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The first reason to get involved is because being an active socialist is the best way to resist the injustices we see all around us - and there's no shortage of things that need resisting. And unlike parties such as Labor and the Greens, who sometimes offer verbal support to progressive causes, socialists are ...
14 by the DePaul socialists, a room packed with students and faculty, socialists and non-socialists alike, reflected on the life and legacy of activist Malcolm X, openly discussing how his more aggressive political views evolved and why his message of persistence lives on. DePaul student Anna Winston ...

"God's Plan" is not a particularly good Drake song. The Canadian rapper is 31 years old, and has been rapping about his haters in increasingly vague terms for what feels like a decade now. "God's Plan" is more of that, over a cut-rate spooky beat along with some stilted appeals to the boys ("Without 40, Oli, ...
On February 15 the peace and Freedom Party, a ballot qualified socialist party in California, announced their 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign Launch and held a press conference at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. The Peace and Freedom Party is running Gloria La Riva for Governor. Gloria is a ...
Gianni Pittella, leader of the socialists & Democrats group in the European Parliament, has not left yet. But the battle to succeed him is already raging. While the Italian MEP is campaigning to win a Senate seat in Italy's coming election, many of his colleagues say they will either push for Udo Bullmann, the ...
In the early 1990s, Simon Millar helped organise a float in the annual Melbourne Moomba Parade. Simon was part of the campaign Save Our Services, which was fighting against the privatisation of electricity, water and gas. Simon and some other activists and artists designed a float with a giant puppet of ...

But even though Jusos faces long odds, it is determined to break Merkel's hold on the SPD and restore the socialist values that, in its view, once helped the party shape German society. The origins of Jusos date back to the early 1900s, when its predecessors existed chiefly as a loose collection of makeshift ...
Bill Shorten is playing a high-stakes game if he thinks that channelling British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be the path to success in Australia. The cultures and the political circumstances are very different. Until recently, Australia had two major political parties, both right of centre, compared with Britain ...
The red tide of socialist feminism started then, in the '60s. Radical women was formed at the conclusion of the Free University classes in 1968. Revolutionary feminism is now rolling over the earth into every remote corner of this tired old globe. Women everywhere are raising the banner of socialist feminism, Marxist ...
2. "Liberal institutions straightaway cease being liberal the moment they are soundly established: Once this is established no more grievous and more thorough enemies of freedom exist than liberal institutions." The Bible sayeth: "The truth shall set you free." The socialists? They enslave by forked tongues.
The February 5 announcement in Melbourne's Herald Sun that the Victorian socialists -- an alliance of socialist groups and individuals -- will contest the Northern Metropolitan Regional upper house seat in the Victorian elections in November flags a new, exciting opening for the left and progressive ...
A coalition of socialists announced on February 5 that they are forming the Victorian socialists to field a ticket to contest the Northern Metropolitan upper house seat in the November state election. Australia's two largest socialist organisations -- Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative -- are coming ...
Conservatives instantly seized on it as yet another utopian socialist fantasy that has no basis in reality, while those on the left praised Corbyn as a folk hero who is one of only a few politicians who can be trusted to treat the homeless with any measure of compassion. Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the ...
As a response to the overall negative interactions between conservative organization Turning Point USA and the Fort Collins community, the Fort Collins Democratic socialists of America hosted "Toilet Paper USA," an event designed to collect high demand toiletries for the homeless community in Fort ...
The Freedom socialist party will join tens of thousands of people across the country for the annual Palm Sunday March for Justice for refugees. We have endorsed this rally which protests the Australian government's ongoing punishment of people seeking protection in Australia. Our joint contingent will oppose the deeply ...
Bad news for Corbynistas: Tories are more likely to be attractive than socialists, a study has concluded. However this isn't because holding conservative views makes you better looking, it's that already attractive people are more likely to become right wing. "We find that more attractive individuals are more ...
The Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Democratic socialists of America is offering free brake light repairs on Feb. 10 at Ingles market in Stone Mountain. The goal is to prevent unnecessary police stops, a press release from the group says. The event starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.. A spokesperson for the ...

There is a school of thought that all militant socialists really need is a bath, a haircut, and to find themselves a nice girlfriend. Now researchers have found that, even if they did scrub up, they would probably still be uglier than Tories. As unlikely as it might seem to anyone who ever attended a meeting of the ...
The centre-left socialists and Democrats (S&D) group in the European Parliament are gearing up for a fight over EU car emission standards for 2030, floating a 40% cut in CO2 and suggesting a radical change in the way emissions are measured in the first place. "The overall targets are too weak - we need ...
Don't you just love it when people or news sources throw out the socialist card, when what they really mean is Communist. Unfortunately some people and certain news sources use the word to conveniently besmear political opponents and ideas. communism is the philosophy of dividing all property ...
American socialists have been celebrating a comeback at the same time as approval ratings for Republican President Donald Trump and the ... The organization uses the word "democratic socialism" to describe itself in order to distance itself from authoritarian socialist governments like the former Soviet ...
The Alliance of Middle Eastern socialists opposes all imperialist intervention in Syria and stands for solidarity between all the peoples of the region. Here, we reprint the network's recent statement , opposing the latest military assault by Turkey, first published at the Alliance of Middle Eastern socialists ...
This article is the first of a three-part series on the relationship between finance and socialism. For those on the Left, finance seems like a bourgeois pastime. Many of us outright despise the stuff. While the petit bourgeoisie drool over dividends and diversification, we prefer to focus on crisis and class.
But it was Trump actually being elected when it hit me that I no longer identify as a socialist. I love the ideals of socialism, but we don't live in a fantasy land with endless money. government programs don't always work and can be very inefficient. capitalism isn't perfect, but it's not as evil as some socialists ...
Bernie Sanders, a self-described Democratic socialist who almost captured the Democratic nomination for president. A 2016 Harvard University ... It's equally true that there was a time in American politics when calling Martin Luther King Jr. a socialist was deemed a racial slur. To affix such a label to King ...
As Americans honor King on his birthday, it is important to remember that the civil rights icon was also a democratic socialist, committed to building a broad movement to overcome the failings of capitalism and achieve both racial and economic equality for all people. Capitalism "has brought about a system ...
A report from Scotland tells us that Scottish socialist party plan to stage a demonstration outside the shop in Princes Street, armed with a 7ft replica iPhone X and placards demanding: "Give workers a bigger bite of the Apple." Hugh Cullen of the Scottish socialist Party said that "Apple is the richest company ...
The former director of the group responsible for the report, Augusto Lopez-Claros, didn't immediately respond to requests for comment sent to personal and work email addresses listed on his personal website….A former professor at the University of Chile, Mr. Lopez-Claros is on leave from the World Bank ...
Like Budapest, Zagreb is two cities divided by a river. Novi Zagreb lies to the south of Zagreb, across the river Sava, and was developed to house the growing population. Its skyline is dominated by the socialist realist monoliths, that I, on a grey January morning, set out to explore on foot. As an important hub within Tito's ...
Taken to an extreme, it could potentially mean that state universities would be banned from providing any resources to campus chapters of the Democratic socialists of America. Some local socialists worry that it could also be used to prevent socialist candidates from receiving Clean elections funding.
socialists have as yet few truly high-profile adherents. America's most left-wing politician in the top ranks, Bernie Sanders, self-identifies as a "democratic socialist," but in practice he is much more concerned with bringing America up to the top standard of the developed world rather than leapfrogging past it.
If you are the company you keep, then consider the latest associates of the worker center known as the Coalition of Immokalee workers. Yesterday, CIW took part in a meeting hosted by the Tampa chapter of Democratic socialists of America. DSA advocates "democratic socialism" in America and wants to ...
The gathering was an "open strategy" session of the local Democratic socialists of America chapter to talk through DSA's nascent Medicare for All campaign. A poster affixed to the door showed a line representing the cardiac-rhythm strip of an ECG monitor and featured a rose, an old socialist symbol that ...
Venezuela's governing socialist party has officially tapped President Nicolas Maduro as its candidate for this year's election. The Constituent Assembly in Caracas is calling for polls by the end of April. President Nicolas Maduro says he's willing to seek another term in office. socialist Party Vice President ...
"A democratic socialist judge would make the courts work for the people," he said. franklin bynum, dsa Franklin Bynum, candidate for Harris County misdemeanor court judge. Bynum is one of at least 17 members of the Democratic socialists of America (DSA) running for office in Texas ...
Once one of France's most powerful political parties, these days the socialists are seeking a leader to rescue them from a future of obscurity. ... Wanted: A dynamic leader for France's historic socialist party, able to rebuild the brand after a year of watching the political ground crumble beneath its feet.
In fact it seems to me that Seattle, rather than being some sort of socialist haven, instead is a shrine to unbridled capitalism. Housing prices and rents are outrageous, and continue to increase by double digits yearly. Car tabs, property taxes, insurance, restaurant meals, tickets to entertainments, and pretty ...
Venezuela, once the most prosperous country in South America, can no longer pay its debts. After missing $200m of interest payments on two ...
The Kent State socialist Collective and the Kent State Young Democratic socialists said they would participate in a separate food drive. (iStock ...
As a member of the national political committee of the Democratic socialists of America -- the most prominent socialist organization in the ...
Last week more than a dozen socialists won office around the ... long ago, in a pre-Bernie Sanders America, that "socialist" was a smear, used ...
Lee Carter, a first-time candidate for elected office, defeated Republican Delegate Jackson Miller in the race for a seat in the House of ...
"The House GOP whip might lose to a socialist Marine veteran? ... groups, including the D.C. chapter of the Democratic socialists of America, ...
The Democratic socialists picked up a historic 15 seats across the country, ... In Cheektowaga, New York, last night, Democratic socialist Brian ...
His burial at Friedrichsfelde marked the beginning of a socialist-communist right of ... I. The Nazis demolished it in 1935, and the present monument to socialists, ...
The Washington, D.C. chapter of the Democratic socialists of America has ... to identify as a socialist now," Smith wrote in an email to The Hoya.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaking about Phil Murphy, the Democratic contender for the state's governor's race. Current polls show ...
The son of Donald Trump has used a photograph of the US president's granddaughter on Halloween to unleash a scathing takedown on ...
This socialist City Council Candidate Wants to Ban Fur in New York City ... and have been endorsed by the Democratic socialists of America.



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