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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

Malaysian tycoon implicated in Aussie retirement homes scandal. FMT reporters. | June 27, 2017. Investigation by news organisations reveal horror stories of residents at retirement homes run by Aveo, chaired by Lee Seng Huang, but the company denies ...
That's how Cedric Bobo, co-founder of Project Destined, described his nonprofit that teaches minority teenagers the ins and outs of real estate investments.
Beijing - Officially, no one in China can watch when the exiled tycoon Guo Wengui appears on banned websites to cheerfully lob incendiary allegations of corruption and skulduggery at the top ranks of the Communist Party.
Indian business tycoon Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro Ltd. and founder of the Azim Premji Foundation has been named a recipient of the 2017 Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.
Hong Kong -- Shares in Hong Kong conglomerate Shun Tak Holdings were trading robustly on Monday, at one point climbing 1.86% from Friday's close to 3.
With one tycoon after another collapsing in the face of unpayable debt - the latest being Eliezer Fishman, who was declared bankrupt last week just as the Elovitch probe emerged - investors have reason to be leery.
An Egyptian real estate tycoon jailed for the murder of a Lebanese pop diva in Dubai almost a decade ago was freed as part of a presidential pardon for hundreds of detainees.
This is part of why tycoons have an advantage, said Mathew Wong, an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong who studies inequality and democracy.
Egypt's Sisi pardons 502 prisoners including well-known tycoon. Among those pardoned was Hesham Talaat Moustafa, the former chairman of one of Egypt's largest real estate developers, Talaat Mostafa Group.
CAIRO: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has pardoned 502 prisoners before the Eid al-Fitr holiday, including prominent businessman Hesham Talaat Moustafa, who is accused of the slaying of Lebanese pop star Suzanne Tamim.
US President Donald Trump has announced he will formally nominate NFL tycoon Woody Johnson to be US ambassador to the UK. The billionaire philanthropist and heir of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical giant, who is 70, has known Mr Trump for ...
The nation's largest privately owned coal company, Murray Energy, just filed a lawsuit against the Last Week Tonight host over the show's recent segment.
A coal company is suing HBO and its "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver, claiming the comedian and political commentator defamed them on air.
Seoul (AFP) - A top South Korean business tycoon on Thursday (June 22) in court backed allegations by prosecutors that ousted president Park Geun Hye solicited bribes from businesses in return for policy favours.
Chairman of China's biggest e-commerce portal says the technological of artificial intelligence and automation can start a new war in the world.
Controversial tycoon, Jared Otieno, who came to the limelight after he threw a lavish pre-wedding worth Sh15 million to his Meru woman has been detained over ...
On Friday Michael Treichl, the 68-year-old multi-millionaire owner of 500-year-old Parnham House in Dorset, was found dead in what has been reported as a suicide.
Dar es Salaam. - Two Tanzanian business tycoons were on Monday charged with various counts, including economic sabotage.
Nearly a year after the Israel tax Authority sought it, fallen tycoon Eliezer Fishman on Wednesday was formally declared bankrupt by the Tel Aviv District Court.
Tapjoy partners with Atari to monetize RollerCoaster tycoon Touch Tapjoy has announced a partnership with Atari, one of the world's most recognized Publishers and producers of interactive Entertainment, to make Tapjoy one of the first providers of ...
Brazil's President Temer Suing JBS Meat tycoon for Slander. JBS's former CEO Joesley Batista accuses the President of 'heading one of the most dangerous criminal organizations' in the country.
Tanzanian authorities on Monday charged two energy tycoons embroiled in a multimillion dollar corruption scandal that ousted top government officials three years ago, the country's leading newspaper, The citizen reported.
Dar es Salaam. - Two Tanzanian business tycoons were on Monday charged with various counts, including economic sabotage. Harbinder Singh Seth of Pan African Power Solutions (PAP) Tanzania and VIP engineering's James Rugemalila, who jointly ...
Matt Bomer is opening up about his new Amazon series The Last tycoon being influenced by our current political climate despite being set in the midst of the ...
tycoon does have the typical edge that I'm used to seeing from Katy Evans. Thinking about some of the things Bryn and Christos suffered through leaves me with a bit of a heartache even days later.
Tanzanian tycoons Harbinder Singh Seth (right) and James Rugemalira, who were charged over a multimillion-dollar corruption scandal.
A Russian prosecutor has demanded a prison term of eight years for real estate tycoon Sergei Polonsky in a high-profile embezzlement case.
Hong Kong--billionaire Li Ka-shing, for decades one of the world's wealthiest tycoons, has told associates he plans to step down as chairman of his global ...
"Television's default position is to play down to people. It's always nice to see a show go the other way," Grammer said of the period piece, while Bomer also discussed politics.
Alasdair Locke, the Scottish oil services tycoon and one of the country's wealthiest men, has the classic entrepreneurial mindset.
Canadian real estate tycoon Robert Campeau, whose contributions to Toronto development include the Westin Harbour Castle hotel, has died at 93.
Hours after a court in northeastern China handed down prison sentences on three employees of fugitive businessman Guo Wengui for fraud on Friday, state ...
Brazilian President Michel Temer has denied allegations that he is involved in a major corruption scheme. Business tycoon Joesley Batista accused Mr Temer of leading "the country's most dangerous criminal organisation".
MONTE CARLO, Monaco - Amazon Studios global head of Prime Video content Roy Price loves F. Scott Fitzgerald which is key to the tone of "The Last tycoon," the big-budget series that on July 28 Amazon will be streaming simultaneously, after a ...
Shanghai/Beijing (Reuters) - Chinese prosecutors have filed new lawsuits against employees of firms connected to fugitive Guo Wengui, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday, as Beijing turns up the pressure on the tycoon at the center of a ...
Katy Evans is back with a brand new contemporary romance, tycoon. Get a sneak peek at the novel with our exclusive excerpt!
EAMONN Holmes wanted to punch a billionaire tycoon after he banned the TV presenter from sitting down on his sofa when he was in agony after his hip ...
Lawyers representing fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui and mainland Chinese firms suing him in the New York court system attacked each other with allegations of defamation and "blissful ignorance".
Why an oil tycoon or brain surgeon could end up president. Rex Tillerson, once of ExxonMobil and now decretary of State, is fourth in line, followed by former banker Steve Mnuchin.
A tech entrepreneur who claimed his company was an ambassador for Asian firms has snatched it back from investors after the firm saw its value plunge by ...
A high-flying Chinese business tycoon whose company owns New Yorks Waldorf Astoria hotel was detained in China late last week by authorities who are ...
FIRST CLASS: The private aviation facility at Brisbane Airport that once housed two of fallen mining tycoon Nathan Tinkler's prized toys - a Dassault Falcon 900C jet and Augusta A109S helicopter.
The owner of Hainan airlines, Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, said it filed a defamation lawsuit against fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui, calling his recent ...
No expense was spared at what might be 2017's most expensive and lavish wedding. Folarin Alakija, son of Nigeria's richest woman and oil billionaire Folorunsho Alakija, married his fiance and Iranian model Nazanin Jafarian Ghaissarifar in an over-the ...
The home was built in 1922-23 by Lewis L. Bradbury, Jr., the youngest son of Lewis L. Bradbury, a real estate and mining tycoon responsible for the construction of the Bradbury building in Downtown Los Angeles. "The Pacific Ocean is right there," said ...
A real estate tycoon who owns Beijing Zenith Holdings, Guo Wengui is facing a lawsuit over outstanding debts in New York, where he now lives after leaving China two years ago.
Wu's detention comes amid a flurry of political activity among Chinese tycoons in the months leading up to a critical Communist party meeting later this year.
Shanghai - A highflying Chinese business tycoon whose company owns New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel was detained in China late last week by authorities who are investigating corruption and trying to curb risky financial behavior.




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