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Successes are most likely in the dozen or so states where Democrats control policymaking. But the initiatives unfolding this year aspire to at least raise the issue of reproductive rights even in conservative states that have passed the toughest Anti-Abortion laws. In January, more than 200 legislators from 41 ...
OAKLAND -- The Abortion Care Network has erected billboards throughout the Bay Area to combat what it describes as deceptive tactics by Anti-Abortion organizations to deter local women from seeking proper abortion care. One of the billboards went up in West Oakland -- at Northgate Avenue and ...

An Anti-Abortion group demonstrating on the Boca campus was met with FAU student protesters Tuesday. The Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform presented their pro-life message on the Free Speech Lawn with graphic images of aborted fetuses. Signs were posted around the Social science building to ...
The Anti-Abortion rights group Ohio Right to Life, which campaigned for the bill, says, "While elective abortion is never the right choice, it's particularly egregious that unborn children can be denied life simply due to the presence of a disability." But Freda Levenson, legal director for the ACLU of Ohio says ...
journalists at Fact Check saw an Anti-Abortion banner claiming that 90 percent of babies with Down syndrome in the United Kingdom are aborted. The statistic in the billboard is accompanied by the photo of a child with the condition. So they looked at the numbers and published an in-depth ...
Teodora del Carmen Vasquez hugs her niece as she walks out of jail after her 30-year sentence was commuted by the Supreme Court of El Salvador, in Ilopango, El Salvador February 15, 2018. Reuters/Jose Cabezas Reuters. San Salvador (Reuters) - An El Salvadoran woman, serving a 30-year ...

Anti-Abortion activists have begun a 40-day "vigil" next to a Nottingham hospital - despite the trust asking them to stay away. The Christian movement, called 40 Days for Life, insists its presence at the Queen's Medical Centre is "peaceful". However, researchers into this type of activism have said it is a form ...
(CNN) House Democrats say a whistleblower inside the Department of Health and Human Services told them that the Trump Administration relied on a right-wing Anti-Abortion rights group to draft the letter it sent to states reversing Obama-era guidance that it's against the law to terminate Planned ...
"We were the very first ones to go out to abortion clinics with big signs and pictures, calling out to people," Spitz said proudly, of harassment tactics such as pickets and entrance blocking which have since been adopted by more mainstream Anti-Abortion groups across the US as well as in Europe. "Over time ...
Anti-Abortion Democrat Loses Key Support To Progressive Challenger. Marie Newman's campaign against Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) is getting a big boost from EMILY's List. By Daniel Marans ...
Many leading Anti-Abortion groups were on the left. The first pro-life rally on the National Mall was organized by the National youth Pro-Life Coalition, which a co-founder described as "an extremely liberal group." The National Catholic Welfare Conference endorsed a platform that included a right to a living ...
Akron-based Right to Life Northeast Ohio is launching a billboard and social media Anti-Abortion campaign this month pegged to Black History Month. The billboard campaign is in response to what Right to Life Northeast Ohio Executive Director Denise Leipold said are 16 "destructive and dishonest" ...
What began as a simple request for twitter to suspend an account harassing Natalie and her disabled daughter snowballed into Fox News and others co-opting her story to fit their Anti-Abortion agenda. Weaver's 9-year-old daughter Sophia is severely disabled. She has Rett syndrome, which robs her of the ...
After making a statement at the 2018 Grammy Awards, singer Joy Villa is explaining her politically-charged ensemble. At Sunday's show, Villa, 26, walked the red carpet in a white Pronovias wedding gown which featured a large rainbow painting of a fetus on the skirt to make an Anti-Abortion statement.
It is undeniable that the Anti-Abortion movement has reached a new peak in political power. There are Anti-Abortion majorities in the House and Senate. And although almost every single Anti-Abortion rights political organization in the nation opposed Trump during the Republican primary, he has carried out ...
Singer Joy Villa turned heads Sunday night when she showed up to the Grammys with a dress bearing an Anti-Abortion message. The singer, who is not nominated for any Grammys this year, wore a white dress inscribed with the words "choose life" next to a rainbow-colored drawing of a human fetus.
The Satanic Temple has been battling some of Missouri's strict abortion laws as an imposition on religious freedom, by way of a lawsuit on behalf of a woman identified as Mary Doe. It seems like it might actually work. Article preview thumbnail ...

The Western Australian government needs to introduce exclusion zones around women's health clinics as a matter of urgency, according to clinicians who say Anti-Abortion protesters are becoming more aggressive, spitting on and verbally abusing patients. Staff at the Marie Stopes family planning clinic in ...
Yesterday, Price's replacement, Alex Azar, was confirmed by the Senate. Dan Diamond, welcome to FRESH AIR. So would it be an overstatement to say that most of the leadership of Health and Human Services now is people who were leaders of the Anti-Abortion movement or the anti-LGBTQ movement?
Reagan Barklage of St. Louis, center, and other Anti-Abortion activists demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, Monday, June 27, 2016. ... An Anti-Abortion advocacy group has named Arizona the most "pro-life" state in the country, saying its one of the best when it comes to protecting "life in ...
A council has backed a move to prevent Anti-Abortion protesters from harassing women outside clinics. Pro-life campaigners have been accused of displaying disturbing images and questioning or filming women near centres in Manchester. Manchester City Council said it would take "all necessary actions" ...
After years of enacting laws to restrict abortions, Arizona has been named the most pro-life state in the country by Americans United for Life. The Anti-Abortion advocacy group released its annual "Life List" this week, ranking states based on their legal protections for "human life from conception to natural ...
That question has led to divisions on the left in recent months, as some -- including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) -- have argued that Democrats may need to compromise on reproductive rights if they want to increase their influence nationwide. But a new poll calls this approach into question. Just 8 percent ...
Indeed, on Friday, as Anti-Abortion protesters gathered in Washington for the 45th annual March for Life, the Trump Administration announced two new policies. One is a letter to states aimed at making it easier for them to exclude Planned Parenthood facilities from their Medicaid programs; the other is a ...
"I don't think anybody thinks that the White House is a perfectly regimented and orderly family ... but that doesn't change their commitment to the issue," said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, an Anti-Abortion organization that is expanding its door-knocking operation across ...
Having an Anti-Abortion Democrat in the March for Life lineup is important to the organization, McClusky told BuzzFeed News, and they try to get a Democrat to speak at the event every year. McClusky, who has had stints working for the Republican National Committee, told BuzzFeed News that he himself ...
Love - for life, for babies - was the most common motto for the hundreds of Anti-Abortion marchers who descended upon downtown Spokane on Saturday morning for the annual Walk for Life Northwest. Dressed to battle the biting cold, their signs hoisted high, about 500 Anti-Abortion activists gathered ...
Anti-Abortion activists participated in OneLife LA, which organizers described as a celebration of the "beauty and dignity of every human life." (KABC). KABC. By Veronica Miracle and staff. Saturday, January 20, 2018 05:45PM. Los Angeles (KABC) --. Thousands of Anti-Abortion activists participated Saturday ...
Thousands of people participated in the Arizona for Life March and Rally in downtown Phoenix on Saturday as part of the nationwide Anti-Abortion movement that drew attention this week from President Donald Trump. The March for Life movement started as a response to the Supreme Court's 1973 ...
The Trump Administration announced two new actions geared toward underscoring its opposition to abortion services. A new division in the federal health department is explicitly dedicated to protecting workers who refuse on moral grounds to perform certain procedures. The new actions come on the same ...
... with Friday's March for Life in Washington, President Donald Trump's administration announced new measures to support the Anti-Abortion cause. Included ... put out to radically favor abortion," said Yoest, who formerly served as the president and CEO of Americans United for Life, an Anti-Abortion group.
Pence said the Anti-Abortion movement was strengthened "one year ago tomorrow (when we) inaugurated the most pro-life president in American history." Pence, though, has a significantly longer record of Anti-Abortion activism than Trump. Where the former governor of Indiana has long labeled himself an ...
Updated at 1:05 p.m. ET. Anti-Abortion-rights activists who gathered at the National Mall for the 45th annual rally known as the March for Life heard a history-making address from the man who has become an unlikely champion of their cause: President Trump. Trump said he was "honored" and "proud" to be ...
Pence said the Anti-Abortion movement was strengthened "one year ago tomorrow (when we) inaugurated the most pro-life president in American history." Pence, though, has a significantly longer record of Anti-Abortion activism than Trump. Where the former governor of Indiana has long labeled himself an ...
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has established a policy mandating that groups that apply for youth employment grants support abortion rights. The policy has angered religious groups from many faiths as well as drawn ire from American conservatives. Canada Summer jobs grant applicants must check a ...
Some of that energy on Saturday went into a monthly event showing support for patients of Capitol Hill's Planned Parenthood clinic as a counterprotest against a small group of Anti-Abortion supporters. More than 6,000 people marked "interested" on Seattle Clinic Defense's facebook listing of the event.
Washington (CNN) Anti-Abortion activist Teresa Manning resigned from her post as deputy Assistant Secretary for population affairs on Friday, ... Because of her Anti-Abortion advocacy and public skepticism of birth control, Manning was a controversial choice to lead the HHS family planning division when ...
It looks like Illinois' largest Catholic health system will finally get the $5.5 million city subsidy it was promised when it built its downtown headquarters four years ago - in spite of its Anti-Abortion policy. The Chicago City Council's finance Committee signed off on the tax-increment-financing (TIF) subsidy ...
Florida House Approves Bill to Help Anti-Abortion Centers. Florida may agree to permanently fund Anti-Abortion pregnancy centers under a bill passed by the Republican-led House. Jan. 12, 2018, at 6:22 p.m.. Florida House Approves Bill to Help Anti-Abortion Centers ...
FARGO, N.D. -- Martin Wishnatsky was a well-known Anti-Abortion activist when he lived here, but since he left for law school in 2009, he's been mostly out of ... Wishnatsky came to Fargo from New York City in 1991 with Lambs of Christ, a group of Anti-Abortion activists, and ended up staying for nearly two ...
Most Anti-Abortion rights groups aim to restrict the procedure through state legislatures and the court system, or by urging pregnant women to carry to term. Johnson's goal is to persuade as many workers as possible to leave the field. She and other members of And Then There Were None visit clinics where ...
Whether you're for abortion or against - can the state force you to say anything about it? What about posting a notice with information for the other side? This year, the U.S. Supreme Court must decide. A 2015 California law, the Reproductive FACT Act, requires faith-based "crisis pregnancy centers" that ...
Two Anti-Abortion marches will head through Denver in January. One focuses on celebrating life, and the other puts a greater focus on ending abortion. The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Denver's Celebrate Life rally starts at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Capitol. Afterward, marchers will head down ...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers questions from the public during his town hall meeting in Hamilton, Ont., on Jan. 10, 2018. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says new rules for the Canada Summer jobs program that restrict government funding for Anti-Abortion groups reflect where his government ...
But an increasingly large group of Anti-Abortion state lawmakers has decided to instead unscientifically label D&E abortions "dismemberment abortions" in an effort to freak out the public and ban the procedure. After alleged "dismemberment" bans were proposed elsewhere, lawmakers in the Florida House ...
Speaker Paul Ryan · Paul Davis RyanMcConnell names Senate GOP tax conferees House Republican: 'I worry about both sides' of the aisle on DACA Overnight health care: 3.6M signed up for Obamacare in first month | Ryan pledges 'entitlement reform' next year | Dems push for more money to fight ...
Wishnatsky came to Fargo from New York City in 1991 with Lambs of Christ, a group of Anti-Abortion activists, and ended up staying for nearly two decades, working with other Anti-Abortion activists, especially Darold Larson, a controversial one-time U.S. Senate candidate. Wishnatsky went to work for ...
The bill seeks to make permanent an annually renewed program that will send even more taxpayer money to Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), which are non-medical, anti-contraceptive, Anti-Abortion offices that openly preach to vulnerable, scared women across the state. There are approximately 120 ...
Texas lawmakers have made the state "a national leader in defending innocent life," Republican Gov. Greg Abbott told the crowd at an Austin Anti-Abortion rally Saturday. "Because of you there is now an entire generation of women who see a sonogram as their baby's first picture," said Abbott, referencing a ...
Thousands of Anti-Abortion Texans are expected to rally on the steps of the state Capitol on Saturday for the Texas Rally for Life, an event recognizing the 45th anniversary of what they consider the "tragic" Roe v. Wade decision. But as attendees mourn the U.S. Supreme Court case that ensured a right to a ...



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