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updated Mon. February 19, 2018

But as you note, what is really incredible is the way in which the folks who had been having really intense discussions in the yard leading up to that -- about the importance of articulating prisoner rights and the importance of bringing the world's attention to what really goes on behind bars -- their cooler ...
... policy has been used as an attempt to disrupt Palestinian political and social processes, notably targeting Palestinian politicians, activists, and journalists. ... more expected to receive administrative detention orders, according to Dawoud Yusef, advocacy coordinator for prisoners' rights group Addameer.

We don't revoke prisoners' rights to religion or citizenship. Why should voting be any ... This is a huge step, but the voting restoration in Florida doesn't go far enough: activists in states across the country are demanding that all Americans be allowed to have a say in their governance. A brief primer on ...
Asma Jehangir, one of Pakistan's prominent right activists and lawyers, has died of a heart attack in the eastern city of Lahore. She was 66. Jehangir's ... "Unfortunately we have lost her," Hina Jilani, he sister and also a prominent rights activist, told AFP. ... Then prisoners' rights became an issue," she said.
During my junior year at Hampton in 1972, I met the prisoners Solidarity Committee, a mass organization formed by workers World Party in 1970 to support the rights of prisoners and their families. The PSC had a Richmond, VA., chapter, about 90 miles from Hampton, and was giving outside support to ...
Since the first time he rode one, the 65-year-old activist says the feel of the wind in his hair, and the possibilities of the open road gave him a sense of freedom he had never known -- so he admits it's a bit ironic that his love of something that made him "feel so free" is the same thing that eventually led to his ...

The Black student Union and African-American studies Program at UTEP will host an evening with renowned educator, activist and social justice advocate Angela Davis on Wednesday, Feb. 7. "I think this is an ... Her activism on prisoners' rights led to her arrest, leading to the "Free Angela" movement.
The Florida Department of Corrections remains adamant that "Operation PUSH," a statewide prison-labor strike designed to force state officials to treat prisoners better, never actually happened, even though prisoner-rights groups released a statement last week about the action. They say prisoners in more ...
Since the 1960s, Davis has been involved in grassroots activist movements ranging from civil rights to gender equality and prisoner's rights. Her radical feminist-activist image has roots in her association with the Black Panther Party, her former membership in the Communist Party USA and her 18-month ...
"We're putting a face on the movement by getting people out on the streets together, getting people to meet each other and to cross those lines between environmental activists and prisoner rights advocates." A victory for these newfound allies in Letcher County would represent a major step in the fight to ...
Multiple labor organizing groups, civil rights organizations, and prisoners' rights advocates said yesterday that in the weeks leading up to the strike, the ... in 'close-management' units, which is the equivalent of solitary confinement," Panagioti Tsolkas, an activist with the Campaign to Fight Toxic prisons, one ...
He said prisons are supposed to be getting power day in and day out as is the case with most hospitals. He has since asked authorities to take another step on the matter claiming that the conditions in most prisons are a violation of prisoners' rights. Most prisons in Malawi migrated from the use of firewood ...
An Israeli court has ruled to keep a prominent Palestinian teen activist and her mother in custody until the end of their trial. Ahed Tamimi, 16, was ... The Tamimi family are well-known activists in Nabi Saleh, and have led the village's non-violent resistance for nearly a decade. Bassem Tamimi, Ahed's father, ...
Then, in August, in response to prison activists' calls for another show of dissent, Department of Corrections officials placed the entire state system -- 143 ... coordinated inside the prisons and throughout the prison system," said Panagioti Tsolkas, an organizer with the prisoners' rights and environmentalist ...
Ben Jamal, a director at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said the move prevents peaceful human rights activists like him, who are of Palestinian origin and ... in Israel -- was planning to visit Barghouti and Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian prisoners' rights activist arrested by Israeli forces last August.
The delegation, part of the "Barghouti network" -- named after prominent Palestinian Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences in Israel -- was planning to visit Barghouti and Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian prisoners' rights activist arrested by Israeli forces last August. France in ...
Kersplebdeb, an activist publisher with a strong focus on prisoner rights issues, points out that with the new policy, prisoners "can no longer receive fresh veggies or canned fruits," and that "warm clothing such as hoodies and scarves are prohibited." Artist and writer Molly Crabapple writes, via twitter, that, ...

Burmese prisons are notorious for their squalid conditions and restrictions on prisoners' rights, with even reading and writing prohibited. ... He produced portraits of Burmese democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi and collages of peacocks, the emblem of Burmese student and democracy movements.
Larry Krasner, who defended Black Lives Matter activists and indicted police officers while in private practice, promised sweeping reforms and Philadelphia ... This model, built on the legacy of the National prisoners' rights Movement established by George Jackson in California, represented a historically ...
Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, as a 'common Kashmiri' today wrote an open letter to Union External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj highlighting plight of Kashmiri prisoners while standing for rights of alleged Indian spy Kulbushan Jadhav as prisoner.
A Russian court on Thursday sentenced a member of the Pussy Riot punk band and activist group to 40 hours of community work after she unfurled a ... Riot ceased to exist in its original format as both members became more involved in advocating for prisoners' rights and participating in other arts projects.
Russian police arrested on Wednesday a member of the punk band and activist group Pussy Riot after she unfurled a protest sign near the ... Since then Pussy Riot ceased to exist in its original format as both members became more involved in advocating for prisoners' rights and taking part in other arts ...
Surrounded by Israeli settlers, checkpoints, and empty streets closed by the military, human rights activist Issa Amro spent his first day out of jail at home, ... In the wake of July's mass al Aqsa mosque protests, Israel has engaged in a widening arrest campaign targeting Palestinian activists, students, and ...
The human rights activist and mother of two also asked why Parliament and President Hassan Rouhani have ignored complaints about the ongoing violations of due process and prisoners' rights by the judiciary and security forces. "Amid the silence shown by government officials and lawmakers towards ...
Lawyers and legal activists representing and supporting the prisoners elaborated on the boycott. Sahar Francis, director of Addameer, a Ramallah-based prisoners' rights group, told Al-Jazeera there were three stages to their protest. "The first is to boycott the reaffirmation hearings, which endorse detention ...
The Supreme Court in its September 2017 order had observed that rights of prisoners should be secured as they were vulnerable and often exploited by ... In a related development, a platform of lawyers and activists, Persecuted Prisoners' Solidarity Committee, moved high court on Monday to expedite ...
activists, however, have voiced concerns that the directive severely limits prisoners' access to items like fresh food and literature. Five of the ... Caroline Hsu, staff attorney for New York Legal Aid Society's Prisoners' rights Project, tells Mike Hayes of Buzzfeed News that she is particularly concerned that the ...
Nearly twenty-two years ago in April 1996, 19 activists from the MST were killed by the Brazilian military police in what would come to be known as the .... Khalida Jarrar, a prominent leftist member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and herself an organizer and prisoners' rights activist, was jailed in the ...
... decade-long religious liberty activist, this idea of live and let live was easy enough for some time. Yet, that is quickly changing. Even in the course of my still-young career, my religious liberty casework has gone from covering largely uncontroversial topics such as land use and prisoners' rights to cases at ...
Bethlehem, occupied West Bank - Israeli authorities are seeking 12 charges against Ahed Tamimi, a prominent 16-year-old Palestinian activist filmed slapping and kicking ... prisoners' rights group, Addameer, has reported that stone-throwing is the most common charge levied against Palestinian children.
... according to the Ramallah-based prisoner rights group Addameer. ... the US, prompting the condemnation of rights groups and activists.
There needs to be a large injection of funding to bring together academics, community service providers and prisoner rights and justice activists ...
An 'attorney interested in prisoner's rights, reproductive rights, and ... to "Name and Shame' was signed by activists such as Ayesha Kidwai, ...
... inspiration and motivation to campaign for prisoner rights in Russia. .... But there were also ultra-nationalist Orthodox Christian activists who ...
Missing Pak journo who fought for Indian prisoner's rights rescued ... I am thrilled that she is home safe," rights activist Beena Sarwar said.
Salah Hamouri, a dual Palestinian-French national and field researcher for prisoners' rights group Addameer, was given a six-month ...
I'm an ardent Black Lives Matter activist. My story doesn't fit neatly into this idea of 'we' and 'they,' however, and it challenges a narrative that ...
Mamatkhonov is the tenth activist to be released since Mirziyoyev ... ten political prisoners -- rights activists and journalists -- are known to be ...
DOVER -- prisoner rights advocate Kenneth Abraham is joining forces with a retired federal judge to represent those unable to hire a lawyer.
Dr. Widad Akreyi, a social justice activist, joins previous recipients who ... civil activists, children, women, and the rights of prisoners on death ...
... the rebellious edge off the performer and activist who was convicted ... a movement which fights for the rights of prisoners, men and women, ...
... a NGO defending the rights of prisoners, has expressed concern over the ... human rights activists, members of the families of the detainees, ...
Amman -- A group of human rights activists on Sunday visited Swaqa ... meet the latest international standards compatible to prisoners' rights".
... Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), prisoners rights and environmental justice advocates have a new tool to add to their activist arsenal.
A researcher with prisoners rights group Addameer, Hamouri was detained ... "Now they appear to be using it to target human rights activists.
On 17 September, Salah Hamouri, a field researcher for Palestinian prisoner rights NGO Addameer, had his six-month administrative detention ...
Larry Krasner, who defended Black Lives Matter activists and indicted police ... This model built on the legacy of the National prisoners' rights ...
Larry Krasner, who defended Black Lives Matter activists and indicted police ... This model built on the legacy of the National prisoners' rights ...
Mahmoud Salehi a labor activist, who has been suffering from kidney and ... (ITUC) has also protested the violations of labor prisoners' rights.
The founder of a prominent NGO that campaigns for the rights of Russian prisoners and their relatives said Wednesday she had emigrated after ...


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