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Carl Redwood, an affordable housing activist and adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Redwood told the room, simply, "I don't want Amazon to come to Pittsburgh." After the forum discussion, he told GeekWire that there isn't a clear understanding of how the average Pittsburgh resident will ...
Zaghdoun was initially acquitted of wrongdoing at the property, but was returned to a court by a consortium of two housing activist groups and 10 families who had lived in the building. At appeal, he claimed that the apartments had been in good condition when the rental contracts were signed, and that he ...

While the late L.B. Williams (also a fair-housing activist in New York City) delivers a wonderful performance as Mose, My Nephew Emmett borders on the melodramatic, in part because the plot has no narrative arc. Wilson immediately foreshadows Emmett's demise, rather than beginning with a scene of a ...
housing activists, neighborhood groups and the hotel industry, in turn, say the city needs to prevent apartments and houses from being rented out constantly to a revolving door of visitors, arguing that it disrupts neighborhoods and exacerbates the housing crisis. Many said they were irritated by the years of ...
The Charlottesville City Council soon will consider awarding a $50,000 grant for a job-training program that housing activists, the city's housing authority, a local nonprofit and the area's community college have been working on since last fall. On Monday, the council approved changes to a policy that limits ...
Lots of urbanists and housing activists believe the bill will shift California cities into a denser, transit-oriented, multi-use future. But an unlikely coalition has emerged in opposition: homeowners who don't want their neighborhoods to change and advocates for the lower-income people of color who almost ...

A silicon Valley mayor said the housing situation in his city is "not dire," but local housing activists disagree. In his State of the City address last week Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul acknowledged his city, home to the sprawling Apple Inc. headquarters, "should be focused a bit more on housing at this point" ...
San Jose housing activists protest Google's Plan For Massive New Campus Downtown. By Scott Budman. Published at 6:27 PM PST on Jan 24, 2018 | Updated at 11:49 PM PST on Jan 24, 2018 ...
A group of activists rallied outside the city's housing court Tuesday afternoon to demand a group of displaced tenants be allowed to return home after more than two years. The Department of Buildings ordered 94 Franklin Ave. vacated because of the landlord's alleged illegal construction outside in 2015.
We have another great show for you this evening! On tonight's episode of The Download, political analysts Chris Robling and Dave Lundy debate the top national political stories making news this week, housing activist and Martin Luther King Jr. photographer Bernard Kleina talks about the impact Martin ...
housing activist and Martin Luther King Jr. photographer Bernard Kleina joins Justin to discuss his memories of marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago, how he ended up documenting Dr. King and other civil rights leaders, Dr. King's involvement in the fair housing movement, how Dr. King was ...
Booker has repeatedly described how his parents, both executives with IBM, worked with housing activists when they tried to break the color barrier in Harrington Park. After Booker's parents tried to put a bid on a home and were turned down because they were black, a white couple made an offer that was ...
Democrats and housing activists have claimed that such changes could lead to the return of "redlining"--a banking practice that for decades denied mortgage financing to minority neighborhoods. Some banking experts said that the changes being considered wouldn't go that far, but that they could reduce ...
As we reported, Carson tried to stop an Obama-era rule that allowed low-income people to afford housing in areas with better schools -- this was scheduled to start January 1. A federal judge shut down Ben and said the rule had to go into effect on that date. However, the Trump Administration said it would ...
A group of community activists rallied last night (1/8) for a change in leadership at the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Creighton Court resident ShaRanda Taylor was just one of several who spoke out about problems she's had with her housing unit and RRHA staff, "You may experience ...
housing activists and tenant advocates say conditions at 960 Dewey Avenue and several other local apartment buildings reinforce the need for a housing court in the City of Rochester. This morning, representatives of the City-Wide Tenant Union organized a press conference at 960 Dewey Avenue to ...
The petitioners included members of the Catholic worker (the movement Day founded), parishioners, local residents and housing activists. Among them were Chino Garcia, the director of CHARAS, Lynn Lewis of the East Harlem C.L.T. and Picture the homeless, a group working to house the homeless.

housing activists in Canada have long decried the hypocrisy in their nation's rhetorical commitment to housing as a human right while its affordable housing supply has shrunk and fallen into disrepair. Canada, like most other countries in the world, ratified an international covenant that guarantees the right ...
On a smaller scale, development-related rezonings presented wins for both the city and housing activists: In Crown Heights, for example, the rezoning that would allow developer BFC Partners to re-imagine the Bedford-Union Armory passed--which De Blasio and other politicians had pushed for--but ...
The claims made by the hotel workers union and other housing activists, who have called on the city to investigate whether Onni is breaking the law, are "completely inaccurate and misleading," said Mark Spector, senior development manager of the Onni Group, which also owns the building that houses ...
housing activists in Inglewood and Pasadena on Friday announced plans to put rent control initiatives before their cities' voters next year as part of a regional groundswell of interest in rental caps. These campaigns come after a spate of Bay Area cities put rent control on the ballot last year. Rent control ...
The suit is just the latest allegation of unsavory practices by West Palm Beach-based Ocwen (nyse: OCN), a company that collects mortgage payments on behalf of lenders, and spinoff Altisource Portfolio Solutions (Nasdaq: ASPS). The new federal suit mirrors allegations housing activists made last year ...
Even if a major new candidate enters the D6 race (Haney currently faces pro-housing activist Sonja Trauss), Haney will get virtually all the ...
... KVI caller says America's political gridlock is linked to 'anger addiction' we have, Seattle's homeless housing activists take over city hall for a ...
But, as housing activist groups have pointed out, only 20 percent of the units will be affordable to the average Crown Heights family.
An army of housing activists flooded a hearing at Seattle City Hall on Wednesday night, loudly demanding the city stop removing unauthorized ...
LOGAN SQUARE -- housing activists and State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Logan Square) led a protest in Logan Square Wednesday in response ...
Now is the time for pro-housing activists to join local residents to demand housing at 1600 Jackson. The San Francisco Housing Action ...
It comes just weeks before the election, at a time when housing activists have been ramping up criticism of the administration, saying the ...
... to bankroll her own bid. "Both are well-connected, in different ways," said Maykovich, the housing activist. "A lot of it just comes down to vibe." ...
The Kirwin/Murray Memorial bike Ride, honoring the legacy of Peter Kirwin and Bob Murray, two housing activists who knew the value and ...
Full disclosure: We were planning to write this before the Seattle Times endorsed housing activist Jon Grant. But the Seattle Times ...
But housing activists, tenants and property owners say they have heard little about the plan or what to expect once the inspections begin.".
CITY HALL -- Jefferson Park's burgeoning team of affordable housing activists lost a key battle this week, but they're digging in for war.
The race for Seattle City Council's citywide position eight is a fierce battle between two progressive candidates: housing activist Jon Grant and ...
... housing activists are making plans to get residents of public housing ... a national housing activist from Chicago, who visited Charlottesville ...
Housing and workers rights activists with the Colorado Homes for All Coalition disrupted a law firm that describes itself as "Colorado's #1 ...
Allen Willoughby, of Pawtucket, provides the muscle as renters from DARE hold a pinata-smashing protest Wednesday morning at Providence ...
Members of New York Communities for Change protested the continued lack of affordable housing in garden City and Nassau County on ...
Affordable housing activists have called out Peduto in the past, saying the city didn't do enough to help low-income residents of Penn Plaza.
FRIENDS, family and colleagues of the late Keighley community activist Alex Brown gathered to celebrate his life this month. The Octagon club ...
... worsening housing affordability crisis advanced through the state legislature late last night, re-igniting the state's housing activists and raising ...
This inhumane policy is the latest in series of moves as the party positions itself further to the right, continuing a cynical electoral game. Daniele ...
This pro-development stance clashes with other housing activists who want to focus on building below-market rate housing, and also with ...
activists from across the country gathered to highlight the difficulties that land and housing activists face. The meeting, titled Dying for a Home in ...
No word in the English language, except perhaps 'famine', provokes a greater feeling of horror and unease from deep within the Irish psyche ...
Cape Town - housing activist group Ndifuna Ukwazi wants the poor to be able to afford living in the planned tallest-building development in the ...
Affordable housing activists are calling out Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, saying he hasn't done enough to help low-income residents evicted ...
Remembering Toronto housing activist Bonnie Briggs. The advocate and poet attended every monthly homeless memorial at Trinity Square ...
Sonoma County's housing crisis became personal for River King about two years ago, when she and her 2-year-old son found themselves ...


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