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updated Mon. March 25, 2024

Mechanic didn't name AMPAS CEO Dawn Hudson when he said the departure “over the past seven years” of a significant number of full-time academy employees “seems more like a 'purge' to stifle debate.” But the letter was seen as a parting shot at her leadership. Mechanic wrote that the Oscars have ...
He also refers to increased staff turnover under current CEO Dawn Hudson over the past several years as “seem[ing] more like a purge to stifle debate.” The problem behind the problems that Mechanic sees is one of governance. The Academy has a 54-member board of governors with a president (board ...

This time, however, potential governors are sure to be talking about the museum, or the management skills of Academy chief executive Dawn Hudson, or the implications of a leak that used the brand-new morality review process to tarnish Bailey. To handicap internal Academy politics is probably beyond ...
The museum is dedicated to the Hollywood dream factory past, present and future. "I have built a lot of museums, but this is really special," said Piano at the New York presentation attended by director Kerry Brougher and CEO Dawn Hudson. The 'Museum of the Oscars" in the Miracle Mile district is the first ...
Piano and Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences CEO Dawn Hudson both noted that Los Angeles, the film capital of the world, has long needed to have a temple to its greatest export. Brougher, who previously worked at the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum, had a different take on the ...
Ernest Rickey Welker, 61, 407 E. Kime Ave., Apt. 3, Liberty, simple assault. * Angela Dawn Hudson, 47, 310 Northwood Drive, Asheboro, concealment of merchandise, injury to personal property, second-degree trespass. * Ashleigh Dawn Hudson, 28, 446 Dawson Miller Road, Asheboro, misdemeanor ...

In January, when the Academy announced its new rules, its CEO, Dawn Hudson, sent an email to members that assured, “The Academy's goal is not to be an investigative body, but rather ensure that when a grievance is made, it will go through a fair and methodical process.” In the case of Bailey, however, ...
In January, the organization unveiled a new code of conduct, with Academy CEO Dawn Hudson stating in a letter to members, "The Academy's goal is not to be an an investigative body, but rather ensure that when a grievance is made, it will go through a fair and methodical process. This process will ...
DAWN HUDSON STEPS DOWN AS N.F.L. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER: Dawn Hudson, the chief marketing officer for the National Football League, has announced she will step down next month. Hudson was the league's C.M.O. for more than three years. The Wall Street Journal: “Her departure follows ...
Dawn Hudson on Friday told The Wall Street Journal she was stepping down as chief marketing officer of the NFL, a post she'd held since September 2014. Hudson, who intimated that her position at the league since day one had been conceived as a short-term appointment, said she was not looking to ...

Dawn Hudson, who heads the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that gives out the Oscars, has pledged to double the number of women and people of color in its ranks by 2020. Immigrant director Guillermo del Toro became the fourth filmmaker from Mexico to win the best director prize in the ...
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences chief Dawn Hudson said the academy, which bestows the Oscars, has actively sought to diversify its membership in recent years. It has pledged to double the number of women and people of color in its ranks by 2020, and she noted, the number of women on ...
Women now hold the most seats ever on the board — 39 percent — as 18 of 21 female governors, along with CEO Dawn Hudson, gather for a group photo. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is undergoing a makeover. Critics carp that it remains a bunch of old white guys, but even before the ...
... filmmaker Dee Rees and cinematographer Rachel Morrison; Dunkirk producer Emma Thomas; and I, Tonya editor Tatiana S. Riegel mingled with guests like Donna Langley, and Rita Wilson; and luncheon co-hosts Dawn Hudson, Kathleen Kennedy, Cheryl Saban, Kimberly Steward, and Salma Hayek.
The biggest drama at Sunday's Academy Awards may be not on the Dolby Theatre stage but in the behind-the-scenes moves to tackle the sexual misconduct scandal that has rocked the industry. After moving swiftly to expel Oscar-winning film producer Harvey Weinstein last October after multiple women ...
He met for two hours with Dawn Hudson, the Academy's chief executive officer. Hudson ... “My feeling is that I was elected president not because of any infighting, or any issues regarding Dawn Hudson or anybody else, but because people recognized that I could work and talk to everybody,” he said. Bailey ...
The restaurant opened in May serving homemade Italian cuisine. More: Crescent City Gallatin is closed on the Square. More: Town Square Creamery on Gallatin Square is closed. Ownership had been shuffled around throughout the restaurant's short time. Partners Dana and Dawn Hudson stepped down ...
“The Academy's goal is not to be an investigative body, but rather ensure that when a grievance is made, it will go through a fair and methodical process,” CEO Dawn Hudson wrote at the time. “The process will determine whether a claim will be brought to the Board for possible action regarding membership ...
Duval County Judge Dawn Hudson ran a campaign in 2006 against three opponents for a new seat created by the Legislature. She said running for office was challenging, but also fun. “I enjoyed meeting the people in the community,” Hudson said. She said potential candidates should be persistent, ...


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