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Genevieve Bolton: 'Anyone can end up in a difficult situation because of circumstances'. What does it take to offer help with little expectation of reward? Our series The altruists focuses on those, such as this community lawyer who provides legal services to Canberra's disadvantaged, who do just that.
Abigail Marsh is an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Georgetown University and author of the book The Fear Factor: How One Emotion Connects altruists, Psychopaths, and Everyone In-Between. You can follow her on twitter: @aa_marsh.

Dr Ai-lene Chan: 'You can't do nothing, having seen what you've seen'. What does it take to help others with little expectation of reward? Our new series The altruists focuses on those who do just this, starting with a Brisbane GP moved to help refugees on Christmas Island and Nauru. Supported by.
The sudden death of a New Oxford man Monday has the community finding ways to give back to his wife and 2-year-old child he left behind. Shane Douglas Hockensmith, owner of Hockensmith Enterprises Inc., was found "unresponsive" after being "trapped under (a) Bobcat utility vehicle" Monday around ...
"An effective altruist may work for GiveWell and do research for them. Effective altruists may donate to charities recommended by GiveWell. An effective altruist might do none of those things because they've determined that another cause is more important and one that could be much more impactful.
These results are consistent with philosopher Peter Singer's theory (link is external)that warm-glow givers are emotional altruists who help because it makes them feel good, and not necessarily because it is the most logical or effective action one could take. For example, recycling may help people feel ...

Abigail Marsh's new book, The Fear Factor: How One Emotion Connects altruists, Psychopaths and Everyone in Between, reads like a thriller: it is ... For this altruist, "because someone is going to die" was just as obvious an explanation for donating his/her kidney to a stranger as "because she's my Mom" is ...
And former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has filed suit against the Justice Department to challenge the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation -- and charges filed against Manafort himself. Read This: scientists investigating empathy -- what makes one person an altruist and ...
These are the faces of the two social and violent beings, who exist in this world, namely the psychopaths and the extreme altruists, respectively. Jean Decety, a social neurologist at the University of Chicago, said that humans are the most social species on Earth, and they are also the most violent species ...
What dictates whether we'll end up as altruists or psychopaths? ... Altruism is behavior that benefits someone other than the altruist. ... This is a much deeper mystery about altruists: How do you get from having a strong response to the sight of other people's fear to being motivated to help them?
For a growing contingent of so-called effective altruists, that paradox means using some math and logic to calculate what they think is the most strategic way to positively affect the most lives for the fewest dollars spent. Professional poker player Dan Smith likes that logic, so he's sweetening the pot. Smith ...
Marsh concludes that if the brains of psychopaths can be easily identifiable, true altruists should have anti-psychopathic brains. Again, it's a disorder (or perhaps in the case of altruists a uniqueness) in the amygdala of an altruist, cells that "…were more active when they gazed at a stranger's fearful ...
Effective altruists are interested in developing knowledge about which organizations actually do the most good. .... I encourage people to look at the websites of effective altruist organizations like GiveWell and Giving What We Can for recommendations on places to direct charitable donations that the ...
AXIS have gifted the world "The Altruist," a new song from upcoming album Shift, available to stream now down below. Down a member since their excellent 2015 LP Show Your greed, the band took the lessons learned on their collaborative LP with Seraph the Light and applied them to their own release.
The mission of the Yale Effective altruists, and of the movement more broadly, is simple -- to identify the most effective ways to make the world a ... Now, there is an acknowledgment that pushing oneself too hard can discourage other people considering an effective altruist lifestyle, sabotaging the cause.
Effective altruists believe, for example, that we should direct our charitable resources in ways that will do the most good, that will be most effective at .... I encourage people to look at the websites of effective altruist organizations like GiveWell and Giving What We Can for recommendations on places to direct ...
Since we're cranking out blanks, I thought I might offer my advice for free, because I'm an altruist. To begin, I do not blame the UNCC Athletic Director for her unwillingness to let our football coach go. Despite a staggering 29-percent winning record, our coach has been with the program from its humble ...

... be able to say that we've "done our part for the world." In the meantime, we need not just charity, but reparations; not just generosity, but duty; not just altruism, but justice as well. Xuan is a senior in Davenport College involved with both the Yale Effective altruists and the Yale Young Democratic socialists.
As a result of the donations from effective altruists, organisations ranked by charity evaluator GiveWell are reporting a jump in donations. "We've seen a very significant increase in donations that we can directly attribute to the growth of the effective altruist community," says Rob Mather of the Against Malaria ...
CHARLESTON -- On Thursday at 5 p.m. Dr. Mylan Engel Jr., a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Northern Illinois University, will present "Effective Altruism Through Omission" in Coleman Hall Auditorium. Effective altruists, according to Engel, strive to do the most good with their time and money.
Given the growing number of ultra high net worth individuals who identify as effective altruists -- and the influence GiveWell has on that community -- this top charities list is sure to direct a growing proportion of year-end giving to this top charities list. Among the EA community is Peter Singer, an ethicist ...
Nor does it require that effective altruists prefer rescuing a bag of cash that can be used to save several children's lives over rescuing an actual child. For of course rescuing the ... The "effective altruist" needn't suppose the right thing to do is always entirely measurable/rationally calculable. They need only ...
Effective altruists are mostly in their mid to late 20s, male, white, middle class, and highly idealistic. They feel to me a bit like an evangelical youth club, except for atheists. I do wonder how all their enthusiasm will survive disappointment and whether a regular meeting down the pub can continue to bond ...
Encouraged by discussions with other Effective altruists, I was already donating 10 per cent of my student income to pay for deworming treatments and the distribution of anti-malaria bed nets, two of the most cost-effective charitable causes. But to many of us it seemed obvious that we could do even more ...
To learn whether this behavior comes more naturally to some of us than others, I partnered with Abigail Marsh and other neuroscientists working at the Laboratory on Social and Affective Neuroscience at Georgetown University. We studied the brains and behavior of some extraordinary altruists: people who ...
You can take a fraction of the revenue they take in and subsidize many news organizations. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is more of an altruist than I ...
"The altruists" is being performed at Limestone College Theatre tonight (Nov. 17) and Saturday (Nov. 18) at 7:30 p.m..
Bengaluru: A group of the world's leading philanthropists, including Infosys chairman Nandan Nilekani on Thursday announced formation of ...
Effective altruists consider a variety of things when trying to achieve this lofty goal. It seems trivial to point out, but high-impact causes that make ...
A new song from Axis titled "The Altruist" is presently streaming below. It's from the band's forthcoming new album, "Shift", out November 10th ...
AXIS have gifted the world "The Altruist," a new song from upcoming ... Check out "The Altruist" below, and grab a copy of Shift from Good Fight; ...
Researchers designed a dial that switches a car's setting along a spectrum ranging from "full altruist" to "full egoist", with the middle setting ...
Researchers designed a dial that switches a car's setting along a spectrum ranging from "full altruist" to "full egoist", with the middle setting ...
Italian engineers, for instance, are developing an "ethical knob" that can be set anywhere from "full altruist" to "full egoist" -- so that a car would ...
Cheyenne MacDonald in Daily Mail: "With a so-called 'ethical knob,' riders could tune a car's settings so it operates as 'full altruist,' 'full egoist,' ...
That's the case with Clinton residents and altruists Tim and Harriet Arnold. The Arnolds are departing for Ethiopia on Thursday to see their ...
This would be a device that allows you to chose your AV's ethical setting, with "full altruist" on one side and "full egotist" on the other. Their study ...
Indulge your inner altruist during Discover the Palm Beaches' annual Spa and Wellness Month. Through October, leading salons, wellness ...
"I certainly don't claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the 'good' (whatever that is) of the human race," Kaczynski wrote in an April 1971 ...
... or risky acts performed to benefit someone other than the altruist -- are ... altruists' heightened sensitivity to fear enables them to empathize ...
A little more than a quarter of them were christened as "limited altruists", confining themselves to basic humanitarian acts like offering their seat ...
During the debate, organized by the Yale Effective altruists and the Yale Animal Welfare Alliance, Mackey presented a case against eating ...
Altruist Relief definitely stands out among the rest. The non-profit organization has set up a large industrial kitchen inside a 2,000 square-foot ...
An altruist to the last breath. Barbara and James Gill were happily together for 33 years. They were married for 28 of those years. She enjoyed ...
In fact, the current consensus among influential thinkers in the movement is that only a minority of aspiring altruists should opt for this particular ...
On Friday, Lee was awarded the Altruist of the Year award by Modern Luxury's Angeleno magazine for her ongoing charity work. The honor ...
There are many things that effective altruists can do to help people. One of them --obviously-- is to donate money. But in fact there are things ...
We studied the brains and behavior of some extraordinary altruists: people who have donated one of their own kidneys to a total stranger, ...
A production of "The altruists" will have a three-night run at Limestone College Theatre on November 16-18. Show-time each day is at 7:30 p.m..
The team have designed a dial that will switch a car's setting from "full altruist" to "full egoist", with the middle setting being impartial. They think ...



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