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Bonnie Tinker, Dennis Kucinich and Sara Graham in Oregon at Bonnie and Sara's wedding
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Rustin was gay. His arrests for "perversion"--along with his refusal to apologize for loving men--made many civil rights leaders view him as a liability. While King and others became the public icons of the movement, Rustin was moved to the back, his influential essays published under a pseudonym, his ...
The petition notes Combs' fight against the LGBT community in Jackson over the years - including his opposition to Jackson high school's Gay-Straight Alliance and the city's non-discrimination ordinance. The Jackson LGBT community was alarmed by Combs' appointment, Landrum said. "It's an economic ...

Hahn--who had never denied that he was gay but had never made a public announcement about it--was outed in 1991 when organizers of the West Hollywood's annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade told the crowd that Hahn was "the senior-most elected openly gay official in Los Angeles," making Hahn ...
Speaking at the protest, queer activist Lini Zurlia said it was the first in a series of protests against the revisions; the next one is planned for ... out of political interest, as is the case with Indonesia's current sociopolitical going-ons," said Fajar Zakhri, a 26-year-old gay man who attended the protest today.
A leading Malaysian newspaper has published a list of pointers for identifying potential gay and lesbian people, drawing anger from activists who said lives ... Arwind Kumar, an activist and one of Malaysia's biggest social media stars, lashed out at the Sinar Harian article, saying it could "take away lives".
But as the investigation has grown, so, too, has anger among gay activists in Toronto, Canada's largest city, who accuse the authorities of neglect in ... The distrust has persisted despite efforts by the police to increase the number of gay and lesbian police officers and the issuance of an official apology, ...

activists have raised concerns that, if approved, the new rules could violate basic rights and be misused to target minorities. ... raised the issue with President Joko Widodo during a three-day visit to the world's largest Muslim-majority country, where hostility toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ...
activists from the fight for gay and lesbian rights in Fort Lauderdale got together again to relive tender moments, difficult journeys and well-earned victories. Presented by the Stonewall National Museum & Archives, the activists sat for a taping of the South Florida LGBT Rights Oral History Project.
Gay-rights activists and some state lawmakers said they were shocked by one of Gov. Rick Snyder's appointments to the Michigan civil rights Commission last week -- a minister who opposes same-sex marriage. Bishop IRA Combs Jr., -- who heads the Greater Bible Way Temple in Jackson and was ...
GLAAD reports a drop of 3 to 4 percent drop in people's reported "comfort levels" with several scenarios, such as learning a family member is gay. ... Reasonably, before 2015, when transgender activists began demanding access to sex-segregated private spaces based solely on how they identify, ...
Jamaica has banned a holocaust-denying pastor from Arizona who has called for gay people to be stoned death, after outcry from activists on the island. Steven Anderson, from the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, said he was about to board a flight to Kingston when he was informed he would not ...
Sara Elkas, who built and sustained many community organisations, became active in Melbourne's thriving lesbian-feminist scene of the early 1980s, and took pride in her identity as a Jewish ... Sara performed in all POW shows from 1995 to 2006, including performing at the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney.
Back in 2012, commemorating their 10th wedding anniversary, devout Mormon couple Josh and Laurel "Lolly" Weed made headlines when they revealed a big family secret: Josh was a gay man. "I am gay, I am Mormon, I am married to a woman," Josh announced on his blog. "I am happy every single day.
Ramzan Kadyrov arrived in the Caucasus mountains to rows of people applauding him furiously. The leader of Chechnya had come for the official opening of the republic's first ski resort. As he's notoriously hard to get near to, that's where I'd come too - to question him on his human rights record.
It's hard to imagine a time when Sir Ian McKellen was still in the closet. Some may know the celebrated 78-year-old actor best as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films and Magneto in the X-Men franchise, but he's also an outspoken activist who has played an integral part in advancing LGBT rights in the ...
Never mind that according to the best studies--the ones that even transgender activists themselves cite--80 to 95 percent of children with gender dysphoria will come to identify with and embrace their bodily sex. Never mind that 41 percent of people who identify as transgender will attempt suicide at some ...
"The Trump/Pence administration took office a year ago this week, and the attacks on women's rights, immigrants' rights, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals have been incessant. Part of our work as advocates is to pressure our elected officials to act on our behalf and hold them ...

Minerd has been an outspoken advocate for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, serving as vice president for Equality Springfield. He's pushed the city to add sexual orientation to its local Anti-Discrimination ordinances. It's needed now, he said. The current ordinance prohibits ...
"I think Guy Benson has become, I would say, one of the top--the most dangerous from a pro-family conservative perspective--one of the most dangerous gay Activists in the United States," LaBarbera said. Mefferd added, "When you have a homosexual activist who's part of the Democratic party and is out ...
An arrest in two alleged murders in the Village has "brought a huge sense of relief" in the community. "There has been a lot of anxiety," said gay activist Rev. Brent Hawkes. On Thursday, police announced they have charged a 66-year-old Bruce McArthur with first degree murder in the murders of Andrew ...
While religion was a popular topic in gay and lesbian magazines in the 1950s and '60s, it was almost always Christianity being discussed, and usually with ... The existence of the Tretter Collection does not just mean the preservation of LGBTQ history; it also provides a space for scholars, activists, and ...
Vice President Mike Pence arrived for a holiday stay at his Aspen, Colorado, home this week and was greeted by a colorful rainbow banner that read: "Make America Gay Again," The Washington Post reported. In an email to the Aspen Times, a neighbor's daughter and her friend admitted to hanging the ...
(Chicago) -- Starting in January, Illinois will bar a rare criminal defense allowing the use of a victim's sexual orientation as justification for violent crime, a ban gay rights advocates say they will attempt to replicate in about half a dozen states next year. Defense attorneys will no longer be able to mount the ...
British LGBT Awards: Shortlist of leading gay activists, celebrities and their allies announced ... Among the nominees is the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who has been shortlisted for the International Ally award, while the transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox has been nominated for ...
Just a month after Indonesia's Constitutional Court rejected a petition to ban gay and extramarital sex, the country's parliament seems poised to pass a sweeping set of revisions to the nation's criminal code that would criminalize extramarital and gay sex. Civil society and activists are extremely concerned.
Anthony Scaramucci says T-Mobile has his politics all wrong ... Exhibit A -- he's a gay rights activist. We got the former White House Communications Director at LAX Thursday and asked him about the nixed deal from the mobile carrier. TMZ broke the story ... T-Mobile offered the Mooch a mid 6-figure deal ...
But one group of gay activists is pressuring the company to avoid some of the locations that made the cut. The tech behemoth, currently headquartered in Seattle, launched a public search for the site of its second headquarters, or HQ2, last year. It said it would spend $5 billion on constructing the new ...
activists believe the proposal to amend several articles of the Indonesian Criminal Code (KUHP) is aimed at persecuting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The petition was filed by Love ... The group wanted the law to consider homosexual sex as rape. It also wanted to include ...
Gay rights activists have emerged from the shadows in Tunisia since the revolution in 2011, but their position remains precarious in Tunisia's ... The outlet -- set up by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights group Shams -- aims to tackle deep-rooted hostility in the North African state, where ...
Remarkably, both cases will resolve clashes between gay rights and claims of conscience in the context of confections. The case from Belfast concerns Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist in Northern Ireland, where same-sex marriage is not legal. In 2014, he sought to buy a cake from Ashers Baking Company.
(AP) -- A historical marker has been unveiled honoring a pioneering activist for gay and lesbian rights in Tennessee. Media outlets report the marker was ... Campbell was the lead plaintiff in a 1996 state Supreme Court case that decriminalized homosexual acts in Tennessee. The marker was the first one ...
During Saturday's ceremony, Mayor Megan Barry praised Campbell for her work. "She had a direction about what she knew was right-- and what needed to be right in the world, and she used that as her true north." The mayor went on to say that Campbell was one of the most influential LGBT activists ...
Just recently, a man flew a rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo, prompting the Egyptian government to arrest several LGBT activists, trolling gay dating apps like ... Article 534 of Lebanon's penal code prohibits "sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature" and is often used to prosecute homosexual men.
The separate group, which included a lesbian choir, had prepared to sing the well-known gay anthem, Love Is In The Air, but were rebuffed on account of it not being inclusive for all Australians. One person sitting in the public gallery said the issue became a full-blown stoush. "I found the whole thing quite ...
As adult activists promoting LGBTQ rights and HIV/AIDS treatments, the two were repeatedly beaten, arrested and jailed, before finally, fearing for their .... "It's one thing to be an activist in Salt Lake City and know that if I'm arrested for something, I'm going to be out of jail at the end of the day," said Williams.
In November 2015, I sat in a small circle of plastic chairs outside a rustic hotel in Sri Lanka's coastal town of Ambalangoda. Against a backdrop of fruit trees and waves lapping the shore I listened to horrific stories from six gay, bisexual, and transgender people whom a Sri Lankan gay activist had convened ...
( New York ) OutRight Action International kicks off the Global Week of Advocacy, where dozens of LGBTIQ activists from 29 countries from every region of the world has come to participate in the organization's 6th annual United Nations ( UN ) Week of Advocacy. From December 4 to 8, human rights ...
Pioneer activists for gay, lesbian and human rights believe Vancouver Pride officials have ethically blundered by banning uniformed police officers from future parades. "It seems to ... Given the public character of the parade, having police participate in it contributes to combatting anti-homosexual prejudice.
Supreme Court's Wedding Cake Case Is About More Than Gay People, activists Warn. A new campaign shows how a ruling for discrimination could reverberate far beyond bakeries. By Curtis M. Wong ...
Remind us of what the penalties were for having a consensual sexual relationship with somebody of the same gender when you were a teenager, knowing that you were gay. And we're talking about the 1960s. CLEVE JONES: The penalties for homosexual conduct were - would vary from state to state. But they were - it was ...
Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has described Christianity in Nigeria as 'nothing but fraud.' In what seemed like preaching against tithe and offerings in the 'House of God', Alimi advised Nigerians to change and seek the truth, stressing thatGod does not need money. According to him, God only ...
Canada offers £64m to 'gay purge' victims ... machine", which could supposedly detect homosexual inclinations, National Post reports. ... Gay rights activists welcomed the formal apology and offer of compensation for those ...
He's spent decades fighting for gay rights and has mixed emotions about the apology Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to make to LGBT ...
Gay Ugandan activists rebuilding lives in Utah after fleeing anti-LGBTQ ..... "It's one thing to be an activist in Salt Lake City and know that if I'm ...
... frustration and reflection of a Hong Kong gay rights activist, Adam Wan, who was chosen from 10 homosexual people interviewed by the trio.
Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), who in 2014 became the first lesbian speaker ... the first acknowledged gay elected official in city history and later a ...
Anti-Gay supporters rally for Moore, worrying LGBT community ... religious activists blame the "LGBT mafia" and "homosexualist gay terrorism" for ... must be protected" in a 2002 child custody case involving a lesbian mother. In a 2005 television interview, Moore said "homosexual conduct should be illegal.
The Turkish capital Ankara has banned all gay festivals, screenings, ... The announcement is likely to increase concern among gay activists in ...
New Delhi: Hundreds of gay rights activists and supporters, many ... but also defiance in a nation that continues to outlaw homosexual acts.
A federal court in Washington, D.C., is barring President Trump from changing the government's policy on military service by transgender ...



The mission of Love Makes A Family is to work for social change: to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/ expression.


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