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A group of 35 students and community group members at Harvard University have signed an open letter protesting Emanuel's forthcoming Feb. ... Still, it has become clear that Chicago activists have the ability to rally allies on campuses nationwide for what once would have been a parochial concern.
Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) - University of Tennessee Chancellor Beverly Davenport posted a video to social media Friday, encouraging everyone to think about safety and security on Saturday during a planned event organized by a white nationalist group and planned protests. "You've received a number ...

"Once they started posting it, of course social media is like wild fire so everyone started acting accordingly and posting as well," said Latay Moultrie with Black Onyx, the school's Black student Union. Some believe the sender might not have understood the language she was posting. "But she used two ...
Mike Ibiam, also a student told newsmen that "this is a state institution and the government must show understanding with the students. "This is so because the state government that owns this institution, had also not paid its workers, our parents, who need their wages to pay our fees,'' he said. However, as ...
But before those movements, there was May '68, a month when French students flew into total establishment rebellion. Gucci's 2018 pre-fall collection campaign, #GucciDansLesRues ("Gucci in the Streets"), seizes inspiration from a period so marked by youthful disgust at capitalism, consumerist culture ...
students from Florida's South Broward high school gathered outside their school on Friday to protest gun violence, and show their support for the students of nearby Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed by a gunman earlier this week. According to one flyer, the protest ...
Two days after a gunman used an assault-style rifle to kill 17 people at a nearby school, the students of South Broward high school protested in solidarity. Just a couple of dozen miles down the road in Parkland, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was still sealed off as investigators pored over the ...
About 60 students gathered along North Federal Highway in front of the school in protest of gun violence. Signs and posters they made read "It ... South Broward high school senior Gabriela Bargas protests with her classmates in front of their school on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 in response to a shooting at ...
students from across the country-- Himachal, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan-- had gathered in Delhi for the protest. "We came here two days ago and have been trying to organise a protest. I hope they don't send us away without addressing our concerns," said another student from Jaipur.
When Liriano-Clark realized she had a couple posters her students created inside her car, an aide volunteered to retrieve and hand them to a sixth-grade student waiting inside the building. When the aide returned with the boards in hand, the principal confiscated them, making it impossible for the students ...
Last night over 100 concerned UW-Madison students arrived at Gordon Dining Hall to show solidarity and to protest a new mandatory meal plan for students living on campus, labelling it discriminatory towards ... The petition was co-authored by UW student Rena Newman, and UW alumna Brooke Evans.
Detroit (WXYZ) - A student at Wayne State University in Detroit has been placed on interim suspension after brandishing a knife at student activists, ... The student activists were seated at a table for their student organization BAMN, the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant rights, ...
And that probably in and of itself is an issue, that I'm a white girl," she elaborated when asked what specific problems she thinks minority students face on campus. Student Arron Goodman offered a similar opinion, saying that Carls Talk Back's demonstration "was a good protest; they got their message ...
Colombian journalist Jenny Giraldo said that the "terrible message" of telling female students not to "distract" their peers was "just another way of saying 'don't get raped'". Student Helena Munera tweeted: "Those who think that we are fighting for our right to wear short skirts or low necklines are very wrong.
Hundreds of students walked out, gathering on the athletic fields to call for better pay and treatment of their teachers. Students say they have seen a negative change in the school climate since changes were made to the administration. The walkout follows recent issues at Edison, including a teacher caught ...
More than 300 Austin high school students walked out during their lunch break Wednesday to protest the arrest of a Honduran teen who landed in immigrant detention after a fight at school. The idea that federal agents are entering schools and picking up immigrant students spurred widespread alarm, and ...

Two dozen students gathered near the College of Pharmacy buildings and marched to the tower Tuesday afternoon to protest against pharmacy professor Richard Morrisett, two weeks after a report found UT allowed him to remain on staff after pleading guilty to domestic abuse charges. The protest was ...
In 2015, a student journalist for Auburn high school's newspaper published an article about how students without parking passes weren't being given tickets. Those who were paying for a parking pass wanted refunds because the passes weren't being monitored. To the school's credit, it was difficult to ...
The Student Union government president, Comrade Akuche Izuchukwu, who spoke during a peaceful protest on Monday, lamented that students of the polytechnic have been involved in several crimes as a result of the strike. He said: "We have lost some to road accidents and others are so devastated that ...
As Jawaharlal Nehru University students' Union office-bearers remained adamant and continued with their protest against compulsory attendence rule despite repeated warnings, the JNU administration on Tuesday imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 each to four student representatives for leading the protest at ...
They held signs that read, "Don't steal ($)18 million from our students." Gov. Nathan Deal supports the bill because he said it would make more routes cheaper for airlines and create more nonstop international flights. "Our goal ultimately is making sure no student and the school system is not injured ...
Lucknow: students of University of Allahabad on Friday walked in a procession around the institution and set a government bus and several vehicles on fire to protest the delay in the arrest of those involved in the lynching of a Dalit student. Dilip Saroj, 24, a second-year law student of Allahabad Degree ...
liberal activists at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania are targeting conservative students as part of an effort to derail a talk by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk in April. According to Brandon Uhalik, the president of the TPUSA chapter on campus, several activists have been organizing to "raise ...
CU officials uphold both student groups' rights to invite a "controversial" speaker and to protest that speaker. "Our students and any campus group are welcome to invite any speaker they wish," said CU spokesman Ryan Huff. "At the same time, others who disagree with the viewpoints of speakers are ...
students at one New York City middle school are learning the power of protest at a young age, after their principal rejected an English teacher's Black History Month lesson. At Bronx's M.S. 224, students protested their English teacher Mercedes Liriano-Clark's right to educate them on black history after she ...
A dispute over student discipline and contract wording between the Akron Board of education and teachers union heated up Monday when hundreds of teachers gathered outside the administration building in protest before the regular board meeting. Teachers lined Broadway outside the Sylvester Small ...
Brown was listed on the "30 New activists heading up the radical right," by the Southern Poverty Law Center and has a history of speaking out against the LGBTQ community according to GLAAD. According to a flyer for the event, Brown is coming to the Plemmons student Union to hold a "Homosexuality ...
ITHACA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Ithaca High school has canceled its spring production of the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" after students protested the ... The "Ithaca Five" eventually hope their protest will spread to other high schools and spark a bigger conversation about race and privilege in the United States.
Samantha Harris, a vice president with the Foundation for Individual rights in education, which advocates for First Amendment rights on university campuses, says the proposed changes give the university "more discretion" to punish students, and raise some concerns, but don't outright ban protest.
The protest where the JNUSU had called for a "human chain" to be formed, also saw the participation of the Jawaharlal Nehru University teachers' Association (JNUTA). On Friday, the students had organised a strike against the compulsory attendance which effectively brought the various schools to a ...
A comment about lynching students, censorship of essays with racial themes, a threat to throw a Latino student over the president's wall, and questions about whether their families are here legally. These are among the list of alleged teacher comments that South Cobb high school's students say they have ...
Ockley Green principal Paula McCollough sent a notice to parents Friday explaining that students walked out and followed a nearly two-mile path past the Portland police Bureau's North Precinct, Jefferson high school and Portland Community College Cascade campus before returning to Ockley Green.
Durban - Hundreds of aggrieved University of South Africa (Unisa) students in KwaZulu-Natal took to the streets on Thursday afternoon to protest ... did not mince her words when she met with a large media contingent after a cancelled meeting with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).
The expelled students were previously told to sign a petition stating that they would not participate in future protests if they wished to return to classes. ... The student activists said the expelled students will return to their classes next week and will continue their movement to push for an increase in the ...
It was posted on 30 January and spread through students' social media accounts, prompting an online campaign under the hashtag #UPBEnFalda (meaning UPB in miniskirts). According to El Tiempo newspaper, the university had issued the advice after a video circulated online, showing a male student aggressively ...
PRETORIA - A group of students from the Tshwane University of technology (TUT) marched to the Soshanguve campus on Thursday, protesting over a lack of accommodation. Student leader Katlego Makyobola said the Shoshanguve camps has about 16,000 students, but there is only accommodation for ...
students and parents of Michigan State University marched in a protest amid new accusations about how the University handled sexual assault allegations. (KTRK). KTRK. Saturday, January 27, 2018 02:01PM. EAST LANSING, Michigan (KTRK) --. Students at Michigan State University are rallying to support the survivors of ...
activists of Janadhikara staged a protest in front of the Tahsildar's office at Bangarpet on Saturday seeking higher level investigation into the mysterious death of student Zaibunnisa at a hostel in K.R. Pet, Mandya district. This incident has resulted in discouragement to girl students from rural areas as well as ...
Yangon (AFP) - Fourteen students have been expelled from a Myanmar university after staging a campus protest calling for more education funding, an activist said on Saturday (Jan 27), ... It was the first student protest under Aung San Suu Kyi's civilian administration, which took power in early 2016.
People representing student groups and community members protested at the business school. Bannon resigned as executive chairman of the conservative Breitbart News Network this month after criticisms of President Donald Trump and his family quoting Bannon were published in a new book.
Chin alleged that the two students had threatened teachers at the centre physically and verbally but - as can be seen from the video record - only one student uttered a Cantonese word meaning "dick", and no students used any violence.
(CNN) -- students at Michigan State, where former doctor Larry Nassar for years abused some of his sexual assault victims, rallied and marched Friday night in support of the survivors of sex ... Student body president Lorenzo Santavicca told the crowd to take it upon themselves to help change the culture.
students say the discussion about the sexual assault problem on campus is long overdue. And one of the protest organizers says the problem didn't start or stop with Simon's resignation. Some say the resignation of trustee Joel Ferguson would be a good start. Siaira Milroy organized the protest, she said ...
students decided to march on campus even after the issue was fixed. Student organizers said the protest was about living conditions that should have been addressed years ago. "You have a group of students who are angry, who are frustrated, who are tired of dealing with the same things year after year," ...
Hong Kong: Hundreds of Hong Kong students protested Friday (Jan 26) as tensions escalate on campuses over compulsory testing of Mandarin - the ... Friday afternoon in a public square at Baptist to support suspended pair Andrew Chan and Lau Tsz-kei, chanting: "Shame on student suppression!".
LA MESA, Calif. -- police in La Mesa have identified the school resource officer seen slamming a student to the ground in video captured by students as Scott Wulfing. Authorities say Wulfing has been placed on administrative duty until the investigation into the use of force is complete. police said Wulfing ...
In the 1960s college students demanded the right to talk about anything on campus, from civil rights to opposing the Vietnam War. All ideas seemed up for debate. ... At the University of Missouri, students and faculty try to stop a student reporter from covering their protest. "This is a First Amendment that ...
A clip that surfaced on facebook last week showed Baptist University student union president Lau Tsz-kei speaking aggressively during the stand-off in which he was joined by 30 other students. The protests stemmed from dissatisfaction over the results of a Mandarin language assessment, which 70 per ...
This was reiterated by Noah Halpin, another organiser of the march, who said the protest "is much bigger than the rain". Overwhelmed by the support, Halpin said when speaking to The University Times that they started planning believing that "maybe 10 or 15 of our friends would turn up and shout with us".




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