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Cape Town is at its best in February. There's little wind and the bright summer sunlight makes Table Mountain picture perfect. But as I discovered yesterday, right now no visitor to the city will be unaware of the region's natural challenge. There are signs everywhere encouraging guests to conserve water ...
However, it is the increasing acceptance and elevation of anti-Zionists across the world that is cause for particular concern. Those who deny the Jewish people, and only the Jewish people, the right to live in freedom and security in their homeland are routinely paraded as the picture of progressive politics.

These points are, of course, a constant source of thorny debate between Zionists and anti-Zionists. But beyond an academic debate, it's irrelevant. The only plausible reason to debate the nature of the Zionism of a century ago is to debate whether Israel should continue to be. The Israeli right very much ...
The director of the Anti-Defamation League remarked that Linda Sarsour understood anti-Semitism, but only "from the perspective of fomenting it rather than fighting it." It is true that criticism of Israel is not tantamount to anti-Semitism. However, there are anti-Zionists who are anti-Semitic. An example would ...
Moreover, there are those who are anti-Zionists against their will, like this writer. All the Arabs in the State of Israel see Zionism as a movement that's even worse than imperialism; as bad as the imperialist Turkish and British eras were, the Arabs weren't uprooted from their land during those periods.
All the Zionist columnists at the New York Times, all the Zionist-only panels on the future of Zionism, the Democratic party's rigid alignment with Israel and its friends, the anti-BDS resolutions, the appointment of endless Zionists to gatekeeping jobs in the Trump Administration, the blacklisting of anti-Zionists ...

By any measure, the women's Convention should have been a disaster. The planning began in late July of last year, just three months before the October event date. Many local progressive leaders in Detroit, who were asked for help and participation, thought the timeline was insane. "At first, everyone ...
In for a penny, in for a pound, limited boycotters are likely to say, since theyre already being grouped together with anti-Zionists and anti-Semites anyway. But even on the assumption that AFSC promotes BDS in practice, it is hard to understand how the hand that signed the list of 20 didnt shake when it ...
Similarly, there was the oped in the New York Times in which Bret Stephens casually equates The Zionist Organization Of America's embrace of white nationalists Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka with JVP's embrace of Linda Sarsour, essentially arguing that anti-Zionists are on par with white nationalists ...
On the other side, if you spend time reading pro-BDS media like the Electronic intifada and Mondoweiss, you might think that the major middle-east conflict was between anti-Zionists and liberal Zionists; the hard left is often more venomous about liberal two-staters, who (they say) are not just racist ...
Setting up a facebook page called "Reject Bogus Left Antisemitism", Mr Downing accused LAW of wanting a "witch hunt [against] genuine anti-Zionists and revolutionary socialists". He claimed the group wanted to demonstrate to Labour's General Secretary, Iain McNicol, "that they really will never cross the ...
The BDS movement is deeply controversial and tends to arouse strong emotions. There are valid arguments on all sides. Those who call for a boycott of Israel over its settlement policy range from critics of that policy -- some of them Israeli or members of the Jewish diaspora -- to hardline anti-Zionists who ...
But lo and behold, even though Chabadniks are anti-Zionists bent on spreading religiosity and encouraging people to embrace an Orthodox way of life, the state and its citizens not only continue groveling before them, they provide them with easy access to our most precious resource: our children.
For Atzmon, "capitalism and the New Left may be just two sides of the same coin" and "the Palestinian conflict…has been reduced to an internal Jewish dispute between some ultra-Zionist politicians and commentators, and some Jewish anti-Zionists." This Jewish colonisation of almost every point on the ...
Here is the truth that Mr Harris seems unwilling to accept: those who, after all these decades, continue to oppose Israel are not anti-Semites but rather are anti-Zionists. And they do so for the very legitimate reason that Zionism has proven itself in practice to be a racist ideology. These opponents include the ...
Surely, if one believes that Israel is as heinous a violator of human rights as described by these anti-Zionists, then by correlation any Jew who does not actively oppose it is similarly complicit. A recent and somewhat overlooked German court ruling from January illustrates this point best. The court ruled that ...
The American Jewish Historical Society is housed at a Manhattan address that includes several other Jewish organizations. (Wikimedia ...

... extent within Jewish communities themselves, and possibly even comprises a resurgence of the old battle between Zionists and anti-Zionists.
Thus Jacobson believes that "some accounts" is a good representation of anti-Zionists like myself. Yet I've never before heard of anything like ...
... of videos documenting the killing and abuse of Palestinians but they haven't become anti-Zionists or even vocal anti-Occupation activists.
... for "regenerative transformation" -- more spiritual than political, and not at all the imperialist adventure that anti-Zionists accuse it of being.
It seeks to provide an umbrella for those Jews in the party who feel they have been stripped of a voice by the JLM, including anti-Zionists and ...
The stereotype of Israeli Jews put forward by the "anti-Zionists" fits in completely with the longstanding hatred of Jews by anti-Semites.
Or that a strong reaction isn't called for when anti-Zionists slander Israel, Jewish groups and individual Jews. But colleges are also places ...
Or that a strong reaction isn't called for when anti-Zionists slander Israel, Jewish groups and individual Jews. But colleges are also places ...
If you have a social media presence, and use it to defend Israel's right to exist, sooner or later, extreme "anti-Zionists" present you with the ...
... particularly the American Jewish Historical Society -- cannot accommodate dissent, and effectively exclude all Jewish anti-Zionists, then they ...
... marginalised in the Labour party, including trenchant critics of the occupation, anti-Zionists and supporters of BDS, the boycott movement.
... the false notion that intersectional movements have been manipulated by anti-Zionists to "exclude Jewish issues from pro-justice movements.
Some are actually anti-Zionists. Not all Israelis are Jews. In other words, I explained crucial differences. This is particularly important because ...
Those academics who support BDS are not pro-Palestinian, they are anti-Zionists - and in my book, anti-Semites." Fraser, formerly a professor ...
Outside the hall around a dozen far-left anti-Zionists looked dejected as they discussed their failure to persuade the council to reject the motion.
Standing with anti-Zionists at Jewish Voices for peace and If Not Now When clearly makes one unsuitable to head a Jewish institution with the ...
Or that a strong reaction isn't called for when anti-Zionists slander Israel, Jewish groups and individual Jews. But colleges are also places ...
The signs called on the public to attend an anti-Zionists demonstration titled "Kick the Zionists and Netanyahu out of Palestine". The headline of ...
If you have a social media presence, and use it to defend Israel's right to exist, sooner or later, extreme "anti-Zionists" present you with the ...
More generally, he wants to take the fight to the anti-Zionists. "I want the left to have a discussion amongst itself about antisemitism, which it ...
... "this is not just another round between the Zionists and the anti-Zionists," but instead, "is about the nature of truth, and the possibility of, well, ...
Antifa tends to align with the left -- and some members are anti-Zionists. Because antifa is so loosely constructed, it has no formal ideological ...
Indeed, anti-Zionists fully understand that, with tens of thousands of churches in the US and around the globe supporting Israel, there are ...
anti-Zionists oppose even an inch of the land for Jewish sovereignty, while a sizable percentage of Israelis and their supporters favor sharing ...
They meant the "war on campus," the epic existential struggle between Zionists and anti-Zionists (or as these folks would more often put it, ...
Of course, there have been, and there are, some anti-Zionists who are also antisemites, but I am also certain that we could find antisemites ...
We hear this almost daily, and pretty soon one of us anti-Zionists will land in jail for arguing that only a democratic, Palestinian State in Palestine ...
The stereotype of Israeli Jews put forward by the "anti-Zionists" fits in completely with the longstanding hatred of Jews by anti-Semites.
... Jerusalem, Eternal capital of Israel" look like when composed of 70 percent ultra-Orthodox non-Zionists and Palestinian anti-Zionists?
They are by their own admission communists, anarchists, anti-Zionists (a sanitized word for antisemites), and by their behavior wantonly violent.
Although many avowed "anti-Zionists" don't seem to actually know the meaning or history of the word, Zionism has nothing to do with the ...
An Open Letter to Anti-intellectual, Antisemitic anti-Zionists. 03/26/2017 04:50 am ET. I write now because we can see how you're harming our community.
The campaign to censor and suppress Open Casket, white artist Dana Schutz's painting of murdered black youth Emmett Till, on racialist grounds is thoroughly reactionary.


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