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In their surveys of protest participants, Heaney and Rojas found that protesters cited Anti-Bush and anti-Republican Party sentiment as among the top three issues until Obama was elected. After, this partisan-inflected sentiment did not crack the top 20 in reasons people attended the protests. This can be ...
The qualities we typically look for in a president are things like strength, intellect, experience, and … good at practical jokes? Read on to learn about the most infamous practical jokes some of our U.S. presidents ever pulled (spoiler: some of them are pretty brutal).
"2006 in Michigan was what it was nationally -- a blue wave with an Anti-Bush backlash," he says. "2010 was just the opposite, a huge red wave that helped Republican Rick Snyder win the governorship by about 18 points." In Ohio in 2010, Republican John Kasich was able to oust first-term Democratic ...
... basis that we are spearheading the Anti-Bush burning campaign in Nigeria to tackle the menace head on," he said. Prof. Charity Aremu, Dean of the College of Agricultural sciences, said the campaign was informed by the need to save both humans and the environment from bush burning-induced attack.
One has been virulently anti-Trump (and before that, pro-Obama and Anti-Bush), while the other has been pro-Trump (at least since the election) and fanatically anti-Clinton, Pelosi, and Schumer. Each network's prime-time opinion hosts constantly bash the other as fake news. Each network finds panelists, ...

While it's easy to make sweeping judgments such as pro-environment vs. anti environment, pro business versus anti-business, pro rancher versus anti-rancher, pro Bush or Obama or Trump versus Anti-Bush, anti-Obama or anti-Trump, pro military versus anti-troops, is any conclusion we draw really that ...
It doesn't declare anything widely, conforming to the Anti-Bush, anti-war opinions so prevalent in 2003, but there's an apt sadness to its prescience. Amidst the absurdity of post-Trump America, Last Flag Flying is a hushed political call for revolution. Nostalgia for a bygone time is a common theme amidst ...
West Coast Region Forestry Office last Friday commemorated Anti-Bushfire day at Bwiam Dobong in the region's Foni Kansala district. The event was attended by local authorities, stakeholders and partners in the natural resources sub-sector, Kanilia fire and rescue service officials station and the police.
Cho, who has claimed her microphone was cut minutes into a 2004 corporate event because of Anti-Bush commentary and was uninvited from a fundraiser during the Democratic National Convention that same year, now looks back and analyzes how things have devolved in just over a decade. "It's way ...
He lost in the Anti-Bush, Democratic wave of 2006. Ten-term Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor was the most conservative Democrat in Congress. He voted against Obamacare and the stimulus plan. Taylor did not vote for Barack Obama for president in 2008 and in his final term wouldn't commit to voting again ...
Almost 13 years ago, Kanye West famously used a Hurricane Katrina telethon event to proclaim that then-President George W. Bush "doesn't care about Black people." Now, Fat Joe's teamed with comedian Tiffany Haddish to recreate that iconic moment in his new video for his Dre-assisted single, "Pick It ...
Cho, who has claimed her microphone was cut minutes into a 2004 corporate event because of Anti-Bush commentary and was uninvited from a fundraiser during the Democratic National Convention that same year, now looks back and analyzes how things have devolved in just over a decade. "It's way ...
In what is considered to be one of the memorable speeches in the Oscars history, Michael Moore, who won the Oscar for 'Best Documentary (Feature)' in 2003, just ignored every rule that has been mentioned in the books of 'The Academy' and delivered an 'Anti-Bush' speech by calling him a "fictitious ...
... into panic mode pointing fingers, trying to add their favorite bill, and getting little done. Not that much positive gets done anymore by the congress since both parties just seem fight with each other and forgot how to compromise with each other. And please, no anti trump, anti obama, anti bush comments.
Rather's producers (and thus Dan himself) got tripped up--more likely set up--by the typewriter used in the Anti-Bush letter not existing at that point in time. The substance of that letter's contents, alleging Dubya essentially went AWOL during his Air National Guard service, was never disproven.
Anti-Bush liberals saw the Plame case and the Fitzgerald leak investigation as a proxy fight over the war in Iraq, rather than as a potential threat to press freedom. Fitzgerald, an Inspector Javert-like prosecutor whose special counsel status meant that no one at the Justice Department could rein him in, ...

But I was a conservative critic of George W. Bush and began my journalism career at an Anti-Bush conservative magazine. Therefore, I see this debate from an unusual vantage point. On an issue-by-issue checklist, I agreed with Bush much of the time. I nevertheless thought the questions on which he was ...
Eminem's new album, Revival--out last Friday--is the most pop-minded album that he has released since Recovery, and its presidential vendetta against Trump recalls the Anti-Bush posturing that inspired peak-Eminem songs such as "White America" and "Mosh." On his later projects--Hell: The Sequel ...
Trump excites such vehement opposition that huge numbers are expected to mobilise, though it's harder to get iconic images of crowds packing Battersea's newtown than similar protests packing Parliament Square, Whitehall or central London (as with the Anti-Bush and anti-Iraq war protests). Johnson said ...
The Wa campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS), has launched an Anti-Bush-fire campaign to help combat the increasing spate of bush fires in the Upper West Region. The campaign, which is an initiative of the Environment and Resource Studies Department of the University, is to among ...
During his presidency, they spotted an Anti-Bush bumper sticker with a withering put-down, and they not only told him about it but turned it into a running family joke. "Now," Barbara writes, "this line comes up regularly when we want to rib our former-leader-of-the-free-world father: 'Well, somewhere in Texas ...
The retirement of Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has paved the way for Mitt Romney to resume his political career, this time with the bipartisan acclaim that so often eluded him as governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. And he is now a heavy favorite to win the prize that got ...
The Democrats put up a thoroughly corrupt candidate in Hillary Clinton, and they have actually become an evil institution, willing to put forth vicious lies to gain or keep power. From the "daisy ad" of 1964, to the Anti-Bush ad that showed a truck dragging a black man on a chain, to a pro-Democratic ad in this ...
Not Bush's version of the war, because that would undermine Air America's laudable purpose of rallying an Anti-Bush audience. But, well, Kerry's version of the war, one that can be better managed and won, somehow with better body armor and fewer torture cells." While in Iraq to entertain the troops, ...
The programme, organised as part of the District's celebration of the 33rd National farmers' Day was also used to inaugurate a 60-member-33male and 27-female anti-bush fire volunteer squad (FVS) from Chiraa and its environs. ADO II Brocke said almost all communities around Chiraa had a standing ...
But surfing on an anti-war, Anti-Bush wave in 2006, Democrats snatched 31 House spots and Pelosi became Speaker, the first woman to ever reach that height. In 2008, Democrats rode the coattails of Barack Obama to pick up even more seats, before the Tea Party backlash knocked them out of the ...
In the early 1900s, an "Anti-Bush-capital movement" was born. It grew out of a section in the Constitution that required the national capital to be established in New South Wales, and at least 100 miles from Sydney. The 100-mile radius covered not much more than paddocks and scrubland. That's something ...
Stakeholders in the Lawra District of the Upper West Region have proposed to communities in the district to either revive their Anti-Bushfire bye-laws or develop new ones to help reduce the occurrence of bushfires. The communities are not just to develop the bye-laws but also show serious commitment in ...
During his presidency, they spotted an Anti-Bush bumper sticker with a withering put-down, and they not only told him about it but turned it into ...
... in 2005 and later released as the B-side to the "First Day of My Life" 7", this Bright Eyes song encapsulated the Anti-Bush sentiment.
... potential Mecca bomb-dropper) who was anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim and Anti-Bush back when Trump was still a Pro-Choice Democrat.
Eminem has previously voiced his political opinions; in 2004, he released "Mosh," an Anti-Bush song that nonetheless did not stop George W.'s ...
Eminem's left-leaning politics aren't exactly a revelation (he released an Anti-Bush song, "Mosh," two weeks before the 2004 election), but his ...
... against say, George W. Bush, he would have remained a Dem and calibrated his outflow of outrageous comments with an Anti-Bush spin.
"Progressive" feels too vague, too reminiscent, perhaps, of the 2000s-era Anti-Bush "netroots" moment, though plenty of the people running ...
The title is a takeoff of Moore's 2004 blockbuster Anti-Bush film called "Fahrenheit 9/11." That movie slammed former President George W. Bush ...
Unlike Meryl Streep, who got all sorts of media love for her anti-Trump comments at this year's Golden Globes, Moore's Anti-Bush comments at ...
At an Anti-Bush protest march in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to email ...
... the band sell a t-shirt of Obama's face emblazoned with their song title 'Mr November' and lend their track 'Fake Empire' to an Anti-Bush ad, ...
While President Obama rode this wave of Anti-Bush and anti-US Empire sentiment into office by promising "hope" and "change," he did not ...
I don't think Bush is trying to woo the public and I don't think the South African government will block Anti-Bush protests. "Bush will listen to the ...
While President Obama rode this wave of Anti-Bush and anti-US Empire sentiment into office by promising "hope" and "change," he did not ...
Mass media used Katrina to pivot to full Anti-Bush campaign mode, and they have only become worse Leftist advocates over the years since ...
Tuesday Short Cuts. Belly laugh of the week: "I'd like to consider myself a patriot," asserts Anti-Bush fabricator Dan Rather. Political editors · Sep. 5, 2017 ...
The ad "Newt" begins as some other New Day Anti-Bush spots have, with a mud-covered figure wearing a Jeb! button. The narrator laments ...
... year on the heads of foreign "enemies," and there is quite a convincing case that the "anti-war left" was nothing more than an Anti-Bush left.
Silver also served as narrator of Fahrenhype 9/11, a 2004 documentary attacking Michael Moore's Anti-Bush doc Fahrenheit 9/11, hosted a talk ...
You will no doubt know that Chavez does indeed sit on rather large quantities of the black gold, and he has made his Anti-Bush sentiments very ...




Narrative epic poems of 24 chapters each, The Bushiad and The Idyossey cover events during nine months from December 2002 through September 2003, and were inspired by events as they occurred. Homer would recognize the tale.
This website serves as notice to Christians across this nation that President George Bush over the past few years has compromised his "Christian faith" by promoting evil and openly supporting wickedness. It is our hope and prayer that he would Repent and turn from such blatant sin. He is not our friend and cannot be trusted.

This website is dedicated to providing up-to-date factual news information tracking the president's anti-Christian and ungodly behavior. We encourage you to pray for Mr. Bush.

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