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Even as a wave of right-wing populism is sweeping Europe, the United States, India and parts of Southeast Asia, Japan has so far appeared to be immune. There are no Japanese populists, like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi or Rodrigo Duterte, who have exploited pent-up ...
Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has welcomed the Budget 2018-19, terming it development focused and people-oriented. She further said the Budget, by focusing on panchayats, had fully displayed the commitment of her government to strengthening the local self-government in the state at the political, ...

President Trump, who campaigned as a champion of "the forgotten" men and women and against global elites, raised eyebrows this week when the White House announced he would attend the elites' annual get-together: the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Now comes word he'll hardly be ...
The populist tradition is nearly as old as the republic itself, but it was a farmers' revolt in the late 19th century that broadened its appeal and codified a language and style of politics that would endure long after the formal movement ended. A combination of forces had conspired against farmers: declining ...
Trump's 2016 campaign against the rigging of our politics drew from a deep well of righteous fear and anger that neither major party was prepared to tap--because neither would rise to the moral challenge. Had it chosen to, the Democratic party might have occupied the populist vacuum filled by Trump. But the party's New ...

Thousands of Italians have put themselves forward to run for the populist Five Stars (M5S) at the general election in March, according to Italian media reports, with De Falco the best known. The movement's site crashed repeatedly on Wednesday as the deadline fell. Candidates will be selected in an online ...
Remember all the talk of Trump's "populism"? His campaign rhetoric about standing for "the forgotten man"? What about his inaugural speech where he promised that "[e]very decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families"?
Given how much has been written about populism during the past two years--and working at this magazine, I can anecdotally say that it's been quite a lot given the number of submissions we have reviewed--it's surprising how wooly and imperfectly defined the concept remains. Wooly thinking often leads ...
Curiously, however, "populism" was publicly embraced a few years later by none other than the undisputed leader of the West: Barack Obama. Speaking to journalists in 2016, Obama addressed the advent of Donald Trump, a figure regularly portrayed in the press as an avatar of "populist" politics.
If there was one thing Pundits could be sure of in 2016, it was that Donald Trump was running a populist campaign--sort of. While the pledges to cut corporate taxes and gut Obamacare threw a baffling wrench into those commentators' analyses, it's true that , in terms of messaging at least, Trump was ...
Among the nearly 250 years of American politics, 2017 will stand out, along with 1829 (when Andrew Jackson was sworn in), as a moment when populists didn't merely rattle the political establishment, but actually won a national election and gained real political power. And 2017 will also stand as a year in ...
populist movements have been on the rise for at least two decades, but anxiety about the phenomenon reached its high point a year ago. That should be no surprise. 2016 was the year in which populism went primetime: Over the course of a few disorienting months, the people of Britain voted to leave the ...
Brussels, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- The year 2017 has seen a sequence of elections across Europe, in most of which populist parties were outgunned. Still, the results fired a warning shot across the mainstream parties' bows, begging the question of whether they will stage a comeback in the future elections.
One-party passage of the GOP/Trump "tax scam" bill that pretends to aid the middle class while tilting the tax system more than ever to the benefit of the super-wealthy and corporations was the nail in the coffin of the populist charade Trump and the GOP leveraged to electoral victory in 2016. The reality in ...
Trump had softened up this populist base prior to his presidential run when he emerged as the country's strongest voice of "birtherism" -- the delusion that Obama was born abroad and that his presidency was therefore illegitimate. The motor of Trump's electoral success in the primaries and then in the ...

A year after Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election, it's not just the pollsters and pundits continuing to mull over whether a similar populist upheaval could ever take root in Canada. Federal political leaders are also reading the tea leaves to see what could be brewing for them. Populism ...
First Fortis, then Max and now BL Kapoor Hospital have fallen prey to slander. All three hospitals serve thousands of patients everyday in Delhi and NCR. The latest video doing the rounds is of Bobby Kataria and his mob laying siege to Balaji Action Hospital - 1.9 million FB views in 48 hours - to exploit the ...
The archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out against "tyrannical and populist" world leaders in a Christmas message likely to be seen partly as a rebuke against US President Donald Trump. Justin Welby was preaching at Canterbury cathedral at the same time as Pope Francis made oblique criticism of ...
Perhaps most worrying, even in the West where it has long been taken for granted, liberal democracy is under attack from populists, and, according to some scholars, it is no longer highly valued by many citizens. In seeking to explain these troubling trends, most observers focus on the challenges currently ...
All the four panellists were seemingly in consensus on the issue of rising populism in the Indian context and their presentations were complementary to one another. Calling populism a "fluid" category, Jalil said that it begins to operate outside the rule of law. She made reference to similar fascist tendencies ...
Johannes Plagemann and Andreas Ufen from the GIGA Institute in Hamburg have recently published a study on populism in Asia. They define populism as follows: "populists speak in the name of a single 'true' people, oppose a supposedly corrupt, depraved elite, and tend to despise intermediaries such ...
They thought Trumpism might offer something new for the GOP. Since Trump wasn't tied to the orthodoxies of either party he could, theoretically, offer a more populist path toward the future for Republicans. Conservative writer Henry Olsen, at the Ethics And Public Policy Center, looked to the tax plan to ...
Populism has become an increasingly powerful political force in recent years. As exemplified by the election of U.S. President Donald Trump in the United States, the nativist Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, and the competitive showing of National Front leader Marine Le Pen in France, populist ...
A populist accused of flirting with the far-Right was set to become leader of the conservative party of Nicolas Sarkozy, The Republicans, on Sunday. Laurent Wauquiez was expected to win a party election by a wide margin, making a second-round vote unnecessary, but he is a divisive figure.
The Norwegian parliament, which is tasked with electing the five members of the prestigious panel, was supposed to renew three of the positions on Friday. The populist right-wing Progress Party, currently a junior partner in Norway's two-party coalition, has proposed its outspoken party leader Carl I. Hagen ...
Last week the Cambridge Dictionary declared populism its 2017 word of the year. In many ways, that makes perfect sense. Since Brexit and Trump, virtually every political event has been couched in terms of populism, from the Dutch parliamentary elections to the French presidential elections earlier this ...
populist politics burst onto Indonesia's national stage in 2014 during the country's presidential election which pitted two leaders with starkly contrasting styles. Joko Widodo, dubbed a "polite" or "technocratic" populist campaigned against the establishment by portraying himself as an affable "man of the ...
Like their socialist brethren, these populists hated Wall Street bailouts, but they hated handouts going to their undeserving neighbors even more. They asked: Why should their mortgages be written off, when my home is also underwater? Why should they get food stamps, when I struggle to put dinner on the ...
Anti-immigrant populist parties have been a familiar feature of European politics since at least the 1980s, but they have gained new prominence in recent years. In May, the National Front leader Marine Le Pen was a serious contender in France's presidential election; in the run-up to the Dutch ...
OSLO -- Injecting rare drama into a process that is supposed to be shielded from politics, members of the Norwegian Parliament have blocked the appointment of a right-leaning populist politician to the committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize. For nearly three decades, from 1978 to 2006, the ...
Like their socialist brethren, these populists hated Wall Street bailouts, but they hated handouts going to their undeserving neighbors even more. They asked: Why should their mortgages be written off, when my home is also underwater? Why should they get free health care when I'm living paycheck to ...
When trying to find a definition for populism, speakers and delegates often focused on its qualities and tactics - it's emotional, it's nationalistic, it's divisive, it's simplistic, it's dishonest, it's simply the people given a voice for a change. But this is just the populist's European wardrobe. None of these tactics are ...
Re "Trump Won, but Lost His Agenda," by Henry Olsen (Op-Ed, Nov. 21):. What happened to Donald Trump's populist agenda? Simple: He never had one. It was a scam to get elected. And it worked. Mr. Trump, as president, is continuing to do what he has done his whole life: Make rich people like him even ...
Trump's lawyers will keep trying to explain his tweet away, but his overall vulnerability on obstructing justice has increased exponentially. But it's almost as important that Friday was also the day Senate Republican leaders brought forth a tax bill heralding the death of anything resembling a populist form of ...
It croaked on a birthday of sorts. This month marks 10 years since the Great Recession -- and thereby the social movement it unleashed -- was born. This obituary begins in December 2007, when the spark of the financial crisis grew into a fire. The conflagration would go on to blaze through more than 8 ...
WASHINGTON -- When President Trump speaks on his tax plan at 3:30 pm ET today in St. Charles, Mo., it will no longer be accurate to describe him as an economic populist who pursues policies to benefit the poor and the middle class at the expense of the wealthiest Americans. The reason: The Senate ...
Nigel Farage, the populist who helped engineer Britain's vote to exit the European Union, is now a mostly marginalized talk-show host. Marine Le Pen, who terrified the French establishment as the presidential candidate of the National Front, was soundly vanquished. Geert Wilders, who came in second in ...
Recent years have seen the rise of new forms of populist nationalism, which today constitute the chief threat to the liberal international order that has been the foundation for global peace and prosperity since 1945. Liberal democracy had been continuously threatened by authoritarian regimes over the past ...
Populism is inherently ambiguous. It is usually wielded as a term of reproach evoking charismatic demagogues who erode liberty and ...
New Delhi: populist nationalism is potentially quite damaging to economic growth, and which is often articulated as the majority community's ...
Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign was widely viewed as a kind of populist revolt against the Washington Establishment.
But there are also structural reasons for Mohammed's brand of populism. Understanding these factors is key to finding a better path forward.
Summary: In contrast to the populist image Russian president Vladimir Putin has created to galvanize support, he is part of today's Russian ...
With populism growing in the West, there has been a recent emerging wave of academic literature on populism in its recent avatars. Among this ...
Our key finding is that the international structure and the regional context are decisive in determining the exact content of populist ruptures ...
President Trump accomplished his unlikely rise to the White House powered in large part by an embrace of economic and cultural populism.
When the right-wing Wall Street Journal, the stolidly respectable Financial Times and centre-left Guardian all refer to "populist" parties the ...
Sebastian Kurz (left), Austria's recently elected chancellor, and Heinz-Christian Strache, chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria and the ...


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