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MANDAREE, N.D.--Longtime national tribal activist and Three Affiliated tribes elder Tillie Fay Walker, 88, of Mandaree on the Fort Berthold Indian ... She recruited students from all over Indian Country, and many national and community leaders and activists who came of age during the 1960s and 1970s ...
Elizabeth Warren used her recent address at the National Congress of American Indians to address long-standing criticisms of her claims of Native American heritage. "You won't find my family members on any rolls, and I'm not enrolled in a tribe," she said, conceding that there are no tribal records of her ...

... in a law school directory but has not claimed to be a Native American since being elected to the Senate in 2012. Beyond Mr. Trump's ridicule, some American Indian activists have pressured Ms. Warren to be more straightforward about her heritage and to also be a more aggressive advocate for the tribes, ...
Philip J. Deloria is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the son of Vine Deloria, a scholar, writer, and activist for Native American rights who earned national recognition for his 1969 ... Their language became extinct in the 19th century, though activists are attempting to revive it based on texts.
Harvard's first-ever tenured professor in Native American studies, History professor Philip J. Deloria, began teaching last month, after years of activists ... Deloria's appointment is the culmination of an effort by the Harvard University Native American Program that has been going on "since the mid-2000s," ...
The company, which was the recipient of a WWD Honor for Corporate Citizenship last year, joined a coalition of Native American and conservation groups in December that's now suing the President and others to have the decision revoked. The company is hosting events in various cities this year to ...

A Native American activist who was a claimant in the Redskins legal brouhaha, Suzan Shown Harjo, weighed-in that the club should have gone further and changed the team name while others questioned the delay in the milder alternative of eliminating the logo until after the upcoming season. Her opposition, and that of ...
According to the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Free Leonard Peltier, FBI agents targeted the young American Indian Movement (AIM) activist by entering the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota where Peltier was visiting in 1975. A shootout ensued for unknown reasons leaving three ...
An enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation and the National Indigenous women's Resource Center co-director is calling on U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren stop making a false claim that she has Native American ancestry. On several occasions, President Donald Trump has mocked Warren, a former ...
Among the water protectors who gathered at Standing Rock, Fallis was known for her work as a medic and mentor to younger activists. According to Mia Stevens, a family friend, Fallis had dedicated her work to her late mother, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, a prominent activist with the American Indian ...
To date, we have a number of studies about human trafficking involving other demographics than are available for Native American women and children. Nonetheless, experts, activists, and tribal leaders, as well as investigators report a disproportionate impact in this community. Many challenges exist in ...
It also draws on the voices of Native American activists and scholars to place this controversy within the wider context of Native American history and racial stereotyping more generally. The film, which is 70 minutes long, will screen at 6:00 pm in the downstairs program room of the Menlo Park Library and ...
The marble walls of the Washington state Capitol reverberated with the roar of drums and voices Tuesday afternoon, as Native American activists poured ... "What we do now is going to affect the next thousand years," said Willie Frank III, Nisqually tribal council member and son of treaty rights activist Billy ...
OLYMPIA -- The marble walls of the state Capitol reverberated with the roar of drums and voices as Native American activists poured into Olympia to sound ... "What we do now is going to affect the next thousand years," said Willie Frank III, Nisqually tribal council member and son of treaty rights activist Billy ...
And, more telling, there's also discomfort on the left and among some tribal leaders and activists that Warren has a political blind spot when it comes to the ... for claiming Native American ancestry and the liberal website ThinkProgress published a scathing criticism of her by a Cherokee activist who said she ...
As a part of the overarching "Time's Up" movement, eight stars brought special guests to the 2018 Golden Globes. Laura Dern, Amy Poehler, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams and Shailene Woodley all walked the red carpet alongside social activists. The stars ...

Eight actresses showed up on the Golden Globes red carpet with eight activists as their guests in a move intended to bring more attention to sexual harassment and gender .... Ms. Lawrence is a Suquamish tribe member, singer and activist for, among other causes, Native American treaty and water rights.
The Entertainment industry has had a cloud cast over itself following a steady string of sexual misconduct allegations that have been dominating the headlines as of late. And Hollywood decided to honor the brave women (and men) that have come forward and shared their stories at the 2018 Golden Globe ...
But to further battle sexual harassment and advocate for gender equality in Hollywood and beyond, several actresses decided to take it a step further, by -- in lieu of bringing a typical date -- attending the ceremony with an activist as a plus-one. Click through to see which eight celebrities brought people ...
Calina Lawrence, a Suquamish tribe member, singer, and activist for Native American treaty and water rights. Lawrence will attend with Shailene Woodley. Saru Jayaraman, a workplace justice advocate for restaurant workers, who will attend with Amy Poehler. Billie Jean King, the tennis champion who ...
Calina Lawrence, a Suquamish tribe member, singer and activist for, among other causes, Native American treaty and water rights, will be going with Ms. Woodley. -- Saru Jayaraman, a workplace justice advocate for restaurant workers, will be Ms. Poehler's guest. -- Billie Jean King, the tennis champion ...
Lawrence, a Suquamish tribe member, is an activist for Native American treaty and water rights, among other causes. "It's an honor to stand as a representative for missing and murdered Indigenous women in solidarity with the women who are empowering the Time's Up movement and beyond," she said ...
From the Native American standoff against a crude oil pipeline at Standing Rock to leadership at this year's United Nations climate conference by Fiji, a small island nation whose very existence is threatened by sea level rise, ... I was an activist and concerned about issues of poverty and disadvantage.".
... can applaud him, we know that these dangerous decisions will face (in fact are already facing) tremendous public backlash and serious legal repercussions from various groups. Tribal voices will not be ignored forever. Fawn Douglas is a Paiute artist and Native American activist who lives in Las Vegas.
A social activist who worked to protect immigrants, women, and children, she is credited with being a primary force behind the Social Security Act of 1935. ... A sister of Susette, Susan La Flesche Picotte became the first Native American female physician in the U.S. She had decided on this course for her life ...
Meet the anti-Trump candidate running to become the United States' first Native American governor ..... A 2014 ag-industry-backed law made it illegal for journalists and animal rights activists to film the working conditions and animal treatment in factory farms across the state, which advocates say hampers ...
To be sure, there are many Indigenous folks I know who call themselves journalists as well as activists in the same breath, and that's awesome - we need ... Again, it's easy to see how a Native American journalist could be seen as an activist with so much stacked up against people demanding clean water.
Hundreds of Native American leaders and environmental activists and are fighting to keep a Puget Sound Energy natural gas plant off their land in Tacoma, WA. "As [Native Americans], we are raised to stand up and fight for water," Native activist Dakota Case said. "Our culture, our way of living...our food, ...
LINCOLN -- activists involved in shutting down beer sales in Whiteclay called on the state to do more to not only end bootlegging of alcohol in the area, ... Maisch, as well as Native American activist Frank LaMere and Lincoln businessman Alan Jacobsen, called on the state to increase enforcement to stem ...
Medina-Tayac said the online campaign went viral. The group also handed out shirts at the rally with the new name and a new Redhawks logo. Fans are still divided on the Redskins' name. While some agreed with the activists outside the game, others didn't. "I'm Native American," said Bryan Proctor.
For a few hours on Wednesday morning, a small group of Native American activists convinced the internet that Washington's professional football ... But that was precisely the point, said Sebastian Medina-Tayac, a Rising Hearts activist, Washington, D.C., native and member of the Piscataway tribe.
Labelling Native American journalists as "activists" simply because of their heritage helps to further diminish the Indigenous narrative. ... But what's funny about these invitations is that they almost always incorporate some notion that I was there as an activist - and without even asking me if that was, indeed, ...
The Biggest Native American Law Rulings Of 2017 ... Here, Law360 reviews some of the highest-profile decisions in Native American law in 2017. ... of the First Amendment, allowing the football team to prevail in a battle over its marks with Native American activists that had been stayed in the Fourth Circuit.
D'Arcy was one of several Native American activists at the Laguna Beach protest, an example of a growing pattern of the "turning of the tide" for activist groups such as environmentalists banding together with the Native American community, said Dina Gilio-Whitaker, policy director and senior research ...
Migration Reform from a Native American Perspective. January 25, 2018. Save. Congress ... Native American activist Bill Means discussed the issue of humane reform with Dennis J. Bernstein. By Dennis J. Bernstein .... activists gather in Seattle to protest the Dakota Access pipeline, September 16, 2016. (John Duffy Flickr).
OLYMPIA -- The marble walls of the state Capitol reverberated with the roar of drums and voices as Native American activists poured into Olympia to sound ... "What we do now is going to affect the next thousand years," said Willie Frank III, Nisqually tribal council member and son of treaty rights activist Billy ...
For the preceding months, "water protector" activists, led by members of several Native American tribes including the Standing Rock Sioux, had mounted a persistent opposition to the pipeline. Gathered in thousands at a campsite in North Dakota, the activists argued that the pipeline's path threatened a ...
The Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club and other environmental and Native American groups are organizing the Save Our National Monuments Week of Action, Dec. 2-9. The week kicked off with the Rally Against Trump's Monumental Mistake in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Saturday. "There's a ...
"Like I said, I don't think it is, and I certainly don't think it was the president's intent," said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is the White House spokeswoman. Whatever the intention, the comment still came off the wrong way to those with deep cultural ties to Native American heroes. "It shows a lack of respect ...
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard is an activist and former Standing Rock Sioux tribal historic preservation officer who emerged as a leader in the 2016 Dakota ... Allard and fellow Native activists have taken their campaign across the globe, calling on international banks to divest from fossil fuel companies that ...
Last fall, Native American activists, including Sasha Houston Brown, spent Thanksgiving on an encampment near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access oil pipeline. Brown said this Thursday, she will be at home with her family eating traditional native foods and ...
Friday was a busy day for American environmental activists. The UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany came to a close. At the same time, the Keystone pipeline suffered a leak in rural South Dakota. Speaking from Germany, where they had joined other environmental protesters who opposed ...
Dr. Will Goins, who had just begun an artist-in-residence program at USC Lancaster's Native American Studies Center, died Sunday in Columbia after a heart attack. He was 57. Goins was a well-known and outspoken social activist, artist, writer, singer-songwriter and performer. He had been in Columbia ...
Native American activist Claudia A. Fox Tree offered Emmanuel students her perspective on Thanksgiving and the commonly held misconceptions of indigenous people. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsored event took place in ADM 155 to kick off Native American History Month. EC hosted a lot of ...
Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Dr. Will Moreau Goins, a well-known community leader in the Midlands, has died. Goins was a Native American activist and artist who served as chief of the Cherokee Indian tribe of South Carolina. He was also the president and faith representative for Native American spirituality of ...
Winona LaDuke, a Native-American environmental activist, spoke about creating a more inclusive democracy in the U.S. as part of the JHU Forums on Race in America on Wednesday. LaDuke is a writer and politician with the Green Party. In the 2016 election, she became the first Native-American woman ...
"Free Kakwirakeron" documents from 1990, located through the Freedom Archives, describe him as "an activist in movements advocating the ...
A federal judge has ordered Native-American activist and convicted cop-killer Leonard Peltier and his son to pay more than $17,000 in costs ...
Native American activist Winona LaDuke, an advocate for environmental, women's, and children's rights, will be the next speaker in the JHU ...


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