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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

US law gives the attorney general broad and substantial power to oversee and overrule these courts, as opposed to the civil and criminal US justice system, which is an independent branch of government. In the immigration courts, judges are employees of the Department of Justice. Sessions has ...
Yes, that is the President of the United States boasting about his intention to violate Posse Comitatus, while speaking to leaders of former Soviet Republics. ... Instead of working with and dealing with the legislative branch of government, he wants to use his powers as commander-in-chief to make it ...

With oral arguments before a federal appeals court just two weeks away, defense lawyers for former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock continue to argue that corruption charges against their client are an unconstitutional attempt by the executive branch of government to determine how the legislative branch functions.
Mitch McConnell (R-Louisville) tell it, his legacy as Senate Majority Leader is likely to be more about his impact on the judicial branch of government than on ... to the United States Court of Appeals and another 14 have been added to U.S. District Courts during President Donald Trump's 14 months in office.
"Community groups and organizations struggled hard trying to rebuild, but they didn't really have the resources and could not get the help from any branch of government," Davis says. "We've never had the level of social-economic will that it takes to rebuild a community like this one and others ... Chicago
"As important as we think we are, we are not the legislative branch of government," Carpenter said. "We are a slim majority of one half of a branch of government. I maybe missed something in law school but I think we need to have something more than we have here for us to be legitimately before the court.

"Such continued frustration with the Bureau's lack of accountability to any representative branch of government should be a warning sign that a lapse in democratic structure and republican principles has occurred. This cycle will repeat ad infinitum unless Congress acts to make it accountable to ... consumer
On Thursday, U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie agreed to meet with Boyle County High School senior Amelia Fogle and her classmates in their AP Government class. It was a project from that class which prompted Fogle to ask the representative to make the visit. "I wanted to bring someone into our classroom. In ... student
However, it appears that extreme partisanship is threatening Congress' willingness or ability to exercise its authority as a co-equal branch of government. ... in Congress are also falling victim to partisanship, and as a result the public has an incomplete picture of Russian interference in U.S. elections. Trump Administration
It also changes the way foreign governments request information from U.S. tech companies for similar investigations on their own citizens. The law calls for the executive branch of government to strike mutual legal-assistance treaties with foreign governments, who would then contact tech companies ... Trump Administration
But as a United States Senator today, a member of the legislative branch of government, I have many obligations. And I believe that the first obligation of ... "We spend unimaginable amounts of money fighting our enemies abroad and terrorists who would attack us at home. Yet, on many levels, we fail our ... Trump Administration
"The fact that there are three of us here makes it harder for us to have a conversation about how we speak with one voice," councilwoman at-large Robin Kniech also said during the committee hearing. "This room should be ... "There is one branch of government that is in control here. One. And that branch ... Trump Administration
The replacement it came up with is widely expected to help Democrats as they seek to flip U.S. House seats now held by Republicans. ... The president of the state bar association, Sharon R. Lopez, says the judiciary needs to be independent without threat of impeachment by another branch of government. Trump Administration
Since the Public Records Act (PRA) passed in 1972, the Legislature has maintained it is an independent branch of government, not an “agency,” and ... plaintiffs have offered to work collaboratively with legislators for better legislation — something that was not available to us when we voted on the bill. Trump Administration
In 2016, only about half of U.S. households owned stocks directly or indirectly, and “the richest 10 percent of households controlled 84 percent” of all .... lower sentences on average,” wrote the U.S. Sentencing Commission, a bipartisan, independent agency located in the judicial branch of government. Trump Administration
He was an equal branch of government, with his own prerogatives, empowered, in Hamilton's words, to conduct his office with “decision, activity, ... as it was deliberately limited to the offense of subverting the Constitution itself or betraying the United States in foreign affairs: the famously grave and yet vague ... Trump Administration

“With this latest action, you are ignoring the law and the prerogatives of a coequal branch of government and letting Russia know you will do nothing to stop additional interference in our ... The U.S. intelligence community has established that Russia attempted to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. Trump Administration
Trump joked Fox “news” is the “fourth branch of government.” Later, praised China's Xi for becoming leader for life. Said he might try it. It was a joke, too. They were, right? Jokes? There are laws against appointing relatives to positions of power by federal government officials. Same with using one's position ... Trump Administration
If, as it is alleged, there is corruption at the top echelon of the U.S. Department of Justice including the FBI, we must set aside our political differences and get ... Until the DOJ is cleared of these charges, our third judicial branch of government is a “toothless tiger” and this is a very serious matter when dealing ... Trump Administration
The state's chief executive is elected to run the executive branch of government, but the power of the governor's office is diluted through a network of ... term limits on legislators, more ethics disclosures and making the Governor and his office more accountable to the voters of South Carolina,” Warren told us. Trump Administration
The legislature is a coequal branch of government and governors can't do anything without them. Generally speaking, the only people who know the names of California .... Tell us what you want to see: California Today is edited by Julie Bloom, who grew up in Los Angeles and ... Trump Administration
John Cornyn (R-Tx.) argued on the Senate floor: “[Divided government] forces us to do something that maybe isn't our first instinct ... rather than to insist on ... Notoriously fearful of both the concentration of power in one branch of government and the danger of any one faction becoming too powerful, James ... Trump Administration
No, Rokita – the Republican congressman from northern Indiana and a hopeful for the GOP U.S. Senate – wouldn't understand a conversation I had not long ago with the man he hopes to replace ... The first is that his Republican Party controls every branch of government at both the federal and state levels. Trump Administration
God is very big and he has given us a little bit of time to deal with,” Johnson said Thursday at Undo's in St. Clairsville. “I think ... Johnson also made a point to talk about the U.S. being heavily in debt. He said ... “(President) Ronald Reagan said it is the third branch of government that protects our liberties.” ... Trump Administration
“He is a unique voice in the call for justice in special hearings regarding presidential nominees to the executive branch of government, a stalwart for fair and equitable treatment in the ... Elizabeth Warren, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Rep. Trump Administration
As I concerned citizen, I am writing this letter in hopes to stop the abuse of power in the executive branch of our government. The executive branch of government, or the president of the United States, will enact tariffs without the approval of Congress. Tariffs, and imposing duties on imports or exports, are a ... Trump Administration
Legislative leaders promised to address — in their view — this serious attack on their powers as an equal branch of government, something they are now in the ... And voters should not help the poor and suffering among us by expanding Medicaid unless it contains work requirements and spending caps. Trump Administration
United States, a constitutional challenge to federal sex offender regulations. If, like me ... Under this theory, Congress infringes upon the constitutional separation of powers when it delegates too much legislative authority to another branch of government. Here ... Gundy will give us a glimpse of the answer. Trump Administration
It is no doubt that Article 89 of the Constitution expressly empowers the legislative branch of Government to create autonomous agencies that it deemed necessary for the effective operation of ... In 1819 the United States Supreme Court gave us a guide to defining “necessary” in a constitutional context. Trump Administration
Top GOP senator worried Congress no longer sees itself as co-equal branch of government ... “When I see headlines like this one in the WSJ, I am concerned Congress no longer regards itself as a co-equal branch of the US government and is unwilling to lead,” Cornyn tweeted, referencing a Wall Street ... Trump Administration
For nearly two centuries, Selma's elected officials have worked tirelessly to deliver best government practices, services, and solutions to local residents. This hard work must continue in order for us to consistently build upon the rich history of our Queen City. There are many wonderful things that we have ... Trump Administration
While the misuse of GIF funds is the biggest cloud over that branch of government, there's another development that gives me pause after decades of ... High School even though early attempts at integration had gone smoothly in several small Arkansas cities, making us a beacon of hope in the South. Trump Administration
The United States of America elected Donald Trump as president. Feel what you will about the system we have for elections, it is what it is. We, all likewise, in our respective states elected our senators and representative to the Congress. It is what it is. And finally to the third branch of government, our ... Trump Administration
As a coequal branch of government under the Constitution, Congress has the full authority to take that action. This would only happen with bipartisan cooperation and a real ... To us this claim is incontrovertible,” the Supreme Court wrote. Since Gravel's day, at least six more members of Congress from both ... Trump Administration
And according to Pennsylvania law, constables are part of the executive branch of government while the sheriff's office is not. Because constables belong to the executive branch of government, they are answerable to the governor of Pennsylvania, according to And although they commonly ... Trump Administration
O'Grady said such disclosure runs afoul of the historic 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that concluded corporations, like individuals, have a right to ... He said the Arizona Constitution, which establishes the Arizona Corporation Commission as a separate branch of government, gives the panel “as a whole” ... Trump Administration
"While it does not include an allegation that any U.S. persons conspired wittingly with the Russian actors, the indictment leaves open the vital ... "If the man elected to defend our democracy and our ballot box is too weak or distracted to do so, Congress, a co-equal branch of government, must fill the void," ... Trump Administration
GAO's report on the U.S. government's consolidated financial statements for fiscal years 2017 and 2016 underscores that much work remains to improve ... The Government Management Reform Act of 1994 has required such reporting, covering the executive branch of government, beginning with financial ... Trump Administration
First, while foreign policy decision making has always rested with the executive branch of government, the executive is taking an ever greater role in the actual ... The hope is that it will not require a more serious diplomatic fiasco than the one in South Korea for the United States to realise the importance of ... Trump Administration
The turmoil and trepidation remain with people, now subject to endless campaign cycles, never gaining resolve on issues; a roundabout theft of people's livelihood. Congress is the legislative branch of government. Congress has the power and can fix the law — if and when enough elected leaders want to. Trump Administration
“The courts are not looked on by some legislators as being an independent branch of government. For some, they're looked ... Even after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the legislature's plea to intervene, Republicans have refused to completely accept the state court's decision. The president of the state ... Trump Administration
“The reality is we know what could happen should unbridled authority over another branch of government be given to this Legislature.” Sen. Mike Romano, D-Harrison, said there are substantive risks if future Legislature's vote for spending cuts because of political or financial reasons. “We had before us a ... Trump Administration
The Hemp Industries Association and a handful of cannabis entrepreneurs are taking the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to court Thursday in a ... The Justice Department will likely point out that 28 members of Congress do not speak for the entire branch of government, and the department will argue ... Trump Administration
Crystal Quade, D-Springfield, asked Roche for clarification on how Erdmann's job would differ from the several million dollars in consulting fees requested by the Office of Administration, a branch of government Erdmann works with closely on projects like surveying state employees to gauge organizational ... Trump Administration
In fact, the negotiations to which he was referring — on protecting the “dreamers,” undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children who have ... off their agenda, lawmakers should stop waiting for the White House to be reasonable and work their will like a separate branch of government. Trump Administration
“That weapon can be aimed at either branch of government,” Hortman said. “I think it's time for us all to say we're going to take that weapon off the table. I'm really heartened by the speaker's comments on the issue.” She said she has spoken with Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, (R-Nisswa), on the ... Trump Administration
“The courts are not looked on by some legislators as being an independent branch of government. ... Even after the United States Supreme Court rejected the legislature's plea to intervene on Feb. ... It happens far too often to us, and it's time for the state legislature to rise up and call them accountable.”. Trump Administration
“We don't behave like Trump people,” she said. “We're Democrats.” The debate continued, but the outburst was just one example of the bad blood that has permeated throughout the campaign to replace U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who is leaving his Congressional District 16 seat in an effort to oust U.S. Sen. Trump Administration
There is reporting that Russia is still using social media to stir up dissension and turmoil in the United States. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ... President Trump controls the executive branch of government and can focus its resources on protecting us from outside interference in our elections. He can also ... Trump Administration


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