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updated Fri. March 8, 2024

Anti-coal protesters aren't content with voicing disapproval, they'll trespass and sabotage coal machinery. They'll threaten companies with boycotting campaigns to starve them of vital funds and customers. This scurrilous pressure has resulted in banks and stockbrokers changing their whole business plans ...
A Lycra-clad Tony Abbott has been chased and accosted by anti-coal protesters after arriving in southeast Victoria on the Pollie Pedal charity ride. The former prime minister brushed off questions about the coalition's 30 consecutive Newspoll losses and the Liddell power station as he left the Morwell RSL ...

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable body run on behalf of former New York Mayor and media tycoon Michael Bloomberg, has announced a new partnership with the joint UK-Canadian anti-coal initiative the Powering Past Coal Alliance. The partnership, launched today at the Bloomberg New Energy ...
His departure was seen as evidence of the growing impact of the global anti-coal lobby, which is putting pressure on big producers such as BHP to withdraw from the industry. BHP said last week that it has severed ties with the World Coal Association over differences on how to combat climate change.
Anti-coal mining protesters join thousands at a march in Sydney on 24 March. Photograph: Rushton/EPA. A majority of Australians would support phasing out coal power by 2030, including half the people in a sample identifying as Coalition voters, according to a survey by a progressive thinktank.
SUAL, Pangasinan—The Office of the Ombudsman has denied the petition for assistance filed by the Save Sual Movement (SSM) against Mayor Roberto Ll. Arcinue and Councilor John Christopher Arcinue. Claiming intimidation and harassment from the two officials, Rosanna Marie Soriano, SSM ...

"The global market for coal and gas is changing, and global approaches to energy are [also] changing," Georgina Woods, the rally organizer from anti-coal group Lock The Gate, told AFP news agency. "We don't want our state to sacrifice sustainable agriculture and community for the short-term money that ...
NSW farmers, traditional owners and activists have marched in Sydney to urge the government to choose environmental sustainability over coal mining. Updated Updated 8 hours ago. Farmers on horseback, anti-mining activists and traditional owners have descended upon Sydney's CBD with a message to the NSW ...
NSW farmers, traditional owners and activists have marched in Sydney to urge the government to choose environmental sustainability over coal mining. Updated Updated 24 March. Farmers on horseback, anti-mining activists and traditional owners have descended upon Sydney's CBD with a message to the NSW ...
In the unlikely event that Ivan Glasenberg needs further encouragement for his latest $2.2 billion bet on the security of a profitable life in Australian coal he need only take a counter-intuitive wander through the latest gloomy appraisal of the state of the global thermal power industry by the US arms of carbon ...
The party shirt-fronted the Greens and their anti-coal sentiment at a Melbourne by-election last week in an effort to preserve Queensland jobs. "I will be reinforcing Australian Conservatives' support for Queensland jobs and the Queensland coal industry,” Mr Shelton said. "Electricity prices have gone ...
Buřt, who has received awards for his anti-coal activism, bears an unexpectedly peaceful smile while he scans the scenery. He no longer pays that much attention to the layers of coal in the huge crater or the machines digging it out. Instead, he already envisions what will come after: a lake in the place of ...
Ivan also makes it a priority to participate in youth-led movements — such as this anti-coal march today. “Having youth in our day-to-day life is one of my big things, so we can organize specifically as young people,” he says. This past year, Mayor Libby Schaaf appointed Ivan to the Oakland Youth Advisory ...
Lock the Gate run public anti-coal campaigns and protests, lodge submissions with the Department of Planning, and urge others to do so. Lock the Gate have provided training in “direct action” for anti-coal protests which is their term to describe breaking the law. NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee ...
Tyler White, president of the Kentucky Coal Association, wrote in the Courier Journal that “Renewable energy subsidies and policies to promote them have been long supported by liberal elites and the Obama administration. It was these anti-coal policies that were some of the main drivers behind the 'war ...
Two of the anti-coal activists on one of the Aurion trains they stopped back in January. Photo supplied. Fourteen activists will appear in Bowen Magistrates Court today to face charges relating to the ongoing Stop Adani campaign. The charges arise from four actions during the month of January, two of which ...
Anderson noted as a possibility the scenario of the pro-coal Trump being succeeded by an anti-coal Democrat. "Just this last year and a half since President Trump has been elected, we've seen almost a 20 percent increase in sales," with much of that attributable to the mining industry, Anderson said.

The Australian government has championed the Adani mine. Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan has told anti-coal campaigners that without fossil fuels “hundreds of millions of people” around the world would fall into poverty. Canavan said the global resources industry had “never been more crucial ...
Other senior Labor figures share these sentiments and have warned Shorten in shadow cabinet meetings, face-to-face in his office in Canberra, and in phone calls over the past week. The message being given to Shorten is that he is in danger of making himself and Labor look anti-coal and anti-mining.
The absurdity – and hypocrisy – of anti-coal fanaticism is exposed when you simply replace emotion-charged hyperbole with data. On one hand, anti-coalers scream that taxpayer money shouldn't go to billionaires to fund private enterprise such as Adani. But taxpayer money is used to subsidise renewable ...
Either it is not as stridently anti-coal as we've been led to believe — or the resolve of its members is gossamer-thin. Either way, we distinctly remember that the European Union, along with 174 nations worldwide, signed onto the Paris agreement the first day they were able to do so. And the export figures ...
ABOUT 130 black-clad members of the labour union of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) protested against Energy Minister Siri Jirapongphan yesterday, alleging he abused his authority by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with anti-coal demonstrators last week.
Under the heading “Changing The Story Of Coal”, the document, which is basically a funding proposal seeking backers for the anti-coal movement, admits coal is “widely seen as the backbone of the economy, creating jobs and prosperity”. Despite recognising coal mining is “widely seen as the backbone of ...
Energy Minister Siri Jirapongphan (centre, wearing tie) reaches an agreement with representatives of demonstrators against planned coal-fired power plants in Krabi and Songkhla, on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, Bangkok, on Tuesday. (Photo by Chanat Katanyu). - +. Protesters against a coal-fired power ...
BANGKOK — The government said Thursday it is open to direct talks with hunger strikers opposed to the construction of coal-fired power plants in the south. Speaking a day after eight strikers were hospitalized after fainting in front of the United Nations headquarters in Bangkok, Lt. Gen. Sansern ...
Over the past few weeks, the Kentucky Coal Association has monitored the movement of House Bill 227 to reform Kentucky's net metering renewable energy subsidy. I am disappointed by the misinformation that seems to be plaguing the discussion of this bill. Net metering is defined as, “a system in which ...
A hunger strike was started today by two groups of protestors who say they will not eat until the government permanently cancels the coal-fired power plants in the South. A total 19 activists from Save Andaman from Coal and the Network of Songkhla-Pattani Residents Against Coal-Fired Power Plants ...
The controversial Adani mine has brought India strongly into Australia's focus. Two countries could not be more different than Australia and India, one rich and industrialised, another rapidly industrialising but with high inequality. Australia with the world's highest per capita emissions and India where the ...
A CLIMATE activist group that has hijacked the Batman by-election faces the loss of its charity status and tax perks over its overt political campaigning. The organisation,, is at the centre of a probe by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission for helping organise a blockade of the Port of ...
Leaders from across the globe descended on France last week for the One Planet Summit, sponsored by Macron's government, the United Nations and the World Bank. “We are losing the battle” against global warming, he said in a speech to attendees. The international community is “not moving fast ...
On Thursday, the United Kingdom and Canada launched an alliance of 27 countries and states that have pledged to phase out traditional coal power plants and cease all investment in coal domestically or abroad. The "Powering Past Coal Alliance" is the brainchild of Canadian climate minister Catherine ...
“It makes no sense to divest from coal but keep insuring coal projects, and we will maintain pressure on the company.” These were the words of Unfriend Coal campaign coordinator Lucie Pinson in February after Generali announced its climate change strategy. True enough, there seems to be no letting up ...


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