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"The Feminist Fair opens Women's History Month at U of M by showcasing local and campus-wide services that support women in Memphis," Woolner said. "Historically speaking, reproductive issues and access to reproductive health has been a focus of the Feminist movement, so organizations specializing ...

As the director of sales and development for electroCore, a medical device company in New Jersey, Jillian Bridgette Cohen traveled often to Malaysia and Jordan. There she noticed women struggling with their weight -- in fact, 65 percent of women in the Middle East are either overweight or obese -- but ...
And crowing over Haspel's gender is a cynical move coming from Trump, who presides over the least feminist administration in recent memory. Trump and his appointees have given cover to men accused of abuse, smeared women who came forward with reports of sexual misconduct, and worked to ...
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway · Kellyanne Elizabeth ConwayCalls mount from Dems to give platform to Trump accusers Top Oversight Dem pushes for White House opioid briefing More than 100 WH staffers still worked on temporary security clearance a year after election: report MORE on ...

From the 1700s to the 2010s, history is studded with spectacular works of fiction, theory, and criticism all revolving around one thing: feminism. Whether you're looking to brush up on the early days of the movement, be inspired by modern-day feminist heroes, or witness how far we've come (or how far we ...
Maureen McCue, the director of Genesis, managed to leave a record low amount of footage out of the final cut. If you're feeling the need to be educated about a relatively unknown moment in feminist history, I highly recommend students check out both films over the weekend at the 5th Avenue Cinema.
LONDON - Sir Michael Caine has dubbed himself as "a big feminist". The 84-year-old actor has revealed that he "agrees" with the women who are campaigning for more "freedom" and equal rights, and has said that he would consider himself to be a feminist - which is described as someone who believes ...
"Nine feminist bangers" is how Tracey Thorn has described the contents of her latest solo album, Record. But then, Thorn's songs have been feminist all along: "This is pretty much me doing that thing I do," she admitted on the phone with me on Thursday. Granted, they haven't always been bangers--her ...
I'm pleased to announce that the Vagina is back--at least in New Jersey. Not the "pussy" in its pornographic or hat form, but the chthonic orifice that my mother and her friends got intimate with in their Happenings, wielding speculums in the name of the Goddess. Perhaps every generation has its moment to ...
A prominent Chinese feminist account was forcibly shut down on March 8, International Women's Day. The feminist Voices account on Sina Weibo, one of China's most popular social media platforms, received a notice saying it was suspended due to "irregularities" late on Thursday evening. Prior to its ...
More than anything, this just sounds like a justification for her tweet about Qandeel Baloch. Maybe Qandeel wasn't a feminist icon for everyone but we can't deny that the woman escaped a vicious marriage and paved her own path in life, giving others hope for social mobility. And most importantly, she did ...
A video of three Iranian women singing a famous feminist song on Tehran's subway March 8 to mark International Women's Day is going viral on social media and highlighted ongoing challenges to veiling and other discriminatory laws. The women are not wearing the Islamic head scarf, known as the hijab, ...
This is the potential power of illustration for a feminist future, too - which must be imagined before it can be created. In this piece, women are gathered around a crystal ball. They are from different cultures and backgrounds. But they are physically and emotionally close to each other, united and focused on ...

Though there are only a handful of bookstores in the U.S. that identify themselves as feminist, several report that Donald Trump's election in 2016 and the subsequent #MeToo movement have reinvigorated them, both in terms of sales and of their visibility in the marketplace. In the late 1980s through the ...
We certainly think so: Our ranked list of the 100 best feminist films of all time is already making waves. Have a look and leave a comment. Better yet, make a viewing list. Researched, written and assembled by our international film staff (in the spirit of #FollowFriday, check out our writers Abbey Bender, Cath ...
The women are not wearing the Islamic head scarf, known as the hijab, that is mandated for women in public under Iran's clerically dominated system. Share. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share on В Контакте · Share on Google+ · Email to a Friend · Share on LinkedIn. Print. A video of three ...
On Thursday, March 8, an estimated five million Spanish women took part in the country's first nationwide "feminist strike" to mark International Women's Day. A special committee was set up to organize the 24-hour worker's strike with the support of powerful trade union groups and some of the country's ...
So what better way to honor the international women's movement than to sit at home watching TV? And if we ladies are going to be lazy on International Women's Day, we might as well be feminist about it. Here are all the best movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime to empower you to get off the ...
As a market editor, I get thousands of email subject lines like this. It's starting to feel like International Women's Day -- and feminism in general -- has become an opportunity for brands to make a buck in the name of gender equality. It's ironic that as an editor, a customer, and a feminist, all of this leaves me ...
The Kardashians are some of the most divisive figures in popular celebrity culture - spearheaded by Hollywood socialite Kim's rise to fame, the family have become household names. Together they have a reality television show which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The programme has spawned ...
Women stand at a bus stop in Bilbao decorated with a poster announcing the feminist strike. Photograph: Vincent West/Reuters. More than 5 million workers have taken part in Spain's first nationwide "feminist strike", according to trade unions. The action, held to mark International Women's Day, is intended ...
Publicity portrait of the cast of the television series 'Murphy Brown,' 1990. Pictured are, from left, American actors Robert Pastorelli (1954 - 2004), Charles Kimbrough, Faith Ford, Candice Bergen (as the title character), Joe Regalbuto, Grant Shaud, and Pat Corley (1930 - 2006). (Photo by CBS Photo ...
While one of them laughed and told her women should be paid more than men because "women are the best", Rowe explained being a feminist was not ... "Just because I don't agree with the choices another feminist makes … it might be right for them in their lives, but essentially we need to support one ...
Now, it's important to note that not all of these books have been marketed as "feminist literature." But I think pushing past what major publishing houses deem "feminist" is important in actually sussing out what your personal feminist ideology is. There's more to feminism than simply, "equality between the ...
I have not trusted a celebrity activist since 2014, when I read the headline 'Angelina Jolie and William Hague tackle Bosnia war rapes'. They didn't really tackle Bosnia war rapes -- that is still pending -- but Hague got to meet Jolie and Jolie got to meet the Queen and collect a damehood for the activism 'I ...
When Maria Grazia Chiuri became the first female artistic director of Dior in 2016, she shifted the brand's design focus from "feminine" toward "feminist." Last year, for instance, she printed the phrase "we should all be feminists" on a $710 T-shirt, promising an undefined percentage of profits would go to ...
Thorn, who has been regularly releasing solo albums since Everything But the Girl, the duo she fronted with husband Ben Watt, went on a seemingly infinite hiatus in 1999, recently described the songs on "Record" as "nine feminist bangers" that explore everything from sisterhood to raising children to ...
To celebrate Women's History Month, the Hollywood Theatre has Feminist March--a series showcasing over a dozen films about women and from women directors, encompassing a slew of genres. Between the screenings and guest presenters, Feminist March is a lot, so before we get to the Mercury's ...
The number of feminist haters hugely outnumber the individuals who identify as feminists. What is surprising is that many women who live 'feminist' lives, don't identify as feminists. These are women who have the options of making choices not overpowered by social, cultural or familial considerations.
The Women's Center at the University of Idaho is recruiting students on a rolling basis to write "feminist influenced blog articles" in exchange for academic credit. Under the university's Blog Contributor Internship, students can earn up to one credit per semester writing for the Women's Center blog, which ...
A California woman who has been arrested and charged with crimes stemming from an alleged prostitution ring is also an erotica writer and calls herself a feminist. Fay Ruth Romesburg, 59, is accused of running a 150-woman prostitution ring less than 50 miles north of San Francisco with her son. The duo ...
The shame of anorexia that enveloped me about wasn't so much about being ill as it was about being anti-feminist. How could I be committed to gender equality and dismantling destructive societal norms at the same time as I enacted the very behaviors keeping me locked in a cycle of self-destruction?
When the spectacularly anti-feminist When Harry Met Sally won a vote last week, I realised how out of touch I am with most women. For me it was like trying to find a feminist bone in a giant candyfloss, yet apparently this film spoke more to the women of today than Tracey Emin's searing comment on the ...
When you listen to Dream Wife's debut album, you are immediately grabbed by their rowdy and energetic punk sound. The coarse, groovy guitar riffs and the steady rock drum beats are accompanied by some powerful and elastic vocals. With punk, rock, and disco influences plucked from throughout the ...
A Swedish politician caused uproar by asking for recommendations on which health spas and restaurants would complement a group visit to the Auschwitz death camp. Teysir Subhi, a history teacher and candidate for the Feminist Initiative, appealed on facebook for tips on combining massages and ...
Having covered so much ground, in its second season the show winkles into the knottier areas of the Feminist dilemma. Jessica Jones always had a scratchy relationship with her sometime employer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) and in the second season, Hogarth has gone full Sheryl Sandberg but ...
Here her writing acts as a prism "through which to explore feminist perspectives on landscape, domesticity and identity in modern and contemporary art - with works by over 80 artist", according to the Tate's website. If you can't get down to Cornwall in time, the exhibition will go on the road to Pallant House ...
If you're a Feminist, then all these personal choices should somehow be honored. Well, absolutely not. Feminism is fundamentally communal and fundamentally bellicose in how it resists white heterosexist patriarchy. A T-shirt does not solve the problem. Nor does it help to submit to consumer-obsessed ...
One of Black Panther's many highlights is a Bond-like casino faceoff that turns into an Afrofuturistic car chase through the streets of South Korea. King T'Challa, undercover spy Nakia, and Okoye, the head of her team of bodyguards, the Dora Milaje, set out on a mission to intercept the smuggler Ulysses ...
Kelsey Harkness is a senior news producer at The Daily Signal, and host of "Problematic women," a podcast and facebook Live show. Send an email to Kelsey. In the wake of one of the country's most deadly school shootings, Americans are engaged in a heated debate over the Second Amendment.
Krishna Sobti happens to be the first original Feminist in Hindi. After these short novels, her tour de force came in the form of "Zindaginama" (1979) that portrays the culture, customs, mutual jealousies, envy and animosity of rural Punjab in full richness along with the Sikh community's history of valour. It is not ...
According to feminist theorist Donna Haraway, whom Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele credited in his show notes, women are naturally "cyborgs" because their identities are fractured between lived experiences, socio-political pressures and ideas from popular fiction. A modern woman can't ever ...
That is one way to be a feminist, but certainly not the sole approach. Another way is to just be powerful. Advancing womankind by emphasizing that we're behind, perpetually viewing our lives, careers, and finances as less than they might be if only we weren't women, seems to me to do a disservice to all ...
For half a century, Feminist art has incorporated radical critiques of various forms of inequality and injustice, from political corruption to sexism in the art world itself. As part of the 106th annual College Art Association conference, the Feminist Art Project at Rutgers University will be presenting a day-long ...
After a decade of organizing online and off, with feminist blogs growing in popularity and giving way to a new generation of feminist writers and commentators, feminism, it seemed, was simultaneously ubiquitous and cool. feminist writers graduated from bloggers to paid professionals, some of our names ...
I am a make-up-wearing, clothing-obsessed Feminist. I read InStyle Magazine and always leave Sephora with glittery swatches lining my arms. Even though I care about my appearance, I still fiercely and vehemently consider myself a Feminist. Although, there have been times when I have wondered if by ...




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