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updated Sat. February 17, 2018

Statements in Damore's 3,000-word memo "regarding biological differences between the sexes were so harmful, discriminatory, and disruptive" that they fell outside protections for collective action in the workplace, an associate general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board wrote in a six-page ...
The progressive journalist/activist site ThinkProgress said today Austin "made history," becoming the first city in the South and a rarity in the U.S. for enacting mandatory paid sick leave. State Rep. Paul Workman, R-Austin, promised days before the vote he would champion a bill in the 2019 session of the ...

The perfect place to lead a vanguard of progressive activism that just might be the jolt the entire national labor movement needs. These modern-day rednecks are ready to fight. Krystal Ball is president of The People's House Project, which recruits Democratic candidates in Republican-held congressional ...
Pick a social justice campaign from the last few years -- Black Lives Matter, #MeToo or Fight for $15 -- and notice that behind it stand black women, whose physical and emotional labor helped lay roots and build movements now largely considered socially acceptable or "woke." Not too long ago these ...
Hopelessly split between his blue-collar Labor base and the increasing voting power of inner-city activists, Mr Shorten has spun the roulette wheel and put everything ... Ms Palaszczuk has conveniently forgotten how much her own actions, and activist-led legal battles, have affected the project's timetable.
Hoping to build on the anniversary of the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers strike, members of the organization Fight for $15 brought in union workers and labor activists from all over the Mid-South area for demonstrations to draw attention to minimum wage issues. (Photo: Jim Weber/The Commercial ...

A day after dozens of prominent lawyers in Iran called for the immediate release of labor rights activist Reza Shahabi from prison, he was freed on bail for ... sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, accused of "actions against national security," an ambiguous charge often leveled against activists in Iran.
A Weekend Trifecta for activists - Defending Chicano Park, Building New Leadership, and Labor Solidarity ... There's more to politics than working for a win in elections; community activism, education, and coalition-building go a long way toward getting desired results at the ballot box and improving ...
This moved from anti-Vietnam War activism to a general anti-Americanism and nuclear disarmament, environmentalism and much more. Fifty years on, this is a massive, co-ordinated and well-resourced network of activists, think tanks, and specialist and innovative campaigners who are now moving directly ...
Harvard Graduate students Union-United Auto workers, Harvard's student unionization effort, and the Student Labor Action Movement, an undergraduate labor advocacy group, spearheaded the movement, criticizing Garber and Smith for sending official University communications they said reflect an ...
Seven labor rights activists have been summoned to court in recent days in the capital, Tehran, and the predominantly Kurdish-populated cities of Sanandaj and Saqqez in western Iran. The Defenders of human rights Center, an Iran-based group, reported via the Telegram messaging app that five ...
He also was an environmental activist in Chicago. According to AFSCME, Mr. Booth helped spearhead passage in 1983 of the Illinois Public Employee Labor Relations Act, guaranteeing government workers a right to union representation. "Paul Booth spent every day fighting for the right of public service ...
And Paul Booth, longtime labor leader and antiwar activist, has died at the age of 74. In 1965, Booth helped lead the first major march against the Vietnam War in Washington, D.C. Through much of the 1960s, Paul Booth was a spokesperson for students for a Democratic Society, the campus-based civil ...
Miriam George: Future Lawyer and Anti-Discrimination Activist ... words "the coolest," was working in the Department of Labor in the Office of ...
A key Queensland Labor strategist who lobbied over a five-year period for ... The Galilee Blockade activist group also released Milner's number to its ... The activists tried to set up a "Stop Adani" campaign office in the lobby of ...
Book Review: The Rise of the Arab-American Left: activists, Allies, and ... Pennock identified the absence of Arab-American activist histories in .... This case exemplifies the author's observation that Arab labor activism in the ...
world-renowned Chinese artist and activist. In 2009, Ai ... As a student at Beijing Film Academy, he first became involved in art and activism.

Labor Activist Dies From cancer Left Untreated in Iranian prison ... "In 2011, the judiciary disbarred me for defending political activists and I was ...
Labor Activist Reza Shahabi Conditionally Ends Hunger Strike ... concern among workers' and social rights activists to the extent that many of ...
Update: With assurances from a senior official, labor activist Reza Shahabi ... Labor activism in Iran is seen as a national security offense; ...
Boxes of signatures gathered in Arizona Healthy Working Families Initiative's successful campaign to raise the state's minimum wage in 2016.
The prosecutor of Tehran announced in a statement to the guarantor of labor activist Jafar Azimzadeh, that in the upcoming days, her house, ...
MTSU will ring with the songs of the early U.S. labor movement at ... for the crimes because he was a foreigner and a well-known labor activist, ...
United Nations: Some of the recently enacted laws have legalised child labour in many sectors in India, representative of an Indian ...
Among them is a relative of Dawson's most famous daughter, labor activist Dolores Huerta. "One of my uncles was killed in the mine explosion ...
Dozens of Tehran bus drivers and labor activists rallied in front of the Labor Ministry in Tehran on September 25, 2017 in solidarity with their ...
Boxes of signatures gathered in Arizona Healthy Working Families Initiative's successful campaign to raise the state's minimum wage in 2016.
"Dolores" is a new documentary that tells the story of activist icon ... The third one is as a labor activist she's challenging the institution of ...
In the wake of the Trump administration's Tuesday announcement that it is ending the Obama-era DACA program, we look at several ...
Yet, at the time, many labor activists within the American Federation of Labor and the more radical Industrial workers of the World sought to ...
'Dolores': The Labor Activist Behind 'Yes We Can!' ... Through her social activism, Dolores Huerta also became an icon of the Feminist ... against discrimination and inspired African-American activists, men and women alike.
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- She's been called by some "the most vocal activist you don't know," and a new documentary about civil rights icon ...
According to two Democratic activists contacted by Mark's camp, they ... including some in the labor movement, to get their input on a run for higher office. ... Newton Mayor Setti Warren and environmental activist Bob Maissie ...
The labor of organizing has not always been equally assumed by ... caring about these issues is not exclusive to those who identify as activists.
As one of the highest-ranking Filipino American labor leaders in the US, ... for hundreds of young workers and rank-and-file union activists.
activists seek to limit outside campaign money ... The high court ruled that corporations and labor unions have a First Amendment right to ...
"One of the biggest challenges the labor movement faces right now is ... America's most unionized state, labor activists are concerned at just ...
The clashes came despite widespread calls from activists and elected ... pulled heavily from area labor unions, church groups and liberal activists ... Kyle Chapman, the far-right activist known as "Based Stickman" who gained ...
The labor rights activist was on medical furlough but Tehran's prosecutor-general refused to extend his parole. Shahabi was forced to return to ...
The California nurses Association is an organization of registered nurses and one of the nation's fastest growing labor and professional ...
The star first began working with the MDA in 1966, and hosted their Labor Day weekend telethon every year until 2010. According to the New ...
A new documentary about the life of longtime farm labor activist Dolores Huerta will be released next month. "Dolores" is a 98-minute film ...
Labor Activist Forced to Stay Behind Bars Until December 2018 Despite ... of a six-year prison sentence issued for his peaceful activism.
Jacobin editorial intern and student-labor activist Meghan Brophy ... which offered ongoing adult education geared towards worker activism, unionism, .... union members and activists for a citizen's Veto of Right-To-Work.
Leftist activists Demand New York Museum take down Statue of 'Racist' ... southern states take down statues of Confederate figures, the activist Left is now ... global labor activism, Palestinian resistance, and movements for ...
And about a week ago, warehouse workers and labor rights activists took their protests to the doorstep of Mayor Bill de Blasio, claiming he was ...
Prominent Labor Activist Returns to prison After Medical Leave ... of the prison sentence he was issued for engaging in peaceful activism.
Activist and protest leader Boniface Mwangi was dragged away to be ... protest during Labor Day celebrations at Uhuru Park in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. ... He has support from some other Kenyan human rights activists and ...
It often seems that campus activists are less about actually creating positive ... that some activists feel they deserve to be compensated for their activism. ... These activist students are either from wealthy families and don't need ...
'please pay J--- and K--- for their labor, preferably over 30$. The community is watching you and holding you accountable'. students at Sarah ...



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