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"Maurice Strong, a senior advisor to the Secretary- General of the United Nations [

Kofi Annan
] and former senior advisor to the President of the

World Bank
, is one of the world's most influential political and environmental activists. He is a Distinguished Fellow at IISD.

"Strong served on the board of directors for the United Nations Foundation, a UN affiliated organization established by

Ted Turner
's historic $1 billion donation. He is also a director of the World Economic Forum Foundation, Chairman of the Earth Council, former Chairman of the Stockholm Environment Institute, and former Chairman of the World Resources Institute.

"In his native Canada, Strong's career has spanned over five decades at some of Canada's most prestigious companies. He has run several companies in the energy and resources sector, including the Power Corporation of Canada,

Ontario Hydro
, and Petro-Canada (the national oil company). He is currently the chairman of Technology Development, Inc., which funds research in the groundbreaking field of applying nanotechnology towards creating energy sources that are both affordable and ecofriendly. "


Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong

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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

According to the UN Secretary-General Maurice Strong, the affluent middle class lifestyle is unsustainable, which includes things like single-family homes, private vehicles, along with our property rights, basically every aspect of our lives. Their universal declaration by contrast limits human rights to an ...
He agreed to a merger with Maurice Strong of Power Corp, with the agreement that Teron could veto design ideas. If Strong disagreed, he could buy out Teron's shares based on the value of the company that day. Paul Desmarais succeeded Strong at the helm or Power Corp. and proposed merging with ...

Otherwise, Idaho could be snared into partnership with a company whose management in the post-Maurice Strong era is similar to the deep state swamp condition President Trump is attempting to drain. Perpetuating the socialist agenda, Strong engaged in using climate and environment as the Trojan ...
Maurice Strong (1929–2015). Ehsan Masood. Oil man who was first director of the United Nations Environment Programme. That anthropogenic climate change is now of mainstream concern has, paradoxically, a lot to do with an oil man. Maurice Frederick Strong, fossil-fuel magnate, was the founding ...
Maurice Strong, a Canadian who made a fortune in oil and then went on to organize the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992—a direct forerunner of the climate change negotiations held in Paris this month—died just before Thanksgiving. He was 86. At least initially, his passing got little attention in the ...

Farewell to the man who invented 'climate change'. To this day, global climate policy is still shaped by the agenda of Maurice Strong, a Canadian multimillionaire. The Paris climate conference last week. Strong believed that rich countries must pay to solve a crisis they created… but now the developing ...
Maurice Strong: he established the UN?s environmental agenda (Canadian Press/AP). In the Sixties, having become very rich himself from Canada's oil industry, Strong came to see that the key to his vision was “environmentalism”, the one cause the UN could harness to make itself a truly powerful world ...

Maurice Strong, a former industrialist and confessed ecological sinner who was in the vanguard of placing environmentalism on the world's agenda as a high-ranking United Nations official, died on Saturday. He was 86. His death came on the eve of the United Nations negotiations in Paris on global ...
TORONTO — Maurice Strong, whose work helped lead to the landmark climate summit that begins in Paris on Monday, has died at age 86, the head of the U.N.'s environmental agency said Saturday. “Strong will forever be remembered for placing the environment on the international agenda and at the ...
1 (1976) and Petro-Canada then consisted of one hotel room on the 22nd floor of the International Hotel with Maurice Strong in it. I checked in and doubled the size of the staff.” Strong had had a long relationship with Indigenous peoples, but Saul started from zero and realized how ignorant he was.
Booker describes how a small group about 1980 such as Bert Bolin, Maurice Strong (A man of business), James Hansen, John Houghton and other formed a small group of like minded believers. I think it can be claimed that the belief system was established by the so-called Earth Summit of 1992.



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