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No longer is using a Mac like giving a glass of water to someone in hell. Steve Jobs is dead and the Apple "dna" of "We don't ship junk," is dead ...
Then there's Steve Jobs. Much like Einstein, who would pull out his violin to play Mozart when he was stymied in pursuit of theories (he said it ...

that Steve Jobs came to her and said, 'Find out who designed the Connection Machine, I want them to design my NeXT computer,'" Thiel ...
Elon Musk wouldn't be seen dead in a Steve Jobs turtleneck ... Then there was Steve Jobs's black turtlenecks, about which Musk has very ...
In a recent interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff discussed his relationship with late Apple founder Steve Jobs and ...
Andy Cunningham: I think Steve Jobs fired me about 5 times. I'm Andy Cunningham and I run a marketing consulting company called ...

Steve Jobs is an entrepreneurial legend. He famously started Apple in a garage with co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976 after dropping out of ...
In the public's imagination, Steve Jobs is forever linked to the image of the ultimate technology tyro, a mercurial creative business genius.
At 12 years old, Steve Jobs called Bill Hewlett of HP to ask for spare parts -- and he was given a job. jobs had said that picking up the phone to ...
silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki launched his tech career at Apple as the company's "chief evangelist," marketing the original ...
Most kids who grew up in the 1990s would have experienced the Nokia 3310 as their first mobile phone; and some might have also had a ...
Steve Jobs, for one, seems to have nailed the art. In a recently recirculating 1997-era video of him speaking at Apple's Worldwide Developers ...
From Snapchat's dancing hot dog to Steve Jobs' turtleneck and New Balances, here's your guide to 15 tech-inspired Halloween costumes.
His knowledge of technology and how to utilise it has practically infiltrated every moment of our waking lives. Everything from the iPhone, the ...
Interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other tech elites consistently reveal that silicon Valley parents are strict about technology use.
The traditional Chinese approach to education is outdated. Domineering teachers discourage open questioning. An emphasis on standardized ...
Steve Jobs is widely regarded as one of silicon Valley's ultimate visionaries, best known for co-founding Apple and orchestrating its resurgence ...

President Bill Clinton and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs were buddies before jobs died of cancer in 2011. Jobs even gave Clinton advice in the ...
"Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you ...
This friend presumably works at Apple, considering the fact that he or she had access to Steve Jobs Theater long before last month's event ...
Legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs almost never gave out autographs, but Diane Williams was lucky enough to get one -- and Newsweek ...
Steve Jobs tells a similar story. VisiCalc was "what propelled the Apple II to the success it achieved," the visionary co-founder of Apple said in ...
This Classic Quote From Steve Jobs About Hiring Employees Describes What Great Leadership Looks Like. Every boss in a hiring role should ...
If you are viewing this on The Irish Times app, you can play here. Read More. Loving Vincent: Wonderful, corny, weird and a little cheesy ...
Jony Ive, the chief design officer at Apple, is the man Apple CEO Steve Jobs once called his "spiritual partner at Apple," and on Friday, ...
The Woz on Pittsburgh, Steve Jobs, and why you shouldn't worry about ... his thoughts on Steve Jobs, and why he's not worried about robots ...
"If you've looked at computers, they look like garbage," Steve Jobs said to the crowd assembled in Aspen, Colorado, for the 1983 International ...
He made it for himself," Wozniak said of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. "It had to be elegant and simple, which were design flaws." But even ...
For someone with lousy people skills, Steve Jobs knew how to bring out the best in them, particularly on the creative side. If you were especially ...
One reason he has achieved so much is because of a quality he learned from Apple's late founder Steve Jobs: focus. "I had the most wonderful ...
Tim Cook tweets in memory of Steve Jobs on anniversary of Apple ... was used to open the recent Apple keynote in the Steve Jobs Theater.
It's been six years since Steve Jobs died on Oct. 5, 2011, at the age of 56 after a years-long fight with cancer. During his life, the iconic Apple ...
John Sculley had only been CEO of Apple for a few months when he found himself sitting around Macintosh's engineering lab with Steve Jobs ...
Just as that was true of Cornelius Vanderbilt and Thomas Edison, it is a trait shared by Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos ...
And Apple has the late founder and former CEO Steve Jobs to thank. In fact, the main reason Apple has seen such extraordinary success, ...
About six months before the iPhone hit store shelves in 2007, Steve Jobs called Corning's CEO, Wendell Weeks, and asked him if he could ...
Apple CEO Tim Cook reflects on the lesson from Steve Jobs' biggest flop: 'Be intellectually honest -- and have the courage to change'.
"The best recruiter I ever met was Steve Jobs," he told Business Insider. "He really set no limits to the talent he would go after." jobs' success ...
He's also known for writing A Few Good Men, Moneyball, The West Wing, The Newsroom, and Steve Jobs. Is Sorkin someone you'd like to see write a DC Comics movie, or do you hope he goes over to Marvel instead?
On the perception in pop culture of Steve Jobs as a maniacal, hard-driving businessman who wore his employees down, Wozniak didn't disagree - or mince words.
News; Popular; Videos; Fortune 500 · Apple Retail Architect Reveals What It Was Like Working with Steve Jobs March 28, 2017.
APPLE has filed a worldwide trademark for the word "PowerBook" in the UK and worldwide - sparking speculation that its bringing back its first ever laptop.
No, we mean business rivals like Steve Jobs and Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey or even Mr. Monopoly vs. Scrooge McDuck.
One of the final products Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had released before his premature death was the blueprints for a new Apple campus.
The opportunity to work with Steve Jobs required this executive to take a major risk.
The April 24, 1984, press and exhibitor gathering was late to start and later to finish. Apple executives sat on the kind of metal folding chairs that one would find at a recreation center singles dance.
More than five years after Steve Jobs' death, a third of Australians rank the former Apple CEO as the ultimate dream boss, according to a new study.
Is Apple about to take Steve Jobs' signature "one more thing" phrase to a new level? One Macworld contributor thinks so. Oscar Raymundo believes Apple could ...
Steve Jobs, a one-of-a-kind leader and innovator who is missed, recommended five books for leaders, according to Inc., and which indeed appear on various lists of books he especially liked.
Tim Cook followed the toughest act in tech, Steve Jobs, and has overseen a 175 percent rise in Apple shares since 2011. Here's what he got right.




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