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updated Mon. May 2, 2022

Dovid Katz, a Jewish scholar of Yiddish and a historian with Lithuanian ancestry, called the museum “a 21st-century version of Holocaust denial.” Mr. Katz, an American who lives in Vilnius, edits the Defending History website, devoted to challenging what he sees as Lithuania's revisionist approach to the ...
When I worked at Google, I was proud to promote one of the company's innovative products. It wasn't the tech giant's magical search engine. Nor was it its efficient Android mobile phone operating system or its crystal clear Hangout video calls. It was the Google Transparency Report. The report, the first of ...

Le Pen has ousted her father, the party's founder, from the movement over his repeated anti-Semitic comments and Holocaust revisionism. But she also said last year that “France is not responsible” for the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to be murdered by the Nazis by the collaborationist pro-Nazi ...
Kassow described the law as an attempt to regain control of a revisionist historical narrative, which has been the norm for most of Poland's modern history. Whereas the German population quickly came to terms with the crimes of World War II, Poland was subsequently occupied by the Soviet Union, and ...
A self-confessed Holocaust revisionist described the Shoah as a “weapon to provoke guilt in white Europeans”, as her trial for broadcasting antisemitic material resumed on Wednesday. Alison Chabloz, of Charlesworth, near Glossop, Derbyshire, faces five charges related to songs alleged to have been ...
MOL organizers denounce new Polish law that outlaws linking Poland to Holocaust crimes, but the group still plans to send 12,000 Jewish youth to visit the Auschwitz death camp on Holocaust Remembrance Day. By Steve Leibowitz. The International March of the Living has brought more than 250,000 ...

Morawiecki's troubles began during a panel on Saturday at the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany, when he was questioned about Poland's controversial Holocaust complicity bill. The measure seeks to punish people for suggesting that Poland collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.
Polish President Andrzej Duda recently signed a law that would ban people from using terms like “Polish death camps”or blaming the Polish nation for complicity in the Holocaust. While Auschwitz and other death camps in Poland were obviously built and operated by the Nazis, the law is still extremely ...
... appointee to the foundation's board. After the AfD won seats in October following regional elections, Wagner proposed changing the law. Holocaust survivors also expressed their alarm at the prospect of politicians affiliated with Holocaust deniers having any involvement in the Bergen-Belsen memorial.
A monument commemorating the pogrom of Jews in the village of Jedwabne, Poland, is found vandalized on September 01, 2011. Unknown offenders devastated the stones fence of the monument. The fence marks the site of the former barn, where in 1941, at least 340 Jews where murdered. The Polish ...
Most of my mother's Polish relatives died or were killed before and during the Holocaust. I have letters they wrote to my grandparents in America in the 1930s describing some of the horrors they suffered in the years before the Nazis invaded Poland in 1939. Anti-semitism was rampant and included beatings ...
In the wake of marking United Nations Holocaust Remembrance day on January 27 – the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp – these are just some recent examples of a rising tide of dangerous revisionism sweeping the Holocaust's blood-stained lands. Nationalist politicians and ...
The Polish Senate approved a new law which makes it illegal to assign responsibility to Poles or to Poland for the crimes of the Holocaust and the second World War. The term "Polish death camp," for instance, is now forbidden. Although the law stipulates that such restrictions only apply when they are not ...
"The further we get away from the events, I think there's the greater possibility of Holocaust revisionism … When the German government takes responsibility and acknowledges the event, then it makes it a lot harder to refute it." The Claims Conference, which represents Holocaust victims in negotiations for ...
Perhaps not surprisingly then, while focusing its killing machine largely against Polish civilians, the UPA also frequently hunted down the few surviving Jews still alive in western Ukraine in 1943–1944. In sum, the office of Ukraine's head of state is peddling Holocaust revisionism—something we should all ...
The passage of the law, which Duda has 21 days to decide whether to sign, was met with outrage from political leaders in Israel, who denounced it as Holocaust denial. Washington also voiced displeasure with the law, with State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert saying the U.S. was “concerned ...
What I find more surprising than the act itself is the blatant and unapologetic magnitude of this officially authorized perpetration of historical revisionism, something usually undertaken in a somewhat less official manner. While mislabeling “Polish Concentration Camps” needs urgent correction as “Nazi or ...

The events at Deir Yassin were an outlier — if they even happened in the first place. The Nakba Law is the natural result of a process that began long ago. Moreover, the state's use of the Holocaust is no worse than Holocaust denial. The Holocaust has turned into a political tool to be used against anyone ...
Close-up of a photograph of Anne Frank, part of the exhibit 'Monument of Good Deeds: Dreams and Hopes of Children During the Holocaust,' which was held .... “We can build up awareness against forgetting, denial, historical revisionism, relativization of crimes and the return of stereotypes that fuel hatred.
Breaking that silence is imperative, especially given the current global rise of anti-Semitism and the disturbing correlation between Holocaust revisionism and violence against living Jews. American Jews are already waking up to Holocaust denial on social media and vandalism of Holocaust museums at ...
So now Ahed Tamimi is a 'terrorist-bimbo', and Geffen is a 'drunk' holocaust-revisionist, according to Lieberman and Regev. But there has to be a limit to cultural censorship in the 'only democracy', and even though Lieberman is Defense Minister, there are rules guaranteeing autonomy to the army radio.
London: Britain has banned a prominent American Holocaust denier from entering the United Kingdom, according to a copy of correspondence from the interior ministry. Mark Weber, director of the California-based Institute for Historical Review, has questioned the scale of the Holocaust, in which six million ...
Chabloz's web site describes her as a one-time classroom music teacher, choir conductor and local newspaper editor, as well as “a fierce anti-Zionist campaigner for freedom of expression and, in particular, Holocaust revisionism.” According to her blog, the charges have led to a drop off in her ...
A blogger and self-proclaimed 'Holocaust revisionist' mocked Anne Frank in an anti-Semitic song she performed and put online, a court has heard. Alison Chabloz's song (((Survivors))) received applause from some in the packed public gallery as it was played at the opening of her trial – prompting District ...
A self-proclaimed "Holocaust revisionist" mocked Anne Frank and Auschwitz survivors in songs described as "expressions of anti-Semetic hatred", a court heard. Alison Chabloz, 53, faces five charges related to three songs which are "grossly offensive", the prosecution said. A video of her performing a song ...
A third song, 'I Like The Story As It Is,' describes the Holocaust as a “damn fine tale,” and was uploaded to YouTube in September 2017. Karen Robinson, prosecuting, said this was “an extraordinarily offensive description of perhaps the most traumatic event in Jewish history.” She said the songs “are ...
A blogger and self-confessed "Holocaust revisionist" is on trial accused of broadcasting "grossly offensive" anti-Semitic songs on the internet. Alison Chabloz, 53, from Derbyshire, wrote and performed three songs about Jewish people persecuted by the Nazis, including the young diarist Anne Frank.
The Toronto-based, non-profit human rights organization, which is committed to countering racism and anti-Semitism, commended German police for the arrest. "Holocaust denial and revisionism continue to prevail across social media platforms in Canada and across the globe," Avi Benlolo, chief executive ...
From Israel's perspective, the problem is how to appear sufficiently upset in order to maintain the self-declared Jewish state's self-appointed role as the guardian of the memory of the millions murdered. It's an awkward balancing act since in the 21st century, anti-Semites and even some Holocaust deniers ...
Daniels, a frequent target of the far-right online who has criticized ultranationalism in Poland and Holocaust denial, has denied this, adding his ...
9 (“Lessons of the Nazi Holocaust”), correctly reminds us of the ... been,” and might as well rename Yom HaShoah “Holocaust Revisionism Day.
... the monograph referred to by Fingerhut, a shockingly anti-Semitic pamphlet containing the work of a noted Holocaust denier, was published, ...
It is imperative to avoid historical half-truths today, when neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and right-wing nationalists feel empowered to march on ...
The claim that the wartime rescue of nearly 50 000 Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust was the result of Soviet, not Bulgarian, efforts is factually ...
The Congress is currently engaged in an international campaign against Holocaust revisionism and the downplaying of the crimes that were ...
He has allied himself in the past with Holocaust deniers, terrorists, purveyors of blood libel, and Sept. 11 revisionists. Whereas previous Labour ...
In was only a matter of time before incidents of historical revisionism ... to Holocaust revisionism in Croatia and the attempts to rehabilitate the ...
The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) defines Holocaust revisionism as attempts to minimize, distort, or deny the historical ...
So while he wasn't inviting Holocaust deniers directly, and while he wasn't inviting the Zionists or Nazis, he was throwing out raw meat for the ...
Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic at the 2017 Munich Security Conference, Feb. 18, 2017. (Johannes Simon Pool / Getty Images).
While Holocaust revisionism is banned in some countries, communist ... The widespread denial of communism's death toll enables the West to ...
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum describes Jasenovac as follows: ... This level of denial of everything that happened in Croatia in WWII is ...
But the Polish historical body, the Institute of National Remembrance, says the official, Arkadiusz Wingert, is not a Holocaust denier himself so ...
Zundel's father was Ernst Zundel, a Holocaust denier who lived in Canada for decades before being deported to Germany to face prosecution.
The deputy leader of the Labour party has said the party will investigate how a fringe event asking whether the Holocaust happened was ...
Current Affairs even compared Gilley's treatment of the topic to Holocaust denial. But the resigning editorial board members focused their ...
Fernando is a co-founder of Australian alt-right website The Unshackled. He is a member of a Facebook group called 'Holocaust Revisionism' ...
The 3-D hologram of Holocaust survivor Aaron Elster answered: "I never ... And there are revisionists that say that it never happened. That it's ...
The emotions over Auschwitz were intense, even more so with the rise of Holocaust Denial. I met Holocaust Denier, David Irving, when he ...
(JTA) — Ursula Haverbeck, a well-known historical revisionist and neo-Nazi was again convicted of Holocaust denial. Haverbeck, 88, was convicted on a Berlin ...



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