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updated Sat. March 30, 2024

Its events have always been political, celebrating leftwing thinkers, and participating in pro-Palestinian marches, as well as writing controversial tweets and satirical articles, with highly personal attacks on Jewish communal figures – including the president of the Board of Deputies – and the Jewish press.

When comedian and political activist Mark Thomas walked the length of the wall that Israel built along the West Bank of Palestine, the last thing he ... The show recounts how Mark went back to run a three-week comedy workshop, which culminated in the newly-trained Palestinian comedians putting on a ...
Some of the detainees were taken into custody on the basis of an arrest warrant signed by a senior Palestinian official, usually the governor of a city. The report also found that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were continuing to harass Palestinian journalists and political activists because of their views ...
OFER MILITARY PRISON, West Bank (AP) - Palestinian teenage protest icon Ahed Tamimi on Wednesday was sentenced to eight months in prison for slapping and kicking a pair of Israeli soldiers outside her West Bank home, capping a case that sparked uproar in Israel, turned the 17-year-old girl into a ...
A Palestinian activist from 'Ara was given a six-day house arrest order by Israeli police on Monday, after her home was raided and searched. Maya Yones, a well-known political activist, was also banned from entering the West Bank or leaving the country. Israeli authorities justified the measures on the ...
On March 5, members of Students for Justice in Palestine gathered on the Quad and constructed a mock “apartheid wall” to represent the wall separating Israeli and Palestinian land. Members of Students for a Democratic Society also participated. “We want to highlight the daily struggles that Palestinians ...
Mustafa Ibrahim, a Gaza-based political activist said that "the internal Palestinian reconciliation has turned into words only but not deeds on the ... with the recent declaration of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that it intends to convene the Palestinian National Council in May amid expectations that ...


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