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 protests at the US military bases

protest at US military base
Police carry away a demonstrator from the headquarters of the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) in Stuttgart, Germany in 2003.
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updated Wed. February 21, 2024

The ministry and the U.S. Forces Korea (USFK) are in consultations over the protesters' call to allow their representatives to monitor construction work inside the U.S. base. The USFK has kept mum on the matter. Last year, the U.S. installed six THAAD launchers at the site, along with a powerful X-band ...
Gov't eyes July to begin land fill for U.S. base transfer in Okinawa ... The Japanese government plans to begin in July land reclamation work at the site of a controversial U.S. military base transfer in the southern prefecture of Okinawa, ... Plans could be delayed by adverse weather or if protests intensify.

The Taliban has acknowledged the peace protests already, issuing an initial statement saying that protesting the Taliban wouldn't do any good, and demonstrators should instead protest at US bases, since it is the US that is keeping the war going. The US invaded Afghanistan in late 2001. While the ...
No to 'Occupation Forces': WATCH Militia in Raqqa Allegedly Shell US Base. © AP Photo/ Gabriel Chaim. Middle East. 21:00 02.04.2018 (updated 21:03 ... by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the US coalition-appointed authorities. They took their protest to the streets on March 27 and organized a resistance militia.
Mirzahussain Alizada, a provincial council member from Helmand, confirmed protests in Nawa district as well as Kandahar. It remained unclear how large the new protests were. The protests started after a car bomb in front of a sports stadium in Lashkargah on March 23 left 20 dead and 55 others injured.
The challenge surfaced publicly in January, when about 100 local residents, including refugees who live at the center, marched to Bamberg's city hall to protest the conditions. The government of Upper Franconia continues to call the living conditions for the current 1,376 refugees at the center "humane.".

A group calling itself Ghana First, has served notice it will demonstrate on Wednesday, March 28, against the approval of the Ghana-US defence cooperation agreement by Parliament. The group said the agreement is not in the best interest of the country, and must not be implemented. Parliament last ...
Ayariga offered to pay $20m to stop US 'military base' deal. Error loading player: No playable sources found. 'Protests today, expect more Wednesday' On Friday a number of protesters who tried to gain access to Parliament to protest the anticipated approval of the deal were prevented from entering the ...
NDC denies signing controversial military agreement. Error loading player: No playable sources found. Protest from Minority The Minority has kicked against this agreement, calling on the government to withdraw the agreement saying it is not in the best interest of Ghana. The Minority on Thursday blocked ...
... all Ghanaians to storm Parliament this Friday in Red or Black to register our resistance to the intended US Military Occupation of Ghana. Time is 9am sharp”, a portion of the statement read. They urged all Ghanaians to participate in the protest, taking along the Ghana flag and any loud instruments to play.
Last year, people gathered daily in front of Naha District Court in Okinawa, Japan, to protest the detention of anti-U.S. base protest leader Hiroji ... Groups like Amnesty International and Veterans for Peace took up his cause, and protests demanding his freedom sprang up on the island and in the U.S., until ...
Okinawa Peace Appeal representative Noriko Oyama of Nakijin Village, who now resides in New Jersey, said: “Since the symposium I attended in Baltimore in January which called for the closing of U.S. bases around the world, awareness for Okinawa has been spreading even throughout American NGOs.
19, 2017 file photo, people protest against Tokyo MX's coverage of anti-U.S. helipad demonstrations in Okinawa Prefecture, in front of the network's head office ... The program sparked an uproar, with critics saying its reports that protests against the construction of U.S. military helipads in northern Okinawa ...
He set up an organization called the Internet Research Agency to try to troll the protests into the ground, doing things like posting comments on social media accusing opposition ... On February 7, they attacked a US base at an oil refinery near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor along with other pro-Assad forces.
Opponents support the removal of the US base from the town of Ginowan but want it relocated out of Okinawa altogether. ... A series of crimes including rapes, assaults, hit-and-run and drink-driving accidents by US personnel have also triggered protests on Okinawa, and are a frequent irritant in relations ...
NAGO, Okinawa Prefecture--They've been disparaged online as the "silver unit," but there's no doubting the resolve of the few dozen citizens who gather here daily to protest in front of Camp Schwab, a U.S. Marine Corps base. Nearly all of them are elderly, like Shinko Yamada, who is 83 and tries to join ...
NAGO, Okinawa Prefecture--Protesters chanted “don't destroy the sea” on a flotilla of kayaks in a demonstration marking six months of reclamation work for a new U.S. military base here. The Oct. 25 protest involving about 60 kayaks took place 200 to 300 meters off the southern shore of U.S. Marine Corps ...

“It is often misunderstood that our activities are anti-American, but Americans have always been an integral part of the life of Okinawan people,” Yamashiro told Stars and Stripes at his attorney's office in Naha on May 24. Yamashiro said his father worked on a U.S. military base when he was growing up and ...
They cleared the facility and they went in and determined there was nothing to it and it was a false alarm,” spokesman Bob McElroy said on Friday. READ MORE: Hundreds Protest in Seoul Against Trump's Visit to S Korea – Reports. The US Army's Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor, ...
The Graphic had the headline, “Demo against Ghana-US pact, hundreds march in protest”, saying hundreds of Ghanaians on Wednesday took to the streets of Accra to register their dissatisfaction with the controversial Ghana-United States of America (USA) defence cooperation pact which was ratified by ...
The minority in Parliament of Ghana will on Wednesday join some aggrieved Ghanaians in Accra to demonstrate against the recently ratified Ghana-US Defence Cooperation agreement, APA learns here on Tuesday.A statement issued in Accra said the caucus described the agreement as a betrayal of the ...
Hundreds of Ghanaians today [Wednesday], joined the Ghana First Patriotic Front, a coalition of opposition political parties, to demonstrate against the government for approving the controversial defence cooperation agreement between Ghana and the US despite the massive resistance. Several politicians ...
The party's leadership staged the rally in opposition to the ongoing NATO expansion eastward by the presence of a U.S. military base on the Greek island of ... Creditors are pressing Greece to speed up auctions of foreclosed properties, triggering protests in central Athens, where left-wing activists tried to ...


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