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Learning foreign languages encourages students to think more deeply about the influence of global cultures, and develops greater tolerance towards other culture and faiths. It opens up employment opportunities and enhances cognitive and analytical abilities. For businesses, it is essential to develop and ...
Military interventions and financial as well as logistic support of armies may only be resolved by an independent transnational democratic assembly of world citizens or their designated representatives. The selection of members and the procedures of this assembly shall counteract the prevalence of ...

Join the Wits Justice Project, Incarceration Nations Network and global citizen for the South African premier of NIGHTMARE showcasing the haunting reality of pre-trial detention. Hosted by Maps Maponyane and moderated by Baz Dreisinger author of Incarceration Nation, Wits Justice Project's Ruth ...
Why American colleges should be developing global citizens. Justin Onwenu. February 4, 2018. As we enter an era of unprecedented opportunity and global connectivity, we have a chance. Photo: Jacob Ammentorp Lund / Getty Images. As we enter an era of unprecedented opportunity and global connectivity, we have a ...
It's important to try to make a difference in the world, and for the IB students at Glenridge Middle school, they are already learning how. Every year, the eighth-grade IB students at the school are told to find a community project to complete -- whether it's something at Glenridge, in the local community or even ...
Wassim "Sal" Slaiby, CEO of SAL&CO/Maverick and XO Records, has announced he is joining global citizen's advisory board. Under the new position, he will help provide guidance to the international advocacy organization's leadership team around the movement's mission to end extreme poverty by ...

French Montana became the first rapper to be named a global citizens Ambassador on Friday night, a testament to the Bronx artist's charity work in Uganda. After a trip to Kampala, Uganda brought the poverty of the region into sharp focus, French has worked closely with the community, donating money to ...
As a result of his generous efforts in Uganda throughout last year, French Montana has now earned the title as Rap's first-ever global citizen Ambassador. Additionally, the "Unforgettable" rapper received the honor Friday night (Jan. 26) at a ceremony in New York City for his helping the country's ...
French Montana was given the honor of global citizen Ambassador for his charity work in the East African country, Uganda. French received the honor, the first time it has been bestowed upon a rapper, last night (Jan. 26) at a ceremony in New York City. The Coke Boy MC's work in Uganda started after he ...
Siddhartha Dhar, a British Hindu converted to Islam and now goes by the name Abu Ramaysah. US suspects the masked leader who appeared in a January 2016 ISIS video of execution of several prisoners who were accused of spying for the UK by the terrorist group to be him.
Interviews conducted over the past ten months with over 20 students, former YIRPA members, and administrators paint a picture of how the overlap in leadership allowed The global citizen, a private company set up by YIRPA's founders, to benefit from YIRPA's access to Yale-NUS's funding and facilities.
She currently teaches sixth grade Spanish dual language immersion in Glendale, California. Here, she discusses how cultural pedagogical practices in dual language immersion programs help prepare students to be global citizens. By guest blogger Angela Palmieri. Language is my identity, Language is ...
... whose father, Nadim Makarem, originally founded the school in 1972, said: "Within the backdrop of 1970s London, we were looking for a programme that would broaden our students' opportunities and prepare them for their lives as truly global citizens--the IB was, and still is, the only curriculum that does ...
"He was a global figure who saw himself as a world citizen," said Lewis V. Baldwin, professor of religious studies emeritus at Vanderbilt University. "He spoke as a citizen of the world. He called upon Americans to be concerned and conscious of other world citizens. He said, 'whatever effects one directly, ...
... week you ate a salad for lunch every day. In 2018, we're going to become better citizens: people who are aware of their impact on the planet, politics, and other citizens and who put their awareness to good use. Sound too daunting? Here are seven low cost, low effort ways to be a better world citizen without even trying.
With Brexit looming ever closer, a new spot from HSBC U.K. reassures Brits that they still have a place in the global community. The film, by JWT London, celebrates cosmopolitan character of everyday life in the U.K. and introduces a playful twist on HSBC's new global tagline, "Together We Thrive.".
AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) - A global protest to expose alleged corruption in Family Court is taking place on Wednesday. "global citizens Arrest Day" is organized by the National Coalition Family Court and Punished 4 Protecting Advocacy Network Group. On Wednesday people will peacefully protest ...

HSBC has been trying to become something other than "the world's local bank" for years now, partly because it no longer is, having pulled out of a number of countries. But it was still a good line for the bank, once the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking corporation. Now, in a new campaign from JWT ...
Experiencing other cultures helps students become global citizens: Matthew Grimes (Opinion). Posted December 29, 2017 at 11:34 AM. This file photo is of the Campus International school at Cleveland State University. Today, guest columnist Matthew Grimes, a Spanish teacher at the school, writes about the importance of ...
From LVJUSD:students in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified school District (LVJUSD) have the opportunity to graduate from high school with a diploma that carries international recognition. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Granada High School engages students in a robust ...
In The internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw war Remade the World, these authors insist on the power of ideas. Critically important was the way nations thought about war. An "old world order" that accommodated aggressive war gave way to a "New World Order" that effectively outlawed ...
When was the last time the United States Congress declared war on anyone? Not this century - despite US forces seeing action in (among other places) Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia - nor any time in the second half of the last. Vietnam passed undeclared, so did Korea: those were extended military ...
A leading academic in international business studies from the University of Newcastle has received national recognition for his quality teaching and sustained dedication to improving student learning outcomes. Associate Professor Brendan Boyle last night received a 2017 Teaching Excellence Award from ...
"Just like global citizen, ONE Championship aims to inspire the people of the world to come together to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. Our ONE Championship Athletes embody the spirit of perseverance and many have risen through poverty through martial arts, inspiring millions of people ...
Wassim "Sal" Slaiby, CEO of SAL&CO/Maverick and XO Records, has announced he is joining global citizen's advisory board. Under the new position, he will help provide guidance to the international advocacy organization's leadership team around the movement's mission to end extreme poverty by ...
ONE Championshi (ONE), recently held an athlete outreach activity that saw ONE Championship Athletes visit youth living in metropolitan Manila. global citizen Ambassadors Angela Lee, Brandon Vera, and Eduard Folayang, in conjunction with Young Focus, spent time with children from Smokey Mountain Area, while ...
French Montana can now add global citizen Ambassador to his already stacked resume for his incredible efforts in Uganda. The "Unforgettable" rapper received the honor at a ceremony in NYC Friday night. French filmed the music video for his 2017 hit with Swae Lee in Uganda where he witnessed the ...
24), Usher joined global citizen as a guest of honor at the World Economic Forum to pay tribute to South African leader and activist, Nelson Mandela. The intimate dinner, held in Davos, Switzerland, was a centenary celebration of the late Mandela -- who inspired international advocacy organization Global ...
Interviews conducted over the past ten months with over 20 students, former YIRPA members, and administrators paint a picture of how the overlap in leadership allowed The global citizen, a private company set up by YIRPA's founders, to benefit from YIRPA's access to Yale-NUS's funding and facilities.
HSBC has launched its strapline 'Together We Thrive' with an ad starring The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade, who - ahead of Britain's departure from the European Union - revels in the influence that countries such as India, Colombia, Denmark, Germany and Taiwan have had on life in Blighty. Devised by J Walter Thompson ...
Across the Web, and the World, citizen scientists Help Track Animal Migrations. Thousands of armchair wildlife trackers are helping scientists to trace the movements of animals in real time. Are there downsides to this? 01.03.2018 / By Wendy Glauser · Join the Discussion. Share. Click to share on facebook (Opens in new ...
Academician Kane Smith from Virginia Commonwealth University, USA giving keynote address said that "the 21st century education is like making the learners as 'global citizens' those who can solve global problems. We need to learn cross-country cultures by travelling and seeing the world first hand".
Msaka disclosed this at Domasi teacher Training College in Zomba on Monday during the start of a week-long trainer of trainers workshop on global citizen education. "The global citizenship education is a program that we're now introducing in addition to what we have traditionally been teaching," said the ...
A. The fit with global citizen has been very natural -- they are a leader when it comes to addressing the world's biggest issues. Their approach focuses on empowering a global community to take concrete actions towards important topics. The Aldo x global citizen "Give Back, Move Forward" campaign ...
Moscow/Dubai -- Even half-naked on Tinder, where he just popped up, Pavel Durov loves to play hard to get. "Not looking for anything serious or not serious here," the Russian privacy crusader warns potential dates in Dubai, where he's finally trying to settle down after roaming the globe for three years.
The internationalist students' Front, a roughly 20-member student group that launched on campus two weeks ago, aims to oppose nationalism across the world and contest popular narratives about U.S. foreign policy, members of the organization said. Group members said the organization will host ...
The Iowa Council for Social Studies honored the Stanley Foundation for their work to promote social studies. The Friend of education Award from the council is designed to recognize organizations or individuals who advocate and provide resources for social studies in the State of Iowa. Keith Porter, the ...
Vital scientific information about whale shark behavior, biology and ecology is being uncovered by an unlikely source - ecotourists and other citizens. Thanks to modern advancements in technology and the burgeoning field of "citizen science," new information about gregarious and mysterious whale sharks ...
"The world is changing ,and there is a new economic power shift driven by a new generation of global citizens," said Hikmet Ersek, CEO of Western Union. "They are shaping the future and inspiring others to do the same. They are redefining globalisation to one of 'personal globalisation', where the pursuit ...
Oona and Scott's point in The internationalists isn't that Kellogg-Briand ended war, but that it ushered in a new legal order in which war is no longer a legitimate tool for righting wrongs, imposing a restraint on leaders contemplating war. They're well aware that the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 ...
St. Kitts and Nevis has been prized the "World's Most Innovative Investment Immigration Programme" for its Citizenship by Investment Programme at the Russian global citizen Awards Ceremony. The awards ceremony is an annual event recognising the best governments, companies and individuals who ...
On Monday (Nov. 13), global citizen -- a social action platform dedicated to solving the world's biggest problems -- released a Taylor Swift parody video for a cause. Bringing awareness to one of the most pressing issues in global development, the "Look What You Made Me Do" spoof draws attention to ...
They live in their "global-citizen bubble" and value autonomy and mobility over local and national attachments, community and belonging.
education grounded in human rights, democratic principles and an ethics of care is vital to fostering students as global citizens, which is an ...
The socially conscious non-profit global citizen Festival has joined forces with M5 Showroom to launch a limited-edition Nike Air Force 1, set ...
Editor's Notes: global citizen, an international advocacy organization dedicated to mobilizing citizens around the world to take action and end ...
On this basis, the idealists of the inter-war period should be rehabilitated as far-sighted internationalists who laid the foundations for an ...
He is a global citizen," a police officer laughed Thursday. An NIA officer, who has questioned Hamza several times, added: "He may be the only ...
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney presented the global citizen Award on behalf of the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia Oct.
Stevie Wonder opened his set at the global citizen Festival on Saturday by kneeling beside his son Kwame Morris, leading the crowd in a ...


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