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updated Wed. April 26, 2017

But the current administration, under Prime Minister Naraendra Modi, has fallen into the pockets of industry lobbyists, Samantara said.
The announcement is expected to come just after Pai met with telecommunications industry Lobbyists, where they discussed exchanging the Open Internet Order for a voluntary agreement for ISPs to maintain an unclear set of conditions, the open internet ...
business lobbyists the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC), conducted a recent survey of 300 of its member companies and found that 63 percent predicted that Russia's economic outlook will improve in the next six months.
He also copied and pasted language provided by that industry's lobbyists into official state environmental position papers.
But it is also a groundswell that channels months of fear and opposition to a federal agenda that is rapidly becoming of the super-rich, by industry lobbyists, and for industry profits. Meanwhile, journalists are reporting that President Trump is ...
The Freep reported the sale raised concerns over whether marijuana industry lobbyists could seek to curry favor with a potential board member through the price paid.
But Senate leaders have not indicated when they would take up the bill if it does pass, and many industry lobbyists say the measure could languish until late in the year or 2018.
Trashing business lobbyists, who represent the private-sector economy which has been savaged in the past year by the administration Jones carries water for and whose clients and companies create the jobs upon which the state depends for a tax base, ...
"I've never seen so many Armani suits in this place," he said, referring to the business lobbyists and representatives in Monday's committee hearing.
"But rather than crack down on animal abuse at factory farms, the Legislature took its cue directly from industry lobbyists: It sought to obstruct the type of undercover investigation that exposed the abuse in the first place," he wrote. Chemerinsky ...
"Sending Airbnb e-mail inquiries to the mayor's office to the hotel industry lobbyists? That's ... I don't know if it's inappropriate, but it shows a bias, unless there was some other legitimate purpose, but I haven't heard a response to that," the ...
The fine over the Volcker violations comes as banking industry lobbyists are urging the Trump administration to reconsider the rule as part of a push to relax parts of the post-crisis regulatory framework.
If officials needed ammunition to pull the trigger, they got it with the release of a report last week from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute, a think tank whose board members include labor unions, the construction industry, Lobbyists and utility ...
technology workers and business industry lobbyists urged governments to show restraint even as they move to quell growing popular disquiet over the free movement of labour.
The U.S. Congress is currently held hostage by pharmaceutical industry Lobbyists and their campaign contributions. Lawmakers have proven they will not come to the aid of financially strapped Americans.
It's impossible to call yourself a populist a defend a law written by insurance industry lobbyists. Let's start with the so-called unity tour just completed with Sanders and Perez.
Tandy Bondi, a former Washington cruise industry lobbyist and sister-in-law of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, is on the prosecutors' list of potential witnesses for former U.S.
And when finally called to summarily fix the problems, the fix is often only temporary as industry lobbyists come calling, once again, with campaign contribution checks sufficient enough to convince lawmakers the oversight and regulations are Draconian ...
Two weeks into the 60 days of regular session, Louisiana House Republicans have settled on the broad outlines of how to balance next year's state budget, with a standstill spending plan that they presented to two House Democratic leaders Thursday ...
Joel Mullin, a Stoel Rives attorney who represents Entek, said he turned to Freese because the industry lobbyist happened to be at his office and he needed someone to testify about two facts.
He said he and other industry lobbyists urged the Legislature to adopt the new rules restricting what can go on pot billboards.
The Globe authors say an "erosion of the public trust in science" brought about by industry lobbyists has resulted in "a widening rift between critical thinking and alternative facts.
Speaking of last names, Boswell may well be related to Stewart Boswell, the all-too-skilled agri-business lobbyist I tangled with 50 years ago when I worked on farm labor issues for the then Secretary of Labor W. Willard Wirtz.
Generally, convenience stores in the state are able to sell warm beer or cold wine, but the sale of cold beer for carryout long has been reserved for Indiana's liquor stores, a right the industry's lobbyists have fought to protect for years. Ricker's ...
... to defeat a union drive were revealed in a new California State Auditor report that found the chain raised nearly $1 million for the effort and broke federal privacy law by giving alumni information to industry lobbyists to augment their union ...
"Your decisions permit industry lobbyists to advance their agendas in your administration, confer with former clients and employers to craft government policy behind closed doors, and cash out by returning to their high-paying lobbying jobs to take ...
My name is Joe Mazzella. I am a single father of two mentally handicapped sons. Although my boys are both now in their 20s, they can't and never will be able to live on their own.
Fake news and industry lobbyists are dampening what should be a clanging alarm about global climate change. scientific research can help policymakers and citizens make informed, practical decisions about their behavior and investments.
As the Washington Post reported in March, Trump's budget proposal "breaks with a history of bipartisan support for federally funded science.
"Your decisions permit industry lobbyists to advance their agendas in your administration, confer with former clients and employers to craft government policy behind closed doors, and cash out by returning to their high-paying lobbying jobs to take ...
Ian Macfarlane and Martin Ferguson both left their political careers to take up positions as gas industry lobbyists. Gary Gray's full-time job before being entering politics was with gas company Woodside, and he is now back in the mining industry with ...
... and chemical industry-friendly people to work in the Environmental Protection Agency. He nominated Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, and Nancy Beck, a former director at a chemical industry lobbyist group, is running the agency's chemicals oversight ...
It features several prominent examples of recent political appointments of industry representatives and industry lobbyists to key policy positions where they are now charged with or involved in reviewing or crafting the very same agency regulations and ...
After a cybersecurity meeting in Strasbourg last summer both Ansip and Oettinger attended, about two dozen industry lobbyists surrounded Oettinger to bend his ear but left Ansip alone at his table, according to someone there. But while Oettinger ...
Before the bills passed, tobacco industry lobbyists threatened to corner the market on paid signature-gatherers to prevent proponents from qualifying the tobacco tax measure and other unrelated initiatives on the November ballot.
What do cold beer, guns and solar panels have in common? The answer is that the Legislature decided various issues related to these matters based on the interests of donors and lobbyists as opposed the best interests of the citizens of Indiana.
industry lobbyists and Statehouse campaign donors reportedly have worked behind the scenes to kill every effort. Bills to regulate this industry, introduced by Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, and also Sen. Kevin Bacon, R- Minerva Park, simply died in ...
... a state-owned oil company, could set a dangerous precedent that would leave polluters off the hook for cleanup of toxic waste sites and saddle taxpayers with the expense, according to lawmakers, environmentalists, and business lobbyists who spoke ...
Negotiations to replace the Affordable Care Act are continuing - despite mixed signals from Washington - and a rewrite of the law will precede the planned overhaul of the tax code, an industry lobbyist told a Pittsburgh audience on Tuesday. James ...
Jack Perry, a pork industry lobbyist who also represents the Gourley brothers and FitzSimmons in the lawsuit, said their facility complies with all state and county laws.
It doesn't seem like anything could unite Republicans in Congress these days, but ask them if they want to eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ...
All the while, the New York Times reports, a powerful force has been pulling strings in Washington, D.C., Albany, and many other state capitals: the hotel industry's Lobbyists. In a presentation in November, the American Hotel and Lodging Association ...
With the clock ticking down to that vote, a lawsuit is trying to compel the release of any communications about these rules between industry lobbyists, lawmakers, and federal regulators. The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit [PDF] filed today by ...
If the visitor log listed "Michael Jordan," there was no way to tell if the basketball great or a same-named industry lobbyist was the person at the White House that day and the layers of inquiry required to get that information were onerous. But ...
Update, Tuesday: The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved the "Healthy Vending Choices" bill. The measure requires that half the items for sale ...
The honored inductees were cow-calf operators Duane and Mary Ramseyer of Filer; cattle breeders Cordell and Patty Sheridan of Almo; dairy producers Jerry and Carol Visser of Castleford; lamb producer, marketer and industry lobbyist Stan Boyd of Eagle; ...
McIntosh claimed beverage industry lobbyists were behind the revisions to the guidelines supported by the M-NCPPC in March.
Because of that, industry lobbyists say it's likely that beer manufacturers will soon stop making the weaker beverage, which would lock grocery and convenience stores out of the alcohol business entirely.
A dairy industry lobbyist warned at a conference in Washington last week that if immigration raids hit milk farms, the price of a gallon of milk could soar to $8.
Edwards has proposed making up $800 to $900 million of the fiscal cliff by having the state impose a corporate tax on sales, a plan that business lobbyists oppose and that has found little favor among legislators. State Rep. Sam Jones, D-Franklin ...





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