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Among the other events are talks by New York Times columnist Jim Rutenberg and York University professor Joseph Mensah. The series will conclude with a concert by Omar Offendum, a Los Angeles-based Syrian-American hip-hop artist and activist. This is the first time Global Spotlight Week is being ...
Fremont/Lopez also hosted music legend Smokey Robinson last April and entrepreneur, activist and hip-hop producer Russell Simmons last May to mentor the young students in Turnaround arts. The program provides arts education services designed to increase chances of success, engage the ...

Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, the late Puerto Rican historian, writer and activist, was an indispensable component of the Harlem Renaissance. ... with the lower-class during his era; and award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Colombian hip-hop group Chocquibtown, whose very name derives from their ...
Previewing the St. Paul teachers strike; Homeland: the show vs. reality; the view from the ground in Syria; an immigration crackdown in Atlanta; Jeff Sessions at one year. 9 a.m. - MPR News with Kerri Miller The power of live performances. Guests: Brother Ali, a hip hop artist and activist; John Munson, ...
school official Veronica Arbitello "told me … that's someone I don't want to be associated with," the National Honor Society member said in reference to the slain '60s black activist. "All I wanted was the 'X.' My name is Malcolm Xavier Combs." The student's parents were outraged by the decision, noting the ...
And they come to their craft from different backgrounds, with Warren, 61, known for sweeping power ballads, and Common, 45, for activist hip-hop. But the duo share an outsider's perspective on the Entertainment industry. "My mother said to me, 'You, a little black kid from the South Side of Chicago, you're ...

The songwriting pair come to their craft from different backgrounds, with Warren, 61, known for sweeping power ballads, and Common, 45, for activist hip-hop. But the duo share an outsider's perspective on the Entertainment industry. "My mother said to me, 'You, a little black kid from the South Side of ...
Today we discuss the record-breaking Black Panther ticket sales, the death of BLM activist Muhiyidin Moye, and the new discovery behind Britain's oldest skeleton, Cheddar Man, which found he had dark skin, curly hair, and blue eyes. Then we talk to Bryan Bethea, the founder of Hip Hop hacktivist--a free ...
Stoney Bertz is a hip-hop artist and activist who's been performing around Colorado Springs for the last five years in a wide range of settings, from poetry slams to major concert bills. The two-time Indy music Awards winner is a favorite on the local scene, providing tightly crafted rhymes with a self-assured ...
Black Lives Matter activist Muhiyidin d'Baha launched himself in headlines when he was seen on live video attempting to snatch a Confederate Flag from a White man protesting in favor of the symbol last year. Reports say d'Baha was shot in New Orleans early Tuesday morning (Feb. 6), eventually dying of ...
Creativity is the antidote to destruction! Performance activists and cultural workers Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman of Climbing PoeTree use art as a tool for catalyzing action, cross-pollinating solutions and getting at the root of the unnatural disasters we've inherited. In this interactive workshop that ...
The camp uses hip hop to introduce students to the world of architecture, urban planning, and economic development. Participants will be collaborating with urban planners, architects, hip hop artists, and activists from Detroit. They're going to be looking at how to make the city more accessible. The Hip Hop ...
A very good friend and one of my favorite fellow activists, Reverend Lennox Yearwood, runs the Hip-Hop Caucus. Amongst the many important things they do, they're also committed to undertaking environmental work all over the country. We were sitting around one day, and I said, "What do you think is the ...
Just as many unknown men and women organized civil rights protests in the South in the past, Powell rattled off his a list of activists today who impact their communities -- a member of his fraternity ... "If you took him out of that generation into this generation, he'd be a millennial; he'd be a hip-hop head.".
Malawi police has arrested local hip-hop artist Mwiza Chavura over lyrics of his controversial song about rape which stirred controversy across the ... Msowoya says the manner in which some civil activists and sections of society have condemned him might have an effect on the prosecution process.
Cohen is now YouTube's global head of music, but has been an integral figure in hip-hop for decades was the former head of Def Jam Records. Next week, he's hosting a pre-Grammy event with Nas that will pay homage to rap and include performances from Grandmaster Flash, Q-Tip, Fab Five Freddy and ...
UnoTheActivist just popped up three days ago with the release of "Bricks," which, true to his sound, is scattered piano-laden affair littered with ad-lib-like lyrics, and a bit trappy. Today though, we've got Uno on some other shit, with our latest Freestyle Session. RELATED: Meet Uno the Activist: Atlanta's Most ...

The rapper and activist Boots Riley, of the hip-hop act the Coup, is making his feature directorial debut with this trippy-looking movie set in an alternate present-day version of Oakland. The cast is great, with Lakeith Stanfield ("Atlanta") starring as a telemarketer who makes a breakthrough to success at his ...
The so-called men's rights activist posted his version, The Last Jedi: De-Feminized Fanedit, earlier this week. It cuts Laura Dern's character, Admiral Holdo, from the film entirely and severely reduces plotlines dedicated to Carrie Fisher's General Lei, Daisy Ridley's Rey, and Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico.
Outside on the patio, where organizers hastily erected tarps to provide protection from the pelting rain, there was additional Entertainment: a drag show, political hip-hop performers, and a silent auction with such donated items as massage treatments, acupuncture appointments and handcrafted jewelry.
Ietef Vita is a culinary climate action activist--that's the short version of his biography. A quick search for Ietef's (pronounced EE-tef) work will reveal he also goes by a dizzying array of titles: educator, emcee, vegan/raw chef, organic gardener, yogi, father of Eco Hip-Hop, cultural Jedi, Afro drummer, street ...
(CNN) The jury is out on whether hip-hop artists are making more political tracks in the era of Donald Trump or whether conscious rap -- which has always been a defining component of the genre -- is now in the forefront because people are experiencing an awakening and are more willing to listen.
Erica Garner, political activist and daughter of Eric Garner, has died at 27, according to a message from her official twitter account. Garner suffered a heart attack on December 24th, before going into cardiac arrest and suffering brain damage from a lack of oxygen. "She passed away this morning.
The marches this year were marked indelibly by the #MeToo movement, with Hollywood celebrities and activists taking the stage in Los Angeles to urge a social reckoning on sexual .... "Rap's Main Street": The L.A. Times dives into decades of hip-hop featuring Rosecrans Avenue in South Los Angeles.
It looks like Uno The Activist it trying to capitalize off the momentum generated from his successful year in 2017. Back in August, he dropped off the Sorry For The Wait EP, before returning to the scene a little over a month later to share Live.Shyne.Die, both of which helped Uno elevate his status in the rap ...
Aux Cord: 10 women & Femmes In Hip-Hop You Need To Know ... Mykki Blanco is an HIV-positive black trans rapper and activist and this song ...
... justice system reform is social activist Carmen Perez, who hosted a radiothon at .... Hip-hop, for many people, activates you and gives you an ...
Uno The Activist has been making himself known for so much more than just another Atlanta rapper. The young artist is a cousin to Playboi ...
... of protest in 2017. Here is how anyone can be an activist, in her words: ... People see activists like me or Tamika Mallory or Carmen Perez and say, "I just can't be that. That's just not who I ... I love the arts; I love hip-hop. But I wouldn't know ...
Hip-Hop activist Olmeca releases new video ahead of US / Mexico ... U.S. / Mexico Encuentro, a resistance-focused gathering of activists and ...
Rebecca Lane, a Hip-Hop activist, uses her music to promote Feminist, anti-violence and anti-racist narratives in Guatemala. She brought her ...
Interview: Benny Starr brings social justice to his hip-hop lyrics ... features an interview with local hip-hop artist and social activist Benny Starr.
When Eminem released his freestyle as part of the BET Hip Hop ..... tribute and retelling of the trial of activist and Black Panther member Assata ...
Tarana Burke, an activist and creator of a nonprofit organization that assists sexual harassment and assault victims, created a "Me Too" ...
Community Activist Anthony Torres Receives youth Brower Award ... justice, the group worked with a hip hop collective in Quito, and then with ...
Ronnie Houston, a hip-hop artist in St. Louis, Missouri, who goes by the ... Nolan Hack, an activist from Los Angeles, said BlackMattersUS ...
The 2016 election cycle has been marred with the suggestions that Russian officials used so-called Internet "troll farms" to sow dissent amongst ...
Jeddah: Meet Omar Offendum, the rapper, poet and modern-day activist using his voice as his shield and armor. The Syrian-American father, ...
The public got its first look at the New York-born activist and ... of an earlier generation of civil rights activists without paying forward their good fortune. ... A few years ago, Mr. Belafonte publicly criticized hip-hop superstar ...
... as artists, activists and journalists -- plus an impassioned audience -- discussed ways to harness the power of hip-hop to effectively challenge ...
... writers and activists discussing how they use the power of hip hop to ... David Banner (Artist, Activist), Joey Bada$$ (CEO/Musician/Actor), T.I. ...
Interview: Uno the Activist discusses his rise alongside Playboi Carti and ... Three summers ago, HNHH asked hip hop tastemaker and park ...
An impressive lineup of local hip hop stars--including Ba'Ponga, ..... musical samples or slogans from activist musicians who they see as ... of social media activists, to condemn corruption and misappropriation of public funds.
In the growing world of underground artists and Soundcloud Rappers, UnoTheActivist is one of the hottest up-and-coming acts out right now.
Jasiri X, a Pittsburgh-based hip-hop artist and activist, kicked off the conversation last Tuesday evening in the Rauh Theatre by sharing his ...
Gucci Mane Accosted By animal rights activists During Book Signing ... In footage released by TMZ, an activist (posing as a fan) bumps fist ...
For as long as hip-hop has existed, it has reflected the politics of its community. ... now a CNN pundit), started throwing rap shows with other local activists. ... Nas sat down with activist Angela Davis at a 2014 event to discuss ...
Fight Brexit by ringing your granny, urge Remain activists ... a communications adviser and former hip-hop producer who set up Youthonomics, ...
On a chilly and dreary fall afternoon, the jazz-infused sounds of old-school hip-hop echoed through the parking lot of the Inner-City Muslim ...
"I'm a ratchet and a activist," Boogie rapped. "I slap a nigga, bag a bitch and show you that I'm braggin'/These Rappers finna drown and get they ...


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