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updated Fri. April 5, 2024

Teachers have accused the boss of Ofsted of promoting an “Islamophobic” approach to girls wearing the hijab in schools. Comments made by Amanda Spielman, chief inspector of Ofsted, about hijab-wearing young girls in primary school have been condemned at the largest teaching union's conference in ...
While we all want justice after the mass shooting at Pulse that killed 49 people and wounded many others, targeting Noor Salman was no kind of recompense for the community in Orlando. Instead, Salman's prosecution was rooted in gendered Islamophobia; Muslim women are too often depicted as being ...

Other people say that the “Love a Muslim” effort, though noble, diverts attention from rampant Islamophobia that inspired the hate letter the first place. As lovely ... of course there's room for this stuff, but we have to recognise that there's a more fundamental issue here, that is that Islamophobia is widespread.
Mistrust and Islamophobia see dramatic rise in Germany's melting pot. A new study has found that the Ruhr Valley, once a pillar of integration, is witnessing a growth of intolerance. Researchers found a startling correlation between increased mistrust and the success of the far-right AfD. Deutschland ...
... consular section of the embassy, which operates 24 hours on the local number there:02075903400 Earlier, British Member of Parliament (MP) Victoria Atkins Parliamentary under Secretary of State at the Home Office said she has recently condemned those behind a series of anti-Islamic speeches sent to ...
Based on his own long history of Islamophobia, Mike Pompeo is simply not fit to serve as America's chief diplomat, particularly to those 1.7 billion Muslims who pray towards Mecca every day of our lives. Arsalan Iftikhar is an international human rights lawyer, founder of The and senior ...

A Muslim MP has spoken out after a suspicious package led to his Westminster office being evacuated. Afzal Khan is one of four MPs to have been sent a suspect package or a letter calling for violence against Muslims this week. File photo dated 03/10/14 of a hospital ward, as according to The UK could be ...
Mike Pompeo is a known Islamophobe, and he's also Trump's new Sec. of State ... But it's important to note that Pompeo has a long history of anti-Islamic sentiments, and has often painted the War on Terror as a religious war between radical Muslims and Christians. ... Pompeo's Islamophobia goes deeper.
The woman posing the question was a Muslim, as was the young lady featured on the cover of my book, American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of Fear, manifesting a dissonance about how Muslim identity is perceived, and misperceived, beyond and even within Muslim American ...
Turkey's culture and tourism minister on Friday warned against growing Islamophobia and anti-refugee sentiments in Europe. “It is extremely worrying that in Europe, the rise of anti-refugee sentiments, xenophobia and Islamophobia are manifesting themselves in the form of hostility against Turkey and ...
Islamophobia, bully claims and a far-right retweet - how councillors fell foul of social media. Facebook and Twitter posts spark complaints against Kirklees councillors. Share; Comments. By. Nick Lavigueur. 06:50, 9 MAR 2018. News. Enter your postcode to see news and information near you Community ...
ISLAMOPHOBIA is not confined to Europe's far-right parties. Long-standing persecution of Myanmar's Muslims, particularly its Rohingya community, has led to murder, rape and pillage as part of a blatant ethnic cleansing campaign which the country's effective leader Aung San Suu Kyi refuses to stop.
“Islamophobia is strong in America right now.” I had met El-Sayed a few weeks before at a United Auto Workers event at Belle Isle in Detroit when he approached me at the polling place in Detroit. A reporter trailed behind him. “Assalamu Alaikum,” I said to El-Sayed (which means “peace be upon you.”).
Jayda Fransen, the Islamophobic British political activist whose anti-Muslim videos were retweeted by Donald Trump in November, was convicted for religiously aggravated harassment Wednesday and jailed. The 32-year-old deputy leader of the ultranationalist Britain First was convicted of three counts of ...
When the state targets a particular community, that is wrong. What we have now is the respectability of Islamophobia.” One of the key themes was the now-overturned Hijab ban in St Stephen's School, which faced huge backlash within Newham and gained the attention of councillors and ministers city-wide.
Renton Technical College is hosting a month-long series on Islamophobia starting March 6. Turan Kayaoglu, professor and associate vice chancellor for research, University of Washington will lead a presentation on “American Muslims: History, Culture, and Politics” from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., March 6 at ...
This talk by Dr. Tanisha Ramachandran of Wake Forest University examines how Muslim Canadian women are racialized and gendered through hate crimes primarily triggered by material markers of religion. While these women differ in age, race, ethnicity, class, language and practice, the violences they ...

Given the brouhaha last year around Parliament's M-103 Islamophobia motion, the quasi indifference to its resulting report, released last month, seems perplexing. For those who might have forgotten, after M-103 was introduced last year, its parliamentary sponsor Iqra Khalid received death threats among ...
There were 546 reported incidents of Islamophobia in Spain in 2017, according to a report released Friday by the Citizens' Platform Against Islamophobia (PCI). The Local breaks down the most important information from the annual report here: What types of incidents were reported? The most frequent ...
Jeremy Corbyn: 'If women are abused because they are wearing a headscarf, then it is a wrong against them and it is a wrong against all of us.' Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA. Muslim women are facing routine racist abuse on the streets of the UK, Jeremy Corbyn has said while visiting mosques ...
A Conservative MP has been accused of "endorsing Islamophobia" after posting an anti-Muslim article on Facebook. Bob Blackman, the MP for Harrow East, shared a story which had the headline: “Muslim Somali sex gang say raping white British children 'part of their culture'.” The article was from the ...
John Bolton, Trump's pick to be the next national security adviser. Scott Olson/Getty Images. John Bolton, President Trump's pick for his next national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick to be the next secretary of state, are well-known hawks. Less well known are their deep and extensive ties to ...
Buddhists fan flames of Islamophobia in Southeast Asia. Buddhist-driven anti-Muslim sentiment is widespread in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. What is behind the hateful rhetoric, and what can authorities do to try to alleviate the tension? Buddhist monks protesting against Rohingya (Getty Images/J.
Last year's rancorous debate around motion M-103 demonstrated that discussions around Islamophobia and religious discrimination tend to spawn angry and irrational rhetoric laced with "alternative facts." Those urging the federal Liberals to be cautious with more "consultations" are spot on. Nobody ...
CINCINNATI, Ohio (WKRC) - A former University of Cincinnati professor was put on leave after making anti-Islamic comments toward a Muslim student on a school website. The university investigated College Conservatory of Music assistant professor Clifford Adams' comments after reports surfaced about them in October.
Given the brouhaha last year around Parliament's Islamophobia motion M-103, the quasi indifference to its resulting report seems perplexing. The motion itself repeatedly topped the news last year after initial Parliamentary debates in mid-February. Yet when the motion's summary report was issued last ...


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