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updated Sun. November 19, 2023

Fear is also suggested as a primary motivation by anthropologist Robert S. Walker of the University of Missouri. In the modern world, their isolation can be romanticised as defying the forces of globalization and capitalism, but as Kim Hill, anthropologist at Arizona State University, puts it: “There is no such ...
by Robert S. Walker — December 21, 2017. Blue Moon Commercial capabilities, like Blue Origin's proposed Blue Moon cargo lander, are key to implementing the White House's new plans to return humans to the moon and then to Mars. Credit: Blue Origin. President Trump just articulated a dramatic new direction for ...

Gold is often seen as an investment “safe-haven” due to the long term stability of the commodity. It is also often used as a standard by which to compare cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Many of the leading cryptocurrency's major milestones have been viewed in terms of their comparison to gold.
and his wife, Cara of Melrose; the proud and faithful companion of 19 years to Whendy A. Kelliher, devoted surrogate “Dad” to Alexa Rae Walker and Robert S. Walker, all of Danvers. He is also lovingly survived by many grieving aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. No text would be complete ...
National Pretzel Day began in 1983, when then-Pennsylvania Rep. Robert S. Walker (R) wanted a holiday for his favorite food and declared April 26 to be National Pretzel Day. Now, 34 years later, plenty of places outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania celebrate the holiday. In time for National ...

Robert S. Walker and wife Nana. He would become known as the master innovator in the Max I. Walker family business. The father-son team would keep their dry-cleaning enterprise afloat during the Great Depression. Catering to the city's well-dressed bootleggers and gamblers provided one steady ...
In an op-ed for SpaceNews published on Oct. 19, Robert S. Walker and Peter Navarro, who acted as advisors to the Trump campaign, said that “NASA should be focused primarily on deep-space activities rather than Earth-centric work that is better handled by other agencies.” Republican senators ...

But they were out there, even down to Donald Trump's agenda for space exploration, which was outlined in two October op-eds by Trump senior policy advisors Robert S. Walker and Peter Navarro. In broad terms, the Trump plan would make space a friendlier place for private operators, such as SpaceX ...
But in a 19 October article for Space News, two of his space advisors – Robert S. Walker, former chairman of the House Science Committee, and Peter Navarro, an economist and public policy expert – sketched out the details of what a Trump NASA plan would look like. The upshot: more leaving Earth, less ...
by Robert S. Walker and Peter Navarro — October 24, 2016. Profile view of Donald J Trump, presidential candidate, at the Boca Raton, FL "Donald Trump's priorities for our military space program are clear," write Robert Walker and Peter Navarro. "We must reduce our current vulnerabilities and assure that our military ...
by Robert S. Walker and Peter Navarro — October 19, 2016. donald_trump_signs_the_pledge_18 "A Trump administration would end the lack of proper coordination by reinstituting a national space policy council headed by the vice president," write Bob Walker and Peter Navarro, senior policy advisers to GOP presidential ...
Bob Walker of Northport, Michigan died peacefully surrounded by family and without pain on January 13, 2016. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011 and had undergone extensive treatment and recovery, which granted him four years of joy with his friends, family and grandchildren. He died ...
Longtime Rep. Robert S. Walker's career in Congress was marked by his fiery rhetoric, which also helped former Speaker Newt Gingrich become the first Republican to wield the gavel since the 1950s. The former Pennsylvania lawmaker, along with Gingrich and other outspoken House Republicans, used ...


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