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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

Its events have always been political, celebrating leftwing thinkers, and participating in pro-Palestinian marches, as well as writing controversial tweets and satirical articles, with highly personal attacks on Jewish communal figures - including the president of the Board of Deputies - and the Jewish press. political activists
When comedian and political activist Mark Thomas walked the length of the wall that Israel built along the West Bank of Palestine, the last thing he ... The show recounts how Mark went back to run a three-week comedy workshop, which culminated in the newly-trained Palestinian comedians putting on ... Palestinian refugees

Some of the detainees were taken into custody on the basis of an arrest warrant signed by a senior Palestinian official, usually the governor of a city. The report also found that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were continuing to harass Palestinian journalists and political activists because of their ...
OFER MILITARY PRISON, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian teenage protest icon Ahed Tamimi on Wednesday was sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping and kicking a pair of Israeli soldiers outside her West Bank home, capping a case that sparked uproar in Israel, turned the 17-year-old girl into ...
A Palestinian activist from 'Ara was given a six-day house arrest order by Israeli police on Monday, after her home was raided and searched. Maya Yones, a well-known political activist, was also banned from entering the West Bank or leaving the country. Israeli authorities justified the measures on ... police
On March 5, members of Students for Justice in Palestine gathered on the Quad and constructed a mock "apartheid wall" to represent the wall separating Israeli and Palestinian land. Members of Students for a Democratic Society also participated. "We want to highlight the daily struggles that ... protest

Mustafa Ibrahim, a Gaza-based political activist said that "the internal Palestinian reconciliation has turned into words only but not deeds on the ... with the recent declaration of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that it intends to convene the Palestinian National Council in May amid expectations ...
And then there's the perennial — and perennially unworthy — cause of “freeing” Palestine, for which there never is a shortage of credulous campus zealots ... president may not be the ideal spokesman for the rights of a Latin American country, at least in the eyes of the typical undergraduate political activist. Peace
Instructing political activists not to question Israel's legitimacy is a form of McCarthyism. States do not have an intrinsic right to exist – especially when they are established through the expulsion of an indigenous people or constituted in such a way that they privilege one ethnic group over another. Peace
Speculation on the Palestinian street even reached the point of considering whether Al-Dayeh was being charged with spying for Israel. Or, perhaps ... Several journalists and political activists have already been arrested or summoned for interrogation on suspicion of violating the new law. Consequently ... Peace
I support Israel AND Palestine”. ACTU secretary Sally McManus described Mr Casey's death as “an immense loss to the union movement”. Ms McManus said his work had laid the foundations for the Australian union movement's strong online campaigning culture. She singled out Mr Casey's roles in ... Peace
Undoubtedly there have been concerted efforts put towards silencing any views in opposition to the occupation of Palestine, not just on the part of right-wing ... I am spoken to by some elders within my own community, and told that I shouldn't have been so honest about my support for Palestinian liberation, ... Peace
Among the American organizations are the American Friends Service Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, National Students for Justice in Palestine, and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. Several individuals have reportedly been denied entry to Israel on ... Peace
“We live by the River Jordan, with Palestine relatively close by. ... Autostrad's decision to engage in a 2013 Palestinian tour, with stops in Golan Heights, Nazareth, Haifa, Ramallah and Jerusalem's Old City, caused controversy at home, with political activists, accusing the group of flouting the cultural boycott ... Peace
DRIVING THE CONVO -- Trump administration doubles down on Palestinian aid cutoff threat: Following President Trump's declaration that U.S. aid to the .... and headlined a rally where a political activist and musician who has questioned the Holocaust and promoted conspiracies about the September 11, ... Peace

The school is located in Area C, but close to Area B, in the West Bank, under Palestinian civil control, and entirely on privately owned land, Birgiah .... Orly Noy is a political activist who has worked in the past through frameworks like the Women's Coalition for Peace and the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow. Peace
Although it took until her third album for those ideas to creep into her music, Nadine has been protesting against the far-right for a lot longer. She was arrested around 12 years ago after crashing an English Defence League rally. "I was dating a political activist and he used to take me to demonstrations with ... Peace
Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki criticised the plan, blaming the United States for "giving the green light" to Israel to do "whatever it wants with Palestinian land". In December US president Donald Trump announced the US would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that caused ... Peace
He said the political activists considered the move as an “aggression on the Palestinian and Jordanian territorial integrity”. ... Political activist Hanadi Dweik of the Nationalist Movement Party (Al Haraka Al Qawmiyyah) said 2017 saw more youngsters taking part in protests to demand rights and boycott of ... Peace
Our local BDS group is made up of individuals from across Palestinian society and includes academics, university students, documentary film-makers, medical doctors and political activists from across the political spectrum. It is a branch of the Boycott National Committee (BNC), the broadest Palestinian civil society coalition ... Peace
Issa Kassissieh, the Palestinian Authority's ambassador to the Holy See, says Christians are well treated in Palestine. ... When this 10-bedroom hotel/museum (with rooms ranging from $60 to $265 a night) opened last Easter, its owner, the Bristol-based graffiti artist and political activist Banksy, said that it ... Peace
The Trump administration has presented these threats as a response to the Palestinian leadership's decision to reject continued American stewardship of the peace process. That decision was itself a response to ... Haggai Matar is an Israeli journalist and political activist. He is the executive director of “972 ... Peace
Tunisians protested at the opening of a Holocaust exhibition at the National Library in Tunis, tearing down posters and chanting slogans such as “Free Palestine, out with the Zionists.” Tunisian University Professor Habib Kazdaghli, the exhibition's organizer, said that the purpose of the exhibition was to ... Peace
Al-Dayeh is the latest victim of the Abbas's Electronic Crimes Law, which grants his security forces wide powers to clamp down on Facebook and Twitter users who dare to express their critical views of Palestinian leaders in public. Several journalists and political activists have already been arrested or ... Peace
But for many on the ground, the resolution approved by the UN General Assembly was nothing more than a symbolic act. "It's a pointless exercise," Amany Khalifa, a political activist in Jerusalem, told Al Jazeera. "The Palestinian Authority (PA) has to evaluate the whole diplomatic process of going to the UN. Peace
A new video in which soldiers beat a handcuffed Palestinian detainee poses a challenge to Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: will she call to investigate this ... system — which is supposed to be the most equal and unbiased mechanism — has been harnessed to persecute political activists and stifle dissent. Peace
Seif Ammus is a lawyer. He's also a rapper. And he's a political activist who has spent years advocating for peace, reproductive health and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Although his family is from Palestine and he calls it home, Ammus was born in the United States and moved to Saudi ... Peace
The video of her slapping an Israeli soldier went viral and she was hailed as a hero. We drove down to Nabi Salih to visit her family. Her father Bassem Tamimi who also has been a political activist and has suffered at the hands of the Israeli forces says he is 'a proud father'. But for him the tragedy is double. Peace
Despite a "few rough months mentally" after his own prison release, the political activist and journalist told Al Jazeera that his past helps him connect with ... 44, is today the co-executive director of Sikkuy - an Israel-based organisation that aims to promote equality and partnership between Palestinian and ... Peace
A number of high-profile entertainers, scholars, and civil rights icons signed on Monday a letter in support of Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel. American political activist and author Angela Davis said she doesn't only stand with Tamimi, but with the rest of the Palestinian ... Peace
Among the American organizations are the American Friends Service Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, National Students for Justice in Palestine, and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. Several individuals have reportedly been denied entry to Israel on ... Peace
When The Nation's owner, James Storrow, balked at giving the Fish-Navasky team a binding option while we raised money to buy the magazine, Alan joined the political activist and reformer Ralph Nader, the novelist E.L. Doctorow, and the progressive philanthropists W.H. and Carol Bernstein Ferry at a ... Peace
The current situation in Occupied Palestine has been well-documented elsewhere. The statistics show higher levels of Palestinian deaths, disabilities, home demolitions and poverty than at any other time since the dispossession of Palestinians in 1948. The international siege against the Palestinians of ... Peace
The Israeli soldier brings the Palestinian child to his wife a Holocaust ... She considers herself a poet first and foremost, and a political activist . Peace
... Yiannopoulos speaks to a group protesting against CUNY's decision to allow Linda Sarsour, a liberal Palestinian-American political activist, ... Peace
Yet she claims she was just a political activist. ... for Palestinian Rights (formerly known as the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation). Peace
She said her father, a political activist involved in the Polish Solidarity ... Mohamad Younes, 34, a Palestinian who arrived in the country with ... Peace
The elusive graffiti artist, political activist, painter, film director and long ... name of Banksy, was arrested early this morning by Palestine Police. Peace
30 years after his assassination, legacy of Palestinian cartoonist lives on ... in Arabic, is a 10-year-old boy who was forced to leave Palestine. ... 1950s that Al Ali's talent was discovered by political activist Gassan Al Kanafani. Peace
... hero Linda Sarsour steers Harvey relief funds to political activist group ... The Palestinian-American left-wing activist published the following ... Peace
... a political activist with Middle East Crisis Response, why she would ... movement by people who oppose Israel's occupation of Palestinian ... Peace
The crackdown on Palestinian freedom of expression has reached ... have arrested journalists and political activists, with the PA cracking down ... Peace
SA's heroines must speak for Palestine ... Twenty years ago, journalist and political activist Joyce Sikhakhane-Rankin told the Truth and ... For all too many Palestinian women and girls, November's seventh anniversary of the ... Peace
Mohammed Dahlan, a Palestinian political activist since his teens, served as the Palestinian Authority's head of the Preventive Security Force in ... Peace
Palestinian family lose their home to Israeli settlers .... Palestinian political activists believe the eviction of the Shamasnehs and about 20 other ... Peace
Intelligence gathering on political activists or dissidents was and continues to be the legacy of regimes such as the one that ruled East Germany ... Peace
Will Palestine's New Cybercrime Law Pave the Way for More Rights ... This constitutes an imminent threat on Palestinian political activists who ... Peace
James Baldwin was a writer and political activist from Harlem, New York. ... the conflict in Palestine and assuring the empire's preservation. Peace


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