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Hundreds of thousands of Cub ans walk along Havana's seafront during a protest march May 14, 2004. Cuban President Fidel Castro led the march past the U.S. Interest Section (building on top - R) to protest against new steps taken by the United States to squeeze Cuba's economy and topple Castro's government.
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The debates at its founding congress revolved around the most critical questions of revolutionary perspective: what role should the working class aspire to play in the anti-imperialist struggle and the bourgeois-democratic revolution; what was the relationship of the democratic and socialist revolutions in the ...
During Indonesia's post-colonial and anti-imperialist years under president Sukarno, the Dutch-Indonesians as a group were despised by wider Indonesian society as they were perceived as having enjoyed preferential treatment during Dutch colonization, on top of the colonial administration's racially ...

Faust doesn't know if Lee and Kirby were inspired by developing anti-imperialist victories across Africa, or simply thought the U.S. civil rights struggle offered a great sales opportunity. Regardless, they created a dignified, brilliant character who, while never a sales juggernaut, remained loved by African ...
In paragraph 2.87, the draft identifies three basic "tasks" for the party as being anti-monopoly, anti-landlord and anti-imperialist before pointing out that these "tasks of the revolution in today's context" cannot be carried out without opposing and struggling against the "big bourgeoisie and its political ...
Ironically, one of the main examples of war-fever fiction came from unlicensed reprints of an anti-imperialist classic. H.G. wells's The War of the Worlds remains today one of the author's most recognizable works. Thanks to several film adaptations and one infamous radio adaptation by Orson Welles, the ...
Whatever anti-imperialist intentions the notoriously zig-zag Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte may have begun with, his natural affinity for the ... that paved the way for Duterte, who promised to forge an independent foreign policy, to be elected in 2016 in a tactical alliance with the anti-imperialist left.
In February 1968, the liberation forces in South Vietnam began the "Tet offensive". It was conducted on a very large scale throughout South Vietnam, including Saigon. Its international reach was considerable, it galvanized anti-imperialist and national liberation movements and accelerated the youth ...
That war of conquest was declared officially ended in 1901, when General Funston and his troops, disguised as prisoners of war, took President Aguinaldo by surprise in his hideout in Palanan, Isabela. In truth, our anti-imperialist war was continued guerrilla style by Generals Macario Sakay, Miguel Malvar, ...
Nagkaisa! is the largest labor coalition in the country with over 40 trade union centers, labor federations and workers' associations, while KMU is described as the genuine, militant and anti-imperialist national labor center. On Labor Day in Davao last year, Duterte asked labor groups to draft an executive ...
Nothing is left of Iran's soft power--for instance, its anti-imperialist credentials-- particularly among its Arab neighbors. Without approval from Moscow and Ankara, Tehran can do little to shape Syria's future. So, in spite of all investment in military and human resources, Iranian influence in Damascus will be ...
In addition, it's worthwhile to note that the ad also features military servicemen prominently, another image that doesn't jibe all the way with King's moral compass--he was anti-imperialist and was staunchly against the Vietnam War for that reason. So who let this happen? The famously litigious King ...
The massive new issue of Viewpoint Magazine focuses on imperialism, interrogating how it has changed since the twentieth century, and asking how radical anti-imperialist movements should change along with it. In the editorial for the issue, the Viewpoint editors argue that imperialism has grown more ...
The World Festival of youth and students -- dedicated to "anti-imperialist solidarity, peace and friendship" -- had been held sporadically since 1947, usually hosted by a Communist country. Besides athletic contests, it featured movies, exhibitions, seminars and traditional folk performances. Participants ...
"Let's form a large front of nationalists, of patriots, of revolutionaries ... a great anti-imperialist front for the future of Venezuela," said Maduro. Tillerson is on a five-nation tour of Latin America that includes four members of the so-called Lima Group of regional governments opposed to Maduro's administration, ...
A day before, as I distributed leaflets about the protest at an anti-imperialist youth camp organised by Social Action (Social Integrated Development Centre), in Owerri, one of the young people I met informed me that the Imo State government had made available two million naira (about US$ 5600) for youth ...
"After leaving Tuskegee, she helped organize the National Black Antiwar Antidraft Union (NBAWADU), designed to develop a black-centered anti-war and anti-imperialist front. As the Executive Secretary of the group, Patton penned some of the black freedom movement's foundational anti-war documents, ...

Some elements on the anti-imperialist left began to take such claims seriously. ... Ironically, the "anti-imperialists" promoting such conspiracy theories themselves appeared to be embracing an imperialist mentality by denying agency to those--primarily people of color in the global South--who were actually ...
Therefore, if it is fair to criticize the YPG/J for giving U.S. strategy in the Syrian conflict a lifeline, it is equally unfair to criticize the YPG/J for choosing to arm their democratic, Feminist and egalitarian cantons (against the forces of war criminals like IS and Assad) over appeasing the so-called anti-imperialist ...
The battle is still recognized as a major anti-imperialist event in Iran's history -- but it didn't make Iranians kick their nicotine habit. "Unfortunately, after the revolt," Moin Shirazi said, "people went back to smoking." The ayatollah has studied the religious implications of tobacco use. He conceded that the ...
Even today, when all the world's states are obviously capitalist, these leftists support oppressive regimes as "anti-imperialist" so long as they oppose the U.S. in some way. Under the faulty logic that "the enemy of my enemy must be my friend," they denounce popular struggles for democracy as the work of ...
... Anti-Imperialist League, founded in 1898, with former treasury secretary and abolitionist George Boutwell as its president. Meeting at Faneuil Hall (the "cradle of liberty") in Boston, and sounding like the old-time reformers and abolitionists of the antebellum period, the anti-imperialists denounced the spirit ...
For the last decade, Weinrub, a dyed-in-the-wool anti-imperialist from the '60s, has played an important role as a community advocate in pushing Alameda County to create a new public agency that will next year replace PG&E selling electricity to local residents, largely in an effort to increase the use of ...
They go on to restate the party line of "wide anti-imperialist and Anti-Fascist alliances", which leads them to "search for a unified, anti-imperialist, anti-oligarchic, democratic, and popular candidate". The document also voices criticisms of the some of the policies of the current administration, including the ...
"The main reason is that they met the demand for the weapons by purchasing them from other countries as they failed to firmly arm the service personnel with the anti-imperialist independent consciousness and had a weak self-supporting defense industry foundation," it added. RTX4CWNT North Korean ...
On the morning of January 15, thousands of Seattleites gathered to march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A large and loud anti-imperialist contingent was there to remind the crowd that Dr. King had no kind words for the system of capitalism and the suffering that it causes. They pointed to his immortal ...
London has been Washington's staunchest ally in the quarter-century of ruinous US wars in the Middle East. The pro-government rallies have resounded with chants of "Death to America," "Death to Britain" and "Death to Zionism." The anti-imperialist sentiments of many of the pro-government demonstrators ...
The one exception would be if there were an explicit socialist or anti-imperialist revolutionary opposition movement in Iran, of course, in which case the Western capitals would positively oppose it. But in the here and now, the Iranian state's independent political relationships and military interventions have ...
To crush the left wing forces that were genuinely anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist, the CIA launched modern Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan during the 1950's. In 1978 they launched the 'dollar jihad' to overthrow the left wing government of Noor Mohammad Tarakai in Afghanistan. This started the ...
The played the anti-imperialist anthem "Sleep Now in the Fire" on Wall Street without a permit for the music video, briefly forcing the New York Stock Exchange to shut its gates when a throng of fans attempted to storm inside; when the same video was nominated for an MTV VMA, bassist Tim Commerford ...
... of monarchs or dictators, political parties still remain active both as power brokers and disrupters. Islamist, nationalist, leftist, reformist, pro-Western and anti-Imperialist, protesting the ruling order or forging new coalitions; here are ten political parties in Mena and why it is important to watch them in 2018.
Those smearing the White Helmets range from the Russian Embassy to a network of anti-imperialist journalists and fringe bloggers and activists. This includes people like Vanessa Beeley, Sarah Abdalla and Eva Bartlett. The latter went viral last year in a video claiming the White Helmets recycled victims ...
In the long term, radicals must fight to nationalize the internet, to make it safe for dissident politics. Lefties of like mind should also create a common portal of access for the small constellation of anti-imperialist sites--a left internet neighborhood for radicals to roam around in. However, BAR's immediate need ...
The Bolivarian people, faithful to their peaceful, anti-imperialist and anti-interventionist tradition, urge the international community to respect the sovereignty of the Iranian nation and to abstain from intervening in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is up to the wise Iranian people to internally ...
... and all their cheerleaders in the alt-right and Stalinist left are already trying to smear the protests as pro-imperialist. The revolt shows, once again, that Stalinism is not a dead issue in the progressive movement, and that its remaining advocates want only an authoritarian "anti-imperialist" regime to support.
The Iranian Revolution of 1979 established the country as an Islamic Republic but for its Marxist backers its rallying cry was reassuringly secular. "Death to America!" really was the sentiment that re-birthed a nation not so very long ago. It was shouted from public platforms by a man called Ruhollah ...
At first, Noticiero's newsreels were meant "to defend the revolution's position and at the same time support a staunchly anti-imperialist position.... By 1962-63, you could see that the newsreel was more than just a weekly news review, no matter how agile, dynamic - militant. There was also an artistic vision," ...
These difficulties can only be eradicated when Africa unites under an anti-imperialist program designed to rebuild the continent based upon its own economic and political interests. This was the contribution of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the prime minister and president of the West African state of Ghana which ...
Huff and Higdon wrote: "This is a complicated matter, to be sure, one that even sparks vivid disagreements among the anti-imperialist and the pacifist left in the U.S. To question official narratives should not mean people are automatically pro-Assad--or pro-Putin, for that matter. More importantly, what does ...
LA PAZ (Reuters) - Bolivia's socialist President Evo Morales on Wednesday hailed a decision by the country's highest court to allow him to run for another re-election as "a great surprise for the people, for the revolutionaries, for the anti-imperialists." The opposition said it would march against the ruling ...
"Every Party member and organization must prepare to engage the Duterte regime in intense battles, accelerate and amplify efforts to organize the people and lead them in waging Anti-Fascist, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggles," the CPP said. | Photo: PRWC. Previous; Next. Published 30 November ...
President Macron has a head start in that his counterpart President Ouattara, who is married to a French woman, is pragmatic and a lot more pro-French than his anti-imperialist predecessor. The cynics in the financial world, in Abidjan, may shrug their shoulders and say, as French President, Macron will ...
Both the Turkish nationalists and the Russian Bolsheviks found themselves threatened by the Western imperial powers. The 1920s were the heyday of anti-imperialist revolution for the Bolsheviks, and the notion of an alliance with majority Muslim nations made perfect sense - a chance to simultaneously ...
Not unreasonably, he was attacked at the time by anti-imperialists like Mark Twain for hypocritically grabbing foreign lands while trying to sound ...
With wounded egos and weakened forces, the retaliation of the reactionary forces of the US empire against anti-colonial and anti-imperialist ...
In part, this reflects the ideological antipathy of Western mainstream and alternative media to an avowedly socialist, anti-imperialist government ...
The U.S.'s intervention in the Korean war and other conflicts across the globe has helped fuel North Korea's anti-imperialist ideology.
... Revolution: the Great Breakthrough in Anti-Imperialist socialism .... until yes--from 1917 to 1989--and the anti-imperialist imperative of ...
IN PICTURES: "The ASEAN Summit translates to unlimited exploitation and unlimited plunder," said Anakbayan National Chairperson Vencer ...
... as those taking place Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, as well as the need to contribute to creating an Anti-imperialist Front in Latin America.



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