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updated Tue. April 17, 2018

Khalif brought sage to the protest, which he and other activists used to smudge the outside of the Starbucks "to reclaim this space because it is tainted with racism." Separate investigations into the episode are underway by the mayor's office and the Philadelphia Police Department. Starbucks has ... CEO protests
Lawyer David Buckel, 60, died Saturday in an act of self-immolation as part of a protest about the use of fossil fuels. Buckel's ... Buckel was an environmental activist, but was best known for his legal work in support of LGBTQ rights. ... He will be remembered for his kindness, devotion and vision for justice.".

Srinagar--Kashmir High Court Bar Association among others took to the streets on Monday to protest against the rape and murder of an eight year-old in Kathua in Jammu in January this year. Demanding death sentence to the guilty in the minor's rape and murder, Kashmir High Court Bar ...
"I and others in Portland's Arab community have family living in Syria, whose lives are vulnerable to Trump's military actions," DSA co-chair Olivia Katbi-Smith said in a statement declaring the protest plans. "It's disgraceful that Portland City Council is essentially endorsing this war, by celebrating a ... Socialists
After several days in which he failed to publicly address the issue, Modi finally broke his silence during a speech in Delhi on Friday, promising justice for "our daughters." Leader of the main opposition Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, who has been vocal in his support for the protests, responded to Modi ...
Students of the All Ladakh Association of Kashmir hold a placard and candles during a protest calling for justice following the recent rape and murder case of an eight-year-old girl in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, in Srinagar. Students of the All Ladakh Association of Kashmir hold placard ...

Rice sacrificed two years of her freedom and is now campaigning across the country to protest the United States' nuclear arsenal. At an event April 8 hosted by the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, her eyes lit with passion and her voice became forceful ... protests US nuclear weapons
Thousands of Indians have taken to the streets to join nationwide protests against continuing sexual assaults of women and girls, including that of an eight-year-old girl who was gang-raped and brutally murdered inside a temple in Jammu area of Indian-administered Kashmir. "Punish the guilty" was ...
"Our desire to continue her legacy, to fight and demand justice only grows," said her sister Anielle Franco, who joined a large protest march later Saturday from ... Local and international organizations have come together to start a fund in honor of Franco that will support black women who aspire to ... Brazil
A day after the midnight protests at India Gate set off by the sexual violence and deaths in Unnao and Kathua, the BJP swung into action. Don't politicise the issue, said Meenakshi Lekhi, accusing the opposition of shouting "minority-minority, then Dalit-Dalit, and now women-women" to blame the ... rape
A member of the organization committee said that while Israel is trying to portray the Palestinians as savages rushing the border fence to attack soldiers, “We say to Israelis that there's a nation in Gaza which seeks to live and seeks freedom and liberty. Israel can claim from every possible platform that this is ... rape
In the shadow of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development members of DC Marijuana Justice spoke and smoked in protest. “The federal government is discriminating against people in public housing,” said Adam Eidinger, the president of DCMJ, which spearheaded Initiative 71 that legalized cannabis in the ... rape
Dalits in India have organised mass protests against a Supreme Court ruling, which activists say will likely dilute a stringent law that was enacted to ... According to local media reports, at least four people have been killed in the central state of Madhya Pradesh as protest against the top court's verdict on ... rape
A Sacramento protest for Stephon Clark, the unarmed Black 22-year-old fatally shot by police last month, turned violent on Saturday night when a local activist ... On the night of the protests, Cleveland had recalled her arrest three years ago for touching a police officer during a tense city council meeting. rape
The incident occurred at 8:43 p.m. Saturday on Florin Road near Stockton Boulevard during a protest outside the sheriff's south area substation. The protest event, attended by several hundred people, was called to highlight the sheriff department's role in the March 18 shooting death of 22-year-old ... rape
The activists say that they, too, have requested a permit for their longhouse and are awaiting approval from the Bellevue Planning Department. “PSE hasn't gotten its ... PSE officials have not yet responded to a request for comment on the protesters' action - the latest in a long series of protests against the facility. Previously ... rape
LARGE CROWDS HAVE gathered across the country this afternoon to protest the treatment of women in the justice system. The crowds gathered in the wake of the not guilty verdicts in the trial of Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding, Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison earlier this week. In Dublin, demonstrators ... rape

Land also said Clark's brother, Stevante -- who broke up a City Council meeting last week to protest the shooting -- has had to cope with the loss of his brother. Their grandmother, too, is riddled with guilt for not being able to help Stephon Clark before the officers fired. "You don't know what it's like to go to ... rape
Dozens of protesters gathered Saturday evening outside of a Toronto restaurant where vegan activists say the owner brought out an animal leg, carved it and returned ... “We will keep protesting until we sit down with the owner to make menu changes – that's the reason we do these protests,” Ugar said. rape
EAGLE ROCK, Mo. - A woman who lost her three beloved Labradors said she's getting them justice today. Despite the constant mix of rain and shine, over 50 people attended "Justice for Gus," a protest in Eagle Rock fighting for Dani Johnson and her 3 Labradors: Gus, Tug, and Kaycee. A couple of weeks ... rape
An activist at a Sacramento demonstration protesting the police killing of an unarmed black man in his grandmother's backyard was struck and injured by a Sheriff's Department vehicle late Saturday as law enforcement officials tried to pass through the crowd. The Sacramento Bee and The State Hornet ... rape
Emiliano Siegert-Wilkinson balked at the notion that he's too young to protest in the name of social justice. “If we are young enough to experience our peers getting shot in their schools,” said Siegert-Wilkinson, 14, a 10th-grader at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School, “we're young enough to ... rape
Hundreds of orange ribbons mark part of the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) through central Virginia. A group of anti-pipeline activists tied the ribbons to trees in protest of the natural gas pipeline. The pipeline could cuts right through Nancy Kassam-Adams' land in Nelson County: ... rape
Activists are planning to stage mass demonstrations during the Commonwealth Games to promote Indigenous rights and welfare. ... Thousands of First Nations people and their supporters converged on Brisbane during the 1982 Commonwealth Games to take part in political marches and demonstrations ... rape
Parkland students make the television rounds after massive nationwide gun protests. The student gun control activists appeared on Fox News Sunday and CBS Sunday morning to offer their perspective. A conservative Parkland student also appeared on CBS. By Kirby Wilson. 12 hours ago. Share via ... rape
On the morning of the protests, the National Rifle Association posted a brief message alongside a membership drive video. “Today's protests aren't spontaneous,” the message read. “Gun-hating billionaires and Hollywood elites are manipulating and exploiting children as a part of their plan to destroy the ... rape
Jeremy Corbyn said he would be meeting with Jewish leaders in the coming days and weeks. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA. Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for what he called “pockets of antisemitism” in his party, as Jewish leaders issued an extraordinary open letter accusing the Labour leader of “siding ... rape
Eagles of Death Metal's Jesse Hughes Slams March for Our Lives Protests. Singer calls Marjory Stoneman Douglas ... In a follow-up Instagram post, while he didn't apologize for his comments, Hughes acknowledged that he shouldn't have mixed rock n' roll and politics. "I've always believed in the motto I ... rape
Following a massacre at a Florida high school, hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied in major U.S. cities and across the world to protest gun violence and call for political action from Congressional leaders. The March for Our Lives protest brought out thousands of teenagers and young children across ... rape
A fellow activist, Erica Garner, who fought unsuccessfully for years to hold the police responsible for the death of her father, Eric, died last December ... that of Martin Luther King Jr. And whereas he died from an assassin's bullet at the age of 39, dying young continues to rock social justice activists today. rape
Activists took to the Capitol steps Saturday to protest gun violence. Hundreds carried signs and rallied for elected leaders to take action on strengthening gun legislation. Boise is just one of the hundreds of cities nationwide staging protests in the wake of the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman ... rape
Young Voices Nationwide March To Turn Gun Violence Protests Into Political Movement ... MCCAMMON: Across the country today, other students said they want to turn their protests into a political movement. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING). KAITLIN SLAGTER: I can't vote yet, but in three ... rape
During the protest on Thursday night, protesters chanted “Join us or go home,” and that's basically what happened. The Sacramento Kings defeated the Atlanta Hawks in a nearly empty arena. Most ticket holders were unable to gain entry. Sacramento ACT community organizer Ryan McClinton told theGrio ... rape
The 'Girls of Revolution protest' that recently emerged in Iran ignites the debate over a version of feminism in the country and questions the ... “The compulsory veiling of women in public — be they religious or not — has been a hallmark of Iranian political and social life since 1979,” Ben Taleblu said. rape
I admire them for taking the time to protest an injustice.” Earlier, the several hundred protesters marched from Sacramento City Hall onto a nearby freeway, disrupting rush hour traffic and holding signs with messages like “Sac PD: Stop killing us!” They were upset that Clark was shot in the backyard of his ... rape
Dozens of residents and activists from a group called Coalition of Jakarta Residents Opposing Water Privatization, or KMMSAJ, took a shower together in front of Jakarta City Hall on Thursday (22/03) to protest the privatization of the capital's water system. The protest, dubbed "Take a Shower Together," was ... rape
A protest over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man briefly shut down a major California freeway and disrupted the start of an NBA game Thursday. ... Peter Moskos, a former police officer and assistant professor in the Department of Law and Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. rape
Activists — led by the local Black Lives Matter chapter and clergy groups — converged on City Hall to protest the shooting. Hundreds of demonstrators later spilled into downtown's streets, where they marched onto the Interstate 5 freeway, which was briefly shut down in both directions during the evening ... rape
An activist in California covered herself in poop outside of a Trader Joe's to protest the grocery chain's eggs on Thursday. The student from University of California, Berkeley pulled the stunt in front of the Trader Joe's on Fourth Street in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood, reported, which ... rape
Franco was considered to have a promising political future in a country that has become deeply cynical about its established leaders and parties after a series of huge corruption scandals. A member of a small leftist group, she was believed to be contemplating running for election to Brazil's Congress. rape
Members of the Democratic Women of Iredell County plan to protest National Rifle Association policies during the Iredell County Friends of the NRA's fundraiser dinner Thursday night in Mooresville. Calling it a "Protest for Our Lives," the Democratic Women announced the planned protest on Facebook. rape
The rally was organised by a coalition of students and youth groups calling for the arrest of the person named “MO1” in the United States' Department of Justice's civil suit related to state investment fund 1MDB. “MO1” is the acronym used in the DoJ's suit for Malaysian Official Number 1. “First, Asheeq was ... rape
Battles said he and the others want the protest to remain peaceful. "We are not trying to turn this into a Ferguson situation or a riot. We are just trying to demand justice," he said. Elgin chief to crowd: Come at cop with a knife, 'you're. Related Article Elgin chief to crowd: Come at cop with a knife, 'you're ... rape
Activists have placed 7,000 pairs of shoes in front of the United States Congress in protest against the number of children who fell victim to gun violence. The shoes were organised neatly across the grass and are said to represent children who have died in the United States from gunshot wounds since the ... rape
President Donald Trump rolled into Los Angeles the afternoon of March 13, 2018, to dine with zillionaires and beg for money for his 2020 campaign and, presumably, “Space Force: The Movie.” It was Trump's first visit to California since he took office, even though he owns a light-blonde-colored, fake Tudor ... rape
Students from Newport High School in Kentucky walked out this morning in a gun violence protest, displaying names of school shooting victims. They lined the street ... The National School Walkout is the first of several nationwide protests scheduled in the wake of the Parkland shooting. On March 24, there ... rape
Activists in Ethiopia are continuing their resistance to the current state of emergency with a fresh boycott call – the latest is a week long action (dubbed fuel ... ongoing mass killing and illegal state of emergency has kicked off very well,” a United States-based activist Jawar Mohammed noted after day one. rape
Thousands of students, emboldened by a growing protest movement over gun violence, stood up in their classrooms on Wednesday and walked out of their schools in a nationwide demonstration, one month after a gunman killed 17 people at a high school in Florida. The 17-minute protests unfolding at ... rape
The protest will take place as the Queen, members of the UK government and Commonwealth commissioners arrive at Westminister Abbey. This protest is the first of several that are planned ahead of next month's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. According to the Peter Tatchell Foundation, ... rape
Protests are also being planned across the border in Tijuana, Mexico on Tuesday when Trump will examine eight, 30-foot-tall prototypes built along the ... Immigrant activists, church leaders and elected officials held a press conference at the city's historic Chicano Park to call for demonstrations to show ... rape


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