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"Progressive values ARE traditional American values.

We are proud of the victories for equality and against hierarchy: the emnancipation of the slaves, women's suffrage, the union movement, the integration of the armed forces, the civil rights movement, the woman's movement, the environmental movement, and the gay rights movement.

We are proud of FDR's conception of government "for the people" and his rally for hope against fear.

We are proud of the Marshall Plan, which helped to erase the notion of "enemies."

We are proud of John Kennedy's call to public service, of Martin Luther King's insistence on nonviolence in the face of brutality, of Cesar Chavez's ability to bring pride and organization to the worst treated of workers.

Progressive thought is as American as apple pie. Progressives want political equality, good public schools, healthy children, care for the aged, police protection, family farms, air you can breathe, water you can drink, fish in our streams, forests you can hike in, sognbirds and frogs, livable cities, ethical businesses, journalists who tell the truth, music and dance, poetry and art, and jobs that pay a living wage to everyone who works"

Progressive activists—for living wages, women's rights, human rights, the environment, health, voter registration, and so on—are American patriots, working with unselfish dedication to making a better world, a world that fits fundamental American values and principles."

George Lakoff, Don't Think of an Elephant
"And that our nation can no more survive as half democracy and half oligarchy than it could survive "half slave and half free" and that keeping it from becoming all oligarchy is steady work our work."
Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers
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April White of Maryville, an Indivisible East Tennessee organizer, leads a protest outside the Howard H. Baker Jr. United States Courthouse in Knoxville on May 19, urging members of Congress to hold town halls about the Affordable Care Act. submitted photo. Indivisible East Tennessee founder named a ...
At the top of his program Monday night, Fox News' Tucker Carlson decided to do what many of his colleagues had done throughout the day -- rip mainstream media outlets over their fawning coverage of Nother Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's sister. And he ended the segment by making a sweeping ...

Progressive challengers have been popping up around the country to face off against Democratic incumbents in the U.S. Congress. This new phenomenon was sparked not only by Trump's recent rise to power, but also by the deep divide between Bernie Sanders' progressive wing and Hillary Clinton's ...
Alan Ball's "Six Feet Under" meditates on many themes concerning life, love, devotion and legacy over the course of its five seasons, enabling it to hold up even now, more than a decade after it left the air. It's one of television's finest thought-provoking family dramas. "Here and Now," Ball's latest drama for ...
Consider the United States of Care, a new organization that has been warmly received by some progressives. USC is led by former Obama health official Andy Slavitt. Slavitt is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker and McKinsey consultant. The most prominent Republican face in the organization is ...
Progressive insurgents are launching challenges to Democratic members of Congress in some of the country's bluest districts, sparked by deep frustration with the party establishment and anti-Trump anger. Most of the challengers are long shots at the moment. But some are putting a scare into entrenched ...

As most conservatives outside the beltway understand, and as President Trump's voters surely understood in the 2016 election, progressives have successfully captured the vast majority of our nation's institutions, distorting them to serve their own ends. Although many of these institutions -- academia, the ...
In response, progressives everywhere shouted "love is love" and "don't judge." Oh wait, no they didn't. Now, by what bigoted standard could they possibly be excluding this couple and their "truth" from their Rainbow jihad? They kicked in the doors of marriage. They kicked in the doors of bathrooms.
FBI wiretaps, squabbling billionaires and an unpopular businessman failing spectacularly as the head of government - if you think this only describes the chaotic situation in Washington, you haven't been paying attention to what's happening in Illinois, where an upstart state legislator is waging an uphill ...
Last month, we discussed how to determine who progressives should primary in the Senate. Here, we replicate our analysis for the House, where several members currently face primary challenges of varying seriousness. The most embattled is Dan Lipinski, who voted against the Affordable Care Act, ...
Menendez's return as the Democrats' top voice on foreign policy is expected to anger progressive activists who for years expressed dissatisfaction with Menendez's hawkish views. "Senator Menendez has failed to show he has the dedication to a diplomacy-first foreign policy that's urgently needed now in ...
We are constantly being told that "norm erosion" is a serious problem in the age of Donald Trump. But precisely what the problem is depends on what we mean by "norms." Are they simply conventions, ways that things are normally done? That's what Trump himself would like you to think, and a chorus of ...
But progressives in West Virginia find these criticisms disingenuous because, after all, there they were at a protest against Republicans and the Trump Administration. "We wanted to come down here to be with our allies from all over the country to send a message to Trump and the GOP that they're taking us ...
In less than eight weeks, ongoing talks over the North American Free Trade Agreement are set to expire. the White House has found common ground with some progressives over the investor State Dispute Settlement, a NAFTA clause that allows foreign companies to sue governments for passing laws that ...
CARSON CITY, NV (KXNT) - progressive groups in Nevada say President Trump made few concessions to opponents and mostly stuck to a hard line on issues like the environment and immigration in last night's State of the Union address. Nevada progressive groups also said they're disappointed in ...
A century ago, progressives were the ones shouting 'fake news'. February 1, 2018 6.38am EST. An 1894 cartoon by Frederick Burr Opper criticizes American newspapers' elasticity with the truth. Library Of Congress ...
The absurdity of the headline to George Will's column "Progressivism spills over at the pump" (The Daily Progress, Jan. 14), about Oregon relaxing its ban on self-service gas stations, is matched by the mischaracterization of progressivism that follows. Mr. Will says that progressives consider government to ...

Normally, progressives like trillion-dollar infrastructure projects. But they would rather rip up any check that comes with Trump's signature. Historically, progressives have championed a permanent solution for the so-called "Dreamers," immigrants brought to this country illegally as children. But they are ...
prisons are meant, in part, to reform inmates. Assaulting and isolating prisoners will not help them rejoin society; rather, they inflict suffering solely for the sake of suffering. The rights of the most vulnerable Americans are being systematically violated every day. progressives must not stand for it any longer.
His moderate politics are at odds with the very progressives who put him in power, and yet moderates are angry with him for being the key to the deal that bounced acting Mayor London Breed. One erstwhile ally, Supervisor Malia Cohen, slammed Farrell's participation in "a backroom deal." "It's going to be ...
Whether you welcome or dread progressive policies, their time has come. Conditions are better for lefty priorities than they have been for a generation. As Democrats return to power, as they just have in New Jersey, they'd be wise to seize their moment. Often, but not always, progressive policies act as a tax ...
Jeff Merkley of Oregon voiced objections to the deal, two sources said, raising concerns that the party was giving up too much and would lose support from progressive groups. Merkley later met with progressive activists who were furious at Schumer and warned they would withhold funding from Democrats ...
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, including thousands in Maine, participated in this weekend's women's March. It was a massive show of force from those outraged by the persistent cultural and institutional misogyny in our country, exemplified by our current president and his repulsive attitude ...
A group of progressive House Democrats is preparing to make a major effort in its party's primaries this year, buoyed by a surge in liberal energy that has left them flush with cash and enough confidence to unveil a series of endorsements in competitive primaries. It's a significant escalation from the group's ...
"progressives were happy to see Chuck Schumer and the Democrats respond to grassroots organizing over the past few months that led to unifying enough of the caucus to fight on this," Shahid said. "But there was absolutely no reason why Schumer needed to publicly and enthusiastically declare that he ...
Progressive freethinkers and skeptics, it's time to do our job for the left and shoot down Oprah's hopes for a 2020 White House run. Miss Pseudoscience and Queen Psychobabble herself thinks that just because she delivered a well-written speech, progressives are going to line up and vote for her. Deepak ...
National political trends and the divisive, distracted, disappointing quarter century of Scott Walker as a Wisconsin elected official could mean progressives and Democrats in Wisconsin will need a bigger boat in 2018. But whatever waves are roiling the national political scene, the key to electoral victories is ...
Should progressives support the efforts of Trump and Putin to bring about rapprochement between Russia and the U.S.? Or to use Trump's terminology, should progressives support the effort to "get along with Russia"? This might seem like a no-brainer. After all Russia and the U.S. are the world's major ...
The president of the United States is a serial falsifier and an inveterate champion of the worst kind of predatory plutocracy. Meanwhile, the congressional majority that fuels and sustains much of his power and influence is, in turn, undergirded by an unholy alliance of robber barons, nativists and theocrats ...
Longtime progressive activist and community organizer Lenny Siegel, who served as vice mayor of Mountain View last year, won his City Council colleagues' unanimous support last night (Jan. 9) to serve as mayor for 2018. Siegel has long championed housing construction in Mountain View, which has ...
Last October, a detective with the Seattle police Department recommended charging a former Seattle City Council candidate for violating the rules of the democracy voucher program during her unsuccessful campaign. Sheley Secrest, a progressive activist, attorney and vice president of the local NAACP, ...
Yeah, Oprah could win: For progressives, that's really not a good thing. Winfrey would be an instantly credible 2020 candidate. .... progressives also might not be overly happy with a Winfrey presidency, even if she were somehow to avoid being hit by the learning curve. From a policy standpoint, as several ...
The awards program was billed as a show of solidarity against sexual harassment, but instead, it was another reminder of just how far left Hollywood is veering and how progressives are attempting to use this issue for political ends. The Time's Up movement made a big splash Sunday night. The new ...
The age of Trump has energized Democrats across the country, as progressives focus on winning races in parts of the country that had been deemed out of ... So with Republicans currently in control of all three branches in Washington, DC, it makes sense that progressive activist groups would be turning ...
Former DNC chairman and Vermont governor Howard Dean said we need "someone who is 50" years old running the country and older Democrats need to "get the hell out of the way." "I actually think the progressives are in the process of informally taking over the Democratic party," Dean said.
Most common are chapters of the suddenly ubiquitous Indivisible, an umbrella group for progressives who have embraced its practical how-to guide for political novices. These include Indivisible South Suburban Chicago, Indivisible DuPage, Indivisible Glen Ellyn, Indivisible Hinsdale, Indivisible Naperville, ...
Chicago -- Major progressive interest groups and organizations -- from the powerful Service Employees International Union to EMILY's List to NARAL -- are lining up behind a first-time candidate in the hopes of ousting Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) The politically active SEIU Illinois state council today ...
House Republicans released a secret memo on Friday that alleges that F.B.I. and Justice Department officials misused their authority in conducting surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page. It also claims the officials abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process by citing ...
Four years ago, spurred on by a newly elected mayor who ran on a progressive agenda, an insurgent group of like-minded reformers took control of the City Council, standing up to the Democratic party establishment and its powerful county bosses. But now, after the re-election of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the ...
How are progressives ever supposed to trust Chuck again? As word leaked out that Minority Leader Schumer was about to cut practically the same deal with McConnell that he had rejected on Friday, a grim reality set in. The Democrats were trading their only piece of leverage and all Dreamers were ...
While slashing taxes for some of the country's most privileged, including Donald Trump and his family, the GOP's seemingly unstoppable scheme to reform the tax code fail to address America's most pressing problems: rising inequality, the climate crisis, macroeconomic instability and declining resources ...
The deal floated by the state Democratic party to bring together the two factions of Democrats in the state Senate was announced this week. It wouldn't go into effect until May, after the state budget and after the governor calls special elections for two vacant seats. And for some progressives, that is just not ...
Kirsten Gillibrand's surprising endorsement against a sitting Democratic lawmaker has provoked a harsh response from one of the New York senator's old colleagues. "It's bullshit," Rep. Kurt Schrader, a congressman from Oregon and member of the conservative Blue Dog coalition, said during an interview ...
The allegations that have been leveled at U.S. Sen. Al Franken have sparked a disturbing double standard among progressives descending into conspiratorial thinking, equivocation on sexual assault and the idea that "this one isn't really that bad -- after all, Franken does so much good for women in the ...
While the surprise retirement of U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez has been capturing most of the headlines, a re-election challenge to another Chicago Democratic member of Congress also is worth keeping an eye on. Some of the country's top progressive groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice America and ...
Sen. Tim Scott: "There are a number of opportunities for our friends on the left to come to the table, but they have said 'no, thank you'" Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Actually, there are zero opportunities for progressives to come to the table"#TaxDebate -- CNN politics (@CNNPolitics) ...
This transformation can only come from progressives. politics is a symptom of culture. Love, sex and morality affect day-to-day lives, and policy ...
On what should have been one of the most relieving days of this whole postal survey mess there was a blight; a big, fat reminder that despite ...
Testing progressives, Centrist Dems Team Up with GOP to Deregulate banks. Justin Miller. November 15, 2017. This just might be the biggest test of Democratic ...



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