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KHON KAEN: A network of social and political activists, who completed their month-long walk from Thammasat University's Rangsit campus in Pathum ... The activity encouraged people to share their opinions on health insurance, food security, human and community rights, and public participation in the ...
activists and some residents in Sakon Nakhon, Kalasin, Khon Kaen and several other provinces were reportedly questioned by police on whether they would join the march. Undercover officers also trailed key leaders of a local environmental movement, and officers visited the home of one student activist ...

Two activist groups did what they were told in order to get an aerial spray ban on the May 15 election ballot. After the Lane ... The group, along with community rights Lane County, is proposing the county vote on whether the aerial spray ban should be included into the Lane County charter. Such a charter ...
On Tuesday, February 6, members of the New Hampshire community rights Network (NHCRN) met with the state's House Municipal and County government Committee in Concord in an attempt to do just that. NHCRN organizers and about 50 of their supporters, including Thomas Linzey, the executive ...
oil and gas companies are moving beyond simply filing lawsuits against Municipalities that pass ordinances banning drilling and other types of industrial activity. In recent months, the energy industry, along with a state attorney general, has started going after the lawyers who are using novel legal ...
Eversource didn't respond to a request for comment on how they'll handle the handful of community rights ordinances along Northern Pass's route if the project wins its forthcoming appeal to ... Organizer Michelle Sanborn says they've been sparked by Northern Pass, large wind farms and other concerns.

Issues in the network's sights at present relate to the universal health insurance policy, community rights, natural resources and environment preservation, food and farm security, and democracy. "This is a message to the government that enough is enough. Civil movements must rise up and right these ...
Pakistani transgender activist and dancer Jannat Ali has felt like an impostor at times, her gender identity repeatedly challenged. It took years of ... Transgender activists and performers participate in popular television shows and on national radio, and as panelists and guests at events and festivals.
At 4:15 p.m., Paul Cienfuegos, a leader and trainer in the community rights movement, will talk about "The Power of the People," followed by a question and answer session. Those wishing to continue the conversation are welcome to join the speaker and event organizers and participants for dinner at the ...
Mel Reeves is a long-time human rights activist based in Minneapolis who describes himself as a writer, organizer and a "human being who stands for everybody's rights." When Super Bowl LII rolls into Minneapolis on February 4, Reeves will be ready. He is part of a grassroots national group called Take a ...
activists and volunteers all joined forces to bring this event to fruition. Immigrant rights activist Sandra Becerra gave a speech on preserving the Mission culture by emphasizing the need for fair housing and the constant fight of unification. Carlos Bocanegra, a University of San Francisco law student, made ...
It was also claimed in the statement that oppression of the activists in this campaign was a vivid example of the unjust use of power by the NCPO against the people. It urged the NCPO to protect the people's rights, accept the campaigners' demands, and return full democracy to Thai society. Meanwhile, the ...
Bangkok -- police on Saturday spent several hours blocking a group of grassroots activists and academics from marching from the northern edge of ... to universal healthcare, food security - including alternative agriculture - guarantee that no legislatures undermines human rights, community rights, ...
Activist groups ask people to sign a petition calling for the annulment of 35 orders and announcements issued by the National Council for peace and Order ... nine relate to freedom of expression, seven allegedly infringe on the judicial process, 13 on community rights and six on the freedom of the press.
Bowe is an author, human rights activist and Kean University professor. As head of a community rights activist group known as Be the Change, Bowe works with Kean students and volunteers in the surrounding area. Bowe and Be the Change work mainly with the Vertical gardens peace Project to create ...
Ms. Grice described how she, and social activist partners, Valerie Pope Ludlam and Bonnie Johnson, had dodged bullets after a school board meeting to ... the original League of mothers and the Freedom schools, along with many local strong-minded men, such as Richard Cole and several other activists.
... with representatives of the Community Environmental legal defense Fund, a nonprofit public interest law firm that often engages in community rights ... Hard-line anti-fracking activists have been suspicious of the drilling stay since it's inception, saying it conflicts with the city's Climate Bill of rights, and ...

Several groups of academics and activists on Wednesday showed up in front of Muang Songkhla Provincial police Station in support of the arrested activists and read statements urging authorities to stop the prosecution of community rights defenders and ensure freedom of expression. They also ...
For decades now, liberal academics and activists have decried the way our economic system works. They've picked our system apart piece by piece, while doing various post-mortems on the ways that capitalism has responded to everything from the Great Depression to environmentalism. They've written ...
We, the undersigned civil society organizations ("CSOs") and communities, express our dismay at the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Tep Vanny's conviction and prison sentence of two years and six months today - 07 February 2018 - in respect of the charge of "intentional violence with aggravating ...
The other panelists include UN high commissioner of human rights Navi Pillay, social justice activist Mandisa Dyantyi, community rights advocate Allyson Maynard Gibson, and labour activist Dinga Sikwebu. Standing before them, advocate and former TRC investigations head Dumisa Ntsebeza made his ...
The marching, aimed at raising issues on healthcare, food security, human and community rights and the Constitution, began on Saturday at Thammsat University Rangsit on the outskirts of Bangkok, with scores of activists joining. The goal is to cover 800,000 steps or 450 kilometres, reaching Khon Kaen ...
After OJRC's report came out, one Oregon activist and educator, Nicole Lindahl, decided to connect people in Oregon to specific local campaigns. ... activists, such as Lillie Estes, Fox Rich, Topeka Sam, Kate Gonsalves and Nicole Lindahl understand that the quality of community life and policies to create ...
Dozens of local activists assailed Lane County's commissioners, accusing county officials of pulling an initiative to ban aerial herbicide spraying off next May's ... Many of the speakers were from the groups community rights Lane County and Lane County Freedom From Aerial herbicides Alliance, which in ...
The protest of the appeal using art was led by Marat Anne Sara, who is the artist and activist behind the installation of reindeer skulls and Sara's older sister. ... The case has roused strong feelings amongst the Sami community, bringing to question the necessity of tradition and upholding community rights.
Referendums, let alone constitutional amendments, are an uphill battle ,and the organizers face a lengthy process. But it marks the first time such groups have pursued statewide community rights amendments in a new and broader threat to oil and natural gas development in Ohio. "The simple answer to ...
ASHLAND -- The New Hampshire community rights Network and the Community Environmental legal defense Fund are co-hosting informational workshops regarding how to effectively oppose the Northern Pass project. The grassroots activists oppose Northern Pass on the grounds that only power ...
Organizers say, "Join with others to defend democracy by working towards equality in our political and electoral systems." Presenters include national director of Move to Amend, Kaitlin Sopoci Belknap, Wolf-PAC (Oregon), community rights Lane County, NAACP Eugene/Springfield President Eric ...
The community rights Amendment is the people's way to change that," he continued. CELDF assisted the Ohio Community rights Network in drawing together the proposed amendments. The group offered ... "This goes beyond fossil fuel industries," said Tish O'Dell, CELDF's Ohio organizer. "The right to ...
The proposed "Ohio community rights Amendment" codifies the right to local community self-government, enabling local governments to protect and expand fundamental rights and ... Tish O'Dell, CELDF's Ohio organizer, said the matter goes beyond fossil-fuel industries to the heart of basic democracy.
"Only a century ago, we the people wrote laws that corporations followed," said O'Dell, a community organizer with the Community Environmental legal defense Fund. "That's what it should be again: The people should be writing laws that Corporations follow, non-living entities. It's like we've created a ...
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Monday certified petitions for two proposed amendments to the state Constitution: the Ohio community rights ... Tish O'Dell, the legal defense fund's Ohio organizer, said communities should be able to pass local laws to regarding the environment, predatory lending, ...
activists, member of Parliament, refused to meet rights activist in ... to implement the Forest Rights Act and ensure community rights of the tribals ...
Yang Teng, a Chinese gay rights activist, said a doctor at a private clinic in ... in what activists hailed as a rare victory for the LGBT community.
The most prominent of those activists, Ian Freeman, had a hand in Coley's move to ... "I will fight for our community's rights if I have to," he said.
Such violence against activists is often backed up by force -- police and ... her home, killing her and wounding a friend and fellow activist.
An activist lawyer filed the legal complaint at a federal district court in Denver, .... an organizer with the Community Environmental legal defense Fund ... It's also a driving force behind the "community rights movement," which ...
More than 40 people have been killed in politically motivated shootings in KwaZulu-Natal since 2016, according to community rights activist ...
More than 40 people have been killed in politically motivated shootings in KwaZulu-Natal since 2016, according to a community rights activist ...
Organizers behind a charter amendment fear the potential environmental ... The proposed amendment, titled "community rights to a Healthy ...
says Namrata Pradhan, an organizer with the community rights group Adhikaar. ... groups and activists, including the New York Immigration Coalition, .... says that some organizers are worried about the initiative's viability.
... community-rights organizations warned that Vietnamese immigrants with ... Mayor Magdalena Carrasco and an organizer with the grassroots ...
It is high time for some sort of action, activists say. ... murdered, harassed, imprisoned or intimidated while fighting for their community's rights.
Boulder County anti-fracking activists unfurl banner on Third Flatiron ... numerous public displays by an anti-fracking activist group, Boulder County ... cause of community rights and environmental rights and we want people to ...
On Monday, a crowd of protesters had gathered before 7 a.m. The pipeline, organizers said, violates "our religious rights, community rights, ...
I have been an activist on the fracking issue for 5 years. ... City-elected leaders must collaborate with activists to fight the oil and gas industry ...
A longtime decentralization activist who runs International Alliance for ... but that localization activists need to unite globally and "speak with a collective voice." ... in downtown Springfield, organizers of a Dayton worker-owned food ... mutual aid networks and cooperatives, community rights and more.
Rob Dickinson of community rights Lane County and a fellow activist bring some of the petitions into the Lane County elections Office Friday ...
... to move, according to a community rights group. The group, led by activist Srisuwan Janya, lodged the demand Thursday with the governor of ...
The group, led by activist Srisuwan Janya, lodged the demand Thursday with the governor of Bangkok through his deputy, Chakkaphan ...


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