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updated Thu. July 4, 2024

My name is Pug Winokur. I'm a Democrat from Greenwich; not moving to Florida like many of my friends. Given that you saw this problem when you arrived, could you talk about whether you gave any thought to a substantial effort to use the bully pulpit to explain what the benefits were, where the benefits ...

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation Gregory J. Hayes joins CFR Board Member Zoe Baird to discuss trade, globalization, and the development of a competitive and educated workforce in an evolving global economy. The CEO Speaker Series is one way that CFR ...
... trained police forces on the U.S.-Mexican border and assisted in counterinsurgency operations in Indonesia, Sudan, Kuwait and Haiti and drug war operations in the Andes.42 The chairman of DynCorp from 1988-1997, Herbert S. “Pug” Winokur, headed the finance committee of the energy giant Enron, ...
The documents were donated by former Enron board member Herbert “Pug” Winokur Jr to the Hagley Museum & Library. They've all been sifted through, coded, and made searchable for your reading pleasure. reports: Winokur, managing general partner of Greenwich, Conn.-based Capricorn ...
Pug Winokur was the chairman of the Enron finance committee. Pug was also an investor and board member in DynCorp, who was running critical and highly sensitive information systems for DOJ, HUD, HUD OIG and the SEC. Arthur Anderson, Enron & DynCorp's auditor, (also Cornell Correction's auditor) ...


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