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updated Sat. December 23, 2023

The Lehigh Permanente Quarry on the edge of Cupertino's tree-lined suburbs stood as a holdover to a time when orchards and mining drove the South Bay's economy — well before anyone thought of calling the place Silicon Valley. The quarry pounded out 1.2 million tons of cement per year just four miles ...
Facebook's attitude towards privacy is in marked contrast to that of the late Steve Jobs. At the 2010 D8 conference, and in a video that has recently come back into prominence, Jobs articulates his views on privacy very clearly and forcefully: "Privacy means people knowing what they sign up for--in plain ...

The Jobs family has no shortage of money. And the fact that you'll never be responsible enough to not keep breaking your iPhone means that will pretty much always be the case. Jobs' Widow Laurene Powell Jobs just used your generous donation to her back account to buy one of San Francisco's nicest ...
Back in the spring of 1992, Steve Jobs was invited to speak to a group of students at the MIT Sloan School of Management. (According to MIT, the lecture was a bit of a surprise, the result of the efforts of a Sloan student whose sister had recently married Jobs.) In the talk, which lasts a little over an hour, Jobs ...
Who wouldn't have wanted Steve Jobs to have visited their university class for a casual Q&A with the students? That's what folks at MIT were lucky enough to experience in 1992. Running NeXT at the time, Jobs stopped by to drop some wisdom on everything from his thoughts on leaving Apple to the state of computing to ...
Today, Tim Cook is one of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley and the CEO of the world's most valuable company, with Apple's market value above $870 billion. But, 20 years ago, it took a convincing sales pitch from legendary founder Steve Jobs before he agreed to take a job at Apple. In early 1998 ...

Cook says he finally came around after he met Steve Jobs and joined Apple in 1998, noting that he'd "found a company that believed ... its job was to serve humanity." During the interview, Cook went on to advise high school students to ask the question, "What will be my gift?" every day. "Most of your gifts ...
Part of Odwalla's success was thanks to legendary entrepreneur and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. "I was fortunate to develop an early friendship with Steve," Steltenpohl says. "He called me one day and said, 'I love your juices. I've got some apples in my backyard that I want to have squeezed up to give as ...
One of the good things about being old is that you have probably talked to just about everyone at some point about everything. Case in point, a short interview I did in 2010 with the late Steve Jobs, the legendary Apple co-founder and CEO, when we were jawing about a new iPod nano at a music event in ...
While surfing for D&D map-making tutorials (seriously) on YouTube, I stumbled across this amazing 1981 interview of then-Apple Chairman Steve Jobs. It was on Nightline, a long-running late-night news show by Ted Koppel, and what struck me was that Steve Jobs, at the tender age of 26, had his ...
The co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, talked about data privacy during a conference held in 2010, which was also attended by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The video has resurfaced recently given the controversies surrounding the data protection mechanism on social media. Facebook is ...
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said he was comfortable with people using an iPhone to look at pornography — an opinion that represents a change of tone from the Apple cofounder Steve Jobs' well-known dislike of adult-entertainment content. In an interview on MSNBC, Cook talked about how the company ...
The Apple co-founder and tech titan told an audience in 2010 that privacy should be sacrosanct for tech companies like Google and Facebook. Lo and behold, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg was there. The video of Jobs discussing privacy issues has resurfaced and the statements look ...
A YouTube video that is circulating the internet shows a young and brash Steve Jobs candidly describing his feelings about management and hiring. It's a bit comical to hear him lambasting the idea of having professional managers (which Apple once did before firing them all) and calling them "bozos.".
Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once delivered an impassioned commentary on the importance of privacy—in front of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Speaking at the D8 Conference in 2010, Jobs was asked about privacy and how companies should responsibly handle user data. In response, he said ...
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston famously turned down Steve Jobs when Jobs offered to acquire the company. After the rejection, Jobs not-so-subtly implied that he'd have to put Dropbox out of business instead. The following is a transcript of the video. Steve Kovach: You have this interesting legend of the ...
Apple introduced new products today for the education market, and its presentation was vintage Steve Jobs. From the way they told the story behind the new iPad for students to the way the slides were designed, Apple's leaders used the same techniques that Steve Jobs perfected from his earliest ...

At different points, journalists declared Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin, Chinese entrepreneur Joe Chen, and personal-finance-app creator Angel Rich to be the Next Steve Jobs. Tim Cook, Jobs' successor as Apple CEO, cast a shadow on the ...
At a Wall Street Journal conference in 2010, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs discussed the responsibility tech companies have to protect user privacy. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose company is currently taking heat for its data sharing practices, was in the audience.
Dropbox CEO Drew Houston famously turned down Steve Jobs when Jobs offered to acquire the company. After the rejection, Jobs not-so-subtly implied that he'd have to put Dropbox out of business instead. On Friday, Dropbox went public, with its stock popping 35% by the end of the first day of trading, ...
MUMBAI: Actor Irrfan Khan, who is suffering from neuroedocrine tumour, is not undergoing any Ayurvedic treatment, his spokesperson said today. Debunking the reports that Irrfan is consulting Ayurveda doctor Vaidya Balendu Prakash, who also treated Steve Jobs, the spokesperson said the actor once ...
It is 1983 and this is a job interview with Steve Jobs and Andy Hertzfield for the role of software manager at Apple. You're in the hot seat and begin to engage in the usual interview protocol. Suddenly Steve Jobs burst out: “How old were you when you lost your virginity?” You're confused. Flustered.
Zuckerberg should have heeded what he heard from the late Steve Jobs eight years ago. Then, when the social network had a measly half-billion users, Jobs spoke at The Wall Street Journal's AllThingsD conference, where Zuckerberg was in the audience, waiting to be interviewed himself, and described ...
The daughter of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs is writing a memoir to be published in September that will detail her complicated relationship with her father. The book, by Lisa Brennan-Jobs, 39, is to be titled Small Fry, from publisher Grove Press. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, whose mother is artist Chrisann Brennan, ...
A one-page job application filled out by Steve Jobs more than four decades ago that reflected the Apple founder's technology aspirations sold for $174,000 at a U.S. auction, more than three times its pre-sale estimate. An Internet entrepreneur from England was the winning bidder, Boston-based auction ...
LOS ANGELES, March 16 (Reuters) - A one-page job application filled out by Steve Jobs more than four decades ago that reflected the Apple founder's technology aspirations sold for $174,000 at a U.S. auction, more than three times its presale estimate. An Internet entrepreneur from England was the winning bidder, ...
Given his immense significance as the CEO who turned around Apple's fortunes, there are a whole lot of books out there about Steve Jobs. A newly announced one, however, will have a different, more personal take on the late Steve Jobs than most of its bookstore rivals. The reason? Its written by his ...
Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, is writing a memoir about her childhood. The legendary entrepreneur initially refused to believe that Brennan-Jobs, now 39, was his child. Jobs was "rarely present in her life" and "cold, critical and unpredictable," the publisher says.
Steve Jobs meets Paul Rand, the genius responsible for branding IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse. Having just been ousted from Apple, Steve asks Rand to create a logo for his new company, Next Inc. Rand accepts the job. Over the following months–and years–Jobs would learn from Rand, who came of ...
... and is barred from serving as an officer or director of a public company for 10 years.” Importantly, Holmes "neither admitted nor denied the allegations in the SEC's complaint," however she still agreed to pay a $500,000 penalty. It seems the next Steve Jobs will have to wait a bit longer to change the world ...
Steve Jobs was famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for his "reality distortion field," his ability to make other people believe the seemingly impossible was actually possible. But the first person he had to convince was himself. Jobs believed more in his own talent, in his ability to learn and ...
But it's important to remember that even after Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and became a millionaire, he was essentially kicked out of his own company. Jobs could have sat on his laurels, questioning his own self-worth or allowing his past mistakes to paralyze him. Instead, he focused on his strengths and ...
Before Steve Jobs became a tech revolutionary, before he even co-founded Apple, he was just a young man looking for a job. Now, a relic from that humble, long ago job search is expected to sell at auction for at least $50,000. Jobs was only 18 when he filled out the application in 1973, seeking ...
A pre-Apple job application filled out by Steve Jobs is set to go on auction in Boston on 8 March, with auctioneer RR Auction saying it could fetch up to $50,000 (R600,000). The form dates from 1973, after Jobs had dropped out of university, and is written three years before he joined Apple,. It comes after a ...
Apple CEO Tim Cook has totally revamped the company and introduced a new business model that is very different from the one brought forth by his predecessor, Steve Jobs. The brilliance of Jobs was when he introduced a product, it wasn't always the first of its kind — but it was always better. As a result ...
Is it possible that a really bad job application helped launch the personal computer revolution? Steve Jobs may be remembered as a genius (and rightfully so), but a questionnaire submitted by the then-18-year-old tells a different story. Although, maybe that's a good thing. Had he actually taken the time to ...
Apple is considering an update to its MacBook line that would eschew the keyboard and trackpad in favor of a second touchable screen. The company's proposal, revealed in a patent published Tuesday, suggests either a similar folding design to that of today's laptops or a layout where the top screen ...
For a guy who basically helped usher in the digital age as we know it, Steve Jobs didn't necessarily look like he was going to set the world on fire back in 1973. At the time, the late Apple co-founder – who would have turned 63 last week – was just an 18-year-old college dropout who liked to tinker on ...
Eve Jobs, the youngest child of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, has accomplished quite a lot, so far. The 19-year-old is an experienced equestrian, for starters. Equnews reported that she was named Show Jumping Hall of Fame "rider of the month" for March 2017. She's aced show jumping competitions all ...
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is legendary for helping start the personal computer revolution and for building a business worth billions. Now, there's a new generation of Jobs — the late icon's youngest daughter in particular is creating buzz and coming into her own. And she just may have inherited her ...
Steve Jobs' 1973 job application, written three years before he joined Apple, provides an early glimpse of his ambition to work in the tech industry. The job application will be part of a pop culture auction, and will go on sale between March 8 and 15, auction house RR Auction said. During Jobs' tenure at ...
When I prepare the company's leaders to launch the product, I'll be thinking about a technique Steve Jobs and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin used brilliantly: Don't start with the product details; tell people why the product will change their life. In any presentation, your listeners are asking ...
"It was a lot of Steve Jobs idolism, like, 'I know better than my users.'" The better way, he believed, was a data-driven approach. Mixpanel helped shape "the notion that you could analyze and quantitatively know that you were going to succeed," Doshi says. Since about 2009, data has transformed how ...
Steve Jobs: No, Silicon Valley is not monolithic. We've always had a very different view of privacy than some of our colleagues in the Valley. We take privacy very seriously. As an example, we worry a lot about location in phones. And, we worry that some 14 year-old is going to get stalked and something ...
When Dropbox CEO Drew Houston met with Steve Jobs back in 2011, he was met with an acquisition offer, then questioned as to whether Dropbox was a feature rather than a product. Houston, in a 2017 interview with Business Insider, said that the rebuffed Jobs said, "'Alright, well I guess [Apple is] gonna ...
Steve Jobs was known for demanding a kind of intuitive simplicity of all Apple products, famously insisting on stage that the iPhone "just works" before selling millions worldwide. Turns out he always had a knack for keeping things simple; even when filling out a job application at the age of 18. Calling Jobs' ...
When I was in college in the Bay Area back in the '70s, I bought one of the original blue boxes built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to make free long-distance phone calls, which were quite expensive at the time. And while I won't disclose here whether or not I ever used my blue box for its intended ...
You'd be hard-pressed to find a tech entrepreneur who does not identify with the portrait of Steve Jobs as depicted in Walter Isaacson's eponymous book. Seven years after its release, the authorized biography of the Apple co-founder has lost none of its power to beguile. Arguably, Isaacson's book is the ...
The effect, therefore, is of people who are, dare one day it, thinking different, breaking down barriers, going for the crazy option -- a spirit espoused by Steve Jobs in Apple's classic "Here's to the Crazy Ones" ad. (Video below.) The difference here is that Samsung has always positioned itself as a younger ...
Steve Jobs is now remembered as the visionary and fastidious cofounder of Apple, and creator of world-changing innovations like the Mac and iPhone. But when he was 18, he seems to have been a typically indifferent — maybe even lazy — teenager. That, at least, is a possible takeaway from looking at a ...


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