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updated Fri. March 16, 2018

Billionaire megadonor Tom Steyer, founder of the climate advocacy group NextGen, has, for some time, been one of the most prominent climate activists in the Democratic Party. He's recently turned his attention to an expansive effort to build support for removing Trump from office. He's spent millions on an ...
The meeting came two days after a chaotic board meeting in which Moore -- a longtime activist in the city -- was removed by security because she ... Many of the district's buildings are in poor condition -- including Palmer Park Preparatory Academy, which the district shut down this week over health ...

Today (March 15), members of Congress, reproductive health, human rights and immigrant justice activists delivered a petition with more than a quarter million signatures demanding his dismissal. As Colorlines previously reported, per the Trump administration's immigration policy, unaccompanied minors ...
While volunteering and voting were "favorably associated" with mental health, activism was associated with "more health-risk behaviors and not associated ... One was, they said, you know, historically activists have sometimes belonged to counter-culture group where maybe risky behavior is more typical.
He was one of several tobacco control advocates at last week's 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town who in telephone conversations described violence or threats they faced as they fought the expansion of smoking in their countries. No arrests were made in any case, and none of ...
The Post-Tribune spoke with high school students participating across Northwest Indiana about their own safety fears and hopes for their activism. ... Kelly, who said she had extensively researched gun violence as a public health issue, was disappointed she felt politicians were unable or unwilling to ...

Pablos is an organizer for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. Institute associate director Margie Del Castillo says Pablos' supporters believe her activism made her a target of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency denies it. Actress and activist Alyssa Milano has circulated a ...
"We should be educated from a young age about mental health. About what it looks like. About what to if your friends are going through certain situations." "Gurls Talk" started with Aboah sharing her story in 2015 after a failed suicide attempt. She talked openly and honestly about her struggles with mental ...
Reproductive justice activist Alejandra Pablos was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Wednesday during a routine visit with her ... In the petition for her relief, activists at NLIRH describe Pablos detention as just the latest in what they say has become something of a pattern with ICE.
How the Women's March organizers and activists are keeping the movement alive--without burning out ... Join an activist group in your community? Or have a fruitful ... Keep reading for our powerful convo about balancing activism, health, and positivity in order to lead a movement through uncertain times.
2 report by Global Witness and The Guardian, 197 activists were killed in 2017 for defending their communities and natural resources against agribusiness, ... is indicative of the U.S. government's historical failures to acknowledge First Nation treaties and the current administration's complete disregard for public health, the ...
This is a story that plays out every day in health facilities and communities in Uganda where community healthcare workers, many of whom are women like m2m's Mentor Mothers, help empower other women and their families to access medical care and transform their lives. What makes the m2m's 70+ ...
August 12, 2017 - Local activist Tami Sawyer addresses a crowd from the base of the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Health Sciences Park during a protest showing support for ... Cothren also reiterated Casada's controversial claim that some BLM activists had advocated for the "murder" of police officers.
First, it could shed much-needed light on better mental health initiatives in schools so that students know there are actual people and programs that can help them with their problems. Second, and perhaps most crucially, a focus on de-weaponizing campuses may harmonize and equalize the education ...
Pablos works for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and is a member of We Testify, an abortion storytelling leadership program of the ... Among other immigration activists, ICE has also detained Ravi Ragbir, executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, and Eliseo ...
The sadness I feel is deep, destabilizing, debilitating, damning. It does not build. It buries. The point therein is that, as you say, this is a question of mental health, not activism, and must be answered as any question of mental health. Activists like us must make time and space for ourselves. We must sit in this ...
In this state, the governor and his former commissioner of Health and Human Services, Mary Mayhew, have systematically dismantled the very services that would support high-quality early childhood care and learning. They have siphoned millions of state and federal dollars out of programs like Head Start, ...

The House on Monday voted 73-25 to pass the resolution, which was approved by the Senate a month ago and will now go before voters in a November referendum. (Virtanen, 3/5). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an ...
Last month, activists testified on the bill's behalf during a hearing in the House Health, Insurance & Environment Committee. Many expressed health concerns as the major reason for supporting the bill, asserting that scientific studies suggest a link between illness and oil and gas operations. The problem is ...
"With Medicaid, I can get the medicine I need!" rows of men and women chorused to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic." "With Medicaid, we've got a chance to live!" For an hour Wednesday, Medicaid beneficiaries, community activists and heath care lobbyists rallied and then readied themselves in a ...
As important, this work seeks to bring assurance to the community that it will be fully informed about potential hazards to public health and that hazards will not be allowed to ... However, the activist group reports it has been unable to find documentation that HPI has done anything to remove the chemicals.
The compromise that Congress reached early Friday morning will keep the government funded for two years and provide money for community health centers, health care for children from low-income families, disaster relief, and more. But, Congress didn't even touch the question of what to do about ...
People are taking to the streets to send a message to their lawmakers about health care. Virginia Organizing - along with Indivisible Charlottesville and other groups - held a Medicaid expansion rally on University Avenue, near the University of Virginia Rotunda, on Thursday, February 8. People held signs ...
Other credits include Fellow Emeritus at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, poet and essayist. John Perry Barlow survived a massive heart attack on May 27, 2015 but has been struggling with one health issue after another ever since. He faced enormous medical bills and benefits ...
Ray Lowe has the kind of HIV success story that the health community likes to hear. As one of the 471,500 African-Americans living with HIV/AIDS, Lowe's healthy and well-managed lifestyle is the kind pushed by organizers of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day observed on Feb. 7. The gay ...
When they need health care they often start with the emergency room or a walk-in clinic. Obamacare allowed more people to get private health insurance or Medicaid. But some activists say it's unconscionable that with a nation as wealthy as the US that we still have people without health insurance or ...
"The appalling conditions in Shahr-e Rey prison place Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee and Atena Daemi - both wrongly imprisoned for their peaceful human rights activism - in serious danger of assault, violence and exposure to infectious disease in addition to overcrowding and poor sanitation. We have grave ...
Idaho is a conservative state, but Mayville is optimistic the campaign can succeed at extending health coverage to as many as 78,000 Idahoans. "Our kind of philosophy all along has been that it's actually a kind of Republican elite and activist class that is really against these programs, whereas the broader ...
Study shows link between community activism, civic engagement, and mental health ... BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -- Western New York activist scene isn't as robust as others, according to Max Anderson with Open Buffalo, but those who are stepping up in ... "Activism is tiring but rejuvenating at the same time.
A small cadre of politically prominent religious activists inside the Department of Health and Human Services have spent months quietly planning how to .... Jane Norton, an Anti-Abortion activist tapped to be HHS' top liaison, was pushed out after less than seven months in the job, as she struggled to ...
With the death of biologist Mathilde Krim on Monday, at the age of 91 at her home in New York, the world lost a pioneering scientist, activist and ... member of the Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), an international direct action advocacy group, calls Krim's approach to public health groundbreaking.
Anti-Abortion activist Teresa Manning resigned from her post as deputy Assistant Secretary for population affairs on Friday, a Health and Human Services Department spokesman tells CNN. "HHS would like to thank her for her service to this administration and the American people," the spokesman's ...
A statewide group of public health activists Friday called on Pennsylvania lawmakers to expand their reaction to the opioid epidemic to include support for needle exchange programs. Gov. Tom Wolf this week declared the opioid epidemic a public health disaster , a move that will relax some regulations for ...
"Sometimes it's information, sometimes it's food, sometimes it's money, sometimes it's healthcare," Gomez said. She described their work as providing "the nets that catch people wherever they are not well-resourced to care for themselves." Gomez said if these workers lose TPS, there would be more stress ...
Barkan's successful efforts to pressure the company also epitomize his commitment to using his personal struggles to draw attention to larger policy problems ― in this case, flaws in private health insurance. He expressed hope that his ordeal would shed light on the difficulties facing other Americans ...
SIENA, Italy -- The colorful tickets bearing images of an elephant and giraffes behind the Colosseum along with the two iconic tigers of an Italian circus promised an afternoon's respite from hardship, a gift from the Vatican to thousands of poor people. But the announcement on Wednesday that Pope ...
Acorda Therapeutics is working with Centerview Partners and MTS Health Partners on a potential sale, according to a report. ... San Francisco--Last year, activists began pushing troubled Acorda Therapeutics to sell--and it looks as if the company may be heeding that advice. The Ardsley, New ...
... the profile was published that really got our attention. "[It] feels so good to spread the word about natural, cruelty-free, effective skin care," she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the article. "Standing up for our health, and the environment, and the animals typically used to test, is a political act.".
Ms. Garner died nine days earlier at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center in Brooklyn after suffering a heart attack brought about by an asthma attack. She left behind ... Continuing in the animated tone that was the hallmark of her activism, Ms. Garner described seeing the video of her father's death.
The day's news reports were filled with shocking pictures of police officers carrying away disabled activists, some of them handcuffed with zip ties. ... "If we lose our health care, people with disabilities in particular will begin to die, because we won't have access to doctors and to the services and supports ...
Burke founded Just Be Inc, an organisation "focused on the health, wellbeing and wholeness" of young women of colour, in 2006. The same year, she created the "Me too" movement, which was subsequently used as a hashtag in response to accusations of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood.
Youth activists who combated injustice in 2017 tell us how to prepare for the fight ahead in 2018 ... Advocates for Youth, which focuses on young people's reproductive and sexual health in America and developing countries, is one of the organizations whose members rose to the occasion last year.
Toronto has a shelter crisis, and there could be serious health issues within the shelters that exist, two separate groups of activists are warning. The Inner City Family Health Team and other groups will be at city hall on Tuesday morning, urging the city to enhance the health services offered within its ...
I'm thrilled to be contributing to Plunderbund in 2018. For my first post I would like to share a few thoughts about approaching the public health crises that face Ohio. My hope is that such thoughts might help sharpen our political strategizing just a bit. I hope that this perspective is not only helpful in this ...
activists -- including Frank Gottie, who helped organize the march on the bridge in 2016 -- said they will be at Health sciences Park. Gottie said he wants out-of-town protesters to know how Memphis residents feel about their presence. "Our goal is to keep the peace and make sure everybody makes it home ...
In an email the group leader Seth Dellinger said, "Due to concerns for the health of our activists as well as security which would be used for our event, Harrisburg Area Animal Action has made the difficult decision to cancel today's protest of opening day of the farm Show, in light of dangerously low ...
BRIDGEPORT - Local political activist and former NAACP leader Carolyn Nah has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a Trumbull health care facility after she claims she was sexually assaulted while a patient there. In her lawsuit, filed in Superior Court against the Maefair Health Care Center, Nah claims she ...
Activist on fast-unto-death for better health facilities in Srinagar ... The activist has been conducting relay hunger strike from December 25 but to no avail. Seeing little ... A massive rally was also organized on Thursday seeking better healthcare facilities in which women, shopkeepers and villagers took part.
The dictionary defines an activist as a person who vigorously advocates a cause. Therefore, a political activist should be one who advocates a political cause. By deduction, if the advocates becomes the beneficiary, this would normally be deemed as a major conflict of interest. Most of our political activists ...
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Social activist K M Shahjahan on Wednesday approached the Vigilance with a complaint seeking action against Health and social justice Minister K K Shylaja for allegedly forging medical bills for reimbursements which further caused loss to the state exchequer. However, the ...



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