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updated Sat. April 28, 2018

Highlights. • During the first quarter of 2018, the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the Gaza Strip, characterized by shortages in the electricity and fuel supply, uncertainty in the funding of key services and renewed clashes has deepened the severe humanitarian situation for Palestinian children ...
The spokesman of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Palestinians will not accept any attempt aimed at the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without occupied Jerusalem al-Quds being the capital of Palestine. "We tell those who try to circumvent the Arab Peace Initiative and ...

... post on Facebook that he had been detained at the border for six hours and questioned six times before his entry was denied. He called the situation whereby Israel can refuse supporters of a Palestinian state entry into Israel "intolerable." He called on France in the post to recognize the state of Palestine.
RIYADH • King Salman bin Abdul Aziz has reiterated Saudi Arabia's support for a Palestinian state after his son and heir apparent said Israelis were entitled to live peacefully on their own land - a rare statement by an Arab leader. The king also emphasised the need to advance the peace process in ...

Saudi King Salman reaffirms support for Palestinian state in call to Trump. #PalestineState. King Salman's comments come one day after his son said Israel has right to its homeland. Saudi King Salman emphasised need to advance the Middle East peace process in phone call to Trump (AFP). MEE ...
Gideon Sa'ar, the deputy leader of the Likud, the ruling Israeli party, has expressed his objection to the establishment of a Palestinian state in the occupied West Bank. Writing in Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, Sa'ar said: In addition to the loss of security control, he asserted, Tel Aviv will also face the ... Likud
Highlights. • When continuously provided, WFP's food assistance is a fundamental safety net for the poorest whose coping mechanisms continue to deteriorate in the face of an acute humanitarian crisis in Gaza. • WFP's monitoring findings showed that the Food Consumption Scores (FCS) of 65,000 ...
... Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas when she said before a meeting of international donors that a Palestinian state was only possible if it contained every one of the areas the PA has demanded from Israel. ... “There is no State of Palestine without Gaza, nor with Gaza alone,” Mogherini declared.
With several state Labor branches last year adopting a platform of recognising a Palestinian state as a means of pursuing a two-state solution after 60 years of conflict, the policy is now likely to be adopted at the national conference in July, which would then become binding on a federal Labor government.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday called for immediate negotiations in the recognition of a Palestinian state, hoping to lay the groundwork for peace in the Middle East. “We are ready to begin negotiations immediately in order to achieve the freedom and independence of our people,” ...
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed support Saturday in Ramallah for an independent Palestine and said he hoped for the return of peace to the region, while Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on India to support multicountry sponsorship of future Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
They do not want to recognise the truth. The project of an independent Palestinian state has ended forever, and any talk about a “Palestinian state” today remains a dead letter that does not go along with its meaning. This is what the Americans, Europeans, Israelis and the Palestinian Authority itself know.
RAMALLAH, March 19, 2018 (WAFA) - PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi urged Denmark to recognize the State of Palestine and "to hold Israel accountable for its ongoing breach of international law and violation of Palestinian rights." This came during a meeting with Head of the ...
Recognising a Palestinian state is not just about rectifying historic injustice” but also provides “the best means of ensuring the long term peace and security of both Israel and Palestine”, a city councillor said this week. Labour Galway City Central councillor, Billy Cameron, has called on the Minister for ...
RAMALLAH, April 24, 2018 (WAFA) - Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Tuesday that any attempt by any party to promote suspicious ideas under any vague slogans and uncompleted positions would have no value or usefulness. Abu Rudeineh added: "We tell ... Jerusalem capital

BRUSSELS, Feb 28 (KUNA) -- Several speakers at a seminar on Palestine held in the European Parliament called Wednesday on the European Union to immediately recognize an independent Palestinians state with East Jerusalem as its capital in order to push forward the Middle East Peace Process. Jerusalem capital
... • WFP started implementing the new 2018-2022 Country Strategic Plan. WFP's 2018 work plan will prioritise assistance in Gaza as per the greatest needs. • Whilst the in-kind food entitlements were reduced for 55,000 people, assistance to 65,000 food-insecure people receiving cash-based transfers ... Jerusalem capital
The Trump administration's proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal could include recognizing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, the Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Wednesday. The report, citing “knowledgeable Arab diplomatic sources,” claimed that the United States ... Jerusalem capital
... decided to recognize an independent Palestinian state, saying that the conditions for such a decision have not been met. The European Commission's Information and Communication Officer in Jerusalem, Shadi Othman, told Quds Press that the decision to recognize the State of Palestine is a “sovereign ... Jerusalem capital
Palestinian Education Minter Sabri Saidam (L) meets with Cuba's Vice President and Miguel Diaz-Canel (R). | Photo: Cuba Debate. Previous; Next. Published 15 February 2018 (1 hours 45 minutes ago). 0. Comments. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Gmail Share to Google+ Share to ... Jerusalem capital
RAMALLAH - 14 February 2018: Omani Foreign Minister Youssef Ben Alawi said establishing an independent Palestinian state is a strategic ... that face the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, which he termed as a necessity in view of current developments in the Middle East region. He also ... Jerusalem capital
The Islamic world must express on every occasion the fact that the cause of al-Quds belongs to all Muslims, not only to the Palestinians or the Arabs, and the truth that al-Quds is the eternal capital of the state of Palestine. 16. Religious and historical information about Palestine, al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque ... Jerusalem capital
... • In 2017, a chronic humanitarian and protection crisis continued to affect Palestinian children and families, as tensions escalated in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The energy situation in Gaza continued to deteriorate, with regular rolling blackouts of 12-17 hours per day, and up to 19 hours a day at ... Jerusalem capital
Japan is on the verge of recognizing the Palestinian State as the Asian country also looks to mark up its contribution to the UN Relief agency in Palestinian territories (UNRWA) after the US cut its assistance in a move to force Palestinians embrace Washington's alleged peace plan. The recognition could ... Jerusalem capital
... Mogherini said, adding that the agency's contribution "provides the political space toward achieving a peace deal and building a Palestinian state." ... also important for the political process in Gaza, Mogherini said, calling Palestinian reconciliation "essential for the perspective of a viable state of Palestine. Jerusalem capital
Japan Reportedly in Process of Recognizing Palestinian State Nabil Shaath, has affirmed that Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono is collecting signatures of Japanese parliamentarians to demand the government to recognize the State of Palestine. Jerusalem capital
The PLO's Executive Committee released a statement after a three-hour meeting Saturday saying it would set up a committee to draw up an emergency action plan on disengaging from Israel. According to a statement issued after a meeting of the PLO's executive committee in the West Bank city of ... Jerusalem capital
Nabil Shaath, advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas for external affairs and international relations, has affirmed that Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono is collecting signatures of Japanese parliamentarians to demand the government to recognize the State of Palestine. He told Voice of Palestine that ... Jerusalem capital
The European Union has announced a new funding package of 42.5 million euros (nearly $53m) to help the Palestinians build their new state. The announcement on Wednesday came as Brussels urged the US to not go it alone in any effort to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The EU ... Jerusalem capital
The disparity between rich, politically connected, militarily strong Israel and poor and weak Palestine, allowed Israel's leaders to block any possibility of a Palestinian state. It has been clear for decades that Israeli leaders turned away from peace initiatives to fulfill their openly expressed goal to control all ... Jerusalem capital
Slovenia's Foreign Affairs Committee has postponed a vote on a draft resolution which would be a first step towards recognition of the State of Palestine, according to i24 News. Procedural reasons were said to be responsible for the two week delay. Earlier this week, the Slovenian Ambassador in Tel Aviv, ... Jerusalem capital
Israel warned Slovenian against recognising the State of Palestine as planned, Quds Press reported yesterday. According to the Israeli TV Channel 10, the Israeli Ambassador to Slovenia Eyal Sila spoke to the Speaker of the Slovenian Parliament Milan Brglez and the chair of the Foreign Policy Committee ... Jerusalem capital
Slovenia's Parliament Expected to Recognize State of Palestine. Slovenia's foreign affairs committee will vote on the move on Wednesday before parliament holds full vote □ Slovenia would be the second country in the EU after Sweden to recognize a Palestinian state. Noa Landau. Jan 30, 2018 3:27 PM. Jerusalem capital
RAMALLAH, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Secretary General of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Saeb Erekat said Sunday that the only way to achieve peace is by establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders. He stressed that East Jerusalem is the capital of the future Palestinian state ... Jerusalem capital
Slovenian President Borut Pahor expressed doubt, on Friday, that his country would recognize state of Palestine, days after his foreign minister pointed to such a move taking place in March. Pahor's office said, in a statement, that the conditions to recognize Palestine as a state had not materialized yet. Jerusalem capital
Slovenia's President Bohut Pahor on Friday said the circumstances were not ripe to bestow unilateral recognition on the "state of Palestine", just days after ... a Slovenian step that will happen if parliament green lights the proposal for recognizing the Palestinian state," Erjavec told private channel POP TV. Jerusalem capital
Israeli education minister Naftali Bennett has declared that the “era of the Palestinian state” is over, renewing calls for the annexation of land in the occupied West Bank, reported Arutz Sheva. Bennett, who heads the coalition party Jewish Home, yesterday spoke at a meeting of his faction, attacking ... Jerusalem capital
"The Executive Committee of the PLO urges the international community to seriously work in order to convene a full international conference under UN auspices. [PLO EC expects that the conference would guarantee] the creation of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem [within ... Jerusalem capital
(JNS) Four former senior Obama administration officials have reportedly claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to implement a two-state solution in which the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria would be absorbed into Israel in return for the Palestinians receiving land in ... Jerusalem capital
King Salman reaffirms Saudi support for independent Palestinian state ... Riyadh : During a telephone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Aziz reaffirmed the Kingdom's support for an independent Palestinian state, Arab News reported . Jerusalem capital
But the idea was the majority of the West Bank would still eventually become a future Palestinian state, but the “compensation” given to the Palestinians for the land annexed by Israel would come not in the form of a land swap with Israel itself, but instead, through attaching northern Sinai to Gaza. Jerusalem capital
The United Kingdom should work proactively towards rectifying its policy and recognising the State of Palestine, the executive committee member at the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), Ahmad Majdalani, said yesterday. In a meeting with British Consul-General to Jerusalem, Philip Hall, Majdalani ... Jerusalem capital
To the editor: I sympathize with The Times Editorial Board's plea for the Trump administration to “get serious” about bringing about Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that would lead to a sovereign, economically viable Palestinian state alongside Israel as the clearest path to peace. But that is a hollow hope ... Jerusalem capital
... in Amman along with his counterparts from Egypt, Morocco and the Palestinian Authority. The United Arab Emirates minister of state for foreign affairs had also attended the talks, during which the League decided to seek international recognition of the Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital. Jerusalem capital
AMMAN: Jordan said on Saturday the Arab League would seek international recognition of the Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital after Washington recognised the Holy City as Israel's capital. Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi made the announcement at a joint news conference with Arab ... Jerusalem capital
RAMALLAH, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian officials said they had been making an effort to gain European Union's (EU) recognition of the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, after the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Well informed Palestinian sources said that Palestinian ... Jerusalem capital
7 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian officials said they had been making an effort to gain European Union's (EU) recognition of the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, after the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Well informed Palestinian sources said that Palestinian President Mahmoud ... Jerusalem capital
Now, to preserve any hope of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he should also recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Israelis rightly claim Jerusalem as their capital. It is the symbolic core of the Israeli nation, the “center of Jewish consciousness.” It is where, Jewish tradition ... Jerusalem capital


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