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 Lord Black of Crossharbour

Conrad M. Black [was] Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer of

Hollinger International Inc.
. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Nixon Center.

He is known politically for his staunch criticism of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The issue of whether Black could accept a title in Britain was the most notable battle between Black and Canadian Prime Minister

Jean Chretien
- Canadian citizens cannot accept such titles without giving up citizenship and Chretien would not make exceptions. The National which had been launched by Black was not financially successful, and was sold to the CanWest chain then owned by Israel Asper.

Maude Barlow, the chair of the Council of Canadians [QUERY: still current?]is cited by Leiterman stating Black is known to "routinely intervene in editorial policy-making". [1]

Leiterman also cites Radler, Hollinger's president, as telling Maclean's (2/3/92): "If editors disagree with us they should disagree with us when they're no longer in our employ. The buck stops with ownership. I am responsible for meeting the payroll; therefore I will ultimately determine what the papers say and how they're going to be run." [2]

Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem Post. In September 2003 that newspaper advocated killing

Yasser Arafat
. This was quickly raised by the Israeli Cabinet, but described by

Colin L. Powell

Condoleeza Rice
as "unhelpful" and by The Economist as "wrong".

Israel has no law against foreign press ownership.


Conrad Black
Lord Black of Crossharbour

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