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updated Thu. January 6, 2022

You Are Here Labs recently announced that it has hired Cathy Hackl as “Futurist”. In her new role, Hackl will help explore modern technology trends in virtual reality, augmented reality. The company added she will explore how emerging technologies can positively affect brands as well as businesses.
This year, KWV celebrates 100 years of excellence. To mark this milestone, the brand has launched a nationwide competition called KWV Brandy Reimagined to showcase the drink's versatility. In recognition of its proudest supporters, KWV Brandy has identified top mixologists to “shake, stir and swirl” KWV ...

GENEVA — One day last October, during the morning talk show on Swiss state broadcaster RTS, still groggy viewers were brutally awakened by a sentence dropped live on-air: “Schools train children who will be decimated by artificial intelligence.” The voice that dragged them out of their reverie belonged ...
While she was shooting “The Exorcist” in 1972, Ellen Burstyn ventured to Carnegie Hall to hear the futurist Buckminster Fuller speak. Transfixed by his encyclopedic knowledge and perspective on what he christened “Spaceship Earth,” she later wrangled a meeting with Fuller at a Howard Johnson's during ...
Tom Cheesewright is an applied futurist who works with organisations, brands and industries to help them see what's coming and respond to fast-moving technological change. His fascination with the future started when his mum picked up a second-hand copy of the 1979 Usborne Book of the Future.
Why is futurist Amy Webb feeling not so great about the next 20 years? On Wednesday, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation launched "Future of Information: Media, Technology and Democracy," a yearlong event series on the future of ...

According to a report on CNBC, the APAC region is home to 60% of the world's Millennials, whose purchasing power is always increasing. But it's increasingly hard for brands to reach them. To grow, brands need to win their hearts and minds. But that's easier said than done. Since Millennials have grown up with instant ...
These days, whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, I always respond with a proud “marketing” and proceed to rave about why I love what I do. No, marketing is not about “fluff” (I still get that a lot). The common misconception is that all marketers do is churn out frilly, nice-to-have advertisements and fun marketing ...
If autonomous cars are to become the norm in the future, car parks could look a whole lot more compact, which will be a major boon to city planners. Parking your car is not only frustrating for the driver when there are limited spaces, but it causes headaches for city planners who have to account for ...
Martin Ford is a futurist and the author of the New York Times bestselling “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future” (winner of the 2015 Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award) and “The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the ...
St. Joseph's future was the featured entree Wednesday morning at a chamber of commerce breakfast that introduced a new initiative meant to guide overall civic growth. Rebecca Ryan, a self-proclaimed "futurist" and economist with Next Generation Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin, highlighted the St.
SwimSwam's #1 recruit for the class of 2018 and Cal Berkley commit Reece Whitley has been named to the 2018 Young Futurists list by The Root staff. The list is comprised of 25 African-American influencers, ages 15 and 22, that are “brilliant and inspirational leaders who are already charting their own ...
Rebecca Ryan, a futurist and economist from Madison, Wisconsin, speaks Wednesday morning at the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce 2018 Chairman's Breakfast at Missouri Western State University. Ray Scherer|News-Press Now. Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. St. Joseph's future was the ...
Equal parts theoretical physicist, futurist, and popular science communicator, Kaku studies cutting-edge science and technology in order to understand the future. A graduate of Harvard University and Berkeley, Kaku has spent 25 years as a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York.
The words emergence and emergency do not normally go together. But then, there is nothing normal in the way e-commerce is transforming numerous industries. The enormity of what lies ahead gets accentuated by the fact that even today, e-commerce globally accounts for less than 10% (8.5% to be ...
Technology advancements, affordable smartphones, disruptive innovations and globalisation have changed the world tremendously compared to a decade ago. Every part of our life is now intertwined with an online reality. The overlapping of our real physical lives with our online social lives makes it more ...
Confronting a disruptive future, where new digital start-ups abruptly interrupt the industry with new business models, could spark new romances with your customers and sweep their feet off your books swiftly. When this happens, to win back customers, most companies break into big data and digital ...

“It's hard to think like a futurist,” she says. “Mayors are super focused on doing the best things that we can do for the people we represent now … the solutions that we come up with currently are data driven and they're based upon known quantities of things. It's really hard to think about five years down the ...
Strategy without tactic is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat,” wrote Sun Tzu in The Art of War. While there are many marketing tools and methods available for marketers to pick and choose befittingly, the fundamental of marketing still remains unchanged: ...
MANATEE COUNTY – “There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth,” mass media theorist Marshall McLuhan stated more than 50 years ago. “We are all crew.” For futurist author and lecturer David Houle, that quotation by the academician who coined the term “global village” and predicted the Internet ...
In 2014, an article by the Harvard Business Review titled “The Ultimate Marketing Machine” said that in the past decade, how marketers engage with customers has really changed beyond recognition. It said that “with the possible exception of information technology, we can't think of another discipline that has evolved so ...
Building brands has always been about our consumers – our who – and about understanding her better than she understands herself. The digital revolution continually raises the bar for compelling content – our what – and this is not surprising. I believe the brands that will win the future are those that innovatively connect ...
For the past three years, mayors from around the country have gathered in Austin, Texas, during SXSW for an exclusive, dedicated track called Civic I/O. The theme for this year's gathering is the mayor as futurist, or those who are equipped to plan for and act with a future orientation, and futurists were on ...
The future of marketing, especially in Malaysia, may seem like it is all about price and promotions. Marketers today are pressured to drive short-term gain and as such, react to market competitors rather than real consumers. But we need to understand that winning tomorrow should start with an obsession with our consumers ...
We talked to two leading futurists, who study and predict technology trends, about where they see cryptocurrency headed—and why you should pay ... “Cryptocurrency is very much here to stay,” said futurist and author Thomas Frey, noting that he's speaking to the Federal Reserve in September on the topic ...
We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in,” Craig Davis, former CCO at J. Walter Thompson, said. I heard this at a presentation in late 2015 and it's still top-of-mind for me today. It's a simple sentence, but it continually strikes at the core of how the science of marketing ...
In 1972, Alvin Tofler published his collection of essay called The Futurists. His twenty-two futurists included only one women, Margaret Mead. He even omitted his own wife, Heidi. She had co-authored much of his work throughout their married life but she was never credited. Years later, he conceded the ...
Writer and futurist Richard Watson may teach London business students and Silicon Valley tech companies how to think about crafting tools for tomorrow, but he's not even on Twitter. What's more, Watson doesn't really follow the news in any conventional way. He reads Sunday newspapers, in print, ...
While 30% of the global workforce is now reported to be pursuing freelance opportunities. The Malaysian freelancing economy has grown by 31% – making it the third largest freelancing market in the region. To understand the growing adoption of freelancing as a career, INTI International University ...
will become increasingly familiar with. M&A activity in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region has already seen a sharp increase and this poses a major challenge. As a marketer in the technology industry, M&As have played a significant role in my career. My first experience was when Symantec and ...
The world's leading futurists have descended on Australia for an international meeting to ponder all things technology. The three-day SingularityU summit will look at drones, self-driving cars, new tech and consider how society will adapt in the bold new world we're charging into. But what actually is a ...
Can we truly know what consumers will be like in 2030? We have witnessed how the past 15 years have evolved, largely driven by technology. History shows that there are always macroeconomic factors that contribute to the marketing evolution driven by evolving consumer sophistication. During the ...
Who in the pop world but Janelle Monae could pack dystopian Afro-Futurism, sleek runway style, action sequences, club hotness and tender love into thirty seconds? Today, a teaser-trailer for Monae's new album and "emotion picture," Dirty Computer, was released to the web and select theaters, to air ...
But in more recent years, the founder of the X Prize Foundation has become increasingly interested in helping humans live their healthiest, longest lives right here on Earth. He's far from the first Silicon Valley futurist to welcome middle age with a pivot toward lifespan extension tech—Sergey Brin and Larry ...
Looking into the future no longer means gazing into a crystal ball. Futurist Mary O'Hara-Devereaux forecasts what is coming in the years ahead through analyzing trends, emerging markets and the workplace. Using data and analytics, the international author and speaker provides forecasts for businesses, ...
Chapter One: That just happens to be my favourite find in Dublin, Ireland. A pit-stop before Dublin Airport that turned out to be a humbly wonderful place that served glorious lunch with sugary hints for dessert. Now when I think about it, be it Dublin, Ojai, Carmel, Wengen, Manama, good old Malacca and ...
The future of marketing communications for 2018 is a vibrant one. New technology is rapidly changing the way ideas are being played out in the advertising arena. In recent years, DOOH has been steadily taking over the traditional billboards, painting major cities with colourful and vibrant images that stand ...
At the World Government Summit in Dubai, futurist Ian Pearson asserted that humans and AI need to merge before the latter becomes "billions of times" smarter than the former. He adds to the growing list of experts, including Elon Musk and Sebastian Thrun, who believe a merger is the best way to ensure ...
No longer are sustainability practitioners and leaders the risk assessors and mitigators; they're the value creators, futurist, change agents and coalition builders ... Futurists: These people are the long-term thinkers who understand risk, but also see opportunities to create value, even in the face of complexity.
In this way, Naam's beliefs are aligned with those of futurist Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity University co-founder. Naam thinks it's the very human predilection to pay more attention to dramatic catastrophes than to slow, gradual improvements which leads many to believe the world is worse off than it is.
image from It's inadequate to call John Perry Barlow a product of the 1960's since he did so much to help shape it and the decades that followed. If being a lyricist for the Grateful Dead weren't enough, his "Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace", published 22 years ago this ...
The Shed, a wildly futurist forthcoming arts center in New York, isn't waiting until its official opening in the spring of next year to start presenting shows: From May 1-13, it will present “A Prelude to the Shed,” a free, 12-day multi-arts event on an undeveloped lot on 10th Avenue and 30th Street, near its ...
“I'm not going to stop until we've significantly affected the negative aspects of climate change, and solar power is the number-one source of electricity in the United States.” Through his work as chief development officer with IPS Solar in Roseville, Pasi is staying true to his word. His tireless commitment to ...
Faith Popcorn is a futurist with a documented 95% accuracy rate. A futurist is someone who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current events. Referred to as "The Trend Oracle" by The New York Times, Popcorn is also the best-selling author of The Popcorn Report and the upcoming ...
Futurists, who study and make predictions about technological and scientific innovations to come, are confident Amazon will play a significant role in ... “I actually think they're going to get into 3D-printed pharmaceuticals, hyper-individualized medication,” said futurist, speaker, and author Thomas Frey.
The Futurist is back - in one form or another - as workers lift into place the new facade that will adorn the site of the new Lime Street development on the site of the old Futurist Cinema in Liverpool. Photo by James Maloney (Image: Liverpool Echo). The first pieces of that timeline started going up yesterday ...
"You have to start thinking like a futurist," she said. "You have to look at trends. … What is the consumer going to want in 10 years? That's a big conversation. What will they want? As a Tier 2 [supplier], what can I start to develop that they're going to want when they don't even know what they want yet?
The final itinerary for IBTM Arabia 2018 has been unveiled by organizer Reed Travel Exhibitions. The keynote speaker for the event, which takes place Feb. 5-7 at Jumeirah at Etiad Towers in Abu Dhabi, is global futurist and author Rohit Talwar, who serves as CEO of the foresight firm Fast Future. He will ...
Indeed, many futurists shun the word "prediction." Instead they see their work as opening up multiple future possibilities, with a careful eye on event probability and possibility. Moreover, forecasters, like the rest of the human race, can be blindsided by what essayist and risk analyst Nicholas Taleb dubs ...
Mark is an inventor, writer and entrepreneur, with more than three decades experience in digital technology. He believes Facebook is constantly trying to shape the emotional state of its users, to make them happy to stay there longer. Mark says the world is increasingly being presented to us as we want to ...


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