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Conrad M. Black [was] Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer of Hollinger International Inc.. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Nixon Center.

He is known politically for his staunch criticism of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The issue of whether Black could accept a title in Britain was the most notable battle between Black and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien - Canadian citizens cannot accept such titles without giving up citizenship and Chretien would not make exceptions. The National which had been launched by Black was not financially successful, and was sold to the CanWest chain then owned by Israel Asper.

Maude Barlow, the chair of the Council of Canadians [QUERY: still current?]is cited by Leiterman stating Black is known to "routinely intervene in editorial policy-making". [1]

Leiterman also cites Radler, Hollinger's president, as telling Maclean's (2/3/92): "If editors disagree with us they should disagree with us when they're no longer in our employ. The buck stops with ownership. I am responsible for meeting the payroll; therefore I will ultimately determine what the papers say and how they're going to be run." [2]

Hollinger also owns the Jerusalem Post. In September 2003 that newspaper advocated killing Yasser Arafat. This was quickly raised by the Israeli Cabinet, but described by Colin L. Powell, Condoleeza Rice as "unhelpful" and by The Economist as "wrong".

Israel has no law against foreign press ownership.


Conrad Black
Lord Black of Crossharbour

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updated Sun. July 23, 2017

... stair-gate, and Conrad Black stops by to talk about Sean Spicer's resignation. Your one stop place to hear highlights of your Friday commute.
Former media baron Conrad Black did it in order to claim a British peerage title and be able to sit in the House of Lords. Texas Senator Ted ...
One past owner, British-Canadian media baron Conrad Black, was convicted of fraud in 2007 for allegedly siphoning millions of dollars from ...
You could promise that if Conrad Black wishes to write any more columns offering support for Donald Trump, he will be forced to do so using only Donald Trump's vocabulary.
The paper has a history of financial problems that included a fraud conviction in 2007 of Conrad Black, the British-Canadian media baron who owned the paper, on allegations of siphoning millions of dollars from the company to defraud shareholders.
The paper has a history of financial problems that included a fraud conviction in 2007 of Conrad Black, the British-Canadian media baron who owned the paper, on allegations of siphoning millions of dollars from the company to defraud shareholders.
In a survey with 2,000 Canadians released by CEI, most Canadians identified Canada's top entrepreneurs as men, such as Alexander Graham Bell, Conrad Black, and Tim Horton. CEI says this indicates that Canada's view on entrepreneurship is outdated ...
Right-wing commentator and newspaper owner Conrad Black, a fervent supporter of the Harper government who was one of the first to endorse Donald Trump's presidential election bid, expressed his delight with the plan, suggesting it could be the "most ...
The land: A two-acre lot on 21 Park Lane Circle, roughly 400 metres north of Conrad Black's estate. The price: Under the auspices of a numbered Nova Scotia company, Drake bought the property for $6.7 million on September 30, 2015, then mortgaged it for ...
The eight most-cited individuals were all men, and featured names such as Alexander Graham Bell, Conrad Black, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, Tim Horton, John Molson, Jim Pattison and Kevin O'Leary.
To an extent almost wholly unrecognized by commentators, with the notable exception of Conrad Black, both Trump and his followers are moderates.
Twenty years ago, when Conrad Black dominated the Canadian newspaper industry, I noticed that certain British terms were starting to replace North American terms here and there in Canadian newspapers.
Although former CEO Conrad Black owned just 30 percent of the firm's equity, he controlled all of the company's Class B shares, giving him an overwhelming 73 percent of the voting power.
Then a columnist at the St. Catharines Standard, a small southern Ontario newspaper, she had heard the media baron Conrad Black was starting a national broadsheet, and she wanted in. "There was this buzz about a paper that had no name that was about ...
T-R PHOTO BY MIKE BURVEE Residents and out of towners came out to see the annual Conrad Black Dirt Days parade on Saturday.
Such words bring to mind writing by Conrad Black, a convicted felon and former newspaper publisher, whose command of the language is legendary.
Conrad Black, Suzanne Boyd, Don McKellar and other guests mingled before heading downstairs to the Daniels' mini theatre, where they were treated to performances of works by writer and composer Britta Johnson.
When Conrad Black bought the Telegraph, where Waugh's column had been appearing since 1981, he appointed Peregrine Worsthorne as the editor.
Nate Silver, having succeeded so signally in one election (2008) and failed so utterly in another (2016), shows why the year you win your Fantasy League championship you're a genius and all other years you're a failure.
H&F came to Australia, along with Brian Powers, as part of the the Tourang Consortium - which included Canadian media baron Conrad Black and Australia media mogul Kerry Packer - to bring Fairfax out of receivership in 1992. The internet was a long way ...
In 1985, Slaight Communications sold CFGM and Q107, and purchased Standard Broadcasting corporation Limited from Conrad Black. Under Allan's leadership, Standard Broadcasting and Standard Radio grew from seven radio stations to a national ...
His line-up of well-known dysfunctional business leaders that embody Lord Acton's famous phrase "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is long and includes media magnate Conrad Black, former Italian president Silvio Berlusconi and ...
It's inspired by Conrad Black; it's inspired by the Murdoch family. It's inspired by anybody who's a family that's in the media.
... but founding a movement that "can broadly be described as liberty-conservatism," he is likely ensuring his prose a permanent place of honour in the pantheon of "Mega-Drivel," along with Conrad Black's latest attacks on the perfidies of the American ...
Commenting on this tour, National Post columnist Conrad Black called the Qur'an "draconian." For someone who has read the Qur'an so many times, it's a little debilitating seeing so much misunderstanding about the Qur'an in the West, where knowledge and ...
He was sacked in 1992 as AFR editor by Fairfax's part-owner, Conrad Black, because he commissioned and published an article critical of Black's business empire.
National Post founder, Conrad Black, beats the war drums of Trumpism in more erudite fashion: "the media, by their malice and dishonesty, are, as Trump called them, 'enemies of the people.
Former media baron Conrad Black, a humid Trump fanboy, blames the media, too: "This whole cacophonous babel of spurious allegations will crash.
And it could be true, I suppose, although the newspaper founded by Conrad Black to serve as his ideological hobbyhorse, a role it fulfills to this day, is pulling your leg when it leaves the impression its source is a serious "report" from, perhaps, a ...
Conrad Black and blue. At what technocrat not a lot we do know and news. And the message. Tasty. More than thirty and again.
But when Young Warwick launched his disastrously inept move to claim his inheritance, only to destroy it, in 1987, and when the Kerry Packer-Conrad Black and Hellman group did again in the early 1990s, the news media part was a critical and ...
The auction, handled by investment banker Mark Burrows, attracted the attention of the charismatic Irish businessman Tony O'Reilly and Canadian media baron Conrad Black. Young investment banker Malcolm Turnbull was smart enough to jump on a plane ...
Hellman & Friedman had joined with Canadian media baron Conrad Black (gone and has spent time in jail) and the late Kerry Packer to bid for the company.
Mr Powers first came to Australia with Hellman & Friedman as part of the Tourang consortium, which included Canadian media baron Conrad Black and Australian media mogul Kerry Packer, to take on Fairfax from receivership in the early 1990s. Previous to ...
... legends lost in 2016: David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. This year's judges are Dan Dwoskin of The Honeyrunners, Blair Purdy of BPM Studios, and Drew Hasselback, Legal Post editor (and guitarist from National Post band, Conrad Black Sabbath).
Mr Carnegie also worked on the original takeover bid for Fairfax in the early 1990s, where Hellman and Friedman was then supporting Conrad Black in gaining control of the company. Mr Carnegie was overseas Thursday and could not be reached for ...
Those of us who were around when Fairfax was refloated in 1992 can remember how Canadian proprietor Conrad Black railed loudly against being limited to 15%, despite the fact that he controlled the whole outfit and chose the board.
Canadian media tycoon Conrad Black owned a 25 per cent stake in Fairfax in the 1990s. Fairfax shares gained 10 per cent this week after TPG lodged a $2.76 billion bid for the entire company, improving its original proposal to hive off the company's ...
According to Conrad Black, writing in National Review, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover told Roosevelt that Wallace was close to communists in Hollywood and "had inappropriate connections with overseas communists, including in the Soviet Union.
The plan didn't work, however, and Murdoch sold the paper just a couple of years later. In 1994 it was sold again, this time to Hollinger, the newspaper company controlled by Conrad Black. But soon Black was indicted for skimming money from the company ...
Holbrook was a prolific artist who sculpted portraits of a number of prominent people, including queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and Conrad Black. She was also given many accolades, including being made an officer in the Order of Canada ...
The Internet hosts several vibrant subcultures, with the most venerable being the goldbugs. These are folks who urge everyone to load up on silver and gold as a hedge against a future hyperinflation, which they aver is inevitable.
WASHINGTON -- Less than a week after U.S. President Donald Trump fired James Comey, the administration has interviewed at least eight candidates to be FBI director and Trump has said a decision could come within days.
U.S. President Donald Trump's 17th week in the White House may have been his most unpredictable yet. Tuesday: The president fired FBI Director James Comey amid an FBI investigation into whether Trump's campaign had ties with Russia's interference in ...
Lord Conrad Black, the author of Richard M Nixon: A life in full and friend of Donald Trump, has called the idea the US president would condone collusion with a foreign power "insane".
"Dan's outlasted some pretty deep-pocketed competitors, like the Southam family, Conrad Black, and Izzy Asper. "He did it with the help of his wife Yolanda, who used to write health columns and who was the hardest working and kindest circulation ...
It was placed in receivership three years later, having already sold $1bn worth of assets, and then sold by ANZ to Canadian Conrad Black's Tourang consortium in a colourful and hotly contested takeover in 1992. In the 2000s it missed opportunities to ...
But I was reminded of it Thursday after Conrad Black, the former newspaper mogul, spoke via video to the Commons foreign affairs committee.
Not because they were bad, but to put the fear of God into the rest of the staff. However, best to make sure the columnist in question isn't a friend of the proprietor's first.
If you look back to the turbulent times of 1967 when the Georgia Straight was born in Vancouver, it would be hard to say that it would be alive and well 50 years later.




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