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updated Wed. July 24, 2024

The US government has shut down three times since 2013, with two of those budget impasses falling in the last two months. But given the political risks inherent in not funding ... Viewed in this light, the impulse to force a government shutdown becomes suddenly more rational. Though one should not view a ...

When there is a partial government shutdown, all federal employees who are deemed by the government to be “nonessential” (A.K.A. neither “exempt” nor “excepted”) are furloughed without pay and told to stay home. Legislation introduced this week would require the federal government to name all of ...
“All you have to think about is the fact that some of the more common words in the budget process these days are 'government shutdown' and 'default.' That is not how a great nation or a great economy runs itself,” MacGuineas said. Once Congress breaks out of the continuing resolution-and-shutdown ...
Earlier this week, Mr Trump said he would "love to see" the US government shutdown if there was no deal on funding for his proposed US-Mexico border wall. Deficits are already projected to climb because of the Trump administration's $1.5tn tax cuts, which were approved by Congress in December.
U.S. President Donald Trump welcomed the prospect of a government shutdown if Congress does not support his immigration reform plans, saying such a step would be "worth it for our country." ... "No one should be rooting for a shutdown, especially not the President of the United States," Sen.
“We don't need a government shutdown on this,” said Ms. Comstock, a top Democratic target in the midterm elections. She represents a moderate district in Northern ... “It is nothing more than a political ploy that will place us on the brink of another shutdown.” If a deal on the spending caps is reached, ...
Congressional leaders struck a deal they thought would be enticing enough to avoid another government shutdown Thursday. But as lawmakers barrel toward the midnight deadline, when the government runs out of money, it's still not clear there's enough support to keep the government running.


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