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updated Fri. February 2, 2024

SEOUL, March 13 (Yonhap) -- South Korean and Japanese civic activists vowed solidarity to maintain Japan's pacifist constitution and peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday. In a joint declaration adopted at their meeting in Seoul, they welcomed the recent agreements on inter-Korean and ...
I would walk in solidarity with the Parkland students. I would walk to call attention to the gun violence they live with that the world chooses not to see. Activism is complicated. It is imperfect and infuriating. It is unequal and unfair. But still, I would walk. Because despite all the talk these days about whether ...

Taylor is working with Clinton and students at Ashley Ridge, Summerville, Academic Magnet, West Ashley, Wando, Johns Island and other local high schools to organize a "March for Our Lives" sister march at Riverfront Park in North Charleston on March 24 in solidarity with protesters who will flood the ...
She said the system did not work for McFadden. “How do we ensure that what happened to Kenne never happens to anyone?” Smith said, adding, “When the system fails, as it did last week, we need to speak out.” Later tonight, there will be a rally and march “in solidarity and support of justice for Kenne.”.
Buffalo parent and anti-violence activists are showing solidarity with students who plan to walk out Wednesday as a demonstration in support of gun-violence prevention. Leaders from several local groups – including the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization, the District Parent Coordinating Council and ...
As part of the 14th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), Equal Education (EE) reaffirms solidarity with the people of Palestine in their struggle for ... Last year, EE activists hosted young Palestinian activists to learn about the experiences of living under occupation, and to build EE's solidarity with the cause.

Juneau high schoolers will join students across the country by walking out of class Wednesday to protest inaction on gun violence in schools. Students from Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain high schools worked together to plan separate but related events for the one month anniversary of the ...
Impressed and inspired by the students' activism and perseverance, the Board of Aldermen invited organizers Anika Nayak and Amalia Hochman to City Hall ... Lance Davis said in light of the high school students' rallies, seventh graders at the John F. Kennedy School were jumping on board in solidarity.
“They try to sell the border wall as something that's just happening in this rural, isolated community, that it's not going to affect anyone,” says Gabriel Sanchez, 30, an activist from nearby Mission, Texas. “The truth is, it's going through historical landmarks, through people's homes, through communities in ...
Each year, Israeli Apartheid Week takes place across the world. It aims to raise awareness about Israel's ongoing settler-colonial project, Israel's apartheid policies, and to build support for the growing campaign of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. In Ireland, an Israeli military ...

How did the West Virginia teachers find solidarity with Trump voters? As Jay O'Neal, one of the leaders of the union, explained in a Jacobin interview, it wasn't rocket science: First of all, if we can do it, anybody can do it. It's not like we're a special group of activist teachers who have been studying for twenty ...
Thirty student activists from Cambridge Defend Education (CDE) have occupied Old Schools, which house the central University offices and office of the vice-chancellor. They plan to remain within the building for the entire night, before joining a rally tomorrow on King's Parade at 12:30. According to CDE ...
This year come celebrate St. Patrick's Day by learning about the ongoing struggle to end the British occupation of Ireland's northern six counties, the current situation of Irish Republican Political prisoners, and the work of Irish activists in occupied Turtle Island to build solidarity with other struggles for liberation. This event will ...
Asian activists, we can do better ... For me, realizing such exclusion began with the gradual exposure to Asian-American activism—at home, a relatively rare phenomenon, even if we were ... On campus, the Asian American Alliance denounced the Peter Liang protests, standing in solidarity with Akai Gurley.
Rana Nazzal is a Palestinian-Canadian activist, artist, and facilitator. She is immersed in community organizing both at home in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and on Algonquin Anishnaabeg land in Canada. She served intermittently with the International Solidarity Movement between 2011 and 2016 ...
Many activists stood in solidarity with other groups to advocate for similar rights. Richard Aoki was one of the founding members of the Black Panther party, a black revolutionary party created to protect black neighborhoods from police brutality. Yuri Kochiyama was a civil rights activist and friend of Malcolm ...
Tech Workers Coalition, an organization that consists of labor organizers and tech employees, is asking Recode to change the location of its annual Code Conference this May. The coalition wants the conference to show its solidarity with Sandra Pezqueda, a low-wage worker who said she was sexually ...
At the height of his comeback, Brando opted to decline his second Oscar and stand in solidarity with the American Indian Movement activists at Wounded Knee. In a statement released the day following the ceremony, Brando reiterated, “The motion picture community has been as responsible as any for ...
The goal, according to the protest's media liaison, senior Serena Zets, was to “express solidarity with the students in Parkland and show [gun violence] ... This story was produced for Student Nation, a section devoted to highlighting campus activism and student movements from students in their own words.
A booze battle is brewing between B.C. and Alberta after the premier of Alberta announced a boycott of all B.C. wine. And now with Justin Trudeau's weighing in on the dispute , when will there be a resolution? Jordan Armstrong reports.


Have you ever wanted to bang a nail and didnt have a hammer? What did you do? Maybe you looked in the garden shed or popped down to the DIY.

If you live in the countryside in Africa, you might have to think of something else. Theres nothing in the garden shed except a bush knife and a hoe. The market might be a days walk away and a hammer costs two weeks wages.

Tools for Self Reliance is doing something about this. Today, hundreds of TFSR volunteers in Britain collect, refurbish, and ship tools and sewing machines to six countries in Africa.

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