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"The other critical issue is that in Nigeria, neo-liberal financial institutions like the World Bank are imposing economic systems on us that stultify growth by ensuring that the vast Nigerian market remains a perpetual dumping ground for finished industrial goods from foreign western countries. Tragically, triple ...
If neo-liberal economic policy of the Congress is an issue, how come the CPM has alliances with bourgeois parties like JDS and NCP in Kerala and are in talks with other regional parties like the DMK for electoral pact? The record of regional parties is even worse in the sense that they not only follow ...

Detecting the faulty and dangerous aspects of neo-liberal policies, Turkey has created a new route for itself, strengthening the controller-regulator role of the public administration from 2007 onward and, thanks to this new course, it obtained an economy that did not sit down again with the IMF during the ...
Talking to The Hindu at the government Guest House during his visit to the city to address the State meet of the Kerala school teachers Association (KSTA) on Friday, Mr. Singha observed that increasing independent strength was not possible without taking a forthright position against neo-liberal agenda.
Under attack is not just the EU but also other symbols of the current order: liberal democracy and neo-liberal economics, migration and a multicultural society, historical 'truths' and political correctness, moderate political parties and mainstream media, cultural tolerance and religious neutrality. As the cited ...
Jammu: During the 9th Regional Conference of CPI(M) in Jammu, veteran communist leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said that people are dismayed from the rule of Narendra Modi. He added that neo-liberal polices of the government has made the life of poor in the country miserable. Inaugurating the ...

I agree that the status quo has to change, but retrenchment into neo-liberal policies is not the answer and will be disastrous, whether in the US, in Sweden or elsewhere in Europe. It's the 21st century and we should be able to meet our challenges with empathy, respect and creativity. Is it really so difficult to ...
That we can forge relationships, be with each other, and live for much more than what neo-liberal capitalism tells us life is about. Betasamosake Simpson provides guidance for those of us on the broader left. She says, "Radical requires us to critically and thoroughly look at the roots of the settler colonial ...
This ruse is an economic Shock Doctrine tactic that global capitalists and neo-liberal politicians have used for decades to justify corporate privatization and austerity measures in nations throughout the Global South. Now, Napa Valley's hospitality capitalists and neo-liberal politicians are using the same ...
I raised the same question with the recent ascendancy of President Rodrigo Duterte in the country and the assault on democratic institutions and neo-liberal principles and values he is instigating. Is it just mere coincidence that in the United States Donald Trump won the presidency and is now assaulting ...
And self-styled progressives on campus are quick to dismiss programs aimed at increasing equity and inclusion as just public relations ploys by administrators hoping to burnish the brands of their neo-liberal universities. Higher education has become an appealing target for liberals and conservatives who ...
The crown prince's push to liberalize the Saudi economy will also fail. Two years ago he announced his "Vision 2030." It includes a list of off-the-shelf neo-liberal recommendations intended to turn Saudi Arabia into a market economy within 14 years. The implementation of Vision 2030 would mean ending ...
They said: "This House believes that the liquidation of Carillion marks the end of the discredited neo liberal economic doctrine initiated by President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher in the 1980s, and slavishly adhered to by successive governments which have privatised public services." The comment ...
Rousseff said the case against Lula, one of several, was part of the same conspiracy as her impeachment, which she described as a "coup" designed to dismantle the workers' party and introduce the market-friendly, "neo-liberal" agenda Temer is now pushing. "We realised too late the rise of the extreme ...
But our trend in Nepal is unique compared to other countries in that privatization followed partly due to a neo-liberal policy adopted by different parties governing the countries at the different time and also partly due to a global dispersion of neo-liberal agenda via World Bank and International Monetary ...
And self-styled progressives on campus are quick to dismiss programs aimed at increasing equity and inclusion as just public relations ploys by administrators hoping to burnish the brands of their neo-liberal universities. Higher education has become an appealing target for liberals and conservatives who ...
activists and development Economists are worried at the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the rich in India. Last year, 58 percent of national income went to India's richest one percent. "It is a direct result of these neo-liberal policies whose modus operandi is to pamper the rich in the name of achieving ...

The findings of the 2017 Oxfam International Report entitled 'The economy for the 99%' exposed the fallacies of neo-liberal economic development. The report outlined that the bottom ten per cent (10%) earned less than $3 in year between 1988-2011 while the incomes of the top one per cent (1%) ...
Jim hoped in those days that wise governors would reverse the inequities that arose out of what we now call neo-liberal economics. It must have pissed him off over the past decade to see the relentless rise of the plutocracy and the formation of new corporate oligarchies - roll on the revolution. I'm travelling ...
Through a series of stories, the film explores the lives of individuals who struggled to create alternative spaces of cultural resistance to the Western neo-liberal model of capitalism. The film highlights the history of Chile in the revolution and the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States. "This film is ...
The present times call for the beginning of a new renaissance movement which can resist both neo-liberal economic policies and saffronisation, poet K.Satchidanandan has said. He was speaking at a seminar on "'Renaissance - counter-cultural streams and influence of expats," organised by the ...
It includes a list of off-the-shelf neo-liberal recommendations intended to turn Saudi Arabia into a market economy within 14 years. The implementation of Vision 2030 would mean ending a governmental tradition of buying the loyalty of Saudi citizens through subsidies and employment. It would mean ...
"We are not and we don't want to be a dogmatic, doctrinal government, or a government of socialist or neo-liberal extremities," Morawiecki said during a swearing-in ceremony for the new ministers at the Presidential Palace. He said he wants Poland to have an important role in a strong Europe.
Hindu Rashtra means protecting and promoting the hegemony of upper castes. Modiji has perpetrated neo-liberal policies by favouring the greed of corporate houses and patronised Brahminical oppression. His Gujarat model is essentially a Brahminical model. Dalits, minorities, farmers, labourers have no ...
Obama operated as a classic neo-liberal by ignoring racial history and taking a broader approach. Just months after taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama did not push to renew a temporary $85 million pot of money earmarked for HBCUs by his Republican predecessor George W. Bush.
Training guns on the central government, Yechury said it has aggressively pushed forward neo-liberal policies initiated by its predecessor - the Congress-led UPA Government. Averring that such a push gas helped a few wealthy people amass wealth, Yechury said while assets worth about 49% of Gross ...
Addressing a public meeting as part of the 22nd CPI(M) State conference here at Swaraj Maidan on Tuesday, Mr. Yechury said that the BJP was least worried of the problems farmers and the working class are facing because of demonetisation and neo-liberal policies which are winning elections for that ...
Mr. Vijayan said that an electoral alliance between the Left parties and the Congress would be of no use after the polls as the party that stood for neo-liberal policies would be fighting another party that had adopted the same policies. "The Congress had criticised the Left parties for not joining the grand ...
Whatever one may think it is, the real importance of the upcoming local authorities elections is that of a nationwide referendum on the model that Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is implementing and seeking to entrench. What is that model? Generically it is that of neo-liberal globalism, but what is it ...
Joining the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa's (Numsa's) new workers' party should be every South Africans' New Year's resolution for 2018, the trade union said on Monday. In its New Year's statement, Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim called on those who "genuinely see themselves as ...
Rather than opposing India's neo-liberal policies, the communists should rail against the control that the top capitalists now exert over the entire country, noted Marxist historian Irfan Habib has said. "It is not neo-liberal policies we should oppose. It is the top business capitalists controlling the entire country ...
"It is not neo-liberal policies we should oppose. It is the top business capitalists controlling the entire country that we should oppose. neo-liberal policies are only a product of the situation. India today is a capitalist state with some landlord elements. It is not the state that existed in early 1950s or early 1960s ...
Bloomberg has published an annual guide with a pessimistic global prognosis for the upcoming decade. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Dr. Benjamin Selwyn, professor of international relations and international development at the University of Sussex commented on the report, stressing that the EU needs to ...
I am somewhat flattered and surprised that a senior member of the TPLF's leadership has taken the time to respond to my op-ed piece headlined, "The Old Guard Shadows TPLF's Leadership Meeting in Meqelle" [Volume 18, Number 917, November 26, 2017]. Part of this, Getachew Redda has over the last ...
CW: Well, "neoliberal" is somebody of any color who sees a social problem and does three things; privatize, financialize and militarize. You've got a problem in the schools, privatize the schools, push back public education. Bring in the financiers, the profiteers. Make money on the test, make money on the ...
For the ANC to deliver on its promises, it needs to wean its government off the neo-liberal diet. The essence of the ANC NEC message delivered by its president Cyril Ramaphosa at the weekend has left many South Africans optimistic. At last, the ANC has a leader who is believable when he speaks.
In his vision of the Hegelian 'end of history' announcing itself in the triumph of neo-liberal capitalism as embodied in American democracy during the late 1980s, Fukuyama's idealism blinds him to the material evidence of oppression and occlusion that has marked American history, especially when it comes ...
... to make the neo-liberal right apoplectic. That indeed is a major reason why the Tory right-wingers want to leave the EU and distance Britain as far as they can from the protections of the single market. But are there nonetheless specific aspects of single market rules that would be problematic for Labour?
"The idea that was absent at Davos was how the rich and famous could help change the same neo-liberal order that had allowed them to ...
Along with the Greens, the neo-liberal Free Democratic party is also likely to be part of the new coalition government, and the party has publicly ...
So the other night, I was hanging round the internet, looking for beef, as you do, when I spotted a tweet that made my blood pressure rise.
For example, the IMF urged Argentina to continue the same neo-liberal economic policies that harmed the country before and after the Great ...
All in all, for as long as the 'laissez faire laissez passer' neo-liberal ideology and policy options are ascendant, there will be no effective control ...
... promoted state intervention in the economy as "neo-liberal" -- almost the exact opposite meaning from its popular and academic use today.
The second involves his complete identification with neo-liberal Indian economic interests that no other government could do to this extent.
They seemingly decided they were not going to be seen cosying up to a politician -- especially one as neo-liberal as Blair turned out to be ...
This exclusion of women has been reinforced by neo-liberal economic policies that led to an increase in inequality. In structural inequality, the ...
In a previous speech to an Auckland Rotary club he was reported as saying "the truth is that after 32 years of the neo-liberal experiment, the character and ...
Irrespective of nationality, religion, race, or gender; whether stinking rich, desperately poor, or somewhere in between, happiness is the one ...
By becoming a Living Wage employer, business can make a real difference to New Zealanders and their communities. And economic ...


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