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updated Mon. April 30, 2018

Police in attendance swiftly seized the banner down and escorted the protesters out of the PalaEvangelisti. They were charged by Police of "inciting violence." Ankara is the Turkish capital and the official residence of the Turkish president. 2013 protests against his authoritarian regime led to orders to ...

Ankara hosts event in support of Gaza border rallies. Dozens gather at Ankara's Haci Bayram Mosque to show solidarity with Palestinian rallies along Gaza border. home > Turkey ... The rallies are part of a six-week protest that will culminate on May 15. That day will mark the 70th anniversary of ...
A protest against plans to split Ankara's Gazi University descended into a melee on Thursday, resulting in several injuries and detentions, news and social media sources have reported. ... Another video from the protests published on Mynet shows riot police and ambulances gathered near the protesters.
Protests erupted in parts of the world, including U.S. and Britain, against the U.S.-led missile attack against Syria. The U.S., Britain and France launched joint airstrikes in Syria earlier Saturday in response to a suspected chemical attack on civilians by Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.
Public school teachers and their supporters protest against a pension reform bill at the Kentucky State Capitol on April 2nd, 2018, in Frankfort, Kentucky. ... Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hold a joint press conference after their meeting at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, on April 3rd, 2018. Protests

Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters. An Indian policeman in Srinagar throws tear gas towards students during a protest against the recent killings in Indian-administered Kashmir. ... Presidents Hassan Rouhani of Iran, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Vladimir Putin of Russia pose before their meeting in Ankara, Turkey. protests Gaza
ANKARA (Sputnik) - The Turkish law enforcement authorities have detained nearly 850 people for the participation in protests and an Internet campaign against Ankara's operation in Syria's district of Afrin since its start, the Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement on Monday. "There have been 85 ... Turks
But by supporting the resistance of Afrin, the map drawn in Ankara will be shattered into pieces," Salar Mahmood, a Kurdish MP who was barred by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorities from entering Rojava as part of a parliament delegation to Afrin earlier this month, told protesters in Kalar. Turks
Siddiki said the Bengali Language Movement started in 1952 and protests in Dhaka resulted in several deaths. After a long struggle, the Pakistani central government, which had earlier announced that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan, accepted Bengali as one of the state languages in ... Turks
Thousands of Kurds marched through Strasbourg on Saturday to call for the release of PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan and protest against Turkey's military offensive in Syria, reported AFP. "UN, take your responsibility and stop the genocide in Afrin," read one banner, referring to Ankara's Operation Olive ... Turks
“Since the start of Operation Olive Branch, 449 people have been detained for spreading terrorist propaganda on social media and 124 people detained for taking part in protest action,” the Interior Ministry said. The operation has been widely supported by Turkey's mainly pro-government media and by ... Turks
President of Turkey and Leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in Ankara. ... Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet Pope Francis on Monday, with a protest ban imposed in central Rome as feelings run high over Turkey's offensive against Kurdish ... Turks
On Sunday, residents of the northern city, near the Turkish border, rallied against Ankara's ongoing operation targeting the US-backed Kurdish force, which Turkey links to terrorists. Ankara launched 'Olive Branch' on January 20 and has killed almost 600 Kurdish militiamen in nine days, according to the ... Turks
The protest was organised by NAV-DEM, a Kurdish association deemed close to the outlawed PKK, which is blacklisted by Ankara and its Western allies as a terror group. "A number of protesters held banned placards bearing the image of (jailed PKK leader) Abdullah Ocalan," a local police spokesman ... Turks
Elcil, who heads the leftwing and secular Turkish Cypriot teachers' union, echoed other protest organisers in blaming Ankara for the violence on Monday. At a rally in Bursa at the weekend, Erdoğan incited his “brothers in north Cyprus” to respond to the “vulgar” newspaper's criticism. About 500 protesters ... Turks

Berlin's caretaker administration has postponed a decision to upgrade German-made tanks in Turkey after a public outcry over their use in Ankara's offensive in northern Syria. News that Turkey had deployed German-built Leopard-2 tanks in Syria has come at a delicate time in Berlin's relations with Ankara. Turks
For his part, Ankara-based researcher on Iranian policies Ali Baker told Al-Monitor, “The protests showed that Iranians oppose [the policy] of spending billions of dollars on the regime's foreign wings while they live under bad circumstances. Nevertheless, Iran will not reconsider such aid, given that the ... Turks
9 to protest Washington's continued military assistance to a Syrian Kurdish group that Ankara considers a terrorist organization. ... U.S. citizens have also been subject to travel bans that prevent them from departing Turkey, it urged, warning that participation in gatherings, protests, and demonstrations not ... Turks
Ankara views the dominant Syrian Kurdish groups as an extension of Kurdish parties in Turkey that have been fighting Ankara for more than three ... ties between the NATO allies: Turkey on Wednesday summoned a top U.S. diplomat in Ankara to protest over U.S. support of Kurdish fighters in Syria. Khalil is ... Turks
Erdogan told a conference in Ankara that his government has handed 12 suspected terrorists over to the U.S. but received only excuses in response to ... Violent protests continued across Tunisia over government-imposed price hikes on fuel and other staple goods amid ongoing economic hardships. Turks
Amid a heated debate on the protests in Iran and what they mean, no one really had a chance to analyze the reasons behind Turkey's support of the regime in Tehran. Ankara's calculation on the protests was in line with long-standing Turkish state policy towards Iran. Recognizing Iran as a historical ... Turks
Members of Kurdish self defense forces stand near the Syrian-Turkish border near the town of al-Derbasiyah during a protest against the operations launched in ... By invading Afrin, Ankara hopes to extinguish Kurdish self-rule in that area for good and further choke the de facto autonomy in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). Turks
This past week's protests in Iran clarify the outlook in Ankara further, however. One would normally expect a long-standing member of NATO, a self-styled leader of the Sunni world, a traditional rival of the Persians to the East, and a state with a Western-style secular electoral system to sympathize with the ... Turks
"President Rouhani thanked President Erdogan for his sensitivity and expressed hope that the protests would end in a few days," said a statement by a ... had to be preserved and said he concurred with his Iranian counterpart's statement that the right to protest should not lead to "violations of the law". Turks
ANKARA, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday expressed concern over violent protests in Iran and warned against escalation. Ankara is worried about "reports that the demonstrations that started on December 28 in Iran have spread and people were killed during the incidents," the ... Turks
There were similar scenes in Turkey's capital, Ankara, where protesters raised Turkish and Palestinian flags and chanted slogans such as "Jerusalem is ours and will remain so" ... Ghoneim said "Erdogan has a lot of support on the Turkish street", adding that there have been protests throughout the country. Turks
Thousands gathered at Ankara's Anadolu Square on Sunday to protest U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Trump's decision last week ... Juneidi, 16, has become a symbol of ongoing Palestinian protests against Trump's decision on Dec. 6. Grand National ... Turks
The Ankara governor's office said on Sunday night it was imposing a ban on all LGBTI cultural events until further notice, citing threats to “public order” and the fear of “provoking reactions within certain segments of society,” days after it banned a festival on German-language gay films in the capital city. Turks
ISTANBUL: Nato apologised to Turkey on Friday after Ankara pulled its troops from a military exercise in Norway to protest incidents deemed insulting to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the country's modern founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The alliance's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, himself ... Turks
ANKARA: Turkey said on Thursday it would cut back its funding to the Council of Europe human rights body, in protest at an award given to a Turkish judge held in detention for alleged links to last year's coup attempt. The council last month awarded Murat Arslan with the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize. Turks
The Ankara Governor's Office has announced that a ban has been imposed on all protest activities and demonstrations in the city for a period of three months effective as of Nov 1. The decision was made on the intellingence that some groups were planning to organize protests in support of Turkey's hunger ... Turks
Ankara strongly disagrees with Washington backing the YPG in the war against Daesh in Syria and the issue was regarded as one of the main reasons ... Syria has been locked in a deadly civil war since early 2011, after the Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected brutality, ... Turks
Riot police detain a demonstrator during a protest against the dismissal of academics from universities outside the Cebeci campus in Ankara, ... Turks
Turkey has asked the Ankara representative of Masoud Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic ... 25, amid protests from Turkey and other countries. Turks
Turkey alleges that the YPG is connected to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has waged a decades-long insurgency against Ankara ... Turks
CHP launches 'Hazelnut March' in Black Sea region to protest prices ... capital Ankara and Istanbul between June 15 and July 9 in protest of ... Turks
Ankara has summoned Germany's ambassador for the second time in ... is one of the harshest diplomatic protest measures a country can order. Turks
ISTANBUL — Turkey's foreign ministry has summoned Germany's ambassador in Ankara to protest the country for allowing "terror propaganda" ... Turks
The trial's second hearing will be held in Ankara on Sept. 28. ... The educators were on the 76th day of a hunger strike to protest their dismissal ... Turks
On Wednesday, in Incek, Ankara, a group of 20-25 men staged an angry protest at the funeral of Hatun Tugluk, the mother of former Deputy ... Turks
By Ece Toksabay ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish police used tear gas to disperse protesters outside a courthouse in Ankara on Thursday at the ... Turks
Activists protest plans of German military technology group Rheinmetall to build a tank factory in Turkey. Protesters in April hold a sign saying ... Turks
... a sit-in outside the Constitutional Court in Ankara to protest their plight. ... The move is the latest in a series of peaceful protests organized by ... Turks
Despite protests by Berlin, two more Germans were detained Friday at a Turkish airport on what German authorities call “political reasons.”. Turks
For Ankara, the unexpected part of the indictment, which was handed ... to have strong nerves in the face of possibly greater protests this time. Turks
Cairo seeks to boost trade with Ankara, overlooking political ... who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, following mass protests in 2013. Turks
Several wounded after blast hits bus – Ankara slams 'biased' US indictment ... “We protest in the strongest terms that such an unjust and biased ... Turks
... on the border with Bangladesh, Ankara condemned the crackdown on ... (NGOs) staged rallies across the country to protest what they called ... Turks


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