. “I noticed that we kept running into this problem where I would report something to them and they would do stuff with it, apparently, but then the person [who reported the incident] ...
The federation said the videos were illegally recorded at private meetings protected by confidentiality agreements and that the anti-abortion activists had infiltrated the meetings by posing as executives of a company that bought fetal tissue. U.S. District Judge William Orrick in San Francisco blocked the ...

We reached out to Cleveland for comment but have not heard back. A close friend says she wants privacy and is seeking legal action against the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Legal observers say they reported the incident to CHP. They say the officers threatened to place them under arrest.
There, CPP placed a call for activists to appear at that year's Spring Joint Computer Conference, an event that the ad points out is “overwhelmingly dominated by white males,” so as to call attention to issues that are critical today — namely, “the use of computer information systems as a means of social ...
Network neutrality and privacy groups have called on edge providers to pledge their protections of online information, and Web surfers to join the call for those promises in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data sharing issue, though they suggested that is just the tip of an iceberg. Groups including Fight ...
Meanwhile, privacy activists in Europe have been fighting against Big Data, filing lawsuits to restrict companies from amassing and sharing personal data, and now, about to unleash a game-changing set of regulations on Silicon Valley called the General Data Protection Regulation. This new European law ...

Indonesia must improve privacy amid Facebook data crisis, activists say Data privacy: The Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) has called on authorities to take measures to protect people's data privacy. (AFP/Brendan Smialowski) ...
While government officials consider additional privacy regulations, the responsibility of protecting personal information is squarely on Facebook users, said the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online security watchdog group. This was not a data breach but “exactly how Facebook's infrastructure was ...
Activists: Feds seeking to deport woman who accused guard of assault ... U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials would not comment Thursday on Monterrosa's case, citing strict privacy policies. “Other than the statements already released on this individual, ICE has no further information to ...
Google said it found no significant difference in what it pays its male and female employees, but activist shareholder Arjuna Capital said it is “uncomfortable” with Google's omission of 11 percent of its 70,000-member global workforce from the analysis. Arjuna has been pushing tech and financial companies ...
Federal officials are seeking to deport a woman being held at a Williamson County immigration detention center who has accused a guard of sexual assault, according to activists with the immigrant advocacy group Grassroots Leadership. Officials on Wednesday morning asked Laura Monterrosa-Flores to ...
With 15 of 26 top senior positions at the U.S. Education Department left unfilled, according to the department's website, privacy activists fear that this move will be a major setback to the push to protect student privacy. “I am concerned,” says Sean McDonough, a participant at the COSN (Consortium for ...
She married fellow education activist Christine Marinoni in 2012. Marinoni is a special adviser for community partnerships in the city's Department of Education. She spoke about her LGBTQ activism with City & State New York last year. At “The People's State of the Union” in midtown in January, Nixon said ...
Jamarhl Crawford, a longtime activist in Roxbury, said the video a reflection of how black men are regularly treated by police. “This is not an isolated, ... Activists identified the man who took the video as Keith Antonio — the name that he used on social media to protect his privacy. But police identified him as ...
Gardner, who issued an indictment of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens for felony invasion of privacy on February 22, has faced criticism from Greitens' ... At the press conference, organized by fledgling activist group Concerned Citizens of St. Louis, speakers defended Gardner, the city's first black circuit ...
Privacy activists have called for more transparency and parental control over web monitoring in British schools after a survey indicated that almost half track their students online. Defend Digital Me, a children's privacy campaign group, teased (PDF) the survey's findings – which will be published in full in its ...
This is why the ACLU and over 20 other privacy and human rights organizations have joined together to oppose the bill. Make no mistake, the CLOUD Act represents a dramatic change in our law, and its effects will be felt across the globe. Today, the information of global activists — such as those that fight ...

California is a two-party state but we can operate in areas where there are no expectations of privacy,” said O'Keefe by phone. ..... When shown a photo of “Eric Williams,” Windsor recognized him from another Project Veritas operation and sent me photos of him filming activist group Voces de la Frontera in ...
Privacy activists and some members of Congress have called for the agency to fully investigate whether the handling of Facebook user data violated a 2011 consent decree with the FTC. The consent decree was the result of a two-year-long investigation by the agency into Facebook's privacy practices.
Cops should need a search warrant to slurp information from peoples' phones, Privacy International has said as it calls for a government review into police data-extraction tech. The civil rights group has published a report into the use of such kit by forces across the UK, finding that more than half are already ...
Human rights activists say they fear the authorities could use that power to track down dissidents, citing cases from more than a decade ago in which Yahoo Inc handed over user data that led to arrests and prison sentences for two democracy advocates. Jing Zhao, a human rights activist and Apple shareholder, said he ...
The revelation sparked calls for investigations and activist demonstrations on the steps of the chamber's H Street headquarters in Washington, D.C.. The chamber, sensing a conspiracy by left-wing opponents, solicited a plan to monitor labor unions, activists, and reporters through its longtime law firm, the ...
Gun-control discussions tend to fade all too quickly even in the wake of traumatic mass shootings—but so far, the clamor for better legislation has not died down following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. Instead, the students themselves have led ...
The politician said that at least four activists on the list had been physically assaulted in recent weeks. “All of them have been the victims of criminal attacks that led to serious bodily harm,” Vishnevsky wrote. He said that the disclosure of personal data constituted a “gross violation” of privacy rights and asked ...
Many privacy activists involved in to the WHOIS debate have argued that other data related to domain and Internet address registrations — such as name servers, Internet (IP) addresses and registration dates — should also be considered private information. My chief concern if this belief becomes more ...
A movie about activist Bill Baird, a pioneer in the birth-control rights movement in the United States, is in the works at Branded Pictures Entertainment and Corstoria, Variety has learned exclusively. The project, tentatively titled “Privacy,” will focus on the 1972 Eisenstadt v. Baird U.S. Supreme Court case ...
Two Mother Nature activists who were convicted of incitement to commit a felony and violation of privacy by the Koh Kong Provincial Court were released from prison yesterday after completing their prison terms. The two environmental activists, Hun Vannak and Doem Kundy, had been detained in Prek ...
Joanne Turnell is dissatisfied with the city's response after her confidential business proposal to process medical marijuana into edibles surfaced publicly during the heated debate over the Ancaster well's future. - Hamilton Spectator photo. An Ancaster resident says she wants more answers on how her ...
And although Snowden put digital surveillance in the headlines and offered the opportunity to build what could have been a robust movement for digital privacy, the laws that internet activists have fought to repeal and reform haven't really changed since his disclosure, and Americans seem no more ...
In the latest round of the ongoing battle between Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems and Facebook, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) ruled that Schrems did not have standing to bring claims on behalf of Austrian consumers over Facebook's alleged violations of users' privacy rights. The court did ...
The UK would also lose its ability to access data from the US via the EU–US Privacy Shield agreement. Moraes believes that this could pose severe complications that have “major economic and security implications for the UK.” This isn't the first time that the UK Data Protection Bill has come under criticism, ...
Thanks in large part to the indigenous-led mass mobilization at Standing Rock, there has been a major shift in public awareness and celebrity support for environmental activism. In turn, the government has gone to new lengths to suppress and criminalize this brand of activism. With President Trump's ...
Dunn's list may have interfered with an ongoing investigation. She told the campus paper last week that administrators communicated to her it was "highly likely" she would be facing disciplinary measures. Middlebury rules also prohibit "violation of another's privacy," and the list may run afoul of that rule too.
A group letter sent Tuesday to CEO Mark Zuckerberg argues that younger children – the app is intended for those under 13 – aren't ready to have social media accounts, navigate the complexities of online relationships or protect their own privacy. Facebook launched the free Messenger Kids app in ...
Two replies to as many queries under the Right to Information Act from the Local Fund Audit Department and Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department have flummoxed activists. In his petition to the Local Fund Audit Department, Vellalore resident and activist J. Daniel Yesudas has sought ...
All these issues laid bare the need to protect user privacy, address digital exclusion, and resolve the lack of an effective legal system to protect the rights of Internet users. On January 18 and 19, Myanmar's Yangon City hosted the country's second Digital rights Forum, where citizens were invited to explore ...
The government argues that these proposals will enhance accountability and transparency. But while financial reporting is a legitimate request, ordering sensitive information about NGOs' donors and personnel be made public threatens both the privacy and security of NGO staff, therefore deterring people ...
It concerned yet another case brought by the data protection activist and lawyer Max Schrems against Facebook, which he claims does not follow EU privacy laws properly. There were two issues: whether Schrems could litigate against Facebook in his home country, Austria, and whether he could join with ...
Koh Kong Provincial Court will announce the verdict on the case of two Mother Nature activists this afternoon after conducting a hearing yesterday on charges of incitement to commit a felony and violation of privacy. The activists, Hun Vannak and Doem Kundy, are being detained in Prek Svay prison in the ...
Communication major and senior transfer student Stefany Jevtic—a well-travelled and enthusiastic animal activist—held an unforgettable internship this past summer in Los Angeles working for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Initially, Jevtic applied to the internship wanting to gain basic office ...
Does Google know too much about you, where you go, and what you do while you're there? The privacy implications of services like Location History, one of the lesser-understood but deeply data-rich elements of Android are again under the microscope, as data protection activists criticize the search ...
Trump's nominee to lead surveillance oversight board likes surveillance too much for privacy activists ... Adam Klein's nomination to lead the largely dormant Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but some supporters of the board's mission ...
Legendary South African jazz trumpeter and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Masekela has died at the age of 78 after suffering from cancer. ... in a good space, as I battle this stealthy disease, and I urge all men to have regular tests to check your own condition,” his statement said, asking the media for privacy.
Many privacy activists rightfully warn people that from a legal standpoint, fingerprints are less secure than passwords: cops can legally force someone to ... for a class taught by Nathan Freitas, who heads The Guardian Project, a non-profit that develops Android apps for activists and human rights defenders.
Interview "The problem we have in the privacy bubble is that we're great at saying how evil and bad everything is... but we're not that great at getting shit done." Max Schrems, the privacy activist known for reducing the Safe Harbor data-sharing deal to tatters, is making one final attempt to spur the ...
As Black Lives Matter was growing into a social movement, the killing of Eric Garner by the police on Staten Island and the harsh treatment of teenage inmates at the Rikers Island jail complex pushed New York activists into a national spotlight. One of them was Glenn E. Martin, an ex-convict who was ...
I know from first hand experience the FBI is corrupt. In 2007, they threatened me, trying to get me to cancel a talk that revealed security vulnerabilities in a large corporation's product. Such abuses occur because there is no transparency and oversight. FBI agents write down our conversation in their little ...
Max Schrems, an Austrian privacy activist, has said his individual case against Facebook will go ahead before a court in Vienna. The top court in the EU earlier blocked his attempt to bring a class-action suit against the social-media giant on Thursday. However, the ruling allows Schrems to take an ...
#“Nor can there be any question of protecting 'the privacy of individuals and of marriages,' as she puts it. In the same way that a person cannot physically injure or murder a spouse, then hide behind the veil of marital privacy, they cannot sexually assault that spouse with impunity. Marriage is a civil contract; ...
I'm not the only one concerned about what the use of this technology might mean: A scathing new report, released Thursday by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology, finds that these scans—which are dubious in their efficacy and accuracy—are routinely being conducted without heed to ...


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