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updated Sat. June 8, 2024

Louisiana lawmakers could kill anti-bestiality bill in order to preserve anti-gay sodomy laws. Opponents of bill insist law should remain as is, because it's an expression of the state's "community morals". By John Riley on April 27, 2018 @JohnAndresRiley. speaker icon. Slowest, Slow, Average, Default, Fast, Very Fast ...
The arrest was reportedly made for an alleged violation of Section 156 of the Penal Code (indecent practices between males) rather than under the country's main anti-gay law, Section 153 (carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature). Those laws are facing a constitutional challenge in ...

One of three men charged in November 2016 with committing an anti-gay aggravated assault in the city's U Street, N.W. entertainment district pleaded guilty to a lower charge in D.C. Superior Court on April 20 as part of a plea bargain deal offered by prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's Office. A police ...
LGBTQ WATCH--In 2011, the U.S. secretary of state made history when she declared at a United Nations assembly in Geneva that “gay rights are human rights”: Facebook Twitter Google+ Share. Like being a woman, like being a racial, religious, tribal or ethnic minority, being LGBT does not make you less ...
“One large cheese pizza with bacon bits and extra bigotry, please.” That's an order they would have readily understood at Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. Three years ago, the South Bend Tribune reminds us, … the shop became embroiled in the national debate over religious and civil rights and ...
A pastor's Facebook upbraiding of Billings Catholic Schools and the associated Billings Catholic Schools Foundation for including a same-sex couple on a fundraiser planning team sparked an uproar in the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Montana, and attracted national media attention. Fr. Ryan Erlenbush ...

Back in December, after a series of homophobic posts on her defunct, decade-old blog resurfaced on social media, the MSNBC host Joy Reid apologized for them. But this week, when Ms. Reid was confronted with a new batch of homophobic writings from that same period, she said she had been the victim ...
When British prime minister Theresa May, who'd been pushed hard by activists in her country, apologized to the citizens of Commonwealth nations last week for inflicting dreaded anti-gay laws upon them it was momentous. Historic even. “I am all too aware that these laws were often put in place by my own ...
About half of the world's remaining laws against gay sex were originally imposed by the British on their colonies. It's a shameful situation, especially since this week's London gathering of leaders of former British colonies will rarely touch on LGBT rights. Map shows members of the Commonwealth of ...
D.C. police are seeking help from the public in identifying three male suspects who reportedly assaulted two gay men early Sunday morning while shouting anti-gay slurs in the heart of the city's U Street, N.W. entertainment district. A police statement says officers from the Third Police District responded to ...
In a notice posted on Friday, Weibo said it would be "cleaning up"content on the Twitter-like platform "in order to further create a healthy and harmonious community environment." Among the targets of the campaign were "cartoons and short video content that are pornographic, promote bloody violence, ...
Theresa May has been urged to apologise for Britain's historical legacy of anti-gay laws across the Commonwealth as leaders of the 53 member states gather for a summit in London on Monday. Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell argued that the government should help address colonial-era legislation ...
Broadway veteran Shoshana Bean has released an acoustic cover of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Celebrated dancer-choreographer Travis Wall conceived, produced, directed, and choreographed the inspirational new music video.
Kansas' Department of Children and Families has announced its support for legislation that would allow adoption and foster care agencies to refuse to place children with prospective parents, including same-sex couples, based on religious objections. The legislation, which is being pushed in both the ...
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has given its backing to a controversial bill that human rights advocates warn could be used to discriminate against same-sex couples, single parents and unmarried couples. A group of 22 Republican senators, led by Mike Lee of Utah and ...
Jamaican police escort alleged homosexuals to safety, removing them from a house besieged by an anti-gay mob in 2013. (Photo courtesy of What are your strategies for solving those problems? Railing against the fact that not everyone in Jamaica is heterosexual solves these ...
The governor of Illinois has reaffirmed his endorsement of the Illinois Attorney General candidate who allegedly claimed child abusers make better parents than gay people. A former Miss America beauty contest winner, Republican candidate Erika Harold is alleged to have made the comments at a 2000 ...

(CHICAGO) The Republican front-runner for Illinois Attorney General is under fire for allegedly making anti gay comments. NBC 5 reports that when Erika Harold ran for Miss Illinois in the year 2000, pageant interviewers asked her if it would be better to place a child in foster care with a loving gay couple, ...
Trump appoints anti-gay Pompeo to head State Dept. Trump unceremoniously fires Rex Tillerson and announces anti-LGBTQ CIA chief Pompeo as his replacement. By John Riley on March 13, 2018 @JohnAndresRiley. speaker icon. Slowest, Slow, Average, Default, Fast, Very Fast, Fastest. ShareTweetSubscribe.
2 leader if Republicans are anti-gay and which ones. “Yes. I don't want to say for sure,” Duff said. Boughton, the longtime Danbury mayor, said Duff crossed the line with his comments. "There is no place in Connecticut for the bigoted remarks made by Sen. Bob Duff on 'Face the State,' “ Boughton said ...
The chanting and singing from the more than 100 supporters for the LGBTQ+ community drowned out the hateful cries of the anti-gay protestors outside of John Burroughs School early Monday morning. “The other protestors only had about 20 people,” said Alayah Lipnick, a sophomore at Whitfield High ...
Erika Harold is seeking the Republican nomination for Illinois attorney general, but new comments have surfaced revealing antipathy for the LGBTQ community. Harold was crowned 2003's Miss America, but it was at a Miss Illinois pageant in 2000 when she was asked about same-sex adoption. Harold's ...
Dannel Malloy's nomination of Andrew McDonald as chief justice of the state supreme court because he is gay. “I think many of them don't like the fact that he is gay,” Duff said in an interview on this Sunday's edition of Face the State. When asked if he thinks they are “anti-gay,” he replied “yes.” Tune in to ...
When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Republicans in Congress were very optimistic this would mean they could finally pass a bill legalizing discrimination against same-sex couples. This week, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) followed through, reintroducing the so-called “First Amendment Defense ...
Keeping same-sex couples from marrying is apparently more important than protecting children from abuse. Zack Ford Twitter Mar 8, 2018, 4:24 pm. SHARE; Facebook · Twitter · Email · SMS · WhatsApp. Share. CREDIT: DustyPixel via GettyImages. Tennessee lawmakers trying to protect minors from child marriage have ...
Yelling anti-gay slurs during an argument with bartenders and showing a pistol in the Ruby Deluxe bar downtown preceded the arrest of a Zebulon man a short way from the bar, police said. Grayson Wade Pittman, 27, was arrested early Tuesday morning a few doors from the bar at 415 S. Salisbury St.
A group of 22 Republican U.S. senators has reintroduced the First Amendment Defense Act, a bill that would potentially allow people to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals or same-sex couples under the guise of “religious freedom,” reports The Hill. The bill would insulate any individual who holds “a ...
The battle against anti-gay bigotry is far from won, but the trend is clear. All over the country, the notion that gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are second-class citizens who can be legally discriminated against is giving way to a recognition that liberty and freedom cannot be denied on the basis of ...
An anti-gay church has married dozens of straight couples toting deadly assault rifles, in a protest over gun control. The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, from Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, held a mass ceremony to marry the couples and encouraged them to bring their weapons with them. .
His resignation followed swift criticism from members of the country music community who took issue with his anti-gay and pro-gun views. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee speaks to guests gathered at the Point of Grace Church on April 25, 2015 in Waukee, Iowa. Scott Olson / Getty Images.
A 20-year-old Texas man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to taking part in hate crimes that targeted gay men. Chancler Encalade, Jr., of Frisco, was part of a group of four men who were charged with assaulting several gay men in a series of home invasions. The men ...
The bill would classify attempts to change a minor's sexual orientation as “unprofessional conduct” for health care providers. All the House Democrats voted in favor of the bill, along with twelve Republicans. The bill has already passed in the Senate, but it has to go back there for concurrence. Supporters ...
If two men can now wed, can I marry my computer? the latter asked. The Dallas judge, who was not amused, knew this was "not their 'first rodeo.'" So in an emphatic ruling last month, he told them no. But the self-described "objectophile" seeking a wedding with his laptop was nevertheless undeterred, ...
Once again, the religious right is using faith as a rationale to impose policy on the masses. This time, the Georgia Senate has overwhelmingly passed legislation to make it legal for adoption agencies receiving taxpayer funding to refuse to work with same-sex couples on the grounds of religious liberty.
In a move that could have broad national effects on gay rights in the workplace, the Second Circuit ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, deciding in favor of the estate of a deceased skydiving instructor who was allegedly fired for telling a client he was ...
If a non-political person came to the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center last week, they could be easily forgiven if for being confused about the Republican Party that presented itself at last week's meeting of the conservative minds. For one thing ...
The right-wing legal firm Liberty Counsel is raising money through the sale of a new memoir by its tried-and-true cash cow, anti-gay activist Kim Davis. Davis, the controversial Rowan County Clerk, has released Under God's Authority: The Kim Davis Story, a book co-authored by John Aman and Mat Staver ...
TV showrunners and actors are threatening to boycott production in Georgia over the state's proposed anti-gay adoption bill. The bill, which has been sent to Georgia's House of Representatives, would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place children with gay and lesbian couples if it goes against their ...
The anti-gay Christian county clerk from Kentucky will soon release her new book Under God's Authority with insights into her four marriages how to live your life as a good Christian. Liberty Counsel announced the news: … This true story goes behind the scenes to reveal how God gave this unlikely ...
The Georgia State Senate has passed a bill allowing adoption and foster care agencies in the state to continue to receive taxpayer money, even if they discriminate against a host of prospective parents, particularly LGBTQ people and same-sex couples. The Senate passed the legislation, sending it to the ...
The case is a win for gay rights and a loss for the Trump administration. Pema LevyFeb. 26, 2018 12:18 PM. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Email; Print. People demonstrate outside the United States Supreme Court on the morning of oral arguments in a major LGBT discrimination case in December 2017.
A three-minute campaign ad encouraging Russians to vote in the presidential elections next month plays to deep-seated homophobia among the Russian populace by offering a vision of a dystopian future where a law has been passed forcing Russians to host a “gay homestay” for a week, reports The ...
Oh Look, Another One Of Trump's Court Picks Is Really Anti-Gay. Gordon Giampietro said in 2015 that marriage equality is “an assault on nature” and “against God's plan.” By Jennifer Bendery. Carlo Allegri / Reuters. Here's Donald Trump pretending he would be an ally to the LGBTQ community when he ...
Florida police are looking for four men who allegedly hurled racial epithets at two gay men before beating them and a good Samaritan outside a public restroom during the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade. The incident occurred at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday as the alleged victims exited the public park restroom ...
Updated | The first Bible study group held for the U.S. Cabinet in at least 100 years is led by a pastor who believes homosexuality is "illegitimate," who doesn't believe women should preach and has described Catholicism as a "false" religion. Ten members of the Cabinet, including Vice President Mike ...
LGBTQ groups are demanding that the Senate reject President Trump's nomination of Gordon Giampietro to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin over comments he made disparaging same-sex marriage and adoption. In a letter sent to U.S. senators on Wednesday, a coalition of more ...
Writing about Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is a delicate dance for someone who believes in punching up, not down. Yes, she uses her platform to punish and shame gay people, all while playing the victim, but she would have faded into oblivion by now — a sad, superstitious, mediocre oblivion — if she ...
A Charlotte City Council member is receiving blowback from a tweet in which she asked about outing an anti-gay politician if he uses online apps like Grindr to hook up or send explicit photos of himself to other users. On Sunday, LaWana Mayfield tweeted: “Question for You all. When candidates and those ...
The battle against anti-gay bigotry is far from won, but the trend is clear. All over the country, the notion that gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are second-class citizens who can be legally discriminated against is giving way to a recognition that liberty and freedom cannot be denied on the basis of ...
The state's Senate has passed a bill that would allow adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples the ability to adopt children. A top showrunner is calling for a boycott on filming in Georgia if a bill making it legal to deny same-sex couples from adopting children becomes a law. According to LGBTQ Nation ...


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