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updated Thu. June 6, 2024

Butterfield also called on the Facebook chief to appoint more African-Americans to its nine-member board of directors, though he noted approvingly that former American Express head Kenneth Chenault, who was the third black CEO of a Fortune 500 company, joined the board in February and Erskine ...
Kenneth Chenault, a Long Island native and former chairman and chief executive of American Express Co., will share his ideas on the domestic and global economies at the Crest Hollow Country in Woodbury on April 18 at 11:30 a.m.. The event is sponsored by the State University of New York at Old ...

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus pressed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to account for his company's poor record of workforce diversity at Wednesday's hearing before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Rep. G.K. Butterfield scolded Zuckerberg for the Cambridge Analytica ...
Aside from Zuckerberg, the Facebook board includes eight people, all of whom have high-profile histories in tech entrepreneurship: Peter Thiel, Jan Koum, Reed Hastings, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Kenneth Chenault, Erskine Bowles, Marc Andreessen and Sheryl Sandberg. These folks are generally ...
General Catalyst has raised the full $1.38 billion targeted for its ninth venture fund, according to a regulatory filing. With offices in Cambridge, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and New York City, the firm makes early-stage and growth equity investments. It is led by Lawrency Bohn, Nikolaos Bonatsos, Kenneth ...
In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook's public image has been seriously damaged. But the company's real problem is that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg still don't know how to fix the company's underlying problems. Zuckerberg finally addressed the scandal this ...

In January, Airbnb brought on outgoing American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault to its board of directors. Though, the departure of CFO Laurence Tosi followed shortly after. Annually, Airbnb brings in billions of dollars in revenue, is profitable on an EBITDA basis and has more than $5.5 billion on its ...
Other insiders who have converted and/ or otherwise moved around some FB stock this month include Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Financial Officer David Wehner, director Kenneth Chenault, Chief Technology Officer Michael Schroepfer, General Counsel Colin Stretch, Chief Product ...
The number of African-American CEOs at Fortune 500 companies fell to a low not seen since 2012's list, the outlet reports. Two black CEOs have stepped down in recent years — Kenneth Chenault of American Express and Ursula Burns of Xerox — leaving Kenneth Frazier of Merck, Marvin Ellison of J.C. ...
In recent months, Corporate America's corner office has actually gotten a little less diverse -- not more -- when it comes to the number of African-Americans. With American Express chief executive Kenneth Chenault stepping down, there are just three black CEOs in the Fortune 500. And with the departure of ...

/s/ Michael Johnson, attorney-in-fact for Kenneth Chenault, 02/15/2018. ** Signature of Reporting Person, Date. Reminder: Report on a separate line for each class of securities beneficially owned directly or indirectly. * If the form is filed by more than one reporting person, see Instruction 4 (b)(v).
Ever since Kenneth I. Chenault announced last fall that he would retire as chief executive of American Express, he has been fielding phone calls from companies looking to hire him. It's not surprising. Mr. Chenault is one of the most prominent African-American chief executives in the world and the man who ...
Facebook has appointed Kenneth Chenault to its board of directors. Chenault has been the CEO of American Express since 2001 and will cap off that 16-year run when he retires as chairman and chief executive at the credit card company on February 1st. He'll officially join the board a few days later on ...
American Express CEO Ken Chenault said it's “embarrassing” for corporate America that just four black CEOs helm Fortune 500 companies. Chenault used the New York Times DealBook conference Thursday to speak out about the lack of diversity in the top ranks of the biggest companies. And he insisted ...
Kenneth Chenault, one of the longest-serving executives in finance and one of corporate America's few black top leaders, will retire next year as the chairman and chief executive of American Express. Under Chenault's leadership, American Express expanded beyond its core market of corporate customers ...
Kenneth Chenault, one of the most prominent black corporate leaders and long-time chairman and CEO of American Express, is stepping down next year, the company announced Wednesday. Related article. Kenneth Chenault was a Crain's 40 Under 40 in 1988 and a Hall of Fame inductee in 2014.
Kenneth Chenault, the chairman and CEO of American Express, is stepping down after 37 years at the company, it announced in a press release on Wednesday. He will be replaced on February 1 by Stephen Squeri, who has been the company's vice chairman since 2015. Before that, Squeri was the group ...


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